tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 10

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 10


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host had told of a birthday orgy involving a current top film star, the Theatre Company Manager of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team, the Politician about the husband's revenge.

Chapter Ten: Susan's Fantasy Becomes Reality

When lunch time came on the third day of the confinement of the five couples and their hosts, there had already been four erotic tales to entertain the guests. The snow had now stopped, but the deep drifts almost covered the whole front of the inn still, with no chance of escaping yet. At the rear, at least six feet of snow had turned the lush country landscape into a white wilderness.

But there was an adequate pile of logs and other fuel for the fires, the electricity was still available and the telephone lines in working order. So, although isolated, the inn was in communication with the authorities who promised to rescue them as soon as other, more urgent, priorities had been met.

After doing the domestic duties allocated to them, and listening over coffee to Laurie's tale of the revenging husband, the guests took the opportunity of an hour's rest before lunch, to prepare themselves for the afternoon's activities.

In their rooms, they found on their beds simple, rough-looking, Saxon-like costumes to wear for lunch. There were wigs for the men and dresses with low-cut bodices for the women. No underwear by special request. They assembled in the dining room to be greeted with glasses of mead. It was strong!

Anne had prepared a casserole in a large cauldron. It was placed in the centre of the long trestle table with chunks of rough bread. Pewter flagons of ale, together with mead in stone jugs, provided the liquid refreshment. Chairs had been replaced with wooden benches, a cheerful log fire burned in the open hearth, everything looking cosy and homely.

The assembled company was called to order. 'Martin is to be the Saxon Lord for the afternoon, and Delia his Lady,' Julie announced. 'Pay homage, serfs!' And the remaining guests bowed and scraped.

Martin was the Marketing Director for an international food company. At thirty-two he seemed average in every way. A quiet, fair haired man with good strong features, large blue eyes, straight nose and square chin. Average build but not yet running to fat.

Martin's wife, Delia was a famous TV presenter. At thirty-one, she was a tall, willowy blonde with features not unlike Marilyn Munroe with a generous sensuous mouth, pointed chin and excessive bust which tended to sag without support. She had the calm exterior of a duchess. She held her head high with a tendency to look down her nose with a slightly superior air. Her large bust was shown off to its best advantage in an exquisite dress. She was featured regularly in the society pages of the glossies.

Delia explained that the knowledge that there were men throughout the kingdom, with eyes glued to the TV screen, dying to fuck her, was something of a turn-on for her. 'In fact,' she had said in her sexy contralto voice, 'I hear that some men actually kneel in front of the screen and masturbate, spurting their semen all over my face!' She laughed.

Indeed, Delia added, there were plenty of men in the TV studios who would jump at the chance of feeling her up, if not actually fuck her.

Appointed Lord for the afternoon, Martin insisted on fondling the breasts of each lady, claiming that it was his right as Lord of the Manor. Delia joined in the spirit by insisting, with great dignity, that she must feel under each man's tunic to make sure they were not wearing anything underneath and, at the same time, to weigh his balls in the palm of her hand.

'The one with the heaviest balls can feel my royal pussy,' she told them. Since Bill had not yet arrived on the scene, Jake was declared the winner.

Delia lifted her long gown to her waist with an imperious gesture, parting her legs, inviting Jake to run his open palm back and forth between her thighs a few times, which he did with exaggerated enjoyment. Her labia were plump, and her thick juices trickled down her inner thighs. Jake had never know any woman lubricate quite as copiously and freely as Delia.

She was purring! 'Ooooh! That's lovely, serf. But enough!' she told him letting her skirt drop. 'You'll start me off if you're not careful. Not before lunch, darling, if you don't mind. There are some things you just don't do before lunch - but as much as you like afterwards.'

This brought some rude comments and laughter.

After a few draughts of the ale and mead, they sat themselves at the table to eat. The atmosphere became boisterous and very jolly, with everyone enjoying the food and liquor. Martin sat at one end of the long table, passing the platter of bread, the jugs of mead and flagons of ale. Delia at the other end, enjoyed arousing Jake on her right and Laurie on her left, by frequent fondles under their tunics.

When the meal was over, Julie called the guests to attention.

'Listen everyone! We have a little surprise for Susan today. So, you come with me, Susan. The rest of you can carry on drinking.'

