tagErotic CouplingsChicago/San Antonio Layover

Chicago/San Antonio Layover


I am nervous to see you again. It has been so many years - how many, exactly? Who cares, let's not go there. I got this fancy hotel room on San Antonio's river walk to impress you somehow. How dumb! It's your hometown, not mine. What would it matter where I stayed? Still, the view, so high up, is worth the trouble it took to book. And I wonder if I will be so shy when you arrive that I won't be able to make eye contact.

I still haven't been able to decide what to wear, and as I stop at the bathroom mirror to check my makeup yet again, I notice that my nipples are erect and slightly darker than usual. The areola is a tad goose-bumpy, from the slightly cool hotel air. But I love how my breasts look, large enough to fill measuring cups, yet with the nipples delicately pointing slightly upward, as if waiting for a mouth to suckle them. I pause to admire them, gently pushing my right breast higher with my right hand, cupping it and caressing it for a moment. My breasts are pretty lovely, I admit as I smile to myself. And I love my tummy area, with its smooth skin. I am a lucky woman to have such natural curves. I smirk seductively for a moment, wondering what made me so nervous. You will be the nervous one, I think happily. I mean, look at me! I work out every day, I eat fresh fruit several times a day, I love to do the regulation amount of push-ups and sit-ups according to an Air Force guide I found online, my pussy is clean-shaven and pretty, my legs are tight and muscular - I have really held it together. "If only", I think to myself, "If only you had the opportunity to see all this", but, alas, no.

This is only going to be a casual, friendly get-together. I have been in town only two days on leave from my work in Chicago to attend a convention, and just managed to squeeze a little time in to get together with you, my old boyfriend. We arranged to meet at my hotel room, but we will immediately leave to meet your wife for lunch. I am in town just one more day, and then I will fly home to my family; no time for even an innocent peck on the cheek, almost. Still, the fantasy of being your plaything thrusts itself into my brain. I bat it away, but it is fun to consider. But no! I'm meeting the wife; must be on best behavior. This will be tricky, after thinking about you all these years. "Thinking", generally while alone, on my couch at home, a finger placed inside my cunt.

I have seen recent pictures of you on Facebook. Ouch! Someone's put on a few pounds, sir! I am glad for the advantage. I know my thoughts of you are just a fantasy of who you used to be, and when we actually meet, my interest will cool, and I will simply sit at lunch and probably mostly speak with your wife, while you sit and silently long for me. I know the shot; I'll make chit-chat, say goodbye to the two of you and walk back to my hotel, satisfied that I have closure at last.

My pussy is wet. Darn! Where is a tissue to gently wipe it? I don't want to get my panties dirty, don't want this to happen when I finally put them on instead of just standing around staring at myself. What time is it? Oh, good lord, I have less than a minute to put something on! I am an idiot, I didn't time this well! I run barefoot across the soft, high carpet to look for my earrings, at least. First things first. Then, where is my wrap around skirt? I find it and put it on quickly. Where is my silk bra? Man, I am disorganized. And my silk blouse? So much for being cool and calm when you get here.

It's too hot to wear nylons, now I've just got to decide between tall boots with my short skirt, or open-toed shoes. And, where are those panties? Oh, no! Is that a knock on the door?

Of course, it's you at the door. Just my luck. I can't find those damn panties. And I'm wet again. I've got to fix this and open that door, see you, realize there is nothing to get excited about, and then I'll stop having a moist vagina.

"Coming!" I call out, quickly dabbing at myself with a tissue. I go to open the door, but you open it yourself. Wow! It has been years, and you feel comfortable to just open the door? Really? Not too classy.

There you are. Yes, you have gained weight. Goddammit, it looks good on you, really good. Yet, you look sheepish. You have your hand on the door, your strong, tanned fingers gently holding it open, but you do not enter the room. You look at me shyly, and it looks like tears have sprung to your eyes. Yes, it has been a while, I guess it is an emotional moment. I feel a little choked up, too, even though I'm trying to stay cool.

"I'm sorry", you stammer, "Did you say, 'Come in?'"

"No", I smile and laugh, "I said, 'Coming'! But, it's okay. How great to see you! Do you want to come in?"

Shoot, that was too forward. And I promised myself I would not be the least bit aggressive, that I would let you make the first move. Well, you kind of did, by opening my door, I guess. I can't beat myself up, I need to focus on calming down.

I thought this would be a no-brainer. I thought that after all these years, you would just be old, not handsome. But you are better looking than when we were kids. This lunch is going to be awful. Oh well, that's why God created wine.

"Slight problem", you say.

"What is it?"

"My wife can't make it - our youngest's car broke down, and she had to go pick him up. I volunteered to go, but she insisted we go ahead with lunch."


Cue the awkward feelings. My crotch begins to get hot, and I have this awful desire to spread my legs. I know I should leave the room but my body doesn't want to. Oh God! What am I going to do? I am filled with so much desire for you, and this is wrong.

And stupid. I'm sure you are just here to be a gentleman and take me to lunch.

"Shall we?", you say.

"Yes, let's go", I say gratefully.

"Hey, wait a second, I didn't even hug you yet!" I say, feeling relieved. I can do this, I think. I can go to lunch. This will be okay.

