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Chemical Brilliance


Kate was a little scared. This was her night of initiation to Delta Gamma sorority. It was the best sorority on campus, only the hottest girls got to join. She was thrilled to be given a chance. Not that she doubted she belonged; she had always been able to wrap the most popular boys around her fingers. She had been an instant hit even at the big state school of 10,000. Now she was going to be sworn in as one of the hottest girls in school. It was what this ceremony would be that had her antsy. She had received very clear instructions: no hair from the neck down, thoroughly clean herself everywhere, skirt no longer than knee length, button down blouse, heels, and that was it. No bra, no panties. She felt sluty shaving herself clean, and going out without underthings. She was mortified to do it, if anyone ever found out she would die. She was from a little God fearing town, and as proud as she was of her body there were some things good girls just do not do. She still did it because she had to become a member. And even though she knew they would never check she did just to make sure. She would never forgive herself if they rejected her for having fur. But it was the order to clean everywhere that had her worried. She had only the dimmest idea of what that might mean. She knew she was safe, only the worst degenerates did things like that, not girls like the ones in Delta Gamma. She had met the president, Emily, and a lot of the other girls, including of course Denise who had urged her join. They were all nice and friendly, although they dressed a little shamelessly.

As Kate walked across campus she could feel the breeze slip up and deliciously tickle her slit. She went up to the heavy door before the sorority house on the edge of campus. It was big building, and she noticed all the windows had their curtains drawn. This gave the house a foreboding sense rather than its normally sunny look. She shook her head, and told herself not to be silly. They had probably put those things on the list just to scare her. It was Denise who opened the door. The petite Asian was only wearing a bra and panties, but her big smile still helped Kate’s nerves. “Come in.”

All the girls, twenty-nine of them, were there in the lounge when she entered. They were all in some form lingerie, Kate felt a little shy. None of the other five pledges were present. “Am I the early?”

“No, we haze each girl separately.” Emily smiled, her heavy full breast on display over the top of her nightie. “Come here.” She gestured to the center of the room. Kate quietly moved as directed, the other girls circled around her. She felt naked without panties. “There are some things I should probably tell you now out our house. We are not a national sorority, we only exist here at State. We have our own charter and rules, and a secret which you will need to learn if you want to join.” She stood. “Follow me.”

Kate trailed Emily, Denise came too, but the other girls stayed put. Emily led them to the basement rec room. Kate did not see why they were down here, she had been before, what secret could they have? Then Emily pushed against a spot on the wall and secret door opened. Kate followed her in and choked when the lights were turned on. It looked as though it was a cross between medieval dungeon and a gym. Where bright lights, a stereo system, and mirrors on the walls. The equipment was clearly for torture; whips and chains filled her eyes. She was terrified and looked at Emily.

“This is not for your initiation, I’m showing you what happens if we are bad. As a member of Delta Gamma you will be punish if you upset leadership. That is not me, I am in charge of the girls, but I have been down here to pay a steep price for misbehavior. We all have.” She shivered involuntarily. “What we do not tell anyone outside of the sorority is that we all serve a single man as his sexslaves. We are not the beautiful club by accident, he insists on it. We are his harem, and you have been chosen to join.”

“I don’t want any part of this.” Kate wondered if she could fight her way past the two girls.

“We will not make you, but you have to meet the master. He will tell you some things I cannot.” She led the way back to the lounge.

The other girls were gone, a tapestry had been pulled away revealing a hidden alcove. There was thrown there, its back to the room. “What is your name?” The gravely voice did not sound as dangerous as Kate expected it.


“She is your capture Denise?”

“Yes Master.” Kate started at her change of voice, to complete deference.

