Cheerleader's Exam


He stepped up between Ella's legs. She felt his arms brush her inner thighs, then felt his fingers close on the taut muscles of her upper thighs and grip them firmly.

"Open, I need to get a little closer."

Ella felt his hands easing her thighs apart. She tried to relax, to let her legs fall naturally, but it was distracting to feel the pressure his hands put on her thighs—he held the thighs firmly and insistently, positioning them exactly where he wanted them.

Ella's vision blurred; she closed her eyes.

Dr. Tarsal pushed them a little further apart. Ella gasped—her legs were on fire. They didn't spread that far...

", my legs—"

"Excuse me, I'm the doctor. I need to be able to get in real close."

Ella lay there meekly.

Dr. Tarsal dropped his hands and pulled the glove off where she couldn't see. He put a small amount of lubricant on the fingertips of his right hand. He set his left hand on the top of Ella's belly, palm positioned lightly in the soft curls of her trimmed bush; with his right, he put the tip of his lubed up index finger between her lips, giving slow but steady pressure. Her lips parted, and he slipped the fingertip inside her vagina.

Ella moaned lightly—it was still a bit sore.

"Are you alright?" he asked, looking down into Ella's eyes.

She opened her eyes to look up at him and found she couldn't read his expression. His eyes were dark, unresponsive. She nodded. The lights seemed awfully bright…

The doctor worked his finger all the way inside, then began pushing down with his other hand, feeling the depths of her vagina. He looked for and found the cervix, ran his fingertip around it. He pulled his hand out, put two fingers up to her lips, and then pushed them in. He began to pump her, very slowly, with his fingers. In, then out.

He put three fingers inside.

"Are you ok, Ella?" he asked again, steadily pumping his fingers into her vagina, in and out, in and out.

Ella nodded. She felt a flood of tears threatening to spill uncontrollably but managed to keep them in, for the time being.

"Alright, almost done. I need to step in, real close, get one last look at your breasts. From this angle they look… well, they look great, actually, very full, but I need to be sure… Is that alright?"

Ella opened her mouth, choked. She couldn't speak. She shrugged.

"Good, very good. Now, I need you to raise your arms up over your head, so I can examine your breasts, see how they rest natually."

As Ella raised her arms, Dr. Tarsal withdrew his fingers and pushed down his sweats, freeing his cock.

It was rock solid, nine inches of tool ready to fuck.

"Now there will be a slight pressure."

He glided forward into the V of her legs, feeling his hips brush against the velvety skin of her soft inner thighs. Grabbing his cock he paused, placing the dark shaft and nearly black tip against the deep crimson of Ella's puffy outer lips. He pushed in slightly, gauging the location, then stepped forward slowly. He placed his hands on Ella's flanks, relishing the feel of her supple skin beneath his fingers. He eased the tip of his cock just inside Ella's outer lips, bucked his hips slightly and felt its length start to enter Ella's super-tight pussy.

"Damn this bitch is tight," the doctor muttered.

"…excuse me?" Ella asked; she knew the doctor had said something, but in her condition she wasn't sure what it was. There was a pressure on her vagina, like he had his thumb—maybe both thumbs?—jammed up inside her. She couldn't concentrate.

"I said, is this alright? It feels kind of tight," he replied, his voice somewhat strained.

Ella was in a daze. This felt like Stone, almost exactly. This stark realization hit her like a supernova, forced itself into her consciousness—Dr. Tarsal was having sex with her! She opened her eyes and looked up into his face.

The doctor stopped his movements, brought both hands up, and reached for the twin orbs of her impressive chest. Firmly grasped, he began massaging them with his fingers, put his thumb and forefingers around the nipples, squeezed. He could feel the milk ducts under the big nipples. He started to smile.

Ella gulped and closed her eyes. She was dizzy, confused. This couldn't be happening, it had to be a dream… a nightmare…

Dr. Tarsal shifted his crotch forward, sheathing himself fully inside the cuntal walls of her impossibly tight vagina. After he fully penetrated her, he felt his engorged balls touching the skin just above her anus; he rocked back and forth, moving only an inch or so of cock in and out of her tight little hole. He loved the feel of his balls swaying back and forth, slapping against her.

"This is some tight pussy," he muttered again. Louder, he said, "Ah, everything seems fine, Ella. How does it feel? Does it hurt?" He gazed down at her, a look of triumph in his eyes.

"...well, it...feels...fine..." Ella mumbled. Fresh tears, born of frustration, started rolling down the sides of her face.

"Good," he said, shifting back slightly. He was preparing for some hardcore penetration.

