tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCheckmate Ch. 01

Checkmate Ch. 01


As the warm water ran down my legs, I smiled as I reflected on today's plan. Making sure to shave very close, I pictured them wrapped around my ex's head. Today was the beginning of my dream revenge.

Kenneth and I had dated several years earlier just as he turned 20. He was rebounding from a year-long relationship and I was a little bored and lonely. Despite the seven year age difference, I nevertheless fell in love with him. A few months later, he started to become distant and eventually just stopped calling me. It took years before we were able to be friends again. And then just as I was starting to trust him, he stomped on my heart once more.

We had agreed to be honest with each other so that we could rebuild a friendship even if we were never going to be a couple. We had shared some very intimate moments and I had come to value him as a friend. Then one day, hearing rumours about him and his ex (the one he rebound from with me) getting back together, I confronted him. Kenneth looked me in the face and flatly denied that there was anything going on. We talked it out and I advised him to be careful about leading her on if he wasn't looking to resume their relationship. A few weeks later, he called me and told me that he had proposed to her and she said yes.

How could I have been so stupid? I couldn't believe that after all this time, our friendship meant so little that he would outright lie to me. I heard from mutual friends afterwards that they had been working on getting back together for a year. I felt so betrayed. I vowed that I would get him for hurting me over and over, and make him sorry.

I spent months working out how to exact my revenge. The idea came to me after running into Kenneth one day and hearing that the engagement was still on but no date had been set. He told me how much he wished we could go back to being friends but that he understood if I never wanted to speak to him again. I told him then that I would think about it.

As I squatted to finish shaving my pubes, I wondered if he had any idea what he had done in pissing me off.

A few minutes later, stepping out of the shower with all my body hair shaved, I examined myself in the mirror. A few months shy of 35, my body still looked much the same as it had 10 years ago, and was actually more toned than when Kenneth and I dated. Although I had been his first, I knew that Kenneth really preferred a more model-like thinness in his women. Not that I was fat, but my womanly curves had always seemed a little mature for his very slim frame. Patting dry my 36C breasts, I smiled as I thought about how I was going to get him to worship my body.

Just then, the alarm on my phone went off, reminding me that I had only 30 minutes to finish getting ready and head to the scene of today's drama. After spraying on the perfume I used to wear for Kenneth, I carefully pulled on the outfit I had selected - a simple dark grey tank top that made it very obvious I wasn't wearing a bra and a long black skirt that hugged my shapely buttocks. Kenneth was a man of simple tastes and I planned to appeal to them all tonight. Twenty minutes later, I pulled up my destination - one of our local rehearsal studios. This one in particular was home to an upcoming band, Pendulum. I had written a few songs for them and got them a few shows in town and so had an open invitation to stop by their rehearsals. I had done this from time to time, so it would not be suspicious for me to be there. Kenneth's fiancee was now one of their lead singers so I had not been going for the last couple months. I knew Kenneth would be there, supportive as always.

When I walked in, Kenneth hadn't arrived yet, but Roxanne, his fiancee, was mid-song. Though she didn't pause, I saw a look of contempt flash across her face. Though we had been civil in the past, I knew that with her impending nuptials she was not thrilled at being reminded that I had been Ken's first. She, I knew, had saved herself for marriage, and resented me for taking that honour.

I greeted the other band members, and took a seat on the couch to watch the rehearsal. I never understood Ken's fascination with Roxanne. She was somewhat cute but nothing special. I definitely preferred my light freckled skin and hazel eyes, over her darker looks. Physically, she was very slim with a high waist and disproportionately long legs. She dressed very conservatively, as though being sexual was a sin. Maybe she thought it was. Before my plan was through, that would be the least of her problems, I thought as I giggled to myself.

About 20 minutes later, just as I was about to start getting restless, Kenneth arrived. He looked a little surprised to see me, but waved hello before going in and greeting Roxanne. He crossed the room and sat on the chair next to the couch. A few minutes later, I leaned across and asked him to pass my handbag, which I had left on the floor by the chair. I lingered briefly to make sure that my perfume scent reached him. As I took the bag, I briefly touched his hand, feeling the familiar tingle run down my arm. A memory of those hands on my body sent warmth rushing to my pussy. I knew that I would soon be feeling those hands again.

I checked my phone as though I had received a message or reminder, and got up from the couch. Looking over at Kenneth, I found him looking at me with an air of sorrow. I knew that me treating him like a stranger was getting to him, and he was ready for any encouragement from me that we could be friends. As I passed his chair on my way out, I whispered,

"We can talk about it."

With that, I headed out of the rehearsal and walked to my car. I was halfway across the parking lot when I heard footsteps. Softly, someone called my name. Looking back, I acted surprised to see Kenneth behind me.

"I didn't necessarily mean now, Kenneth. I have somewhere to go."

"Please, Bev. I really want us to get past this. Can we just talk for a few minutes?"

"Fine," I said, holding back a smile. Kenneth was so eager, he was walking right into my trap.

I opened my car door, leaned across the driver's seat and placed my bag on the other side. I knew that from where Kenneth was standing he had a perfect view of my ass cheeks as the material of my skirt pressed gently into my crack.

"So talk." I stood up and leaned on the side of the car.

"Bev, I know I kind of broke our deal, and I'm sorry. I was just nervous. I didn't know where things were going with Roxanne, and I didn't want to complicate things with you."

"Ken, you should have told me. At some point in the year that you were trying with her, you should have told me."

