Chicago Hotel Adventure Ch. 03

byLothario the Great©

“Okay, well, I’ll hide it under the weight-lifting bench in the other room,” Wes explained.

“Why not give me the other fifty now?”

“Why not take both fifties and rat us out?”

The woman threw her hands in the air melodramatically. “I didn’t see nothing,” she said. She didn’t move or speak.

Wes pulled out of Sylvia and swam to the pool’s edge. “Turn around,” he told the woman. She did. Wes hopped out, rummaged dripping wet through his dress jacket, pulled out his wallet and left a green bill on the chair. Then he dove back in the pool. Once back above water, he said, “Take that and go.”

“Not my problem,” she said again. Then she grabbed the bill, turned off the light and left. Wes dove headlong into the water.

“Wesley, you Greek fucking god.” Sylvia grabbed him and kissed him and slipped her vagina down on top of his hard penis once again. She moved furiously, splashing harder than before. “I love the wetness, I love it,” she said loudly.

They fucked that way for half-an-hour, both rocking hard, neither orgasming. Wes sat back in the water and floated as Sylvia rested weightless on top of him, with Wes holding her asscheeks. Their bodies slipped and slid together, from their chests to their shoulders and down to their legs and crotches. Wes played with Sylvia’s tits and nipples over and over. Sylvia liked to stick her fingers in Wes’s mouth as Wes sucked them. Sometimes she would run her palms across his slick chest and down his arms. He liked the way she bit into his shoulders with her fingernails. And always the kissing, the delicious kissing.

“I’m gonna cum,” Sylvia said suddenly.

“Hold on,” Wes said. “I want to cum with you.”

“Fill me up, Wes, fill me.”

He came hard, and Sylvia knew it immediately. Her own orgasm was swift and merciless. She grabbed Wes too hard, and he slipped. They both dipped beneath the water and fell to the bottom. There they rode out the strongest parts of their orgasms, floating in a world of warmth and embracing each other. They stayed there for several long seconds before bursting above the waves, gasping for air.

“Fantastic!” Sylvia squealed. “I’m so horny!”

“I want you, sexy girl,” Wes said. He was still emptying the last drops in between her quivering pussy walls.

Sylvia’s head dropped to Wes’s chest. “Oh my god,” she said quietly, then, “Oh my GOD.” She threw her head back and shouted “OH MY GOD!!” The words crashed around the tiny pool chamber. Wes and Sylvia laughed and laughed. As she giggled, Sylvia pulled herself off Wes’s cock. “My god my god my god. I’m having so much fun, Wes, I’m having FUN! God, this is a blast.”

The two floated away from each other but not too far away, as they circled one another languidly in the shallow end. Wes liked the way Sylvia’s hair looked when plastered against her skull, like a special effect from a movie. He couldn’t see her body below the water.

Wes asked, “Have you ever been skinny dipping?”

“No,” she answered. “I’ve always wanted to though, you were right. Let’s recap: I’ve never come so hard in my entire life, I’ve never had such a big cock inside me, I’ve never been naked for such long periods of time…” She ticked the items off on her fingers. “I’ve never had anything up my ass, I’ve never shaved a boy’s penis, I’ve never tasted myself on his lips, I’ve never had sex in a tunnel, and I’ve never been so happy to know someone in my entire life.”

After a brief silence, Wes said, “The biggest cock? Really?”

“You’re stupid!” Sylvia said as she splashed Wes in the face. Wes darted through the water to give her a playful dunk. Once underwater, Sylvia tickled Wes, and they played for about fifteen minutes. Finally they ended up in each other’s arms, with Sylvia pressing Wes against the pool wall. They made out, feeling each other’s bodies with their hands. Wes held Sylvia’s perfect ass in his hands and Sylvia reached under his arms to caress his back.

“I like cursing with you,” Sylvia said absent-mindedly.


“I never curse.”

“You’re good at it.”

Sylvia shrugged. “I’m not a vulgar person.”

“I know that. I just meant, you’re intelligent and you know how to use words. It’s nice to let loose with language, to connect with someone on a deeper level than the intellectual.”

“The way you talk…” Sylvia kissed Wes hard, and as she peppered his lips with wet open-mouthed kisses, she whispered, “I like fucking you… Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

“What else do you like to say?” Wes asked seductively.

“Oh great, now I have to be creative.”

