tagErotic CouplingsCheerleader Coach Ch. 02

Cheerleader Coach Ch. 02


On the third day of tryouts Bill decided he was going to have to speed up the selection process somehow. Ashley and Kim had definitely made the team, but he was still unsure about most of the girls. He called the hopefuls in for a discussion.

"I want to make sure each of you has the same opportunity to become a Senior cheerleader, so I'll lay out some of my ground rules." He said. "I place high value on school spirit and enthusiasm. Athletic ability is a plus as well, but not really necessary. But there is one major quality that some of you don't seem to appreciate. A good cheerleader must be not only enthusiastic and somewhat athletic. She must also be SEXY. Take Ashley here for example." Ashley was wearing some spandex excercise pants that left nothing to the imagination. He then pointed over too Missy Johnson. She was wearing baggy track pants and a sweatshirt. "Missy here might be a fine looking young lady or she might not. It's pretty hard for anyone to tell. I need all of you to come dressed a little more like Ashley and a little less like Missy so I can make some decisions."

The tryout carried on as usual after that. Bill wandered around scoping out the young ladies. He had picked out two more blondes and two more brunettes that definitely had the necessary talent. He just needed to see if they also had the motivation.

At the end of the tryout Bill asked Jennifer DeLong to join him in his office. Jennifer was a brunette with a very pretty face. She had a slim body with a nicely shaped butt and she smiled a lot. Bill asked her to sit down and then asked her to demonstrate her school spirit. Jennifer mentioned that she was on the student council and that she was captain of the junior cheerleading squad last year. She also said she was a straight 'A' student.

Bill was impressed, she seemed like a very nice young lady and she was hot besides. Bill stood up and moved around the desk positioning himself so that his bulge would have to be obvious. Jennifer seemed to know what Bill was looking for but she studiously ignored his pelvic region. Bill started to get the feeling that things might not work out with Jennifer. He didn't think the physical checkup idea would fly with her. She was too smart. Bill tried one more time. "Well Jennifer, I'm sorry to say that unless you can come up with some way to show me your school spirit and enthusiasm I am going to have to cut you from the squad." Jennifer was hurt and disappointed and started to get angry as well. She got up and stomped out of his office.

Bill was just thinking that he would have to jerk off before he went home because he was all revved up. He got up to close the door again when Ashley Tilbrook walked in with a big smile on her face. Right behind Ashley was Brianne Gregory, one of the brunettes that Bill had scoped out earlier.

"I knew you would have trouble with her." said Ashley. "Jennifer is a NICE girl. You just might have better luck with Brianne and me."

Brianne had a very pretty face as well but she applied too much makeup for Bill's taste. He was willing to overlook that however, because Brianne also had the shapeliest ass Bill had seen in a long time.

The girls quickly dropped to their knees and whipped out Bill's cock. They each simultaneously licked up and down on either side of his cock. Then they started swapping back and forth. Bill struggled mightily not to come right away but it wasn't long before both young ladies had white fluid all over their faces.

Ashley stood up and did a little strip tease act. She had all of Bill's attention and she loved it. Once Ashley was naked Bill turned his attention to Brianne. She started to remove her clothes but Bill put up his hand signalling her to stop. "Ashley, why don't you take off Brianne's clothes." Ashley looked surprised but didn't complain. She hesitantly stroked Brianne's legs and Brianne let out a little moan. It looked like the girls had never gotten intimate with each other before.

Ashley started massaging Brianne's butt vigorously through her shorts. Brianne's moaning got even louder. Ashley pulled the shorts and panties down but left Brianne's top on. She pulled Brianne's butt cheeks apart and dipped her tongue into Brianne's cunt from the back side. Bill could see that Brianne was flowing like a tap. Bill then turned his attention to Ashley's ass which was now up in the air as well. He spread her cheeks wide and then entered her cunt from behind. He pumped slowly for awhile while he watched Ashley lick Brianne into a frenzy. Once she had settled down, Bill laid on the floor and let Ashley bounce around on his cock for a while. She also came at least once.

Bill had a really good idea. He disengaged from Ashley and moved towards Brianne. He motioned for her to raise her fine rear in the air again. Bill slid his cock in her cunt and slid his index finger up her asshole. She grunted in surprise but she came quickly. He pulled out of her cunt while she was still in the throes of her orgasm and slid the tip of his cock into her ass. He had trouble inching his cock all the way in, but once he got there he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Brianne didn't know what hit her. She couldn't stop cumming.

After they were both spent, Ashley was obviously hot and bothered again. Brianne decided she had better get busy and she lapped Ashley's cunt until she came once more.

On their way out Bill asked Ashley if she had any plans for Saturday. She smiled and said "No, Why?". Bill mentioned that they might go out on a field trip to find some sponsors for the squad. You can help me pick out the new uniforms. Ashley planted a big kiss on Bill and then scampered out happily.

When Bill thought back to Jennifer's reaction earlier, he realized he might have some trouble coming his way if he wasn't careful. He would have to think on the matter.

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