tagToys & MasturbationCheerleader Chronicle Ch. 02

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 02


Chapter 2 The Hunt

Rick turned the key to unlock the front door. He had taken Ms. White up on her request to have him house sit while she was away for the weekend. He dropped the mail and newspaper on the small table by the front door. He saw the first note from across the room. It was a small scrap of paper sticking out of the book case. As he got closer he saw it was wedged between two books. The first was the Kama Sutra, the other was the Joy of Sex. Rick pulled the books off the shelf and flipped through them. He imagined being in each position with Ms. White, causing his cock to swell in his pants. Placing the books back on the shelf he looked at the note.

A mystical woodland creature

He folded it and started to put it in his pocket, and noticed more writing on the back.

This will be more fun if you are naked.

He set the note on top of the books. The thought that she had a camera in the house crossed his mind.

"In for a penny, in for a pound," he said to himself and he stripped his shirt off. The rest of his clothes followed, and he folded them up and left them by the book case. Almost as an afterthought he looked around to see if any of the curtains or blinds were open. The windows to the back yard were unobstructed, but the landscaping insured privacy. His next stop was the kitchen. His search there was fruitless. Rick moved on to her office. In the very back of a desk drawer he found his next clue. A note was taped to a small vibrator. It read:

Fictional movie title.

The media room was his next stop. Scattered across the floor were DVD and Blu Ray movie cases. Rick picked up each one, opened it, and then put it back on the shelf. She appeared to like sorts of movies. He found Animae, classic black and white, action, romance, chick flicks and more. He was about halfway through the collection when he found his next hint. The case was generic, but the disk inside was "Traci - I love you", the only movie with Traci Lords as an adult. All the other movies with her had become illegal when it was revealed that she used a fake id to make them. Rick set it on the table and looked at the note

Walter Matthau

"That's just cruel," he said, feeling a bit less turned on. He continued picking up the movies, looking for another hint. It was the second to last movie that had his next clue. The movie was "About last night", the clue was


Once the last movie was on the shelf Rick put the Traci Lords movie in the player. He had to get the image of Walter Matthau out of his head. A few minutes of watching the porn actressess's large breasts bounce around and his mind was again focused on sex. He looked at the back window and saw a note taped to the wall. He walked over to read it.

Not all the clues are in the house.

Cautiously he opened the back door. The perimeter of the yard was lined with trees, isolating it from the neighboring houses. He stepped onto the deck and felt the warm sun all over his body. He walked down to the pool and settled onto a lounge chair. Rick wondered if Ms. S, Nancy, ever sunbathed nude.

There was a bottle of sunscreen on the table. Rick picked it up and poured some into his hand. He looked around again, the smeared it onto his penis. He wasn't sure what sex would be like with a sunburned dick, but he did not want to find out. A glint of silver at the bottom of the pool caught his eye. Rick circled the pool, trying to figure out what it was. Finally he dove in. Unable to see what it was, he grabbed it and surfaced. Once on the surface he could see they were handcuffs. The clue said

You - I hope

Rick headed to the pool house. Hanging on the wall was a whip. There was a note attached.

Not a hint, but I wanted you to know what a Flogger was, in case I ask you to get it.

Hanging the same nail was a riding crop. He did not find any hints, but he did find a towel to dry off with before going back into the house. He strolled back to the house, somewhat surprised at how casual he had become about walking around the yard naked

As he continued his quest he looked at items he had seen a hundred times, but never really noticed. He examined every picture in the various photo collages. There were pictures of Nancy in a military uniform. In a few of them she had a rifle. A wall of certificates and awards showed she was a master scuba diver, a decent autocross driver and had been in the Air Force as Air Base Ground Defense. A shelf held trophies from competitive shooting to wet t-shirt contests. But no more clues. Finally he headed up the stairs towards her bedroom.

