Cheating Wife Payback


And he did.

He began to slam his cock into the petite white woman at a tremendous pace that made the bed sag each time he pushed down into her. Toni began to make unintelligible sounds of lust as her body approached as ecstasy previously unknown to her.

The leader looked over at Gary and told him his bitch's pussy was about to explode and he was about to fill her white pussy with a load of sweet black cum. Gary tried to look away in disgust, but he could not.

The leader slammed him body into Toni and moaned he was cumming. Toni squealed and screamed and squealed as her own orgasm swept over her like a tidal wave. The leader slammed and slammed his cock into her, filling her with his cum as she began screaming and thrashing in pleasure. Her entire body felt like it was exploding in pleasure as wave after orgasmic wave hit her again and again.

It lasted over a minute. Gary had never seen anything like it and he'd never felt such humiliation. He wanted to look away, but could not. The huge black man kept pounding Toni's pussy and shooting his cum into her as she squealed in delight. When he was done, he turned and smiled at Gary and told him how Toni's pussy was still pulsating around his cock. Toni lay there shuddering and panting as he completed.

The leader slowly pulled out of Toni. He walked over to Gary, covered in sweat and smelling of lust. His cock still semi hard was coated with Toni's juices. He smiled as he stood next to Gary, holding his now softening cock inches from his face. It was shiny and coated with the combination of his and Toni's cum. Gary felt sick to his stomach and turned his head. The leader then sat in the chair next to Gary and laughed.

He told the other men it was show time. They knew what to do.

They rolled Toni over on to her stomach and propped her ass up with some pillows. There was no longer a need to hold her. She had stopped resisting quite some time ago. One got behind her and lifted up her ass. Another got in front, spread his legs and positioned his crotch by her head. Gary now had a perfect side view of the action.

One large black man behind her grabbed his big hard black cock and pushed it into Toni. He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. Toni moaned as she pumped back against him. The one in front grabbed her head and put his cock near her mouth and pushed it in. Toni willingly took it.

The two began a perfect push and pull action, using Toni as a suck and fuck toy, and her body went willingly along with it. They fucked her slowly at first, but slowly picked up the speed and intensity of their actions. Gary saw her eyes were still half closed as she fucked back against the one young black while she allowed her mouth to be fucked by the other.

She began to moan through her cock filled mouth as the young men used her body for their pleasure. The leader called the young girl over and told her to entertain Gary as he watched. Gary could do nothing as the young girl unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She began to suck it and despite his best efforts he got hard quickly.

The girl sucked him expertly as he now stared at Toni being fucked brutally. She was moaning and fucking back against the young black and now actively sucking off the other. Her eyes were still glassy, but now fully open.

The young black in her mouth groaned and pulled back, stroking his cock inches from Toni's face. He groaned and then pumped a huge load of cum all over his face. The other men cheered as he rubbed it in with his softening cock. Toni lowered her head in the bed and kept fucking back against the young man fucking her.

The leader got up and pulled Toni's head up and turned it towards Gary. Her face was covered in cum and she also had a look of lust he'd never seen before. He told Gary to look at his married whore and how she is loving the fucking she was getting. Gary could not look away as he watched Toni be fucked so completely

As Toni looked at Gary and moaned, the man fucking her from behind shot his load into her waiting pussy. Toni thrust back against him and sighed as Gary exploded into the young black girls mouth. His humiliation was now complete.

The next two quickly grabbed Toni and flipped her onto her back and turning her sideways on the bed so her head hung over facing Gary. One grabbed her legs and lifted them high onto his shoulders. He shoved his cock into her and began to fuck her with brutal hard thrusts. Guttural moans were all she was capable of as she was brutally fucked.

The other black positioned himself between Gary and Toni. He squatted slightly and positioned his cock at her open mouth and shoved it in. He began to roughly fuck her throat, while his friend roughly fucked Toni's pussy. Gary could see Toni's eyes as the young black man used her mouth, his balls slapping against her nose, as she was face fucked.

Toni began to gag and thrash on the bed, her arms flailing in the air, as she seemed to be having trouble getting air. The young black was shoving his cock into her throat so fast and so deep, she could barely breath. But he did not care.

They brutally used her for several minutes as Toni struggled. Gary watched, as the men got more and more forceful with her. She brought her hands to try and slow down the man fucking her mouth, but they were grabbed and held. Gary watched his black ass flex as he brutally fucked Toni's throat.

She began to scream through her cock filled mouth as her body thrashed uncontrollably. Gary thought she was losing consciousness from lack of oxygen, but he was proved wrong seconds later. Her hands went to the ass cheeks of the young black man brutalizing her throat, clamping on them, pulling him towards her as he fucked her throat deeply. Toni's eyes flew open and she screamed from her black cocked filled mouth as she experienced another huge orgasm. Her body shuddered and shook for what seemed like forever as wave after tremendous wave of pleasure swept over her.

She'd never felt anything like it. Every nerve ending in her body was exploding and it was not stopping. She went for several minutes until both men emptied their cocks into her mouth and pussy. She lay there, her body shuddering every few seconds in pleasure as the men moved away from her.

Toni lay there collapsed on the bed her head hanging slightly over the edge. She was barely conscious. She was experiencing a sexual high unlike anything she'd ever felt. Her body felt drained and her mind a pile of jumbled thoughts.

The man holding the camera was the last one to go. He handed the camera to the leader and put Toni on her hands and knees facing Gary. He grabbed her hips and shoved his hard black cock into her. She moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head.

