tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChesterbury Tales Pt. 18

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 18


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star. The Theatre Company Manager's tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director's tale of how the 'Wife of Bath', with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician's tale was about the husband's revenge, and the Model's tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs - with the aid of her vicar. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker's Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat's tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home. The TV Presenter's related her experience of group sex with an African Chief and his bodyguards, whilst Jake, the actor, had a delightful story about an African tribe whose Princess found her Prince.

Chapter Eighteen - The Author's Tale: Which one will win Delia?

The host, Robert, told the group over breakfast that the weather conditions were improving. It was confidently expected that help would arrive the next day. Just seven days after they were trapped inside the roadhouse. Although the guests had taken advantage of their situation, it would come as a relief to return to normal. Besides, the food in the freezer wouldn't last forever!

So they all set to after breakfast to do the chores, tidy the rooms, and generally restore the roadhouse to its pristine, top class condition, in readiness for a final day of erotic tales, of fun and games. All the guests except Susan and George, had recounted tales of a wide variety. Today, hey too would have a story to tell.

Susan was a novelist. A short jolly lady of thirty-five, with red hair arranged in bubbles. Her green eyes and small upturned nose, were set in a round face. Slightly round shouldered, her breasts were long and pointed to brown cone-shaped nipples resting on her rounded belly. Her stocky thighs and short legs completely hid her private parts but, when opened, showed that the hair had been shaved off her vulva to reveal plump outer lips which did nothing to hide the chunky inner labia protecting a small, but no less accommodating entrance to her warm tunnel. She rarely stopped laughing! She was not as sex driven as the others but enjoyed group sex and could have a sequence of orgasms lasting at least half an hour.

During their stay in the roadhouse, Susan had enjoyed romps in her bed with each of the other men, and with three at a time. But her most enjoyable activities were with the group role play. Nuns and vicars, and the Sultan's harem. They had an air of unreality about them which appealed to her sense of humour.

Since she discovered some years ago, that her husband George had been having sex on the side, rather than create a bitter argument, she decided to join in sex with other men so that George could watch her having it off. She hadn't thought that George might find this exciting, but he did and encouraged her in developing their group sex activities. This roadhouse was ideal for the occasional sexual blow-out with discreet friends, eager to engage in similar activities.

As they settled down with their coffees in the morning of the sixth day of their imprisonment, Susan announced that she had a tale to tell of two French students who fell for the same English girl, but which of them she would choose to sleep with was anyone's guess. She too, was called, Delia. She had a serious boyfriend called Johnnie and expected to become engaged to him when she reached twenty-one years of the age, the following year.

Delia had exchanged letters for two years to a French pen friend called Pierre. It was all part of education then, to encourage young people to learn a second language by these means. Pierre was a university student in Rouen. The following summer, Pierre brought his friend Jacques to stay for a week at Delia's home. During their visit, Delia, aided and abetted by her mother, indulged in all kinds of silly horse play. The sexual innuendo was obvious but her mother thought it great fun. Needless to say, Johnnie was not too happy with this uninhibited play.

It was arranged for the two French youths to sleep in Delia's double bed whilst she had made a bed for herself in the small single bedroom. Pierre was a tall handsome youth with a shock of unruly blonde hair, who made it clear that he was after a good time. And all Delia's lady friends were attracted by his handsome figure and the fact that he was French

Jacques likewise, though smaller and dark-haired, also found no problem in attracting the girls. They soon became the centre of attention of Delia's college friends. But both Jacques and Pierre fancied Delia. The question was, who would be the one to get her before they returned home? Pierre claimed she was his pen friend, and therefore he had priority.

The two youths were psychology students, which included the study of Eastern philosophies. Delia and her mother found this fascinating but try as they might, Pierre was reluctant to talk too much about it at first.

