tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChing Gao Ch. 01

Ching Gao Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.


Ching Gao is a junior dental student in the year 2550 A.D. Like most humans involved in medicine, her studies consist primarily of observing robotic dentists and intervening only to query a move or raise a caution. Surgery, dental and otherwise, has been automated and assigned to sentient robots for decades; however, humans insist on remaining "in the loop," so to speak.

Medicine, as practiced by physicians and surgeons, withered and perished as a result of astronomical costs. Malpractice insurance, lawsuits, and settlements drove the practicing human medical doctors, dentists, and osteopaths out of the market. Save a few underdeveloped countries or indigenous reclusive tribes, all medicine, surgery, vaccination, and physical examination is performed by robotics. Often a blood and fluids device is attached to the household computer server. Serious conditions were handled by Emergency Medical Robots, who would transfer Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) patients to area hospitals and trauma centers.

There is a problem with the demographics and population of the earth. The retirement age is seventy years; later retirement would be ideal for the economy---but the quality of life rules it out. With a full one-third of the population over seventy, the expense of caring for these people is not sustainable. First world countries may manage food and shelter, but medical and dental care is simply too great of an expense.

In Psalm 90 verse 10 in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible it is written: "The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away."

And so it came to pass that a global retirement age was fixed at seventy and at age eighty a citizen would lose all Social Security and Medical Retirement Benefits. Before the "age cap" a few geriatric patients were simply bankrupting governments. One percent of those citizens over seventy consumed over half of the cost of medical care. Rationing did little good, as more expensive medications and devices could, for a fat fee, sustain life into the nineties. For sure a person could be "clinically alive" to age one hundred twenty if she or he had the money.

Food is sold generally processed and bland. For produce there is some variety as well as fish. Red meat is expensive and can only be afforded by the few. The preparation is automated a great degree, but still there is a place for classic home cooking. Ching's grandfather is seventy-five and has a live-in gynoid (also known as a "Fembot," "Female Android," or "robot"). From time to time grandfather's caregiver would visit Ching. These visits allowed Ching to have a classic meal as well as enjoy her dark side.

Ching is twenty years old, a virgin, and a devotee and aficionado of Shibari. Usually she has to self-bind, that is, practice self-bondage. Her solitary vice is the only way that she can attain an orgasm, a sexual climax. When time permits, she binds her legs then inserts an enema to fill her bowels with warm water, then binds her hands. When grandfather's gynoid visits, it is the "Full Monty." Ching is totally bound before receiving an enema. She also has a urethral catheter inserted in her bladder and filled to discomfiture. Ching must cum before being allowed to use the toilet.

A visit from grandfather's gynoid is not without an element of danger. There are roving bands of street toughs known as neo-Luddites, technophobes, or eco-terrorists who delight in attacking and dismembering any gynoid or android available. Thus gynoids travel in groups, often with a male armored android or, when possible, a combat cyborg. Since cyborgs are wet-wear, they have all the usual human rights. Destroying, or killing, a cyborg is a serious, or Class A, felony. In many countries it is a capital offense. So, a visit from granddad's gynoid is a daytime event and a special treat.

There is yet another danger. The invasion of one's privacy in cyberspace by hackers. Ching pays a premium for protective software and a firewall. Yet a true hacker is merely encouraged and challenged by the elevated level of protection. There is also a wide-spread belief that the virus protection companies are in cahoots with the hackers. At any rate, since she has bought her "protection," Ching rests assured that her dark secret of being addicted to Shibari and "water sports" will remain secret.

And she should rest assured as well. The anti-virus software companies rest and rely heavily on their reputations. Hacking into a corporate or government web site is one thing---stealing one's identity or violating an individual's privacy is another. The first is a minor misdemeanor---the second a felony and an embarrassment to the crass commercial capitalists peddling their "protection" under the guise of software.

Those over seventy years old and still less than eighty may qualify for a robotic caregiver. Over time enhancements were added to the mechanical device as well as an internal computer at the sentient level. In short, aside for energy from electrical connections versus digestion of foodstuffs (victuals), the android or gynoid could be considered a step up on the evolutionary ladder; however, humans are dead set on hegemony, especially in matters of taxation and criminal law. The "retirement" of an android or gynoid was finally elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony, due to the cost involved. Where a caregiver was "killed in line of duty," the penalty always included jail time. And robots ran all the jails.

One by one, since the commercial use of gynoids and androids, technical obstacles have been overcome. The problem of biped balance and motion, the problem of a compact, internal power supply, the problem of the heat generated by an internal power supply, the ability to deal with objects such as eggs (liquid inside and a shell), and the problem of 3D vision. From a purely utilitarian mechanism, art marries with science and technology to add grace, charm, and sex appeal to the geriatric caregiver. Various models were selected from human history. By far the most popular was the Twentieth Century blonde actress and model. Her measurements are 35B-27-35, 5'7", 127 lbs, and an IQ of 154. Of course, people mature and change with age. The men prefer a barely legal eighteen-year-old while women prefer the 35-year-old, mature actress.

Roy Bane is a hacker employed by the Yakusa. He hacks into medical and personnel records looking for girls to be abducted and sold in the underground. Having hacked into The National Dental Institute (NDI) personnel files, he examines the residencies of students. Those living at home with their parents are too risky. The small efficiency apartments near the university campus seem most promising. Roy is looking for a vulnerable target with some unusual characteristic that would be of marketable interest to the Yakusa. Ching Gao catches his eye and piques his interest. Tapping into her internet and her social media outlet, he determines with high probability that this young lady is a virgin. "First blood" always brings a good price, "top dollar," that is.

Abductions are risky business. The contestants in beauty pageants might bring a good price, but the publicity might lead to the abductor's undoing. A small family and a girl living apart from her parents is preferable. Ching Gao lost her parents in an automobile accident and her only living relative is her reclusive grandfather, who has found a lifetime companion in a gynoid caregiver. He named his caregiver "Sharon," a common name for gynoids and fembots.

Jikka Omicron is the transporter for the Yakusa. He calls Roy Bane for a status on those who are being electronically stalked.

"Roy," Jikka asks, "who is looking promising for a snatch? A buyer is waiting."

"I am still gathering information on a promising twenty-year-old student. She resides in an efficiency. Their security system is dated but still formidable. What is needed here is a 'tour de grace' and not a 'tour de force.' But I have a plan. She is into self-bondage and she is a virgin." Roy responds.

"Do tell," Jikka requests. His interest perks.

"Every few weeks or so her senile old grandfather loans her the use of his caregiver gynoid. A little virus---really a Trojan Horse---to force the gynoid to malfunction in her apartment and buzz someone in is doable." Roy explains, proud of his clever idea.

"How to you intend to do the snatch?" Jikka asks.

"Easy!" Roy explains. "While she is tied in Shibari by the gynoid, we induce malfunction and spring the door. She is bound and gagged. We enter with a large box, a new appliance like a dishwasher say, and box her up. We lock the door as we leave and there is no trace. No one notices a couple of delivery men with a delivery box."

"Excellent!" Jikka exclaims. "Continue to hack and retrieve more information. Some revealing personal pics would be outstanding."

14 June 2913

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