Susan burst into laughter. 'Surprise for me? What on earth ...' but Julie took her by the arm to lead her into the ladies powder-room.

'Take off your belt. Unfasten the dress,' Julie told her.

Amid splutters of inebriate laughter, Susan did as she was told, removing her sandals, and unfastening the belt and buttons of the dress so that it draped loosely from her shoulders.

'What's the game about, Julie?'

'You'll find out in a minute.' Julie smiled. 'It's a surprise, but don't worry! You'll enjoy it!'

Susan panicked a bit. 'I hope it's not going to hurt, is it?'

'Good heavens, no! Nothing like that. You'll love it! Honest! You're in for a big thrill.'

'Now for the blind-fold,' Julie announced. More laughter accompanied an eye shield being placed over Susan's face.

'You're going to enjoy this, Susan. Come on!'

And Julie led an uncertain, chuckling Susan out of the powder room, her groping arms held out in front of her like antennae, wondering what sort of game this was.

Susan was led over the carpet where she was eventually stopped and turned round several times. Someone took hold of her arms, easing her down to sit on a flat surface. Then her blind-fold was removed.

All the curtains in the room had been closed. It was lit only by candles, lots of them, standing on the long dining table. Partly dazzled by the flames, Susan could make out some of the guests sitting smiling at the other side of the table, still in their Saxon outfits.

Turning to see who was holding her by the arms, the sight of a witch, complete with large wart-encrusted nose, straggly hair and wide-brimmed hat, took her by surprise. A black cloak hung loose over an apparently naked body.

Her breasts were long, shrivelled bags, hanging low, crowned with huge, black, leathery nipples. At her other side stood a second person dressed in a similar manner. A nervous giggle burst from Susan as the witches leered at her, holding her arms firmly behind her, pulling open the tunic. Susan's long pointed tits thrust forward in a creamy glow from the open tunic.

As the witches held her wrists, Susan realised that she was perched on a long, narrow side-table, with Julie standing behind her, at the head.

Then came an unexpected explosion, a shower of green sparks in a billow of smoke at the end of the room to her left. A shout of delight and a burst of applause from the table greeted two men who appeared from out of the smoke, dressed as demons, with balaclava-like helmets, sprouting short horns.

Under a black cloak, their chests had a dark-brown shaggy texture. They were naked from the waist down, each cradling in both hands a huge stiff cock, crimson in colour, protruding from their loins!

Susan was fascinated by these grotesque cocks, with their tracery of heavy blue veins, as the devils approached her with a sinister laugh. Kneeling each side of her waist, they grasped her ankles, yanking open her chubby legs fully to expose her vulnerable genitals to the assembled guests. Her ankles were quickly manacled to the front legs of the table.

At this, there was another explosion from the other end of the room, smoke billowing amidst a shower of red sparks. A tall figure, with a black cloak drawn across his body with his left arm, appeared out of the smoke. His head was covered by a full black mask.

Susan could just detect his eyes glinting through the slits. A threatening rumble of thunder was heard as he approached her. Susan's flesh turned to goose pimples. A sudden thrill of apprehension shuddered through her body as the figure slowly threw open his cloak.

There was a shower of green sparks and, held in his other hand, was an enormous stiff green phallus waving in front of her. A huge hairy sac of testicles swung beneath it, thrusting from the hairy torso. Although his chest looked almost bare, from the waist down to his feet he was covered with coarse hair, like a goat.

Susan couldn't take her eyes off the giant green phallus prodding of it's shaggy base, swaying from side to side in the flickering candlelight.

Susan stared at it, whimpering. But whether in fear or exhilaration was difficult to tell.

'No! No! Please don't touch me,' she moaned.

The figure, ignoring her plea, moved slowly between her open legs, looking down at the unprotected genitals with their pouting lips, the mound topped with ginger hair. Cupped fingers grasped them, caressing the already damp folds before placing the head of the enormous prick at the puckered entrance.

It nudged into the pink opening. Susan whined and struggled, her eyes glued to the monster, hips and buttocks writhing from side to side. But she was no match for the fastenings round her ankles, with the witches and demons holding her down firmly.

