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Cheating Wife's Revenge


It was about 4:30 in the afternoon before she could get started. She had planned to get there by 4:00 and surprise him when he got back to the hotel from his day's business appointments. But last minute business calls she had to take had run on and on seriously delaying her timetable. He had told her he'd leave a key for her at the front desk and when he registered had told the front desk that the Mrs. would be arriving late in the afternoon. They had done this before when they had met out of town. She had packed her massage kit and her most risqué teddy, a baby doll number. The store clerk told her it was inspired by the design of a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in one of her movies. She had bought it but not because it was inspired by a famous person's dress. She bought it because it hid absolutely nothing! Anyway, she didn't understand how it could have been based on any dress design. It revealed too much.

The massage was something she could do to please him; something his wife didn't do, had never done, and undoubtedly, would never do. His wife just wasn't the type. He loved getting a massage from her after a hard days work, before they made love. It had sort of become a ritual when they met out of town for one of these nights together.

Rehashing in her mind the story she had made up in order to get away overnight, about her old college roommate visiting friends in their old college town and wanting her to join them, and not paying much attention to her speed while running late, she was driving much too fast for the speed limit on the expressway when she got pulled over. "Damn, more delay," was her thought as she watched the policeman slowly get out of his car in her rearview mirror! Putting on her most friendly demeanor, she readily admitted in her most apologetic tone to the Officer that, "Yes, she was going too fast. Yes, she knew the speed limit. Yes, she understands how long it takes a car to come to a stop." Yes! Yes! Yes to everything!

"Just, for Christ's sake, either write the ticket, or let me go," she thought to herself! "Either way, get me on my way!"

Lo and behold, he let her go! She had talked her way out of the ticket! It does pay to be nice! This was going to be her day!

"Just a warning this time," the Officer told her. "Now drive safely and have a nice day."

"Yes, Officer! I'll be more careful. And thanks! You have a nice day, too"

On her way again, this time setting the cruise control at about 74, which she knew most State Police would give her. It was four over the limit but she never knew of anyone getting stopped for a measly four over. The 70-mile distance passed slowly. Time dragged. It seemed as if the car was crawling along, even though in reality it took her less than 70 minutes to get to the turnoff. She could see the hotel as she came down the exit ramp. Her pulse quickened as she drove into the parking lot, her excitement increasing. Carrying her overnight bag over her shoulder and her massage kit in her other hand, she rushed through the hotel front door, introduced herself to the clerk as the Mrs., picked up the key that was waiting for her at the desk, and headed up to their room. It was now well after six but he was not there yet.

Turning down the bed she got the bath towels from the bathroom and laid them flat on the bed. This was to avoid getting massage oil on the sheets. She loved to use excessive amounts of oil with his massages. It was more erotic that way. She undressed, got into her teddy, opened her massage kit fumbling through it until she found one of the condoms she had put in it. She removed the condom from its wrapper placing it on the nightstand next to the bed, and found her tube of KY Jelly. Unscrewing the top she placed the opened tube next to the condom. She had started needing some lubrication help fairly early in her life. It had occurred back when she had her partial hysterectomy at age 40, thanks to a benign tumor, and she found that her natural lubrication was no longer reliable. Actually she never really knew what was going to happen each time she got sexually excited. Sometimes her wetness was still there and would literally stream down her inner thighs as it had always done when she was younger. Other times she stayed fairly dry and needed some help for easy, comfortable penetration. Penetration when she was too dry was painful. It ruined the event for her. So she kept her KY close at hand in the top drawer of her nightstand at home, ready for those dryness times. She had been part way out the door when she remembered it, rushing back into the house, retrieving the tube from her bed stand, and dropping it into her massage kit. Now finally completely ready, she surveyed the room once more and satisfied she settled back to wait his arrival.

It wasn't long before she heard his key in the lock. Standing seductively beside the bed, her teddy hiding nothing of her aerobics instructor figure, she waited as he came into the room closing the door behind him and set his briefcase on the floor.

"You look scrumptious!" he said, crossing the room to her. "Very sexy! I love that teddy. It must have been designed just for you."