“You are surprised to hear her call me master? I am sure that it comes as a shock to one as sheltered as yourself. I trust Emily has told you the true purpose of this sorority. I am sure you find it hard to believe so I shall explain a little further. My name is Richard Auther Baker, but you will call me Master. I am a chemist, at the risk of sounding arrogant I am a great chemist. If you knew anything about chemistry you would recognize that name, I am the leader in my field, I have been granted scores of awards, and with that, and my numerous patents, life has found me incredibly wealthy. So well set am I that I have retired and no longer give my knowledge to the world, which is just as well as some of what I have discovered should never be unleashed to the masses. The public is not ready. I however do enjoy the full benefits of my creations. And that brings us to you.” The thrown slowly turned. Despite her terror and revulsion at this man, she was shocked to find herself attracted to him. He was not her type at all, he was in his early thirties, with darker coloring. His body was not bad, but not superb. He was only average height, he could be anyone on the street. “You see,” he continued, “I instructed Denise to put a little concoction of mine in your drink when she invited you to one of their little parties. Once you came it was easy to continue to feed you the necessary ingredients to get you here tonight.”

Kate felt as though she wanted to vomit. “I don’t know what you are trying to pull, but I don’t believe a work of this bullshit.”

He shook his head. “You will soon learn not talk to me that way. Now please stop interrupting so I may continue. These drugs do not turn you into a robot, as you can tell I am sure. I could do that, but it would not provide the pleasure my current system does. You see I have done nothing to your personality. Instead I have changed you physically. Your body is now addicted to me, not literally, but that is the best way I can explain it. You will find that you have a need to please me, if you do not you will suffer withdrawal. Just thinking about me will calm and relax you, spending time with me will make you aroused. Not doing so will cause you to miss me unbearably. You will probably never come to like me, but I am now the only person in the world who can make you cum.”

Kate laughed. “Please, I have not changed at all. You can’t do that.”

“The chemicals are already inside you, they will slowly spread and as they do they will take firmer hold of you. Even right now I bet you are attracted to me.”

Kate swallowed down her fear. “As soon as a get out of here I’m going straight to the police you sicko.”

“You are welcome to try, I expect you will not be able to say much when you get there. I have a great many mixtures my dear. Nor are you the first girl I have done this too, I know what I am doing. This sorority attests to that.”

“I don’t care, I’m not going to sleep with you, and if you try to rape me-“

“I’m not a rapist. I have no need to be. Every girl here willingly, hell desperately, fucks me. You will too soon enough. I am going to give you a chance to join my little harem tonight. You will be welcomed and I will slowly and gently train you to be a good slave. If you refuse, when you come around it will be much worse for you.”

“Fuck you!! I’m out of here and I am NEVER coming back.”

“That is your choice, but I will expect to be seeing you.”

Kate turned and hurried out. She had expected to be grabbed, but the man simply watched her go.

Kate ran across campus to her dorm room. She slammed the door shut and made sure to lock it. Wiping her makeup off her face and changed into normal clothes, making sure to put a pair of panties on. Not being able think of anything else to do she decided to do some homework. She started reading, but she was too shaken up to concentrate. She new what would help her, the bible! Opening it she flipped to the parts her mother had earmarked for her before she came to college. They were the parts telling you what a good girl was. She read for a while, but they didn’t seem to reach her the way they normally did. She was too grossed out she decided. Unable to do anything she simply went to bed. She was about to turn the light out when her roommate Taja came in.

“Your back early from Delta Gamma. Did you get in?”

“I’m not going to have anything to do with those people anymore.”

“What happened?”

Kate wanted to tell her, just to stick it to the asshole Baker and show him she could not be controlled, but for some reason she felt it was the wrong thing to do. She could not place why, but shrugged it off. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“If you say so.”

Kate felt much better in the morning. She had made a mistake in trying to join Delta Gamma, but she felt much better now. She was done with them and could recover and have three great years. She stretched and made her way to the girls room for her morning shower. The warm water invigorated her and she quickly removed the makeup she had put on for last night. She scrubbed herself down. When her hand brushed her newly bald pussy she squeaked and her legs gave way momentarily. Being exposed was electric. Almost immediately she was hornier than she ever had been before. She paused embarrassed, but since no one else was around she did something she very rarely did and slipped a finger into her wet snatch. Her folds opened surprisingly quickly she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Suddenly Baker’s image rushed to her mind, accompanying and sudden rush of her juices. Horrified Kate pulled her had away and rushed out of the bathroom unfinished.

