tagErotic CouplingsCheckmate Ch. 02

Checkmate Ch. 02


About a week had passed since I'd manipulated Ken into eating me in the parking lot of the rehearsal studio while his innocent fiancee sang her heart out. I still wondered if there had been any fallout. Had she commented on how long he was gone? Did she ask what he'd been doing? Did she smell me on his breath? I was pretty sure that he wouldn't have confessed without a confrontation. Anyway, that was not my problem.

Early today I sent Ken a text inviting him to meet me for an after-dinner drink. Before he got engaged we used to hang out every couple months. Since I'd promised him we were back to normal after his 'payment', I knew he wouldn't think it strange that I invite him out. He had agreed to the drink so I was getting ready for phase two of my plan.

I was having a warm-up glass while soaking in my tub. As I sipped my drink, I reflected on the night to come. Ken would never know what hit him. I had loved him once, but he broke my heart, and I was gonna finally make him pay.

Tonight's outfit was going to seriously step up the sexual temptation. I knew Ken's tastes and I planned to tap into them. I slipped into a simple black dress and admired the way it flowed across my skin. The low back showed off my toned back muscles. As I turned towards the mirror, the side split parted slightly showing the length of my thigh. Sliding my feet into my favorite black kitten heels, I gave a quick shake of my hair. The finished product was perfect. I was glamorous but casual, sexy but subtle.

Five minutes later I was in my car on the way to the hotel bar we had agreed on. I was already feeling a slight wetness between my legs, almost making me regret not wearing panties. Almost.

As I walked into the bar, I spotted Ken already seated. He'd always been punctual. I smiled as I walked over and Ken stood to greet me.

"Bev, you look great."


"I'm glad we're doing this. I have missed hanging out with you."

"Yeah, I know. I just couldn't handle it. But here we are."

"Bev, I..."

"Ken, forget it. I told you we're good, and I meant it. So catch me up on what's been happening with you. How's work?"

And just like that we moved on. We ordered a couple drinks and began covering the lost ground. I did enjoy the conversation. I really had missed him, but he should have remembered that us Scorpios have very long memories. As we drank and I felt the familiar warmth spreading between my legs, I watched Ken and noticed he was becoming very relaxed. We had started out sitting politely facing each other, but now two hours later, Ken was sitting very close to me with his leg pressed against mine. His hand was resting on my thigh, his little finger grazing my thigh just where the split began. I had been lightly touching his arm as we talked, and a discreet peek at his lap showed it was having the desired effect.

Ready to move on to the next step, I decided it was time to wrap this up. I picked up my handbag and placed my share of the tab on the counter.

"Ken, as much fun as this has been, I think it's time to go. I don't want to keep you out too late and have your fiancee giving you a hard time."

"Right. Though she's definitely in bed by now."

As I turned towards the door, I noticed that Ken had rested his hand on my lower back, just below the open back of my dress. I knew this meant he could probably feel that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

Ken's hand stayed on my back all the way to my car, which was again strategically placed on the far side of the parking lot. Standing on the driver's side of the car, the only person who could see us would be the car immediately opposite. Though it looked empty, I knew it contained just one person - my photographer friend Jason. He owed me a favour from the time I had covered for him when he needed an excuse to give his wife for where he was on their anniversary. Jason, I knew, was set up with his camera as well as a video camera pointed at my car.

As I put my key in the car door, I turned back towards Ken.

'Ken, I...'

Ken's face was inches from mine as he had walked right behind me. I could feel his breath on my lips. His lips parted as he inhaled my scent. Man, did he smell good. I had missed that. Before I could say anything else, Ken leaned his head in and closed the gap, meeting my lips with his.

The kiss grew in intensity as Ken pushed me back against the car. The contrast between the cold metal on my back and the fiery warmth between my legs sent my head spinning. I hadn't actually expected him to make the first move. This was even better since I would have him on video initiating whatever was to come.

As the kiss deepened I could feel Ken hardening, as he pressed against my belly. Ken's hands were pushing my shoulders right up onto the car. Though he was slim built, he was way stronger than I could hope to be. I wouldn't have been able to push back, not when he was so driven. My hands drifted up from my sides and rested just above his belt.

Suddenly the pressure on my shoulders relaxed and Ken's hands started exploring downwards, groping at my breasts through the dress. A small squeak escaped from me as he found my nipples, pinching and tweaking them through the material. They were already erect due to the cold air, and the excitement I was clearly enjoying. Groaning, Ken lowered his head and began sucking on my nipples one at a time drawing the fabric into his mouth. Left, then right. I looked down at Ken's head then across at the other car. I could just see a tiny red light. I need to remind Jason to cover that for next time if I needed his help again.

