Cheerleader's Revenge


"The day I told you what happened, when I got home, I had an email. It seems two of the folks involved in what happened to me are getting married. At first, I was shocked," Ella said evenly, her voice becoming more confident as she spoke, "but, after a night's sleep, I woke up and started thinking about it, and came to a realization. Since then I've been doing a little better."

"Good, very good. Moving on is a good thing."

Ella peered at Dr. Samuels and smiled. "Yes, I suppose that's it. Maybe I haven't moved on yet—but I will be, soon. I think I can get a certain, ah, Satisfaction, out of all this." She liked the sound of that word, had ever since her brother had used it a month ago. She still remembered it, the realization after she hung up the phone that, for the first time in a long time (longer than she could remember) she was actually looking forward to something.

"Yes, well satisfaction can be a very powerful feeling."

Ella nodded agreement.

"And yet you tell me you are still having the dreams."

This wiped the smile from Ella's face. Yes, the dreams—nightmares—continued, albeit less frequently. She was down to one a week, although they seemed to be getting progressively worse. Last night, for example, she had the worst one yet…


The smell of mown grass clung to the air. The sun shone down through a cloudless sky, showcasing the immaculately manicured lawn, the brilliant rose bushes, and the cast figurines.

Jenny's backyard was a veritable garden of delight.

Ella, clad in a skimpy pink bikini, strolled towards the pool, noting with approval how quiet everything was. The only sound she heard was the pool pump, gently humming merrily along. Even the birds seemed to have vanished.

She might have been the last person on Earth.

She took a seat on the pool steps and reached over to actuate the Jacuzzi jets. Powered, they began churning and foaming away.

'Ah,' she thought, 'this is the life.' She reached out and positioned the jet, aiming it squarely between her thighs. There were so many bubbles and the pulses of water were so warm, she figured she might as well enjoy them.

Ella leaned back, stretching out her arms on the top step and laying her head back on the pool's edge. A tingling sensation began in her groin, small yet urgent. She licked her lips—

—and was interrupted by powerful hands, grabbing her arms and lifting her effortlessly out of the pool. Startled, she opened her eyes and saw Stu and Ricky holding her arms, with Dave, Roscoe, and Stone standing right behind.

Stone: "Busy?"

"Don't, please—"

"Save the sob story."

"—you don't understand—"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"—I was just—"

"Roscoe, shut this bitch up!"

"—trying to get—"

A huge hand closed over her mouth, silencing any further attempts to talk.

"Now, bring her over here and put her on the grass."

Stu and Ricky let go so that Roscoe could carry her over. He held her like a sack of potatoes, pulling her to him with one hand around her waist while clamping his other over her mouth.

"It's my turn now," Stu said, staring daggers. "Gon' fuck this bitch up."

"Eennh. Wrong answer," interrupted Ricky.

They turned on each other, both ready to fight for the prize.

"Now, now, you'll both get your turns," Stone interjected. "We'll flip for it. But first, let's get her down on the grass and spread out…"


Two minutes later, Ricky had won the toss. He stood naked over Ella, long cock at attention, looking down. She was spread-eagled, with Stone and Roscoe on her legs and Stu and Dave on her arms, still wearing the little pink bikini. She resisted, thrashing and twisting and turning, all for nothing.

She wasn't going anywhere.

She wanted to scream, to shout at the top of her lungs, but knew it wouldn't do any good. This was their game; she was just a plaything, along for the ride.

She stopped squirming.

"Good, bitch knows her place," Ricky said as he lowered himself to the ground. He climbed atop her, pulling the bikini cups down to expose her substantial breasts, the wide dark areolas capped by protruding nipples.

"Fuckin' cow tits," he commented. The others laughed.

"Fuck her up," Stu said, obviously itching to get a piece for himself.

"Getting there," Ricky said, staring at her trembling breasts. Holding his weight on one arm, he reached down with the other and pulled the string on her bikini bottoms; untied, he quickly snatched away the thin material.

He returned his attention to her chest, lowered his head and began sucking, flicking a nipple with his tongue. They hardened in response; Ella groaned, mortified, and bit her lip in frustration.

"Yeah, get mad bitch. Get mad!" Ricky said, noting with satisfaction the way she grimaced. "We ain't fuckin' around this time."

