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Child Stars No Longer

byEvil Alpaca©

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. The author makes no claim that the celebrities portrayed in this story do/would behave in the manner described. If you are offended by the idea of attractive young celebrities having consensual sex, then you have come to the wrong website. For everyone else, enjoy!

You never completely get used to seeing your face plastered on magazine covers and being distributed by people you don't know, and will probably never meet, at magazine stands next to busy urban streets. Christina Ricci had been seeing those magazine covers for many years; ever since the Addams Family had burst on to the movie scene so many years ago. Now here she was, on her way to yet another interview about the trials and tribulations of being a child growing up in Hollywood. She was so tired of this sort of thing, but she needed to keep making appearances. She had tried so hard to shake the child star image by doing independent films, which hadn't exactly raked in the money for her. She had hoped that doing these sort of films might help people realize she wasn't a kid anymore.

Most of they guys she had met realized that she wasn't a kid anymore. Even now, her slightly severe business suit was straining at the chest, and a generous expanse of cleavage was showing. She didn't consider herself gorgeous, but she knew she was pretty. Clear pale skin, a "voluptuous" body, and large, dark eyes were all features that had caught the attention of more than one passerby. She wasn't a fanatical exerciser, but she kept herself in good condition and she had finally found a diet she could stick with. Anorexia had played to big a part of her life in the past, so she was happy she had found a balance between her health and her self-image.

The magazine's limo, which had picked her up at the airport, was arriving at the tall office building where the interview was to be held. She almost giggled when she realized that she had forgotten which magazine this was. Oh well, she thought. They'll ask questions. I'll answer questions. My agent will make sure I get paid. Who cares who's footing the bill?

Some random bureaucrats met her at the door and quickly whisked her inside to one of those sterile looking elevators found in trendy, modern buildings. She pulled her sunglasses off and pulled the scarf from around her hair, letting her long, dark-brown hair cascade around her shoulders. Finally! Sometimes she hated being recognized, but hey . . . fame paid the bills.

She found herself in the waiting room of whoever was going to do the interview. It was garishly decorated with overly expensive, Pier-1 style furniture. She was willing to bet whoever this twit was, they had a tank full of fish the owner hadn't bought and whose names they couldn't even pronounce. Executives, interviewers, and photographers that had big fish tanks tended to take themselves very seriously, so they got lots of fish (which were legitimately considered to be relaxing) to help take the edge off all their self-made stressors. She rolled her eyes, then turned to a large mirror to make sure everything was in proper order. Then she heard the door open behind her.


That voice sounded familiar. Christina turned and . . . "NATALIE!" she screamed.

Apparently she wasn't the only "child star" that had been suckered into this article. They had apparently gotten Natalie Portman as well. Christina rushed over and hugged her long time friend. The two girls had both grown up in the Hollywood environment and had faced the same kinds of problems. The two had crossed paths a number of years ago, strangely enough, at a television special about roughly the same topic as this magazine article. The two had hit it off famously. Unfortunately, due to their work schedules, they hadn't had a chance to talk much recently. Natalie had been at work constantly for years on the new Star Wars trilogy, while Christina had taken the road less profitable but just as time consuming.

"Christina dear, I can't breathe!"

Christina laughed and released her bear hug on the other girls. "You look great," she said, and she meant it. Natalie was wearing a sort of dark, silky-looking semi-formal suit. It was dark-blue with light gray pinstripes, and a white shirt underneath the jacket. Her hair was smooth and black, and she was wearing it a little longer than usual, probably due to the movie. Christina had long felt that Natalie would wind up being a beauty in the industry, and she had turned out to be right.

"I don't believe this," she said. "They got you too?"

"Yeah. I just got here. So be straight with me . . . Does he have a fish tank?"

Natalie just rolled her eyes, and then the two started giggling. They tried to hid their laughter, but to no avail. Admittedly, it was hard to get yourself treated like an adult and not a little girl when you were giggling like . . . well, a little girl. Just then, a very artsy looking fellow, dressed all in black and sporting a shaved skull and a bleached blonde goatee, poked his head through the door.

"Ms. Ricci, if you'd like to take a seat, we can get started."