She did not know what had come over her, but it would never happen again she told herself as she dressed. Her pussy was still pouting, looking for attention, as she made her way to the dinning hall. She would feel better around people. Lately she had been dining with the Gamma Girls, but she sat as far away from them as she could at her own table.

Denise came over to sit down. Kate looked away. “I know you hate me right now, but I did not have a choice. I never wanted to, but I could not say no to my Master. You’ll understand once you join.”

“I’ll never join.”

“Yes you will.” She sounded very sad. “No girl ever thought they would, but no girl has ever lasted even two weeks. You should join as soon as you can, the longer you wait, the worse he will make it for you.”

“Look bitch, I am done with Delta Gamma. You are disgusting people, and I hope you die.” Kate stood and walked out.

Kate closed the door to her room. Her pussy was on fire. It had been all morning, through both her classes. It had never calmed down from the shower. She had not been able to pay attention in class at all. Worst of all her head had been filled images of Baker. She did not care anymore, she quickly threw on her robe on and grabbed a towel. The second the water was on, her hands flew to her pussy. A wave of heat crashed over. Baker’s face appeared in her imagination, but she did not fight it. Her cunt flowed with fire, but she could not cum. She dug into her snatch with her fingers, and lay down on the shower floor. She imagined Baker making love to her. Lying on top her, plunging in and out with his cock. She finger herself, pulling on her clit, and pinching her nipples, but after twenty minutes she was exhausted. Her juices poured out of her, but she could not release. As Kate lay there, the water beating down on her she tried to ignore her flaming pussy and think. She had heard about a store nearby that sold…toys. She did not like this idea, but if she did not cum soon she would lose her mind.

She could not believe how her pussy throbbed as she made her way to the store. She needed to get off NOW. She was barely able to find the place without stopping to play with herself more. She was thankful she had put on two pairs of panties, less her wet spot be visible on her pants.

The store was not in the best part of town. The seedy looking man behind the counter gave her a big smile as he looked her over. Disgusted with him, herself, Baker, and the whole situation, she blushed, “where are the umm…uh…”

He chuckled, clearly he had seen this before. He pointed to a corner of the store.

There were so many. Kate had no idea what type to buy and her raging pussy did not help the situation. Some were so huge they scared her a little. Some vibrated, were colorful, some were smooth, others ridged. She looked around and finally selected a medium-sized vibrator that was designed to resemble the real thing.

The man behind the counter rung up her purchase. “I can’t believe a pretty little thing like you can’t find the real thing.” Kate just looked at her shoes. She reached for the toy. He put his hand over hers, “if you want the real thing.” She yanked her dildo away. She heard him call, “we have a back room if you want to test it out,” after her.

Her pussy was so hot it almost hurt her. As soon as her door was closed, she tore down her pants and rammed the fake cock home. She fucked her herself as fast and as hard she could. The sensation were so incredible she fell over. She imagined Baker ravishing her, him using his big cock to please himself on her body while she took it. Her cunt juices poured out of her covering her toy. She flipped and flopped on the ground, but not matter how hard she tried she could not cum. She stopped, leaving the fake cock in her raw snatch. She started crying, she knew Baker had her, he was going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it.

No! She couldn’t. She would find a way to overcome this. She pulled the didlo and hid it. She cleaned herself up and tried to do some homework. She could not think, her pussy would not relent an inch. She stopped after and hour when she realized she was still on the same page. She kept imagining Baker fucking her. Dinner was open. It was earlier than she usually went, but maybe going now would help.

Even ordering her dinner was a struggle in the state she was in. As she came into the dining hall she saw Sarah, another one of Delta Gamma’s pledged sitting alone staring at her food with ashen face. “Hi.”

“Oh, Hi” The other girl recognized her. When she speak no more, Kate sat down with her. They sat in silence because Kate could not think of a way to start the conversation.

“So how are you?”