"I know, and I am so sorry. You were always so good to me. Now I see you look right through me and it tears me up. I hate that we can't talk and laugh like we used to. I miss that."

"I miss it too, Ken, but I don't know how I could trust you again. I felt so betrayed!"

At that, I hugged myself ensuring that my breasts were pushed up together. As I lowered my head shaking it slightly, I glimpsed Kenneth's eyes being drawn to my chest. I knew it was time for the next step. I moved across and lowered myself into the car. Sitting this way, Kenneth had no choice but to look down my shirt. I knew he realized now that there was definitely no bra underneath, since he would have a perfect view of the edge of my large areolas. Of course, from my angle, I was in the right position to spot the slight twitches in the front of his pants.

I wasn't even listening to his stream of apologies. He was trying so hard to get me to forgive him. Then...

"Come on, Bev. What can I do? Please! I want to make it up to you."

This was my cue.

"Stop standing over me. Stoop down so I can look you in the face."

Kenneth lowered himself to a stooping position. This placed him right where I wanted him. My car was parked in the end space right beside a wall. With the car door open, he was now virtually invisible to anyone else that might be in the parking lot. His head was also now lower than mine and in line with my lap.

"Thanks. That's better. Look, Ken, I really do wish we could just go back to being friends like we were before, but I'm always going to remember how you treated me."

"I'm sorry..."

"I know you're sorry. But you hurt me really badly. How do I know you won't do it again?"

"I swear..."

"Your word is no longer good enough, Ken. I need more than that."

"Just tell me what I can do. I'll do anything."


"Just tell me, Bev. I hate that you hate me. I really want you back as a friend."

"Ok, well, I can think of one thing..."

"Anything, Bev."

I smiled as I heard his innocence. The idiot was falling for it!

"You know I have always had a weakness for you, Ken. I had even hoped that at one point we would have been friends-with-benefits..."

"I can't..."

"I'm not asking you to have sex with me, Ken. Calm down."

"Oh, I just thought..."

"I want you to eat me one last time."

"What! I can't do that!"

"You said 'anything'..."

"But Roxanne..."

"...never has to know. I just want that one thing."

"But I'm engaged!"

"Yes, I know you are. And you will marry her and the two of you will have happy married sex..."

"But how could I do that to her? She trusts me!"

"And I trusted you. But you betrayed that trust. That's what got us here. So all I am asking is a small betrayal in return."


"But nothing. That's my condition."


I knew I had him. As we talked, I had allowed my skirt to ride up just a little. By now,the wetness was forming between my lips and I had started to smell it. I knew that with him stooped in front of me, Ken had to be smelling it too.

"Ken, all I want is for you to just eat me out for a little and we can go back to normal. I know it sounds weird but I will honestly feel better just thinking that for once you placed my friendship first."


"We don't even have to make an elaborate plan to deceive and sneak around to try meet up. You could just do it now."

"Now! You mean here? But someone could see!"

"Who? Nobody else is in the parking lot and even if there were, nobody can see you where you are."

Looking around, Ken realized I was right. He was in the perfect position.

"Ok," he said softly. "I'll do it. But you won't tell anyone right?"


With that promise, I raised my skirt so that my bare ass was on the seat. As I lifted my leg to place it on the door, Ken's eyes opened wide at the sight of my glistening lips. I had made sure to shave so all he was seeing were my plump pink labia.

I closed my eyes as he leaned in and I felt his warm breath. He slowly licked me from bottom to top causing me to exhale loudly. Oh god, I had missed this! Though he was a virgin when we first dated, he had been a quick study. I was anxious to see what he had learned in the years we had been apart.

Placing his hands on my ass, Ken pulled me to the edge of the seat and buried his head between my legs. His tongue danced along my slit, alternating between circling my clit and pushing into me. I grabbed his head between my hands so that the pressure was steady. The feeling of his hot breath on my already warm juices was nearly unbearable. I realized I was hearing something more than just the expected sounds. I listened carefully and finally picked up that he was groaning my name into my pussy. "The boy did always love to eat", I thought as I smiled quietly. Before I could get distracted by thinking about him I decided to just lay back and enjoy.

Every time his tongue slid down to graze that spot between my pussy and ass, I jumped a little. Soon I could feel the pressure building inside me. My thighs began to clench, the muscles trembling to control themselves. Right then Ken focused on sucking my clit and without warning shoved two fingers inside my pussy. Thrusting them in and out, he held them curved so with each stroke they rubbed the front portion of my passage, quickly finding that secret spongy area. This was too much for me, and I exploded in ecstasy. All my muscles trembled together, and I threw my head back.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohh..."

When I recovered my senses, Kenneth was sitting at the foot of the wall, just watching me. As I straightened my clothing, he stood.

"Are we okay now?"

"Trust me, Ken, we are good."

"I can't believe I just did that!"

"Don't worry about it. It's our secret. After this, we go back to normal. I promise."

"Well, I'm going to go back inside. I've already been gone a bit too long."

Checking the clock in the car, I realized we had in fact been outside for about 25 minutes. I nodded in agreement.

"I'll see you around, Ken. Thanks."

"Ok, bye Bev."

I quickly started my car, and drove off. Looking in my mirror, I watched Ken walk back inside. I briefly wondered if I should have told him that he still had a little white smear on the side of his face. Laughing as I drove off, I told myself that dear innocent Roxanne probably wouldn't put it together with the smell of pussy on his breath.

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