Christina had managed to regain her composure. "Natalie, we really should get together. Are you going to be in town for a while?"

"Just til tomorrow. We are already starting work on the next movie in the trilogy." She sighed. "You know, I hadn't seen the original trilogy until we started filming this one. I'm beginning to think George sold his soul to make the first three, and now the Devil is collecting by making him film these three. I've got an apartment here, but I don't seem to be spending more than a week there every three months."

Christina laughed. "I understand. That's why I gave up looking for a place. I'm not going to spend that much money for a place I'm never in."

"How about this," Natalie said, her eyes showing her to be deep in thought. "I'll wait for your interview to be over, then you and me will par-tay until I leave for Los Angeles tomorrow."

"You are on sister!" Christina always thought Natalie sounded funny talking about partying. The thin girl was one of the most reserved people she had ever met. For her, a party consisted of pajamas, popcorn and a movie. Not that Christina normally minded, but she had the feeling she was going to need to blow off some steam. "Don't move!"

"Wouldn't dream of it."

The interview wasn't as bad as Christina thought it was going to be. It was actually worse. This guy was about as clever as a village idiot who had been dead for a week. She answered all his generic questions about what it was like to grow into adulthood in the limelight. He occasionally tried to stare down her shirt. She was annoyed, but at least he had realized she had grown up. She just stared at his fish, and waited for the interview to end. When the guy finally stopped talking, she almost bolted out the door. Natalie was standing next to the elevator, keeping the door open. The two girls rushed inside and hit the button for the car garage.

"You read my mind!"

"No, I just had to talk to him first."

"Did he keep staring at your chest?"

Natalie glared at her. Although beautiful, she had never been accused of being busty.

"Oops. Sorry about that."

"S'okay. I'm pretty sure he was checking out my ass on the way out, though."

"When does your plane leave tomorrow?"

"11:30 a.m. Yours?"

"Not for a couple of days. I had some errands I wanted to run while I was in town."

"So what did you have in mind for this evening?"

"I thought we should grab dinner somewhere. We can decide what to do from there."

"Cool. Let's go someplace expensive. My agency is picking up the tab!"

"Works for me."

"Let's just swing by the apartment. I need to see how much mail has accumulated in the 3 months since I've been there. I'm just glad I've got the maid service, otherwise we might be wading through a pile of dust too."

The two girls spent the better part of the 20-minute ride to Natalie's apartment building gabbing away. In a world where it seemed necessary to blow things out of proportion, it was nice to talk about nothing of any real importance. When they arrived at the building, it took five minutes and a call to the manager to get in. Apparently the doorman was new and hadn't seen a movie since "talkies" were invented. They laughed about it all the way up to Natalie's floor. Christina liked her friend's taste in furniture. Albeit not well lived in, her furniture seemed practical and more importantly, comfortable: Old worn sofas, lots of pillows, and a Lay-z-boy recliner in front of an unused fireplace.

"Hey babe, why don't we order in instead?" I forgot how much I like being here."

"Actually," said Christina plopping down on one of the sofas, "that sounds great. But what about the spending your agencies money?"

"We can still do that. I know an incredibly overpriced, but still tasty, restaurant that delivers. And we can find something to do later to raise the bill later!"


The two girls sat together on the sofa and watched the sun go down. The food arrived, and it was just as good and pricey as Natalie had claimed. They savored the cuisine, and chatted about movies, work schedules, politics, clothes . . . whatever they fancied. Christina finally got around to looking at her watch.

"Shit! It already 11:00!" She sat back on the sofa. "Remember when we used to stay up all night and not ever seem to get tired?"

"Yeah, but now we're all responsible-ish. Damn it." Then Natalie got a gleam in her eye. It wasn't something her friend was use to seeing. It was . . . well, mischievous.

"Let's go out!"

"Go out? But we'd have to call the limo, arrange for protection . . ."

"Heck with it. In a city this size, even we can blend!"

"O.k. You've got my attention. What did you have in mind?"

"I know this great club. At least I hope it is still there. Great music, and it is just a dance club, so we won't get anyone asking for Id's. It is always dark, so with a little make-up, no one will know it is us. And it's right around the corner!"