The other girl paused a moment before answering. “I’m terrified. I-I have never seen anything like this. What will he do to us? I can barely breathe, I don’t know what I am going to do.” The words sprang from her mouth in a torrent.

Kate just looked down at her own food, she had nothing to say. “We have to be strong,” she finally said in a soft voice, “we can’t let that bastard win. I would vomit if he touched me. No matter what, we can’t let him get what he wants.”

“How?” The faint word was almost a cry.

“We can help each other, together we can beat this sick piece of shit.”

Sarah looked up. “Do you really think we can?”

“Yes.” She was starting to believe it herself. They both smiled at each other.

“So what do we do?”

“For now lets go study together.”

“Yes! I haven’t been able to look at my books all day.”

They got up, deposited their trays, and headed towards the library.

Kate was crying as she came back to her room later afternoon. She and Sarah had not been able to study at all. They had simply both sat their flustered staring at their books while their pussies raged. They had not been able to help each other at all as lewd images of Baker raced through their minds. In the end they had silently parted ways, both knowing they were defeated.

Taja was not home, so Kate grabbed her dildo and headed for the shower, determined to get of this time. Images of Baker flooded her head before she even turned the water on. She embraced them as she forced the toy into herself. She fucked herself deep and hard, laying on her back with both hands on the tool. She sawed back and forth for two hours, before surrendering exhausted. She made her way back to her room and collapsed into her bed.

She did not sleep well that night, the burning between her legs helping to keep her up. She drifted in and out, her dreams all ones of Baker fucking her while she was helpless to resist.

She awoke early and decided to go through her normal routine. She took time to clean herself up, make herself pretty, and put a cute outfit on. She still had time to go to breakfast, which she rarely did.

As she came out she was startled to see Sarah standing at Delta Gamma table. She was eating very nonchalantly. She was surprised when she saw Kate, blushed and looked down. Denise got up to speak to her, but gave up at Kate’s angry glare. Kate was not longer hungry and went to the library for some more useless attempted study. She went to class next, but barely heard what the professor lectured. Several times she caught herself writing “fuck me Baker” in her notes. After class she made her way back to the freshman dorms. She was resigned. She tried not think about what Baker would do her as she got into the shower. She followed the instructions from the first night, no hair, clean everywhere. She even put on the same clothes before crossing campus to the sorority house. She was on the verge of tears as she knocked. Much to her surprise no one came to the door. She knocked again, really pounding and waited. The sorority was not huge, but there were enough people that someone should be home in the middle of the day. She was going to knock a third time before giving up when the door cracked. A girl she did not know answered the door. She was wearing a simple robe, but, as all girls of Delta Gamma, her beauty was evident. Kate had originally liked that all the girls were pretty, she had always been proud of her own looks too, but now is was an unpleasant reminder of the truth of the situation. The girl in the robe led her to the doors of the main lounge. “Wait here.” The girl went in. Kate strained her ears to hear what was being said inside, but the only sound she heard was the ticking of a clock from somewhere. Her nerves started to wreak havoc which only made her cunt burn even more white hot. She forced herself not to imagine what that sick fucker Baker would do to her. Her mind soon slipped into a fantasy, she naked on all fours in the center of the empty lounge while Baker fucked her deep from behind. She found her hand in her snatch and pulled it away. The waiting was killing her, she rubbed her arms. The double doors opened, two girls in undies gestured her in.

“Stand in the center of the room.” Baker’s voice cracked out. The sound of his voice made her so hot she nearly fell over, but she did as directed. The center of the room was lit from overhead, but the walls were dark. His thrown faced away from her, but she could see several of the other girls, all in lingerie, along the walls. The whole sorority was not here. As Kate’s vision adjusted she realized to her horror that were filming her with video cameras. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” Kate could hear the restrained laughter in his voice.

“Stop being an asshole, you’ve won.” Kate spat.

He clucked. “My dear you have much to learn. I come to this harem to enjoy myself. You may think of me whatever you wish private,” his tone changed from conversational to commanding, “but in my presence you will be pleasant and deferential. Now why are you here?”

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