Ella felt him back up, felt the pressure in her vagina ease. He paused and then abruptly jerked forward. Ella felt the pressure in her vagina build again. She looked up, about to open her mouth to protest, but instead of Dr. Tarsal she saw Stone's hard face glaring down at her. She shook her head slightly, gulped, blinked. She saw stars, felt like someone had just hit her hard in the ear. She was confused, frustrated.

She was getting fucked.


'Jeez,' Dr. Tarsal thought, 'how fucking slow is this bitch?'

Rolling the nipples of her breasts around casually, he thought, 'These are some big fucking titties—and they're mine. Tight fucking pussy—mine. This is my shit.'

"My shit," he whispered as he eased his cock all the way in and stopped. He backed it out all the way, paused, then slipped it all the way up inside her tight walls again. He felt her vagina clinch up, attempting to stop his invasion. Grinning, he repeated the motions, working his tool back and forth, seemingly for hours, though in actuality it was only a few minutes.

Ella noticed the slow rhythm of his motion and tried to collect her thoughts. She knew this was wrong but was afraid to open her eyes, afraid she would see Stone leering over her yet again. Her head was buzzing, she felt like her chest was about to explode.

Any pretense of an exam was long, long gone.

Chapter 5 – The Doctor's Turn

Dr. Tarsal started working then. He fucked his cruel cock back and forth, faster and faster, gradually increasing from the slow rhythm of his initial penetration to full sport-fuck mode.

Each time he slammed his full length home, Ella's head would jerk, her breasts would bounce up; the doctor would leverage his waist back, then slam all nine inches home, again and again. His breathing became labored. He felt the sweat build on his forehead.

Ella opened her eyes suddenly, looking up.

Dr. Tarsal looked down at her, his face contorted in fierce concentration.

"Almost done," he managed to gasp. Beads of sweat dropped from his face, landing on the smooth skin of Ella's flat stomach.

Ella bit her lip, blinked, said nothing.

"Yeah Ella, almost done," Dr. Tarsal repeated again as he reared back, found one last gear and went faster still. Ella's chest was heaving, her breasts bouncing around wildly. He took both hands and gripped the full, round breasts again, taking all of their heft between his strong fingers. He squeezed them firmly, watched the soft flesh spill between the fingers. The delicate softness of Ella's breasts sparked an aggressive streak; abruptly, the doctor let go and took the hard, dark nipples tightly between his thumbs and forefingers, pulling them out. He leaned back, putting a bit of pressure to her nipples with his weight. Her breasts were now dancing around as he fucked his cock viciously in and out of her abused hole, but always they returned to where he had the nipples secured between his thumb and forefingers, some six inches above her chest.

Dr. Tarsal was a fucking machine, slamming into Ella's vagina with reckless abandon.

'Fuck that cunt,' he thought coarsely. 'Much better than racquetball.'

Dr. Tarsal looked down as the blanket fell away, watched as his length slammed all the way into Ella's nearly virginal fuckhole and then pulled all the way out, repeating this in accelerated movements.

The room was nearly silent, only the slick wet fuck sounds of skin slapping skin as he drove it home, with an overtone of heavy breathing lingering in the air.

Ella gasped suddenly, opening her eyes.

Dr. Tarsal's brow was furrowed in concentration. His face was flushed; sweat poured down the sides. "Here it comes, bitch," he muttered as he felt his balls constrict.

Ella closed her eyes and bit back a sob.

He looked down at Ella and whispered, "Time." He gripped the nipples tightly and squeezed.

Ella tossed her head back and forth, arched her back.

"Fuck yeah," he hissed, and stopped moving. "FUCK." He felt the hot cum rush from his balls, fill his cock, then jet forcefully inside the hot depths of Ella's pussy.

She felt the boiling cum spurt from his cock, felt the heat of it invading her. She had no tears left for her shame; she had no modesty; she had nothing left at all, only a womb full of a stranger's sperm. She felt him move, slowly back out and then in, milking his cock with her tightness. He repeatedly clinched his penis; it continued to spasm for thirty, forty-five seconds. Finally, he stopped moving.

She felt the juicy load start to trickle out around his cock.

She was full.

Dr. Tarsal wiped away the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, rubbed it on Ella's soft flanks. He stepped back, pulled up his pants, and turned away.

Ella felt like the world had come to an end. She felt the hot seed inside more persistently now, felt her sloppy pussy seeping as the contents slowly oozed out. Her nipples ached.

She heard the doctor grab a paper, then the scribbling of a pen.

"Here you go Ella, you pass the physical. Good luck with cheerleading."

With that, Dr. Tarsal walked out.

REMEMBER: It's only fantasy!

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