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Cherry Pie Delight


Terrie McNeal pulled the sheets back from her naked body. "This house is not going to get itself", she thought as she ran her hands over her flat belly allowing one to travel down to her moist pussy lips. She had been having a dream of being in an all female orgy and it was apparent that she had experienced an orgasm while sleeping.

Not that she was full blown lesbian. She liked men but after one divorce and a second failed relationship she found herself being more attracted to women. Women just did not have as many hangups she believed and had decided to remain single for awhile with out the intrusiveness of a commitment.

Terrie stood and admired herself in the full length mirror opposite her bed. "Maybe 30 but I still got it", she remarked admiring her curly shoulder mid back length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her 36 C cup breasts were accented by a rose tatto she had over the left nipple. Turning sideways she could see a small pooch beginning in her lower belly but nothing a little more exercise could not cure.

She decided to take a quick shower and pulled her hair back as not to wash it. Afterwards she slipped on a mid thigh length silk robe. Terrie walked down the hall where she could smell her pre-made coffe brewing in the automatic pot. She warmed a bagel in the microwave then sat at the kitchen table looking out the bay window.

She noticed a man and woman walking out of the house across the street. He appeared to be mid 40's and the redhead accompanying him looked to be about Terries age. She saw the man glance across the street at her house and then say something to the woman. She gave him a deep kiss and Terrie saw him cup the womans breast through a white terry cloth robe.

"Guess they hoped no one was looking", Terrie laughed to herself feeling a tingle in her pussy as she watched their public affection. Momentarily he was in his truck and backed out of the driveway.

Terrie spent a few moments reading a home and garden magazine as she sipped her coffee. Becoming entranced in an article she did not see the woman walk across the street and up the driveway. The doorbell rang startling Terrie. She looked out and saw her female neighbor standing at the door and noted that she had changed into a pair of beige shorts and green flower print top and was holding an aluminum pan covered with foil.

She could not help notice the woman was very attractive and standing tied her robe and went to open the door.

"Hi, can I help you?", Terrie asked

"Good morning I'm Kara Thompson from across the street.", the woman smiled and said to Terrie. "I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

Terrie was rivited to the womans bedroom green eyes and she could also tell her neighbor was not wearing a bra by the way her nipples protruded through the shirt.

"Oh my, wheres my manners", come on in she said inviting the woman into her home.

"Nice place", Kara remarked. "Looks like you've done alot with it already."

"Still a lot to do", Terrie said leading her visitor to the kitchen.

"Oh, this is for you by the way.", Kara said sitting the pan on the kitchen counter. "I hope you like cherry pie. I baked two of them this morning and thought I would bring one to you."

"How thoughtfull. I love cherry pie. It smells fantastic", she said as she removed the foil and leaned down to smell the aroma.

Kara noticed Terries robe top was open and from her vantage point could see her breasts. Terrie looked up and saw the womans gaze and decided to stay where she was for a second allowing Kara to view her tits.

"Oh my..guess I am about to fall out this morning", Terrie laugued as she stood up. "Sorry about that." she remarked pulling the robe a little more closed.

"Oh you dont have to worry about it", Kara replied as she leaned on the counter. Terrie watched as Kara opened two buttons on her shirt exposing cleavage. "It's not the first time I have seen another womans breasts by far. By the way I love the tatto."

"Um why thank you.", Terrie said feeling heat building in her pussy. It was obvous her neighbor was coming on to her and she was not about to turn it down.

"This pies smells so good. I just love the taste of cherry", Terrie said as she dipped a finger in the middle of the warm sweet delight and lifted it to her mouth licking it off as she looked Kara in the eyes. "Ummmm..you..I mean..umm this tastes really good Kara."

"I do my best honey..I always like my stuff to taste good and sweet", she said smiling at Terrie as she then unbuttoned one more button on her blouse.

Terrie reached down and began undoing the knot in her robe behind the counter. "Umm...the sweeter the better.", she remarked as she let the robe fall open. Terrie then slipped two fingers in the pie and pulled the warm sweet substance out. She rubbed it onto her tits as her neighbor watched lustfully.

"So..have you had your morning desert yet Kara?", she asked as she shrugged off the robe.

Kara unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way allowing her C cup tits to fall out. "Well I have had my morning meat from my husband but I really need my morning sugar now.", she said walking around the counter to Terrie.

Terrie smiled as Kara took off the blouse then walked around the counter to her. Kara leaned in and began licking the cherry pie substance from Terrie's breasts. "Ummmmmbaby..yesss" Terrie moaned as Kara sucked first one then the other nipple back and forth between her teeth.