Wes stuck his tongue down Sylvia’s ear. She squealed and grabbed Wes’s arms. Wes said, “I though you were my whore. Prove it.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm. My cunt, my wet pussy…” Sylvia rubbed her crotch against Wes’s. They glided along each other hairless under the water. “Your cock feels so fucking good against my swollen pussy lips… that thing you did last night where you made me cum so many times in a row… it was the single best fucking thing I’ve ever felt in my entire damn life…”

Without permission, Wes spun Sylvia around so that her back was to his chest. He caressed her beautiful tits, sliding his hands over the mounds, searching the shallow crevasses underneath, lingering around her nipples. Sylvia put her hands over Wes’s. “Yes… fondle my tits… touch me, Wes… make me want you…”

Wes breathed hot on the girl’s glistening neck. She started moving her body around with abandon, letting her legs float and drop, grinding her chest against Wes’s hands. He took one hand and placed it beneath Sylvia’s asscheeks, and he gingerly moved his palm against her hole. As much to his surprise as to Sylvia’s, the girl came. “Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Fuh… fuh…” After the orgasm passed, Sylvia floated in Wes’s arms, breathing fast and hard. “What the fuck was that…”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Wes commanded. He slipped his index finger into Sylvia’s ass and moved his other hand down between her legs. The clitoris was very swollen.

“Ohhhh,” Sylvia groaned. “Oh my…” Wes only needed to manipulate her for a short time before she came again. This time she leaned back and let her body float on the surface of the water. Wes sucked at her neck as he fingered her deep, inspecting her pussy walls with two digits. He loved the ribbed texture of her hot flesh inside and how creamy his fingers felt. Just inside her pussy, past a small ridge on the top of the tunnel, Wes found a spot to rub that made Sylvia twist and tremble like a fish in the water.

Sylvia came again, dipping her head back into the water, lifting her face and angrily shaking the water away. Wes watched Sylvia descend into an aboriginal state of desire, no words or thoughts, just the libido controlling all actions. Wes licked Sylvia’s nipple. She came hard, shouting nonsense words. “I… ugh… we’re… eh… hmm…” He placed his tongue on the bone between her breasts and lapped at her skin. She came again.

In a moment of inspiration, he remembered a technique Roger had described. Wes held Sylvia on the surface with one arm and pulled her leg toward his face with the other. He sucked on her big toe, and the orgasm slammed into Sylvia so hard that she almost kicked him in the chin. “I… oh I… Wes… I…” All attempts at conversation were beyond Sylvia’s abilities. Wes kissed down her legs, keeping Sylvia floating on her back, until his mouth reached her pussy. She came as soon as Wes touched her slit with his tongue, then she came again when he found the clitoris. Now the gruntings coming out of Sylvia’s mouth sounded like sleepy dream-noises, distant and purely emotional. As Wes tasted Sylvia’s cream deep inside the vagina, Sylvia came with an ear-piercing scream. Wes almost stopped to shush her, but the sight of Sylvia screaming so loud and angry pushed him to lick her even harder and deeper. She yelled and ranted and twisted.

“Hot damn!” Wes yelled as he removed his mouth and pulled Sylvia fiercely to his body. Sylvia tightened up like a taut cord, almost forgetting to breathe. “Mmm… m... mmm…” She curled into a ball in Wes’s arms, allowing him to hold her in the water as she shuddered and shook.

Suddenly Sylvia broke away and swam to the steps in the shallow end. She crawled up the stairs and onto the concrete, then fell onto her back, sprawled spread-eagle. Wes watched in the pale light as Sylvia’s glistening wet breasts rose and fell.

“How did you… how did you…” Sylvia began, but her question trailed off.

Wes climbed out of the pool and grabbed two towels. He sat in a chair and dried himself off. Sylvia didn’t move for about ten minutes, and Wes sat quietly, listening to the lapping of the waves, peering through steamy windows at the stunning landscape. When he saw Sylvia lift her knees and hug herself, he knelt beside her and asked, “Wanna take a break?”

“Yeah,” she whispered very softly.

Wes wiped Sylvia’s body with the towel but did not lift her from the concrete until she said, “Help me up.” Wes took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She immediately hugged him, placing her head on his shoulder. Soon she started to sway.

“That was so much fun.” Then she lifted her head. “Hey, look at that.”

Wes turned and saw what Sylvia had found – a sauna.

“I’ve never been naked in a sauna before,” Sylvia said.

“I say we get rid of one more ‘never,’” Wes said.

They turned the dial outside the door, and a single light bulb came on. Wes spread towels across the wood benches so their asses would burn once the heat got going. The room assaulted them with the pungent aroma of cedar. Sylvia sat and leaned back, eyes closed. She unintentionally spread her legs as she sat, and Wes had to restrain himself from kneeling before her. He filled a bucket with pool water and splashed some onto the rapidly hot heating coils. Sylvia nearly purred.

“Nice,” she said.

“You like?”