I put my arms around your neck. You circle my waist with your arms to hug me. But you don't let go. And I am molded to you in an instant. My pussy starts to pulse, and get hot and moist again. Damn, I never did find my panties, I had forgotten all about them once I opened the door. Your large, warm hands hold me firmly, and I shiver, although I am not cold. Your hands slowly smooth out the back of my skirt as they slide lower, lower, down my backside. I am hypnotized by your touch, and you continue to slide your hands lower until you place them on the top of my thighs, and then rub them as you work back up, your hands pushing my skirt aside and exploring my buttocks. Your eyebrows raise as you realize that yes, I am not wearing any underwear. Now it is my turn to look sheepish, but you look into my eyes and spread my legs apart as you begin to massage the lips of my labia with one hand on each side. You are so aggressive and I absolutely love it. Slowly, tenderly, sensuously, you caress my clit and I begin to breathe deeply. The way you massage it makes me so excited that I rise up slightly on my toes, and you pick me up just an inch and pull me towards you until my wet mons is pressed against a hardness in your pants that makes me wetter still.

Your mouth is covering my mouth and my tongue wants you so badly. I suck on your lips gently and kiss your mouth outside, and then offer my tongue in your mouth, and then involuntarily swoon as the fingers of your right hand gently penetrate my vagina farther, farther. With your left hand, you sweep my hair back and lightly kiss my neck. I feel something moving; I am mesmerized by the moment and almost in a semi-conscious state, but I feel myself being gently half pushed and half carried backward toward the bed. You are sucking my mouth slowly, kissing my lips and unbuttoning my blouse.

My silk bra, the one I wore just because of my fantasy of you, is being unfastened in the front. You lower me onto the bed so that I am sitting alone on the edge. You kneel before me and kiss the freckle between my breasts. Then, you carefully take one breast and place it in your mouth, sucking gently like a baby. I hold your head and rub my hand on your beautiful hair, and kiss your head as I feed you. I am sitting up straight and you place your hand on my mons, rub into it as I moan, and then reinsert two fingers, which makes me shudder. You expertly remove my wraparound skirt and massage my clit with your thumb as I inch closer and closer to you until I am barely on the bed, begging you with my body to please put your erection inside me. My legs spread wider, wider. Oh my baby, please, please, hear what I am saying with my wet cunt and understand that you are what I want. I am so shy to tell you this.

You continue to suckle my breast, and then stop. Will you fill me with your hardness? I need this, I want this. I am still sitting up, my breasts now erect, my nipples are hard and inviting for you. I continue to inch forward. You lean down a little bit and place your mouth on my vagina, licking it, then covering it. I feel you pushing your tongue inside me. Oh my god, that is such a big, strong tongue. I am such a mess, such a wet, bad little girl. Yet, I want more. You take your mouth off of my cunt for a moment and your finger finds its way in once again, pushes against the hard wall, making me stiffen and moan. Will you fuck me? Will you? You take out your naughty finger and shift as if to get up, and I think, at last! I will get the prize! But you just switch knees and suckle my other breast, as I moan and writhe, and juice spills out of me. How much more anticipation can I take? I can't stand it. Then your fingers plunge into me once again. Are you waiting for me to beg you to enter me? I don't want to be so forward, I don't want to seem aggressive, but in a moment I might beg you, because I don't think I can hold on much longer. It seems like your fingers find every corner in my body that needs touching, that needs someone with a hard, slow firmness to push and push. Are you getting me ready? Oh God, I hope so.

You stand up. You unbuckle and unzip and discard your pants and shirt. And you take off your boxers.

Oh God, I am going to get this. I look at you and my eyes open wide. And my mouth opens as I involuntarily lick my lips. You are hard, your cock is beautiful. You pick me up and place me farther back on the bed, then climb on the bed, lift up my hips and push yourself inside me. My vagina, after being handled gently, and then firmly, by you, is wet and ready and almost crying out for you. Your mouth finds my breast, sucking it as you continue to push, rocking and rocking into me. I want to put my mouth on you, on every part of you. Your chest is amazing, I rub it and suck it and hold you to me. I wish that I could put every part of your body in my mouth. I kiss your neck, your face, your chest. I just hope that you won't come right away, I want you to fuck me all day. I reach down and caress your balls and it is your turn to breathe deeply. You slam yourself into me and I can't get enough! The more you do it, the more I crave it. I grab the back of your thighs and feel them as you enter me, over and over. Oh, please don't stop. Oh, please. I wish I could suck you after this and have you come in my mouth. How I would love that. Hopefully, you'll have time to recover a little and then I can please you with my mouth. I feel so hungry just thinking of this.

We make eye contact, and smile at each other. Best reunion ever, hands down. Hopefully, hands down on my mons, and hands massaging my vagina, again. The answer to my thoughts? A definitive yes, as you rise from the bed, lift me by my waist, and lead me as we both walk, naked, to the window to fuck in plain view of any lucky passers-by below. You, erect once again, lift my right thigh and push yourself into me, holding my backside, and it turns me on to know that some voyeur may be watching us as you lean over me to suck my breast and rock me back and forth once again. I hope that you will tell me to suck your cock. I would love to kneel and take you in my mouth.

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