Impatient, he slid up between her thighs while angling his lower body, thrusting quickly. A second, deeper thrust and he was almost there, his cock jammed halfway inside. He rocked a little, plunging and withdrawing, working his tool to full penetration.

Ella flung her head from side to side, looking for a weak link between Roscoe or Dave, Stu or Stone. Of course, there was none. She found herself staring at Stu…

"She's giving me the evil eye," Stu said with a laugh.

Ella turned her head away.

"Ungh. UNGH!" Ricky grunted, ripping up inside.

It happened so fast. Ricky dropped down, lay on top of her and wrapped his hands around her immense breasts, squeezed them tightly while gripping the nipples between his fingers. "Yes," he said, pounding his cock relentlessly.

Ricky arched his back, planted himself all the way inside and stopped. His cock throbbed, issuing its intense load in rhythmic pulses.

Ella, powerless to do anything but take it, just lay on her back, staring up at the muscular body straining above. She felt his cock inside her, felt the discharge; she knew it would be seeping out when he withdrew.

She had been through this before.

"Shit," he whispered, "I came so fuckin' hard."

Ricky had taken less than two minutes.


"Throw her in the pool, I don't want his sloppy seconds!" Stu said, hauling Ella up as he stood. The others quickly followed suit, standing and dragging Ella up and over to the pool. They unceremoniously threw her in the water, watched her fumble around and come back up. They watched, amused, as she rearranged her bikini top and pulled the hair back out of her face.

Stu jumped in the water and carved a path towards her. She took a step back.

"Stop! You ain't goin' nowhere. Now, we can do this my way, or we can do this MY WAY. Play ball and it's all gonna be fine; don't, and it's probably gonna get ugly."

They stood in the water, facing each other for a full minute, before Ella's shoulders hunched ever so slightly, before her chin dipped ever so subtly.

Stu grinned and took a step her way.

"That's it. Now, come on over and wrap those legs around me."

What could she do? She couldn't run—but she wouldn't help, either. 'He'll have to do it,' she thought, standing still. 'I won't resist and I won't run, but I won't help him rape me.'

Stu, standing in front of Ella, reached out and put his hands under her arms, lifting her effortlessly in the water. He pulled her to him, dropped an arm to part her thighs and ease them around his lower body.

Stu gazed down, taking in the impressive swell of her breasts. He grinned evilly.

"This has to go," he said, reaching over and grabbing the thin pink bikini top in his hand. He yanked forcefully, felt the top give as he pulled it away. "That's better," he commented, peering intently at the dark-tipped breasts floating buoyantly in the water.

Dread filled her mind as he tugged away the bikini top. She felt unclean, with one man's ejaculate seeping from her body while another man prepared to put more in. 'This can't be happening,' she thought, 'please, not again.'

She felt a sudden stabbing sensation: his stiff manhood rooting around, eagerly searching. Ella remembered this cock, the one she had sucked in the closet so long ago; the cock that had so rudely flooded her mouth with salty sperm that dribbled over her lips and down her chin. Now it was twitching between her thighs, wanting something more than her mouth. She felt his hand reaching down, guiding it up.

"Bingo," he said as he found it, thrust upwards and sheathed his cock inside her hole. "Fuck this is tight." Leering, he added, "Just like Stone said. Shame I had to wait so fuckin' long."

Ella didn't know what to do. She looked around; Ricky, Roscoe, and Dave sat on the pool's edge, dangling their feet in the water, and watching the scene unfold. Ricky smirked, seemingly amused; Roscoe had a hungry look, ready for his turn; Dave watched, face impassive, but the bulge in his swim trunks was unmistakable. He wanted some, too.

She turned back to Stu, felt him slide his cock back and forth inside her, quick-fucking in short strokes.

He grinned at her, looked over her shoulder.


Ella felt the hands on her shoulders as Stone sidled up behind her.

"Mind?" he asked Stu, as if Ella weren't there.

"Not at all, bro."

"No, not like this," she said; she tried to be forceful, to regain some measure of control over the situation (as impossible as it seemed), but her voice was barely audible. "Please…"

"Sweet. Time to take that ass."

"No," she said more forcefully; pressure on her anus caught her immediate attention. "NO!" She screamed it this time, threw her arms up and tried to push away.