One evening, after they had been to the theatre with three of Delia's girl friends, all came back to Delia's house for a light supper which her mother had prepared. Delia put records on playing softly in the background. It was Beecham and his Royal Philharmonic playing Delius. The girls persuaded Pierre to tell them something about the Eastern philosophies, even though he explained to them that Western religions did not accept the teachings of the East, even finding them objectionable

Many generations of Western religious teaching had created a prejudice in the mind against an open and free approach, in particular to matters of sex.

'No matter,' Peggy, the slender dark-haired girl told him. 'We're all open minded enough.'

Pierre shrugged. 'We shall see! All of us, I guess, were taught to be ashamed of our bodies, to cover them up and to ignore the existence of sex.'

He turned to Delia's mother who was looking uncomfortable. 'It is not easy to change a person's outlook, to see it from the opposite direction so to speak. In Eastern religions, hiding sex behind false morality was not the case. Indeed, the opposite was frequently taught, where the body was regarded as a thing of beauty to admire and respect. But who is to say what is right? Each teaching uses the same basic gospels as their starting point to justify their philosophies.'

Enid was enthralled. 'Tell us something about the Eastern approach.'

'I obviously am not able to tell you the details in such a short space of time,' Pierre explained, 'but the principle is that God made man and created woman from Adam's rib to be his companion. If he made man in His own image, some argue, then he created woman as His goddess for man to honour, bestowing on her the secret of cosmic mystery.'

The ladies exchanged looks.

'In some cultures, a naked woman is looked upon with equal admiration and impartiality as that of the unfathomable secret of nature. Man must discover deep within himself the intrinsic mystical value of her secret.'

There were gasps from the girls who were spellbound by Pierre's soft, modulating voice with it's French accent. It was almost hypnotic.

'But,' he continued, 'before man can do that, woman must search her own body to find and recognise the goddess within herself. There is nothing ugly in the human form, man or woman. It is a beautiful form made in God's image. Yet Delia here probably wishes her breasts were not quite so large, whilst Peggy would probably like hers to be larger.'

The friends giggled. 'True,' Peggy muttered.

'It's a question of Western values, wishing for perfection. But what constitutes perfection? Nearly all bodies are perfect even if different. Woman must learn to accept and respect her body, to explore it's possibilities and to enjoy its pleasures, both physical and mental. To express her physical nature in total freedom. To move, to dance, to project boldly her sensuality and self. And to participate fully in the act of love worship whilst consciously enjoying it.'

'Is that why Eastern women dance in that provocative way?' Peggy asked.

'Yes!' Pierre replied. 'It is part of the ritual. And the act of love, properly conducted with ritual and openness - rather than the clumsy gropings of Western man - comes close to divinity. They argue that it is through this constant quest for spiritual development that we come closer to our maker. Divine intercourse, someone called it'

'Gosh!' The ladies were impressed.

'It isn't human love as we Westerners might recognise it, but an act of worship between compatible partners where the female body is the idol, if you like, and the coupling a ritual act of worship. We find that notion repulsive in the West because we have been brought up to believe otherwise. We snigger behind our backs at the Kama Sutra, for example, but to people from the Indian continent, that is how they have been taught. How they have been brought up.'

All this was too much for Delia's mother whose eyes were wide with apprehension and foreboding. She had been brought up to ignore sex, though she hadn't always succeeded. But to discuss it openly! Never! She didn't want to upset the others but wished Delia would go to bed rather than listen to this flagrant immorality. In any case, she felt she herself had to leave them. She muttered an excuse and left the room.

Once outside the door she leaned heavily against it for several moments before going into the kitchen to pour herself a recuperative brandy.

Inside the room, the girls were so absorbed that they hardly noticed that Delia's mother had left them.

'How do women go about finding their inner secret?' Enid asked.

'Through daily acts of physical aggressive exercise, designed to express the female body mad with love, to experience the mystical naked truth about her body and its secrets. To learn that woman is not submissive or inferior to man. But God's offspring, a goddess to be adored.'

Pierre stood up and turned out the lights, leaving only the glimmer from the dying embers of the coals in the fireplace. The music of Delius was still playing softly in the background.