Kara stood up straight and smiled as Terrie pulled her to her. Their lips carressed as they began french kissing deeply. Kara slid her hands down cupping Terries ass as she backed her against the counter top grinding her crotch against her neighbor. Terrie responded by wrapping one leg around Karas waist pulling her to her.

Kara stopped and slipped her shorts off. Then again baced Terrie against the counter kissiing her deeply yet again.

"Umm..why dont we take some of this pie and make a mess", Kara said seductively.

Terrie hopped up on the countertop spreading her legs. "ony if you help me clean up", she smiled and said to Kara.

Kara dipped two fingers in the pie and then proceeded to rub the sticky sweetness into Terries pussy. The warmth of it and the probing of Karas fingers caused Terrie to moan in pleasure.

"Yes thats it..now eat your desert and make sure to clean your plate", she said leaning back a bit.

Kara pulled a kitchen chair down then sat between Terries legs. Moving in she loved the sight and sent of cherry pie mixed with pussy. Extending her tongue she began long slow circular licks of the womans outer vulva slowly licking inward.

"Ohh yess...Kara..eat my pussy baby..yes", Terrie squealed. Kara leaned down working her tongue into the lower part of Terri's pussy then dragging her tonuge up to circle her clit.

"Ahhhh shit yes honey..oh thats good", Terrie praised her neighbor. It was obvious the woman was an expert at cunnilingus and Terrie knew it would be a matter of seconds before she came.

Kara loved the feel and taste of Terrie. Her tongue worked in and out the womans hot tight cunt as she reached up rolling her nipples in her fingers. The feel of her pussy lips sucking at her tongue had Kara close to orgasm herself

"Ohhhhh Kara..I am going to cum", Terrie announced as her vagina began to orgasm. Kara covered her pussy and began licking rapidly as a torrent of cunt juices was realeased into her mouth.

"My god you are good", terrie squeales as she bucked her hips ups at Kara. Again and again her pussy was caught in rythmic throes of orgasm as Kara worked her over.

Finally Kara broke away and licked her way up Terries body. Terrie againg moaned ludly at the taste of her own pussy and cherry pie flavor mixed to gether on Karas tongue.

"My my turn now honey", Terrie said as she slipped off the counter. She instructed Kara to get on the counter on her hands and knees and stood behind her.

Reaching into the pie Terrie pulled out several fingers coated with the sweet mess and began rubbing it into Karas pussy and asshole.

"Oh ummm..thats good..real good", Kara said wiggleing her ass back at Terrie.

Terrie in and beginning at the womans asshole drug her tongue down into the womans wet slot.

Terrie had been blessed with an extra long tongue and Karas eyes widened as the woman licked further inside her hot box then anyone had done before.

"Holy fuck...I never had anyone...",Karas voice trailed off and became squeals of pleasure as Terrie licked her honey.

Sucking,licking at both of Karas sex holes Terrie had them cleaned of all cherry pie substance quickly. She reached into the pie again removing a number of the cherries and one by one eased them into Karas cunt.

Terrie again leaned in licking and sucking to retrieve the cherries seraching out all inside of Karas pussy with her tongue. One by one she ate them out then busined herself on Karas clit.

Fastening herlips on it she began rapidly flicking it with her tongue causing Kara to shudder hard.

"Yesssssssssss..cummmmmming", Kara squealed as her pussy convulsed in orgasm. Terrie licked at her neighbors pussy as her mouth was filled with a mix of cherry and pussy juice flavor.

Karas orgasm subsided and Terrie allowed her to slip off the counter. The two neighbors stood kissing fondling each other for a moment.

"Do you have something I could drink", Kara asked breathlessly. "I am dying of thirst"

"Sure honey..there is bottled wateer in the fridge..help yourself.", Terrie responded as she cleaned their clothes off the floor.

Kara opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle then she saw it. "Humm Terrie..wonder what we could do with this." she said holding up a nine inch cucumber.

Terrie laughed.."Humm maybe we overinduldged on sweets. Maybe we need to try a vegetarian brunch?" she smiled and said back to Kara.

"I think your right." Kara said holding the vegetable in her hands.

Walking to her neighbor she took the cucumber from Kara and placed it between her tits and pressed against her new found lover.

"You know what? I think I'm going to really like this neighborhood." she said kissing Kara deeply.

"I hope you will", Kara responded as they broke apart then walked to Terries bedroom.

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