It didn't matter.

"Enough," Stone said, taking her hips in hand. His feet touched Stu's as he sought leverage, leaned down and then back up, trying to find just the right approach.

"Sorry, bro," he muttered as his cock drove against Stu's.

"No problem," Stu said, hands on Ella's shoulders as he held her still for Stone. "Get it up in there, fuck that ass."


She had never been this full, not even when Roscoe had his horse cock shoved all the way inside her. Unbearable pressure, like a massive shit, in her ass was counterbalanced by full infiltration of her vagina. The two of them held her there, perfectly still, alternately flexing their cocks inside her.

"Yeah, baby," Stone whispered. "How does it go? 'You ain't gonna shit right for a month?'"

Stu laughed forcefully in her face.

"Ok, I'm gonna start first, get that ass nice and lubed up, then we can start see-sawing," Stone said. Stu nodded agreement.

Ella felt the massive cock in her ass begin moving; her anus was decidedly uncomfortable, it felt like she was being split in half. She thought she could feel one cock, as it slid back and forth, rubbing against the other through the thin membrane separating the two.

"Please stop," she whispered again.

It didn't matter.

Stu started moving then, in counterstroke to Stone. It was as if they had rehearsed it, done this a thousand times. Stone would drive his length all the way home while Stu pulled back; as Stu plowed in, Stone would lurch back, get ready to lunge back up in again. Over and over they did this, ripping Ella's colon and cunt raw.

"That's it bitch," Stone said, hammering it home. "Take it."

Stu was quiet, only grunting in time with each thrust.

Ella felt like they were jacking off with her body, masturbating themselves simultaneously into her holes.

Stone reached around, put his hands under her breasts and pushed them up out of the water. "Always had big fuckin' titties," he commented, the heft of them filling his hands. "God damn these fuckers are huge."

"Hell yeah," Stu said, "fuckin' cow tits. Mmmooooooo!"

They both laughed, joined in by the spectators. Ella felt the shame and humiliation wash over her, the heat burning her shoulders and neck. She could barely breath, pulling in air in great gasps and sobs.

Stone ran his hands up, around and above the swell of her breasts and took hold, pulling her down. He was using them for control, pulling her body down in opposition to his thrusting pelvis.

Stu reached out, seized both nipples and mashed them forcefully between his thumb and forefingers.

'Stop,' Ella thought to herself; her nipples couldn't take this punishment. Stu was pulling them, they didn't go that far, they were attached to her breasts and couldn't reach—

"Ggaaiillllrrrrr," she grunted.

It didn't matter.

Stu and Stone looked at each other a moment and nodded, reaching an unspoken agreement.

"Whatever it takes," Stone said. "I'm 'bout to pop right now."

Stu again just nodded.

"Stu and I always talked about this," Stone whispered urgently in her ear. "Never thought we'd get to do it." He started pumping faster, pressing, needy. "Oh yeah, let's fuckin' DO this."

"Fuck yeah," Stu hissed. He looked up, grabbed Ella by the shoulders and slammed his cock up. "FUCK!" he cried out, shuddering.

She felt it then, the surge of semen into both holes, the sense of terrible fullness aggravated by twin loads of searing jism flooding deep inside her.

She was… a receptacle, nothing more: a place for dicks to settle in for a time, a place where cocks came to unload.

A place where she just... didn't... matter...


Stu and Stone pulled away, going underwater and swimming out to the deep end. Ella put her hands over her eyes; her body shook as she fought back the tears. Finally, she summoned enough courage to head towards the steps.


Roscoe sat, blocking her exit, one arm to the side. She looked down and saw what looked like a large purple knob suspended above the water's surface.

'Oh my fucking God,' she thought, 'that can't be…'

Roscoe grinned. "Hey Ella, remember? We had us a good time, huh?"

Ella faltered, tripped over her own foot. If she had been on land, she would have fallen face first, but here in the water she was able to collect herself.

Roscoe's face suddenly went stern. "I like you. Now, come here," he said, punctuating his words with wicked flicks of his cock.

A Mexican standoff: Roscoe sitting comfortably, obviously expecting her to come over and pay a little lip service; Ella stooped low in the water, her breasts floating up under her chin, just as obviously not ready to move an inch from her current position.