That was the compliment she wanted. It made the money she spent on the teddy worthwhile. He took her in his arms and kissed her as he ran his hands all over her body through her teddy. Then he moved his hands up under the teddy to feel her naked breasts. Her nipples jumped at his touch and she could instantly feel the wetness between her legs. Probably wasn't going to need that KY tonight! She had felt herself get wet there, on and off, during her drive to meet him whenever she fantasized about what was going to happen this evening. She long ago had realized that the anticipation was more than half of the fun of having an affair. It made her feel like a high school kid again.

It had been a long time since the last time they had gotten together like this. Almost two months had gone by since the last time at his house. It had been a quickie! A very brief, frantic time of sex together that was ruined by both their cramped schedules. It hadn't been all that satisfactory to her and she had reasoned that it probably had not been all that satisfactory to him either. That was when they both had sworn off ever meeting again and had made a valiant effort to stay away from each other. But the excitement and naughtiness of an affair was simply too much for either of them to resist. Neither had any interest in breaking up their marriages! They had long ago agreed to that. Both had good marriages and family responsibilities. They had great marriages in fact! But these clandestine meetings created indescribable and erotic emotions in both of them. They had agreed it was the clandestine element. They were getting away with something naughty. There was something deliciously exciting about being naughty. The sex was more urgent! More animalistic! There was no deep emotional love and emotion involved. Just plain raw, fun, animal sex! The kind that characterizes most couples affairs!

Well, ok, they did have some strong feelings for each other. Something in their hearts for each other! Maybe like ex boyfriend and girlfriend from high school, meeting again many years later? But they both had agreed that they truly loved their spouses and had no intention of ending their marriages. They simply lusted for each other sexually. Pure animal lust! The best kind if you're going to cheat on your spouse! The kind you have got to have if you are going to bring that level of deceit into your marriage.

"Go take a hot shower," she suggested. "Soak at bit. Come down off your work day for a few moments and when you're done I'll do a massage for you. We can order dinner in later tonight if you like?"

It didn't take him long to finish a very hot shower, dry off, and paddle back out to the bed. Lying naked face down on his stomach, she began to expertly work over his muscles, starting with his back, neck, and shoulders. She had always taken a great interest in alternative forms of healing, and had eventually earned her certification as a Massage Therapist due to that interest. For about 10 minutes she worked on his back and shoulders. Finishing his back, she moved down to his feet she massaged upward from his feet to his legs, his calves, his thighs, and finally arriving at his buttocks. Massaging his butt muscles, Gluteus Maximus they are called, working on certain pressure points with the point of her elbow, she relaxed him more and more as she worked on him. Then moving up onto the bed, pushing his legs apart with her knees, she positioned herself between his legs. She now could see his fully exposed testicles. She could just see part of the head of his penis peeking out, the rest remaining hidden under his testicles. She worked on the insides of his thighs allowing her hand to occasionally teasingly lightly brush against his testicles. The sexual tease part of the massage had now started.

After a few such light brushes teasing his testicles she could see his erection starting. Now more of his penis became visible as it lengthened, but most still remained obscured by his testicles. He didn't have a long penis. He didn't have a fat penis. In fact it was really rather short. Maybe four inches in length; perhaps four and a half inches at most. And the shaft was quite thin. He was obviously very self-conscious about its size. From time to time he would apologize to her when they were together for not being larger. He said he had always heard that a large cock pleased a woman better. But the one asset that he did have was an overly large, bulbous head perched atop that short, thin shaft. It definitely was way out of proportion in size for either the length or diameter of its shaft. She used to smile to herself when she thought about it. It was as though God or Mother Nature or whomever you want to credit for these kinds of things had planned to equip him with a large penis, had given him the head first, and then had lost interest. Or maybe had just temporarily got busy elsewhere and had forgotten to come back and finish the job! The head obviously was sized to be perched atop a 8 or 9 inch shaft, not a 4 inch one! Shaped like a mushroom cap, the large, bulbous head perched atop the short thin shaft did give his cock a definite mushroom appearance. She had nicknamed him, "Mushroom Mike" one day as she lay there playing with his erection. It became a name she used often when teasing him over the phone. When they were together and he got off on one of his apology tangents about his size she used to remind him how good mushrooms were and would immediately cover it with her mouth, slurping loudly as she worked on it, making it sound as delicious as she could. His deficiency was soon forgotten.