He started with her dresser. A few of the drawers were slightly open, almost inviting him to take a peak. The top drawer contained nothing but bras. He learned she had an assortment of sizes, from 32 D to 34 C, and one leather corset. The next drawer held and assortment of thongs and panties, and at the very bottom a vibrator. It was not the one he had seen her masturbate with, but it did have a hint on it. It said;

Me- you hope.

The next two drawers contained shorts and t-shirts. When he opened the bottom drawer he paused. It contained a wild assortment of sex toys. He picked up the various restraints, wondering who had worn them. A large strap on dildo caught his eye. He would certainly have to ask her about it. He examined every item in the drawer, but found no more hints. He spread his collection of notes out on the floor. Over and over he rearranged them, but nothing made sense.

He sat down at the computer and tapped the keys. In the center of the desktop was a file named.

What you want.

He clicked on it, and a hangman game appeared.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rick put in a few random letter, and the computer began to draw a small gallows. After a few tried he had

the - - - e - - - - - h - - - - - -

He realized that random guessing was not going to work. He looked at the scatter hints again. Finally he typed most of the words into a search engine. None of the results appeared to be particularly helpful. The gallows were complete and the noose was beginning to form. In a cruel twist, instead of forming around the neck of the stick figure, it formed around his cock.

On a whim he limited his search to Walter Matthau, Court and Fake Movie. A filmography of Walter Matthau was in the results. Rick scrolled through the titles, hoping to find something that fit the blanks on the screen. One title stood out, an old film called "The First Monday in October". He had seen that in the collection of movies in the media room. He went back down stairs and started the movie. He did not have to wait long for the answer to his quest. In the film the Supreme Court was deciding a first amendment case, and the topic was a pornographic film title "The Naked Nymphomaniac". Rick counted the letters, it looked like a match. He sprinted upstairs and typed the remaining letters in. The hangman vanished, replaced by a countdown timer. It showed two hours to show time. The zeros appeared as breasts. If his memory was correct, they were Nancy's breasts. In the background was a very faint silhouette. As the second ticked by, it became brighter and brighter. Rick could tell it was a naked woman, probably Nancy. He would have to wait quite a while to be certain.

Just as the timer approached zero on the counter, the Skype icon lit up. Nancy's face appeared on the screen. She had set it to auto answer.

"Rick, are you there?

"Yes, can't you see me?"

"No, the camera is pointed at the desk. I wasn't sure you would be in any condition to be seen."

"Good thinking."

"Did you solve the puzzle?"

"Yes, but there is a timer."

"I know, I wanted to call you right before you watched."

"So, did you get lucky?"

"Oh yes, and I'm hoping to get lucky again in a few minutes."

"Oh, "Rick replied softly.

"I so wish you were here."


"I so want to be sucking your cock while he is fucking me."

"You want me to be in a threesome with you?" Rick asked in disbelief. He was still a virgin and she was talking about threesome. He began to think he was in over his head.

"It's almost too bad you are not gay or at least bi"


"You should see this guy's dick. It's huge!"

"I'm not sure I am as excited about that as you are," Rick replied.

"You should be happy that I am happy. The sooner you stop comparing yourself to others the better, I'd say your life has gotten a little better in the last week." she scolded.

Rick thought for a second. His summer had changed from three months of celibacy to a crash course in sex education. He didn't care that this guy had a huge cock. In two days she would be back and he would be with her for the rest of the summer.

"Well do you?" she asked, snapping Rick out of his daydream.

"Do I want?"

"Do you want to have a threesome over Skype?"

"Are you going to watch me?"

"If you don't want some guy you don't know to watch you jack off, I understand."

"Don't you mean some guy with a big dick watch me?" he replied with a grin.

"That's the spirit, yea, you can leave the camera off."

"Yea, yea, let's do it"

Nancy turned away from the camera for a moment

"Brock, are you ready to go again? Good. Get over here. No, I don't want your face. I just want him to see your cock."

An erect penis filled the screen. Nancy was not kidding, it was huge. But she had asked him to join in, and seemed excited that he said yes. Nancy's face returned to the screen.

"I'm going to tell you one of my strange fetishes, "she whispered.