The two devils reached over her thighs, opening up her vagina to allow the huge phallus to slip slowly into the heat of her wet flesh. A shock went straight to her centre. The penis was as cold as ice! A huge orgasm suddenly slammed at Susan's body as she arched her groin. With a strangled cry, she flung her shoulders back onto the table, screwing her eyes tight in the anguish of the climax, her body embracing the hideous, cold monster.

With a smile of triumph, Julie opened her thighs, straddled Susan's head, lowering her wet vulva onto the pretty face.

Susan lapped Julie's warm lips eagerly as the Devil began to fuck her with long strokes. Slowly at first, but gradually quickening, whilst the two demons sucked on her swollen nipples. Susan now concentrated on the thrill she was beginning to feel inside.

The huge prick completely filled her, stretching her soft fleshy lips to their fullest extent, the pink folds accommodating it's girth and length. She felt as thought she was being split apart down to the entrance to her bottom. Tremendous lunges threatened to burst through into her womb. It was exactly as she had imagined it in her fantasies. Fucked by the devil!

The awareness of being defenceless, her soft body being brutally violated by an ugly monster triggered off her second orgasm. It surged quickly to a peak, crashing over her senses as the massive penis continued to pound her mercilessly.

Susan became aware of other beings at her side, touching her, feeling her body, taking liberties with her bottom. They pinched her breasts, her bottom overhanging the edge of the altar they invaded her anus, they felt and squeezed the stretched the lips of her genitals as the penis lunged in and out of it.

Hands everywhere! Breasts squeezed by hands and suckled by wet mouths. Julie had stood away from Susan to allow a stiff prick, sticky with sperm, to be pushed into her face, rubbing urgently against her cheek. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it passionately.

Her hands, still held by the witches, were guided into hot, hairy groins, dripping with female honey. Her fingers paddled in the soft fleshy folds, probing the creases. Another orgasm swept through her as she almost lost her senses in a sea of sensuous lust.

There was a loud, hoarse shout. The penis in her mouth suddenly erupted filling it with salty, warm liquid, before withdrawing. Hands turned her head roughly to the other side where another stiff shaft was thrust harshly into her mouth. It fucked her lips frantically, accompanied by urgent grunts, until it too quickly exploded into her, washing her throat with spurts of hot sperm.

With her brain spinning with visions of spouting pricks, the tangy taste of bitter-sweet sperm filled her throat. Hot female genitals pushed themselves onto the fingers of both her hands. Sighs of pleasure, murmurs of ecstasy and squeals of delight assailed her ears.

Suddenly, the Devil bellowed 'Hallelujah!', withdrawing his shaft from between her almost numb genitals. She felt a succession of warm gushes cascade over her belly.

Opening her eyes as she swallowed the last of the sperm in her mouth, Susan saw her body dripping copiously with starchy liquid. One of the devils thrust his red penis into her ravished vagina, pumping into her with rapid strokes. Others were leaning over her, massaging the thick liquid into her belly and pubic hair.

The demon gave a victorious shout, withdrawing his red penis as it spurted jets of more liquid over her groin. The second demon fell on her, aiming his shaft between her wide, plundered thighs, driving deep into her swollen lips. Orgasmic spasms swept over her.

She screamed and screamed and screamed uncontrollably with each deep thrust of the demon until, with a loud 'Hallelujah!', he gave a final thrust, gushing jet after jet of sperm inside her. No sooner had he withdrawn than a fourth stiff penis entered her with a strong thrust.

Her brain began to spin. Her breathless screams continued with each savage thrust, getting hoarser, as wave after wave of ecstasy continued to sweep through her almost exhausted body. She was unaware of the ruthless, jerking loins between her bruised thighs, ejaculating its libation into her battered flesh.

Susan was totally fatigued, sobbing with delirium as the blindfold was replaced over her face. Arms reached beneath her shoulders, hands under her buttocks and legs, lifting her from the table, floating her away. She was completely overcome with a feeling of physical joy and mental ecstasy. Susan had never known such complete fulfilment and happiness.

When the blindfold was eventually removed, she opened her eyes to look up into the smiling face of Julie. Realising that she was now wrapped in a warm gown, resting in a comfortable settee before a roaring fire in the lounge, she was content to just hug herself and gaze into the flickering flames.

Julie handed her a glass of brandy and champagne. She took a sip, swilling it round her mouth with her tongue before swallowing it. It was a few minutes before she was able to speak.

