Chicago/L.A./Alamo Town Rhythms


"Mmmm," you say. I look at the rest of the bacon and you look at me, eagerly, and I realize it is all for you. I take another piece with the fork and hold my other hand under it as I glide it into your mouth. You finish off three pieces of bacon, two beautiful eggs over-easy and some home fries without even asking if I would like anything. You then grab my wrists and tie them both together again.

"Would you like something to eat?" you ask kindly, removing my scarf. I look at you, without speaking, and you then say,

"No, you do not. No, you do not at all. Drink this."

You give me an orange juice, and a straw to drink it with, and I sip quickly. It is a tequila sunrise. I am warm in my mouth, and in my head, and getting warmer, and the vibrator is still in my cunt, working away. The drink is so heavy with alcohol, and I am finished, and you say,

"No. Drink it all." I drink all of it.

"You can be a good little girl. Maybe I don't need to spank you so much," you consider. Then you change your mind and turn me over your knee to spank me. You push me off gently, and remove your pants, and then turn me back over your knee, only this time, to place my vagina, now with the vibrator removed, on top of your huge dick. You lift my hips up and down, up and down on your dick, pushing on my bottom with some force when I am to go down on your dick, to try to force me farther, farther. I know I cannot come, that I will get in trouble, but I love being fucked in the morning. I cannot help it. What can I do? I will be punished with more spanking, more slapping. My cunt is so wet, so wide, so ready for you to command me to do your bidding, and I am helpless. I am tied up, I am unable to speak, I am literally a toy for you to amuse yourself with. And you amused yourself with my drumsticks, and my friend's things - her scarves, her vibrator. I wonder what it would have been like at your place, with all your own things around.

You are picking up my hips and pushing them down on your dick, forcefully, then gently. Each time you change the tempo, my vagina begins to get aroused again. How many times could I have come by now?

"You are a naughty baby, an extremely naughty girl."

You whisper into my ear, and then lick it. This excites me. You slap my bottom hard, and poke your finger into my cunt. You wiggle inside me, vigorously and quickly, to some up-tempo tune in your mind. This makes me writhe in orgasm, and I cannot hold back one more moment. But instead of slapping me or biting my tits, you keep your finger in me as I play out the coming, which seems to last for several minutes. Just as I think I might stop coming, your finger, which never seems to stop gyrating inside me, pushes into another wall of my vagina that reactivates my excitement, making me juicy and insane. I wriggle, and wiggle, and feel trust that you just want me to come. I open my mouth a little wide, and sigh. Relief. You push inside me, fill me with another finger added next to the first, and I get so excited that I am on the road to working back to another orgasm.

"My good, good baby," you breathe into my ear. I look up and you are smiling at me, happily. I want everything that you want. I want to give it to you in the way that you want it. I want to receive whatever you decide is right for me. I love it. We are in perfect rhythm together.

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