Applying a large amount of massage oil to her hand, she reached up in the crack of his bottom and applied the oil directly to his anal opening, thoroughly soaking the opening. All the while her other hand continued to massage his butt muscles. He was fairly hairy there and the oil clung to the hairs, preventing most of it from running down the crack of his butt and onto his balls. Reaching over to the nightstand she squeezed a large amount of KY from the tube onto her finger. She applied it also to his anus, on top of the massage oil she had already smeared there. Retrieving the condom from the nightstand she slipped it over her index and middle fingers. She had long nails, professionally manicured, so the condom was necessary primarily to protect him from accidentally getting lanced. Rubbing her condom-covered fingers up and down his crack smeared much of the massage oil and KY all over the latex. Adding more KY directly to the condom she carefully positioned her condom covered fingers against his sphincter muscle and gently pressed against it. Taking the excess massage oil and the gob of KY Jelly with it, her condom covered fingers easily parted his sphincter muscle and slid slightly inside of him. Still massaging his butt muscles with her other hand, she worked her condom-covered fingers slowly and teasingly in and out of his anus, still penetrating only slightly inside him.

Her massage class had not covered sexual massage, as that was not considered professional, and her training had been professional in every respect. So when she had completed her course and earned her certification, she had purchased a book on sexual massage to add an extra element when she massaged her husband, and when he did her in return. Her massage training class had touched upon various Alternative Medicine Theories, getting into Pressure Points, Acupressure, Herbal Remedies, and other similar non-mainstream medical options. In fact class had strongly recommended serious consideration of some of them at a person's time of medical need. Studying the book on Sexual Massage she came upon Taoism. And, as part of Taoism's approach to maintaining good body energy, regular Prostate Massage was recommended. Not only did it feel good to the man receiving it, but Taoism believes that regular Prostate Massage will promote good overall health for the male and will go a long way toward eliminating future Prostate problems; problems traditionally experience by a large portion of the male population as they aged. So she had become an advocate of Prostrate Massage and had added it to her repertoire of sexual things she could do when she massaged her husband. And now she did it for him when they got together.

When she could feel that he was relaxed enough she pushed her fingers more deeply inside of him, eventually penetrating deep enough to locate the hard little walnut shaped organ that was his Prostate. He began to moan softly and his breathing increased as she moved her fingers up and down, massaging it gently at first and then slowly applying more pressure. His cock got harder because of her experienced touch, the head had become a deep red color and was now showing completely beneath his scrotum. He was unable to stifle his moans as she worked his marvelous little organ of immense male pleasure.

In a few moments he said, "You'd better stop or I'm going to shoot my load."

"Okay," she responded, withdrawing her fingers and discarding the condom. "Roll over."

Turning over on his back, his erection now pointed to the ceiling. Squirting oil in the palm of her hand, she rubbed her hands together to spread the oil evenly over them. She waited for his near climax to subside. Then grasping his erection with both of her well-oiled hands, she massaged the head with one hand while very slowly moving the skin up and down on his shaft with the other. Squeezing and teasing the bulbous head with her fingers she alternated by rubbing the tip with her thumb.

There was something extra fascinating about this man's erection. Maybe it was the unusual shape of the oversized head perched on the shorter, slim shaft? She didn't know! Could never figure it out! But anyway there was something about it. From that first time they saw each other nude, when she got her first really good look at him, it had grabbed her attention. No, it would be fairer to say that it grabbed her fascination! Maybe it was just the novelty of her access to her first different cock; a different cock to play with after having played only with the same one for over the past 25 years of her marriage? Whatever! It was certainly fascinating!