'Thanks, Julie. What an absolutely fabulous experience. How did you do it?'

'Do what, darling?' Julie asked with innocent, wide eyes. 'You've been dozing in front of the fire here. Had too much mead, I expect. How do you feel?'

Susan looked at her seriously. 'Hey! That was no dream! I've just had the most wonderful experience with the most fantastic orgasms ever. I didn't dream that! No dream was ever as real as they were!'

'Why? What happened?' Julie asked, eyes still wide open with mock innocence.

Susan looked at Julie keenly. After a moment she told her.

'I was ravished by the devil. Fucked brainless with his enormous green prick. Then his demons fucked me with bright red pricks. Others followed. Witches with horrible tits and various other vile fiends violated my body. My mouth was fucked and fucked again, my nipples chewed, my breasts pummelled, and I was made to feel up two of the witches' hot sloppy cunts!'

'Wow! Sounds great!' Julie said ingenuously.

'It was! So there's no use pretending you didn't know about it.'

'Just a dream!' Julie replied with a smile.

Susan looked at her steadily for a few seconds. Then opened her gown. 'Look!' And she pointed down to the sticky mess on her belly and the wet, matted, dark pubic hair. 'I didn't dream that! That,' she said seriously, 'is the devil's come!'

She opened her thighs. 'Look at those poor battered fanny lips,' she pointed to them. And sure enough, they were looking rather swollen and raw. 'I didn't dream that either!'

'Well, you did ask Robert and Jake to help you to sleep,' Julie said with a laugh. 'And they can be a bit rough, sometimes.' Then she suddenly burst out laughing. 'OK! Anyway, have you recovered enough to rejoin the others?'

As they went into the dining room, the guests were still in their Saxon outfits, sat on the benches which had been drawn up to the log fire. A burst of applause greeted Susan's entrance and a place made for her in front of the fire.

After many mock denials of involvement, the others admitted their part in the fantasy. Robert showed her the cucumber and green pouch made that very morning from a piece of fur fabric, holding two large stones, which were the devil's genitals. The bottom half of a bear costume completed the torso.

'Good God! Did you put that huge cucumber up me? But how did you come all over me!' Susan cried.

Anne held up plastic bottle. 'Just warm starch, made for the purpose.' she told Susan, laughing. 'It doesn't half gush when you squeeze it!'

Amid much laughter, Susan was shown the large, shaped red candles of the demons with wax dribbled over the heads.

'But you were actually fucked with the real thing,' Martin assured her. 'Robert here was so worked up that he finally dispensed with the cucumber and finished himself off with his own.'

The witches, Mary and Anne, showed their masks and false breasts made from latex rubber filled with a new expanding foam, with baby-bottle teats painted black for the nipples glued onto the ends.

'It was only because of the dramatic lighting that we got away with the rough amateurish props.' Julie told her. 'They were a bit make-shift.'

'And your willingness to believe it, of course.' Delia added. 'Robert's special indoor fireworks added a dramatic touch.'

'This is all very well,' Emma spoke up. 'But of all fantasies, the best one is being made love to by the man of your dreams.'

'Er,' Julie looked at her with interest. 'Go on!'

'The sexual act should be an act of worship. Mutual worship. Both partners should be carefully prepared in advance for the final fulfilment by equipping the mind and body for the final act of penetration of the citadel; the entry into the heavenly paradise.

'The body must be tuned slowly and consciously to a high pitch of anticipation and joy. That is the ecstasy of adoration. Not frustration and anguish. Wham, bam, thump. Wow! thank you madam. It should be a journey of exploration, of discovery of the mystery of life. Time and time again. An awesome and beautiful experience every time.

'The woman's paradise must be prepared in order to receive her partner, her lord, her slave; to welcome him into her warm sanctuary. But this requires careful preparation. Both partners must be lulled into a state of relaxation and contentment.'

Enid interrupted. 'Soft caresses, constant sighs, hushed words of love and encouragement. Praise for the beauty of the body, admiration for the perfection of the breasts, the nobility of the penis.'

'Exactly! The slave, the master may smother the body of his mistress with tender kisses, all over her face and body, with lips and fingers, from the head to the breasts and nipples. Fingers fluttering gently over the sensitive areas of skin. Until attention eventually centres on the gates of paradise itself.

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