“No.” Sylvia opened her eyes. “I love. It’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

Wes took a seat. He propped one leg onto the bench, trying to act casual even though he felt he was trying too hard to act casual. His penis dangled onto the towel.

“Be careful about your opinion of me,” Wes said.

“Stop that shit right now,” Sylvia said. “Don’t tell me I’m going to learn what a neurotic mess you are and suddenly decide I’ve made the wrong choice. You’re perfect. I’m falling hard for you.” She closed her eyes again. “Besides, it’s too late now.”

“Yeah,” Wes said.

“Especially once you did to me what you just did.”

Wes smiled. “That was perfect.”

“Where’d you learn it?”

“Last night.”

“Bullshit,” Sylvia said tiredly, not looking. “You acquired that skill over a number of years, my ivory-tickling friend.”

“A woman is like a piano,” Wes said as he stared at Sylvia’s body. “I’ve just never played an instrument so in tune before.”

“Hmmm. Maybe we’re playing each other.”

“Perhaps,” Wes said.

“Watch this.” She pulled her wet hair behind her neck; a few strands stuck to her shoulders and neck. Then she bent her head down as she lifted a breast and licked the top of the mound. “Salty,” she said.

Wes’s cock twitched. “Point taken,” he said. “You know how to play me as well. Just give me a few minutes to recover before we start up again.”

“Give HIM a few minutes, he says. Damn, I’m worn out. Let’s just enjoy the sauna for a while.”

No problem, Wes thought. The steam had been building for a while, and now Sylvia was sweating in earnest. Her smooth skin glowed an inviting peach color in the sauna’s bulb. Dots of perspiration covered her flesh like jewels. Wes knew they had all night to collide with one another again, and he intended to mess up those jewels. Every miniscule movement was noticeable, and Wes sat still and watched.

She waited a long time before speaking again. “I can’t believe how horny I am.”

“I love when you say ‘horny.’”

“You do know, of course, I’m not really this aggressive.”

“I know,” Wes said.

“Everyone thinks I’m such a boring good girl. Maybe not boring, just good. I mean, I don’t want to screw up my life, you know?”

“Sure I know.”

“It’s just, sometimes, I wish I had someone I could let loose with.”

“Well, what do you want to do right now?” Wes asked.

“I want to masturbate.”

“Who’s stopping you?”

Sylvia lifted her legs onto the bench, so that she displayed herself. The simple act of touching her own breasts immediately aroused her. “Hmmm,” she sighed, eyes closed. Wes thought the dank smell of the wet air made them both hornier somehow. He put his hand around his cock and rolled the flesh back and forth, coaxing it to fill and throb. Soon the penis was ready to pump, and he began.

Sylvia moved three fingers in a circle over the top of her pussy, applying sweet pressure to the clit. Watching her and seeing her watch him, Wes felt he’d known her for a decade. Hadn’t he memorized every inch of her? The mole on her left ribs, the exact texture of her areolas, the shape of her pussy lips and the way her clit protruded erect from the hood, even what her asshole looked like. He lost himself in her eyes as she returned his gaze. They masturbated without speaking, simply opening their mouths and allowing whispering sounds of pleasure to escape. Sylvia licked her lips; god, how Wes loved when she did that.

“I’m gonna cum,” Wes said. That was all it took to set Sylvia off. In the light of the sauna no movement was hidden, no twitch or tic. Wes watched with fascination as she came; her toes curled, her eyes went to whites, her mouth opened wide but no sound came out. He was particularly intrigued by the jiggling of her wet breasts, shiny with sweat that flew off in beads. He allowed his own orgasm to arrive. The jizz was not as white and full as it had been the first night, but he still shot off several rounds each time, spurting all over himself. The semen mingled with his sweat and tricked down around the smooth flesh where his pubic hair had been the night before. He continued to stroke himself gently, even as Sylvia diddled her fingers around her hole.

Wes said, “It feels weird to feel my hairless wiener.”

“You know, I remember what happened last night,” Sylvia said. “This morning, actually.”

“What’s that?” Wes asked.

“You made me squirt,” she replied. How charming to see her blush.

A stupid grin filled Wes’s face. “Yeah.”

Sylvia smiled, too. “It was wonderful.”

“Have you ever seen a girl squirt? Like in porn? Not that you watch a lot of porn.”

“I watch a LOT of porn,” Sylvia said matter-of-factly. “But that’s not where I’ve seen a girl squirt before.”

Wes stood and sat beside Sylvia. He put his hot hand on her hot belly, and their legs touched. “Do tell,” he encouraged her.

“I saw Faith,” Sylvia said.

“Oh-ho-ho! This is good.”