Ken's attentions had dislodged the strap of my dress from one shoulder. Noticing this, Ken slid both straps off my shoulders, and down my arms, and exhaled loudly as my rounded breasts popped out over the top. In the moonlight, they were gleaming white. I was momentarily glad I had taken the extra step of rubbing a shimmering lotion all over before coming out.

'God, you're beautiful!' Ken mumbled before diving back in. He smooshed both breasts together so that my nipples were only an inch apart. Rapidly flicking his tongue from one to the other, while giving the occasional nibble. Ken knew how much I loved having my nipples bitten. I threw my head back as I grabbed his head and drew him in. Remembering my old signals, Ken started sucking harder, taking both nipples in his mouth.

Now that his hands weren't needed up top, they had moved down my sides. Grabbing my hips, Ken lifted so that I was off the ground but still pressed against the car. Now there was no question about how hard as he was, as he pushed his pelvis upwards. Because of the split in the dress, Ken's left hand was now on my bare skin. His right hand pushed up the other side of my dress so now my bare crotch was pressing against the front of his pants. I briefly wondered how he would explain those stains.

Out in the open air, my smell drifted up towards us. I had already let go of Ken's head and his mouth began to move down. I gladly put my hands back on top of his head and helped push him where he needed to go. Realizing he wouldn't be able to hold me up much longer, Ken lowered me so my feet could touch the ground. Down on his knees now, Ken's head was just level with my mound.

Suddenly gentle, Ken softly extended his tongue and pushed it between my lips, just tasting the glimmering wetness. I had long taken to keep my lips hair free, since I love to get eaten at every opportunity. The hair above was trimmed to a discreet triangle, looking much like an arrow I knew. Tasting my juices seemed to spur him on. Ken licked and licked again, pushing his face in until his tongue was as far back as it could go. His nose was now pressed up against me. At the end of each lick, just the lightest of flicks across my clitoris could be felt.

I lifted my right leg and slung it over his shoulder. Ken accepted my invitation and doubled his efforts. Soon he was entering me with his tongue. As he penetrated and withdrew, his nose rubbed across the top of my clitoris. I could feel my standing leg start to shake. Feeling that, Ken drew back and started to suck on my now very enlarged nub. He sucked, he nibbled, he licked and sucked again. Each time he sucked on my clitoris, I felt him draw it into his mouth. Sucking harder and harder, I was sure it had to be tripled in size.

Abruptly, Ken stopped and slid my leg back down to the ground. Quickly standing up, he pushed up into me. I hadn't even realized he had undone his pants. His thrusts were again lifting my feet from the floor as we started to rock the car. Ken held my head in his hands and drew me into a hungry kiss. My legs wrapped around his waist as our hips made up for lost time. With the pounding against my already sensitive clitoris, I felt a warmth start to spread down into my legs. Just as it felt as though I would explode, Ken thrust up one last time and began to shudder. Feeling him release inside me pushed me over the edge and every muscle started to contract as shudders ran through my body. Ken and I clutched each other, holding on tight until the waves had passed.

As the shudders eased, Ken began softly kissing me again. My legs recovering, Ken lowered my dress and stepping back, helped me fix the top of my dress, kissing each nipple as he tucked my breasts back in.


'No, don't say anything.'


'I couldn't help myself. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since the last time I... saw you.'

'I didn't mean to...'

'It's not your fault, Bev. I know you said we could be friends again now, and now I've ruined it.'

'Ruined it?'

'I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that just now.'


'Will you forgive me? Please.'

This was perfect, I thought. Not only had he initiated it without too much prodding, other than my not so subtle touching earlier, but now he was apologizing and begging my forgiveness. Ken really had underestimated me.

'Ken, look, I need to think. This has been a bit much. We both had too much to drink maybe.'

'It's just that... I love my fiancee, I really do. I just... I miss you, Bev. And I miss this. We used to have so much fun.'

'Ok, I get that. I miss you too, but I really don't want to cause a problem in your relationship, Ken. Maybe we can't be...'

'No, don't say that.'

'Let's talk about it when we're both sober. Ok?'

'Ok. And again I'm sorry.'

'Go to your car, Ken.'

'Good night Bev.'

Bev watched as Ken walked back towards his car. Smiling, she looked over in Jason's direction. No more red light. As Bev started her car, she relished the thought of watching the video tomorrow. Based on how tonight went, she might not need it, but she always preferred to have a backup plan, just in case.

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