'It takes a long time to develop, but let's give you a sample. Close your eyes and concentrate everything on your inner self. Let the music wash your mind clean. Touch and caress your breasts lightly. Concentrate on the feeling of sensuality within them.'

The ladies stood and did as they had been asked.

'Feel the texture of the skin. How beautiful it is. Explore the pleasure breast massage gives. Rub your belly and gyrate your hips, feeling the muscles inside your yogini. Sense how exquisite it feels to know that you are a goddess, made by God for man, made in his image, to worship and, through your body, to reach an inner calm and the mystery of life. Only women know the inner mystery entrusted to them by God for his own delight.'

At this, Enid stood in the near darkness, gyrating her body to the rhythm of the music, softly moaning to herself as she squeezed and stroked her breasts. As the moans and gyrations became more uninhibited she unbuttoned her blouse letting it flutter to the carpet. Her hands reached behind her back to unhook her bra which fell from her shoulders to reveal her quivering naked breasts. She rubbed them ecstatically, her palms massaging the erect nipples.

After watching this with a hypnotic stare for a few moments, Peggy stood to join in with erotic movement of her hips. As Peggy shed her blouse and bra, Enid was stepping out of her skirt, followed by underskirt and panties until she was stripped naked undulating her hips to the music, belly and thighs glimmering faintly in the light of the burning coals.

It was at this point that Delia's mother left the kitchen on her way up to bed. Passing the door to the front room, however, she heard Enid's moans over the music. She stopped to listen and remained there in a state of mild shock and astonishment trying to interpret the sounds until the lights clicked on again. It wasn't until she got into her bed that she realised she had herself become aroused. Her body had oozed. She felt ashamed. Time for prayers of forgiveness, she decided.

Meantime, Pierre continued to encourage the girls with his soft voice. 'Concentrate on your bodies, imagine the whole of humanity suckling your teats. All mankind. You are being milked. You are the mother earth. The earth goddess of mankind, made in God's image. If flows freely and willingly. Your whole body is liquid and light. Feel it, stroke it, enjoy it. Above all, adore it!'

Jacques was sitting all the while on the settee, watching the exhibition with obvious enjoyment. Enid stroking her belly, with one hand between her thighs, probing into the hair covering her vulva, caressing the hot dampness of her mystical secret and toying with her passion button.

Peggy, with eyes screwed shut, had slipped out of her clothes, caressing her whole body with arms, wrists and hands, paying particular attention to her small breasts until she, too, found her hand straying to the hairy patch between her thighs.

Delia didn't wish to be seen as a coward in this. After watching Enid and Peggy undulate unashamedly, weaving about their naked bodies, moaning and whimpering with self enjoyment, Delia removed her blouse and bra before standing up. Her large pendulous breasts swung heavily from side to side as she began to sway her hips.

'Your skin is on fire with craving, your breasts are swollen with the milk of desire and your whole belly is ablaze with the secret torment of sexuality and passion.' Pierre was telling them in his quiet hypnotic voice as he released from his trousers a long swollen penis throbbing with lust, gripping it in his hand to ease the yearning within his groin.

Jacques was openly rubbing his erection through the fabric of his trousers, his eyes bulging at the sight of three very different girls jiggling naked around the hearth rug and masturbating themselves with total disregard of modesty.

Jacques glanced up at Pierre with a look of appeal in his eyes. Pierre shook his head. He knew that the first encounter was a delicate exploration which might easily be disturbed and ruined. The girls had made believe that they were alone with their own emotions. It could do more harm than good to interrupt the fragile emotional intensity of the path to fulfilment. An attempt at this stage to fornicate with them would be disastrous for them all. Whereas Pierre knew that time was on their side.

Only Rita failed to respond to Pierre's spellbinding performance, watching with disbelief as the other three undressed and danced naked. Out of the corner of her eye she could just discern Pierre standing at the door, grasping his stiff phallus.