Christina was liking the idea. She hadn't gone dancing in a while, and finding a public place where they could retain their anonymity was too good to pass up. "But I don't have anything to wear!"

"We will see what we can do!"

Christina couldn't remember the last time she had tried on clothes just for fun. Almost everything Natalie had was too small for her. All the dresses and pants were made for someone Natalie's size. Even though Christina was in fine shape, she wasn't going to squeeze into any of it.

"Drat. Nothing is going to fit without stretching it out. And I really wanted to dance."

"Don't give up. But that stretching thing gave me an idea. I think I've got some workout clothes around here."

"I'm way ahead of you." Christina was looked through a chest of drawers, and came up with a pair of shorts made of a stretchy material, black with little silver sparkly things on them. "You actually wear these?"

"Well, they fit me just fine. And I occasionally like tacky. They might be a little snug on you."

"Maybe." Christina tried them on. Snug was an understatement. They were so tight that they pulled a little bit up her ass, so that the bottom of her butt was hanging out slightly. Unfortunately, her panty-line could be spotted from the moon.

"I can fix that," Natalie said and produced a black thong from a pile of clothes.

"Where did you get that?!? I didn't think you would even own something like that."

"Why? Can't I try and feel sexy every now and then?" She actually looked upset.

"No. You are sexy." And she meant it. Natalie was wearing a full black body suit which clung to her like a second skin, and a white vest which added contrast. Christina finally realized how truly beautiful this girl was. Her body was taut, her butt was to die for, and while not large, her breasts were perfectly formed and fit her small frame well. "You're just always a little conservative. I guess I forgot that you, and I, aren't kids anymore."

Natalie smiled. "That's cool. It's just that I get that from my agent and my family . . . especially my family. They hate the fact I have my own apartments. I just keep hoping people will realize I've grown up."

"I've noticed. So believe me, other people will notice too."

Natalie almost blushed. "Let's get you fully dressed. I wanna boogey!"

The rest of Christina's ensemble consisted in part of a red sports bra, which stretched to its limit trying to accommodate her substantial chest and generously displayed her cleavage. She also donned a black leather vest that was tied snugly in the front. If her tits were any more prominently displayed, she would be able to rest a drink on them. The two used a variety of cosmetics to whiten their faces and darken their eyes. They both applied cherry-red lipstick that shined in the light. Now they weren't movie stars. They were a couple of young women who wanted to dance until the sun came up.

They flitted down the stairs, out the front door, and onto the dark street. Luckily the night doorman was a little more seasoned, and he recognized Natalie. There wouldn't be a problem getting back in. The man just grinned, nodded his head, and continued about his duties.

The two girls dashed down the street and around the corner onto an even narrower street. They found themselves in front of a small set of stone stairs leading to a door with a garish neon sign overhead that simply read ‘Oubliette.'

"What does that mean?" Christina wondered.

"An oubliette was a place they used to put prisoners in the old, old days. They put them in there and just forgot about them. Except here, you get to forget about what is outside." Natalie took her friend by the hand and lead her up the stairs. The door opened as they arrived, and the guy at the door took their cover fee without saying a word.

The inside was practically pulsing with noise and people. There was a long hallway, separated from two long rooms by a series of columns. There were small walls that appeared in random locations, further breaking up the space. A stairwell lead up the furthest wall to a small door, presumably where the DJ was. And there were people everywhere, some young while others clung to their youth by fingernails. They were all the same. Most were dressed in dark, gothic style clothing, with an occasional glimpse of casual dress attire or blue jeans and a cowboy hat. Guys and girls, girls and girls, guys and guys; no one cared who they were with as long as they were moving. Christina and Natalie moved into the fray, and were enveloped by it.

Christina had never experienced anything quite like this. She felt people nearby on every side. The two girls just started dancing with whoever was in front of them. She saw Natalie spinning and grinding like she had never seen before. Christina found herself face to face with a rooster-haired punk wannabe with more piercings than an acupuncture client. She didn't care. She just started to dance.