Ella felt eyes boring into her back. She turned and saw Stu and Stone in the deep end blandly staring her way. Dave was walking towards the house, flipping an empty beer can back and forth between his hands. The house: upstairs, the second floor window…

Jenny. She had the window open—the same window Stone had been watching from, back on the day Dave had taken her in this very yard—and leaned on the frame casually. She didn't say anything, just sat there watching.

Eventually, someone had to break the silence.

"Hey bitch, get your ass over there," Ella heard from way up high. It was Jenny who had finally spoken. "He ain't got all day."

Derisive laughter filled the air as they all piled on, laughing and joking at Ella's expense. She felt the thick discharge oozing from her cunt and ass.

What was another hole, plus or minus?

Broken, she slowly moved towards the steps, crying for the first time all day.


"That's it, go on over. Sluts like you are all the same. At least you know your place," Jenny added sarcastically, "numb, dumb, and full of cum."

Ella heard more laughter; felt more stares; knew lower depths of shame and humiliation.

She finally got to the steps. Roscoe sat, his cock hovering angrily just above the waters surface, a purple-headed cobra ready to strike. Ella went to her knees on the steps, moving in closer. Smiling, Roscoe reached out his arm, put his hand firmly on top of her head and pulled forward while pushing down.

"Heard you suck a mean dick," he said thickly, squeezing her head between his fingers. His cock waved stubbornly in her face.

Ella glanced up quickly before shutting her eyes.

'Say it with me,' the voice whispered in her head.

She closed her lips around the bulbous head. A burst of pre-cum filled her mouth.

'Say it,' the voice urged again, 'I'm a slut.'

"I'm…" Ella mumbled around the cock. Water splashed her face.

"What?" Roscoe asked, pushing her face down.

Ella felt the veiny, rigid cock sliding between her lips.

'I'm a slut,' the voice said, 'say it.'

"…slut…" she managed around the cock, her mouth full of hot pulsating fuckmeat. The indignity of Roscoe's cock imbedded in her throat was inescapable. His hand moved her head up and down, pausing at the bottom but not at the top, where he immediately shoved her face down again.

Basically, Roscoe was masturbating with her face.

Sticky pre-cum spurted sporadically in her mouth; she felt his hand more insistent, moving her face inexorably up and down.

'Hurry,' the voice whispered, 'he's about to cum.'

Ella stopped at the top and rolled her eyes up, staring into Roscoe's.

"I'm… a… sl-sl-slut…" Stark shame, on a level she had never known, washed over her when she said those three words. "I'm a slut," she repeated, as she opened her mouth and willingly took in nearly all of Roscoe's thick meaty cock.

He erupted almost instantly, forceful jets of hot semen flooding her mouth and bulging her cheeks. His hand closed on the back of her head, held it firmly in place as his relentless outburst continued.

His cock continued twitching for some time.


Finished, Roscoe crawled off of the steps and out of the pool, arranging his swim trunks as he walked away.

Drained, Ella sat on the steps, the bitter taste of semen fresh in her mouth. She heard wet feet on the pavement and looked up.

Dave was striding purposely in her direction, a menacing look plastered on his face.

Ella had a feeling this wasn't going to go well…


A single tear trickled down Ella's cheek. Dr. Samuels leaned forward in her seat.

"What is it? What are you thinking of, right at this moment? What happened in the dream?" It was more questions than Dr. Samuels had ever thrown at a patient at one time. She sensed something, wanted desperately to explore the emptiness that had so unexpectedly taken over Ella's demeanor. Ella had smiled, even laughed, only minutes before, but now she was withdrawn and subdued.

Ella brushed the tear away. "I'm… I'm fine…" she muttered unconvincingly. She looked up, tried to gather herself. 'Tomorrow. I can make it until tomorrow.' She spoke again, "Really, I'm ok."

"Are you sure? I can cancel my next appointment, Ella. This could be very important—"

"Nonsense. I'm going to be just fine." She thought of the next day, of the big pre-wedding bash. She managed another small smile, but this one was different. It was grim, determined. She had some unfinished business to attend to, some wrongs to make right. She was due for a little retribution. 'Tomorrow I'll be a-fucking-okay.'

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