The man fucking her grabbed Toni's hair and pulled it up so Gary could see her face as he fucked her hard and mercilessly. He looked at her cum covered face and could not turn away. The young black woman again fellated him and he got hard quickly watching Toni get fucked.

And it was all being recorded.

Gary again exploded in the young black woman's mouth as he watched Toni get fucked. Her face was contorted and twisted in pleasure. Her eyes glazed over. She looked like a room full of men could fuck her and she would love it.

The last one fucking her exploded a few minutes later and released Toni. He rolled her over on her back as four of the men surrounded her. The young black woman got between her thighs and began to lick her pussy again as they stroked their cocks hard again.

Toni was too far out of it. She lay there writhing in pleasure as the young black woman licked and sucked don her pussy as the black men encircling her body stroked their hard black cocks. One by one, they came on her, shooting their cum on her breasts, pussy, and face. She was covered with it. The leader who now had the camera panned up and down her body showing the messy display. He smiled at Gary and told him to look at his black cum slut girlfriend.

The leader then handed the camera to one of the others. There was one more thing to do.

The leader climbed on the bed and grabbed some of the cum covering Toni. He rubbed it onto his cock, coating the huge black head. He flipped Toni over onto her stomach and climbed on behind her. He rubbed his cock up and down her enflamed pussy slit, getting more and more lubrication. He stroked his cock a few times and then pointed it at her virgin asshole and pushed it in.

Toni moaned as she felt her ass being split wide open. The drug-laced pot had relaxed her body so much she could not resist even this. The leader pushed further and further into Toni tight white asshole while he looked at Gary and told him what he was doing. And he said, Look at your bitch, she's loving it. I'm going to fuck her ass raw.

The leader taunted Gary as he began to fuck Toni's ass harder and deeper. Toni did nothing to resist as the gigantic black man began to pound her ass full of black cock. She groaned in lust as her head rolled from side to side, her eyes staring blankly out to space as her ass was being assaulted.

The leader told the black girl to get under Toni and lick her pussy while he fucked her ass. The girl complied and Toni immediately began to shudder and moan. The leader told Gary he was going to make his married whore cum while he ass fucked her and he could do nothing to stop it.

He pulled Toni's hair and pointed her face right at Gary and asked Toni if she wanted to cum again. Toni was out of control. She moaned yes.

The leader began to command Toni to tell Gary how much she loved what was happening to her. In her drug induced, sex crazed haze, she said everything he wanted and more.

Yes! I love your big black cock!

Fuck my ass!

Fill my ass with your black cum!

I'm a fucking black cock whore!

Fuck my ass and make me cum!

The leader laughed and announced to Gary he was getting ready to fill his girlfriends ass with his cum. He pulled Toni's hair and pointed her face right at Gary as he slammed his cock deep and hard into her asshole and exploded.

Toni screamed as she came at the same time, her pussy and ass on fire as never before. Gary watched as her face as Toni screamed over and over again that she was cumming on his huge black cock.

The leader smiled at Gary with an evil grin as slowly pumped more and more cum into Toni's ass. He moaned deeply as he pumped and pumped until he softened. He pushed Toni down on to the bed and stood up.

As he dressed, he told Gary he had the tape, and if Gary said anything to anybody, the tape would be made public. He smiled and patted him on the cheek and told him to remember that.

The men and the woman dressed and then left the room, leaving Toni passed out on the bed. Gary had to wait over an hour before she began to come out of the drug-induced haze. She began to sob as she untied Gary and asked about what had happened.

Toni suddenly got sick and ran for the bathroom. She threw up and then took a shower, sobbing silently as she recalled some of what happened to her. When she was done, Gary and her talked further and agreed they would have to stay silent.

The divorce papers were filed and Toni began by asking for much of what Don and her had accumulated. After the first meeting at her lawyer's office, they argued. Don then asked nicely if he could have a few minutes alone with his soon to be ex wife. She agreed.

After everyone left, he pulled out a portable DVD player and hit play. The look on her face as she watched it was priceless. Toni watched, her face ashen as she saw herself on the screen.

Five minutes later, Toni called her lawyer in and told them they had agreed on a settlement. The lawyer looked at the settlement and began to object. Her face looked blank as her lawyer quizzed her on why she would agree to such a thing.

Toni simply told him it was her wishes and she signed the agreement.

Don smiled and walked out the door a happy soon to be free man.

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by Anonymous03/27/18


Once he had his divorce and all his assets, he should have sent a copy of the tape to the kids, her parents, her place of employment, Gary's wife and everyone Toni and Gary had ever known. Do it withoutmore...

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by Anonymous10/23/17

Don's Actions Were NOT Drastic

If anything, they were not drastic enough. All of the other female employees should have received a tape of what took place in the hotel, so they could be forewarned of the painful repercussions of beingmore...

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by Vapspegeo09/26/17

As far as knowi

Don should've informed the cheating boss he was the one in control fucking them both. The recording should have been used anyway with faces blurred and sold to the internet. Yes Don was hard in this storymore...

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by Vapspegeo09/26/17

Are you bleeding hearts kidding!

Dons actions were very drastic but, with his upset both his cheating wife and her boss would've ended up dead if he physically did the revenge himself. But in the divorce unless they were in a state wheremore...

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by Anonymous09/26/17

Oh spot the shit!

She was a lying hoe hopping bitch in this story! Normally I don't approve of rape in most cases to get even but, in this cases it didn't go far enough! They should've fucked him too. His ass should'vemore...

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