“She had to have lesbian sex with five other girls to join her sorority, and they made each girl a copy of the tape to keep them all honest. I was over at her apartment one night crashing on her couch, and after she left to spend the night with some boy, I snooped all around the house. I found her toys and her lingerie and her videos and just everything.”

“Wow,” Wes said.

“Was I wrong to do that?” Sylvia asked. She sounded sincere.

“I’d do it if you left me in your room,” Wes said.

“Mmmmm. We may do that.”

“What did you think of the tape?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Wes said dramatically, “how did you like watching girls fuck?”

He slipped his hand between Sylvia’s thighs, and she moaned. Both their bodies were now drenched with sweat and very damp. Water poured from their brows and necks. Wes knew they wouldn’t be able to stand the heat much longer, but they had time at least for one more good fuck.

“I liked it,” Sylvia answered. “I wanted to be in the group. I was a little jealous.”

“Go on,” Wes answered. His hot breath was now exponentially hot. Sylvia was melting before his eyes.

Sylvia whimpered like a child as she spoke, and she grabbed Wes by the wrist, both encouraging him and restraining him as he began to manipulate her genitals. “The older girls told Faith she had to squirt her cum or she couldn’t join the sorority. They fucked her with a huge dildo, all the time telling her she was going to feel like she had to piss at the time of orgasm, and that she should let it flow when the time came. At first she couldn’t ejaculate, so they fucked her to a third orgasm… mmmmmmmmmm…” She moaned as Wes fingered her deeply. “Then a fourth… her pussy was swollen and bright red, and she kept begging them to stop. She peed on herself twice trying to make the cum shoot out. All the other girls had done it… ah, ah, ah… so good… yeah… like that, Wes… it was an hour… after they start… started… she was dehydrated… but she squirted…”

Wes kissed Sylvia on the cheek as he played with her. Neither had much strength left, so Wes economized his energy, concentrating on the gentle finger movements he needed to around Sylvia.

“Squirt again for me,” Wes said.

“You have to fuck me… a special way…” Sylvia lied down on the toweled bench and spread her legs. “Use your cock to hit my G-spot,” Sylvia said.

Wes easily guided his throbbing cock into the girl’s pussy. “I don’t think I can come again,” Wes said.

“You won’t have to… uh… just keep hitting…” She turned her pelvis left and right. “Right there… yeah, oh baby, yeah… rub the head up against that spot right there… I’ll keep trying… keep trying to pee… I’ll push you away when…”

“I want to drink you like you drank me,” Wes said.

They fucked steadily. Sylvia seemed peaceful and relaxed except for her tight legs, keeping her crotch raised at a certain angle. “Faster,” she said once, then, “Faster, damn it,” when Wes didn’t speed up enough. Now he pounded her rapidly. Without changing his position, Wes stroked his head against the inside top of Sylvia’s pussy. He used his hands to hold her lower body in the air.

Just as his arms were about to give out, Sylvia shouted, “Oh I’m coming, pull out, pull out…” Wes yanked his dick out and got down on his knees in front of Sylvia’s pussy. She immediately shoved two fingers deep inside herself and rubbed furiously.

“OHH, OHH, OHH, OHH, OHH,” she moaned. Suddenly, a gush of clear fluid exploded from between her lips, and it covered Wes. The first spurt was small like a lime getting squeezed, but the next had the force of a shower spray, and Wes felt liquid dripping off of his nose in thick globs, down his face and over his lips. Sylvia collapsed on the bench, shivering hard. A line of white cream poured down her slit and onto her asshole.

Wes wanted to lick the cream from Sylvia’s ass, and so he did. As his tongue massaged the puckered hole, Sylvia began to shiver very hard, muttering. “Fuh… oh…ah AH ah ah…” With labored movements she slipped off the bench and took Wes’s dick in her hand, coaxing him to stay hard. Then, without any explanation, she leaned over face-down on the bench and pressed the head of Wes’s cock against her asshole. She grunted softly as she bounced in small movements backward against the penis.

“Are you sure?” Wes asked.

In response, Sylvia gripped the wood slots of the bench and tightened all her muscles, bracing herself. She nodded without turning around. This was all the encouragement Wes needed. He slipped the head of his painfully hard penis inside the tight hole, stretching it. Sylvia squeezed her ass muscles, gripping Wes hard. He ground his teeth to withstand the sensitive pain, then slowly started working his member inside the girl, like a foot into a shoe that’s too small. Sylvia pounded the bench with her fist but remained silent. Her back shined wet and tight in the sauna light.

At last Wes’s penis was inside her. He pushed forward once to confirm that he had nothing left to insert, and Sylvia screamed, “Fuck! Ahhhhh!” Then she bounced back hard once, twice, three times, then she screamed again. “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” Wes held her tightly by the hips as she shook like an earthquake.

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