She lowered her head allowing her lips to touch his hardness. Then with her tongue she ran the full length of his shaft, bending his cock back slightly to get to the underside. Taking one of his balls into her mouth she sucked gently on it. He had told her he was very sensitive there so she had to be careful. Now, starting down at the base of his shaft, slowly moving up until her tongue reached the head, she licked him like she would a lollypop. She was a child again. Sucking and licking on a lollypop. Only this lollypop was warm. It twitched and throbbed at her mouth's touch. She liked treating his erect member as if it was a candy cane, or a lollypop, or some other sweet treat. She knew it pleased him to no end. It was something he had let slip in a careless moment. It was something he had said that his wife had always refused to do. Oral sex was not in his wife's sexual vocabulary! Sorry! Oh yes, the wife would do a perfunctory suck or two on it from time to time, but nothing like he liked to have done. Moments later her lips encircled the head and sliding her mouth down over it, her mouth stretching slightly to accommodate the head, she now had the complete head in her mouth. Moving down the shaft with her lips she started her rhythmic up and down movement. She had gagged the first few times because he liked to be deep throated and she wanted to accommodate him. But the largeness of the head took getting used to as it went deeper into her mouth and well back into her throat. But she had it now. She had trained herself to relax her throat sufficiently. She could do it for him. And she would get her payback later this evening. She could wait! If anything, he was fair. He received and enjoyed fully, and then he gave and she enjoyed the return favor. She loved the tease of having to wait. She loved the anticipation of what was to come.

Moving up and down she sucked gently on him, now and then allowing the head to slip out of her mouth so she could lick on it. Teasing him further! She could see he was working hard to hold back his climax. Finally, as she moved up and down on him rhythmically again, he gasped, "I'm coming."

Lifting her mouth up off his cock as he sat up somewhat to watch, using her hand she urged on his explosion. She had learned in college, the hard way, what happened when you didn't control a guy's ejaculation. After that mistake, she was always ready. Cupping her other hand she caught his discharges, filling her had to overflowing with his white liquid. Continuing to masturbate him she urged the last drops from his penis. When his pulsing subsided, she took a corner of one of the bath towels she had spread on the bed. Wiping him off, making sure that any last dribble was in the towel she wiped her hand clean.

The first couple of times he had asked her about swallowing, but she didn't swallow. She never could bring herself to do that. Didn't know why! Lots of girls did. She envied them and their ability to do so. Most of them reported how enjoyable it was. But she just couldn't! Maybe it was the appearance of the ejaculate? It seemed thick and somewhat stringy. Maybe it was just the fear of the unknown! Whatever it was, she just couldn't bring herself to do it. So he had agreed to warn her each time and had resigned himself to the fact that it would be her hand, not her mouth, that would finish him off. That was ok. Not as good as if she swallowed! But hell, it was better than he had at home! Beggars can't be choosers, he had decided! Besides, this woman had other assets.

Catching his breath, he lay back down allowing himself to come down from his high. Finally he rose up from the bed on his elbows and asked, "Where'd you like to go for dinner?"

She looked at the clock radio on the nightstand and was surprised at how much time had passed. They had been playing longer than she thought. She was suddenly hungry too.

"There's a Chinese Restaurant just down the road," he went on, "any interest in Chinese?"

"Sure, why not?" was her answer.

In 30 minutes they had showered, gotten dressed, and were on their way for Chinese food.   The Chinese restaurant was about a 3 minute drive from the hotel. Actually, had they looked out, they could've seen it from the window of their room. It was that close! They rode the short distance quietly. Parking the car near the door, it did not appear from the parking lot that the restaurant was going to be crowded. They walked through the entrance into a dimly lit, quiet dining room. A couple of tables near one end were occupied with couples talking to each other. The air had the usual smell of fried food and soy sauce, and the background music playing softly was oriental. The Chinese hostess, probably the daughter of the owner, started leading them toward a table somewhat centrally located in the room. Eying a large circular booth back in the corner, well away from the others in the room and with only a dimly lit swag lamp hanging above it for illumination, he asked, "Can we have that booth back there?" Cheerfully changing her direction, the hostess led them back to the booth.

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