Enid reached an orgasm, crying out loud, thrashing her hips and jerking her groin. This was followed by a joyous shout from Peggy as her body convulsed, arched and bucked with her climax.

They both sank to their knees with emotional exhaustion, opening their eyes to see Delia, her breasts slopping around violently, moaning and gasping with an uncontrollable intensity until she too collapsed to her knees, fingers rubbing furiously in her patch of hair. A strangled shriek announced her orgasm as she grasped her trembling genitals tightly in the cup of her palm.

Unable to control his excitement at the sight, Jacques had taken out his throbbing shaft with one hand, his handkerchief with the other, and, after a few quick strokes, the former spurted copiously into the latter. During these emotional crises, no one noticed that the music was finished.

As silence descended, Pierre whispered softly. 'There is no shame in this. Do not feel any embarrassment. No regret whatsoever. You have openly shown that you can find the enjoyment of the goddess within you. You have admitted the delight felt by the goddess part of you at being worshipped at the portals of her fortress. Do not blush. Do not feel embarrassed. Jacques and I will now close our eyes to allow you time to redress yourselves. Of course, we too have shared in your joy and fulfilment. It would not be human to do otherwise.'

Rita was stupefied. Unable to believe it had all really taken place. Too shocked, in fact to be sexually aroused in any way herself.

After a few silent minutes disturbed only by the rustle of clothes, Pierre turned the lights back on, smiling at the girls. His own deflated genitals was now modestly resting inside his underwear but not before having discharged their contents into his handkerchief.

Enid broke the silence with a sigh. 'That was a wonderful experience, Pierre,' Enid told him. 'I have never before unashamedly enjoyed my own body. I've always felt so guilty. But now I feel so peaceful and relaxed. Thank you. But I must admit, I do still feel a little ashamed.'

'Don't be!' Pierre told her. 'God gave you your body for enjoyment and fulfilment. Not to make you ashamed of it. Love it. Explore it. Satisfy it!'

A farewell party was arranged for their final night. All Delia's friends came along for an evening of games and fun, including Johnnie and two other boy friends, to have a good time and to say goodbye to the French pals. There were more girls than boys. Of course, news had gone round the girls about Peggy, Enid and Delia's having danced naked, and the way Pierre had explained the excitement and mysteries of Eastern philosophies. This made Pierre popular with all the girls.

During Postman's Knock, together with the other kissing games, Pierre took advantage of his popularity by fondling as many breasts as he could. In the dark, his own bulging groin was handled more than once by clumsy, excited hands, leaving him wild and horny.

During the game of Murder he very nearly made it with Peggy, who whispered to him behind a settee that she felt much more relaxed about her sexuality after the experience of other evening. She let him caress her small breasts, making no objection when his hand stole up her skirt probing her thick forest of hair to fondle the wet lips of the slit inside her damp knickers.

In fact, she reciprocated by sliding her own hand gown the front waist-band of Pierre's trousers, pushing her stretched fingers over the stiff shaft of his cock. Had the bell not rung and the lights come on, he would surely have jerked himself into her hand. She gave his cock a squeeze before removing it.

Jacques, on the other hand, the quieter boy of the two, had rather more success than Pierre. A passionate kissing session with Enid during the Murder game had resulted in him groping between her thighs, actually spurting into her knickers as she pressed his thrusting cock against her rough hairy groin. It was something that she had never allowed her boyfriend to do! But this was different!

Jacques had also managed long probing feels in the knickers of two other girls, both of whom had responded by grasping and stroking his hard erection with evident enthusiasm. Certainly one of those girls had managed to stifle an orgasm but he wasn't sure about the other. He was as horny as hell! Their boyfriends were blissfully unaware of the thrills their women were having.

Johnnie had managed to keep Delia away from the French boys during most of the games, kissing her openly to show the others that he was Delia's mate. They had probed each other passionately during the evening, but Delia had found herself more than once stealing jealous glances across at Pierre, cuddling with the other girls.

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