She didn't know how long she had been there. She was sweating like crazy. Her hair was damp and clung to her face, and her eye-shadow was beginning to run down her face, almost as if she were some demented clown. She was exhausted, but she wasn't ready to leave. Suddenly, she felt hands wrap around her waist.

"Hey buddy, I . . ."

"Shh!" came a whisper in her ear. "It's me."

"Nat! Man, you scared me half to . . ." Christina felt Natalie's hands slide up her body.

"Um, Nat, what are you . . ." Now, the other girl's arms were wrapped around her chest, and Natalie's hands were cupping Christina's tits. She began nibbling on Christina's ear and grinding her abdomen into Christina's ass. This was the most surreal experience of her life. What was going on? Was this actually Natalie? What had gotten into her? And why wasn't she putting a stop to this?

Natalie, and it was actually Nat, spun her around and pushed her against the wall. "Please, just listen. We're both grown up now. And things change. I've needed this. I've wanted you. You get me like no one else ever has. And quite frankly, I'm horny as hell!"

Christina was dumfounded. This couldn't be happening. But Natalie wasn't going to give her much time to think about it, and planted a very heated kiss on the stunned girl's lips. Christina felt Natalie's hand sliding down her body and cupping her mound through the flimsy material of the shorts.

"Come on. You were always the brave one. You've made movies that show off how you've grown. I've never been able to do that. I make safe movies. I don't want to be safe right now." Her hand was working magic on Christina, who had started, almost unconsciously, pushing pack against Natalie's fingers.

Christina was lost in a world of adrenaline, shock, and lust. The two girls had been pressed into a dark little corner of the room. She didn't think anyone even noticed them amongst the thrall, and if they did, no one seemed to care. Despite her career choices, people still saw her as Wednesday from the Addams Family movies. They still asked her about being a "child star." Now, here was a beautiful young woman who she trusted who was making it quite obvious that she didn't see herself or Christina as kids anymore. Christina had never really thought of getting it on with another girl before. Suddenly, it seemed like the best idea in the world.

She spun Natalie around so the other girl's back was against the wall. Natalie must have thought she was spurning her by the look on her face. That thought was quickly suppressed as Christina pushed her body against that of her friend, trapping Natalie's hand on her crotch. She kissed her friend, with the thin face, supple body and classic beauty. She humped the girl's hand with increasing vigor. Natalie meanwhile had increased the use of her fingers while using her other hand to draw Christina's face to her own. Mascara was running, lipstick was smearing, and neither girl gave a damn. Natalie drew her legs up and wrapped them around Christina's body. Her light weight made it easy for the other girl to keep her off the ground while being pressed against the wall. Her arm was now at an awkward angle, but she didn't mind. Her attentions were having the desired effect. And it didn't hurt that every time Christina humped forward, it pushed her hand into her own crotch as well. Sort of a two-for-one deal.

Christina felt something building inside her. She broke off from their most recent kiss and whispered into Natalie's ear, "I . . . think . . . we better stop . . . or else . . . I'm gonna . . ."

Natalie would have none of it. She suddenly switched all of her attention to the other girl's clit, rubbing and prodding for all she was worth.

Christina's body started to shiver almost instantly, and she felt her warm, sticky cum flowing freely, seeping into her shorts and dripping down her legs. She was breathing almost in gasps, and it took all her energy to keep her legs from buckling and sending them both crashing to the floor. "Now see what you've done?" she asked with a tired smile.

"The night is still young. And I think I may be . . ." she paused long enough to give Christina another kiss, " . . . forced to miss my flight tomorrow."

"Crying shame. But let's finish this at your place. Where we have room to move."

"But here . . ."

"I know. It's a place where we can lose ourselves. But I want this to be a night to remember!" With that she gave Natalie's ass a squeeze, and led her by the hand to the door and out into the chilly night air.

It felt strange, walking back with Natalie, hand-in-hand, knowing what had just happened and anticipating what was yet to come. It was exciting and exhilarating; things she hadn't felt in a while. They walked close together, occasionally exchanging glances filled with longing. They got back to the apartment building and quickly made their way to the elevator. The doorman saw them, but said nothing. No wonder Natalie liked the night man; he minded his own business.

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