"Okay, "Rick whispered back, suddenly feeling foolish for doing so.

"It really turns me one to watch guys suck dick. I saw Jacque and his lover once, and I was like instantly turned on. I started playing with myself and came in like 30 seconds. I don't expect you to do it; I just wanted to tell you one of my secrets. Nobody else knows that."

"Thanks, I think."

"So if you were here you would be laying in front of me while he fucks me doggie style from behind."

"Lying down, okay."

"Yea, if you stand up, you end up making eye contact with the other guy, it's kind of awkward."

"I'd much rather watch you."

"Can you do one thing for me?"


"Try to come on your face again. That's so hot, I love it when guys do that to me."

"I'm not you, but okay, I will try."

Rick sat in the chair, staring at computer monitor. Her voice was all around him, coming out of the surround sound connected to the computer. Her face filled the screen.

"Oh, that feels good," she said, "he's got his hand on my ass and his cock is barely touching me. I want your cock in my mouth."

"I want to see your lips wrapped around my dick," Rick said awkwardly.

Nancy formed her lips into a circle and closed her eyes a bit. She began to bob her head back and forth. Rick grabbed some lube from the bottom drawer and began to slide his hand up and down the shaft of his penis.

"I want your cock,' she whispered, "I want it to fill my mouth. I want to feel it with my tongue."

Rick looked down at his penis. He lowered his head, trying to be close enough to fulfill her request. To his surprise, he found he could get really close. Years of gymnastics and yoga and made him quite flexible.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, I want to wrap my hands around you and slide you in and out of my mouth. I want to taste you. I want your cock, I want your cock. I want two cocks inside me at the same time. I want you to play with my tits while I go down on you."

Her voice wavered as Brock thrust his cock in and out of her. Rick strained to lean down more. He took his hands off his dick and put them under his thighs. His arms burned as he pulled down. His face was less than two inches from the tip of his cock. He moved one hand back to his penis, slowly stroking it. He was confident she would get her wish.

"I want all of it; I want to feel you in my throat. I want my lips stretched around your throbbing hard cock!" she screamed. Her breathing was ragged and her arousal was contagious. Without thinking Rick pulled down again. His lips pressed against his penis. He imaged they were hers.

"I want you to come, I want you to come all over my face!" she cried as she climaxed.

Rick felt his own orgasm surging through his body. He lifted his head just as the first stream erupted. It coated the underside of his chin. Rick lowered his head and the second spurt landed squarely on his cheek. The remainder did not have enough velocity to get airborne, and ran down the side of his cock.

"Did you do it?" she asked eagerly.

"Yea, ahh, yea, and you like this?"

"I fucking love it, " she responded enthusiastically.

"Let's just agree to disagree."

"Can I see? Brocks gone, I wore him out."

Rick put his hand on the camera and slowly rotated it up.

"Fucking A that is hot! I can't wait for you to do that to me. Man, you get some distance out of that thing or you are more flexible than I thought! You get bonus points for doing that for me. When I get back I will totally make it worth it. I'm going to rock your world."

Rick smiled and ran his tongue over his lips. He tasted just a bit of himself.

"Fuck, now I am horny again," She said, turning away from the camera,

Brock, I hope you are ready to go again. If not, I hope you like going down on me."

Rick heard a voice in the background "Holy shit, again? Three times isn't enough?"

Rick turned the camera back down to the desk.

"You kids have fun, "he said with a laugh.

"Okay, enjoy the video. I'm going to try to suck start Brock. "

The Skype session terminated. He thought about getting cleaned up, but decided against it. It made her feel closer to her. Rick clicked on the video she had left for him. It was a lot like what he had seen through the window, except it was not upside down. His erection quickly returned as he watched her. Knowing that she was probably coming again just aroused him more. Just as she climaxed on the video Rick came again. Not as impressive as the first time.

A spasm in his back reminded him of what he had just done. It was a trick he would have to work on. Not so much for himself, but for her. She would probably go nuts if he did it for her. Not doubt it would be totally worth it.

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