tagIncest/TabooChip On My Shoulder Pt. 01

Chip On My Shoulder Pt. 01



[This is going to be, I hope, a series of stories that could be labelled as MCMB (monster cocks and massive breasts). These would be less intense and rather short [ish] stories. These are cathartic stories [at least for the author] and intended for unadulterated fun for a brief moment. As always some readers might enjoy more than others ....]

******* CHAPTER 1************

I was mildly self-conscious as I got into my custom built Aston Martin DB9. At nineteen years of age (two weeks short actually), even though I was on the campus where a large number of students were off springs of super rich and powerful and flashed their wealth as a sign of their self-perceived importance. Three years ago I was part of that pack. Self-realisation was quick and lasting.

I smiled without being aware as my heart soared at the thought that I was going home and four weeks of break would give me time to spend with my parents and grandfather. My twin brothers would come from their two years long university exchange stint by next week for three weeks. My 'snobbish' but still reasonably good friends found my 'common' fascination with spending time with family amusingly weird. My friends from down to earth background felt empathy but there were some in both groups who would do the same if they had relationship with their family, as they perceived I shared.

I had two hours journey. I had packed light. I would have everything and more at home. I had too much green tea all morning and I felt I need to go to loo and stopped at the first service station on the way.

Two young men of my age gawked at me, perhaps car had to do something as well. I was aware in a non-egotistical manner that I was beautiful. My father and mother had declared that I was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. My brothers and grandfather seconded that. The only problem as that I was convinced that my mother was the most beautiful woman on earth. The tussle to hand crown around never stopped. I had no doubt my father and brothers were breathtakingly beautiful and handsome. Some people were left staring at mum and dad when they made an entrance; both were so beautiful in their feminine and masculine ways. Long time of loving proximity had somehow made them look so alike. There was a research that loving couples start resembling one another over years. My grandfather, my mother's dad, was an equal match with the hints of features that made my mother intoxicatingly beautiful [I am aware that a daughter should not use such phrases to describe her mother, I chose to plagiarise a line from a poem I had read to her on her last birth day].

I quickly relieved myself and looked at my face and found I had a smile on my lips, so incorrigible was I. I bought a bottle of water and gum to justify my use of service's amenities. I gave way on the door to a tall strong looking man who immediately pulled himself another inch by straightening his back and pushing his chest out. I showed my Midwest polite upbringing and nodded and wished 'afternoon' making him feel sheepish but making him smile.

My five feet six inches tall frame did not reveal that giant of men surrounded me in my family. My twin brothers stood at six feet seven inches. My father an inch less and my grandfather was probably as tall or half an inch less than my dad.

All were built on ultra large scale. My dad and grandfather had added girths with their age. My twin brothers were covered with lean but huge muscles.

Our men in my family dwarfed my mother and me, despite our voluptuous bodies and rather extra proud busts and hips. We turned every head when us Cunninghams walked in any room.

I was set for the drive home. Bach played softly and my mind strayed to the recent past. I was embarrassed at how I carried a chip on my shoulder despite parents who were grounded and unsullied by wealth they had created all by themselves and created jobs and put in their hard earned well deserved fortune back in the community without any ostentatious ceremonies. What a difference three years could make. No in fact, what a difference a weekend three years ago could make.


I was not jumping up and down but showed my petulant side as mum declared that family would move back to our roots in Midwest town where mum and dad grew up. My brothers as always were pleased and supportive. In fact my dad's father and mum's father grew up there and started their business in the same town before my dad took it to another level. All of us i.e. three children had been brought up tea in china cup, pinkie lifted away style insular ultra rich suburbia of New England where the distance between two houses was measured in hectares i.e. how many hundreds of hectares.

Grandpa had done all the groundwork. We moved into equally huge house with even more electronic gadgets. Mum's logic was that we were all going away and they [our parents and grandfather] would like to resurrect our roots with friends and distant family to cement relationships for rest of their lives.

We moved to coincide with our two months long school break before university. We were soon introduced to Grandpa's old good friend Mr. Barry Drake. Twins soon started to call him grandpa Barry as he was a year older than grandpa and my mum and his daughters had grew up in the warmth of close friendship of to families. Mr. Drake was now a widower.

The fateful weekend started on a sultry Friday. We all were happy in side in the comfort of air-conditioned coolness.

Grandpa was lounging in the huge sofa as my mum put a stool under his feet to make her father more comfortable. My dad and twins were sipping beer. Mum was gliding softly across the living room large as a football field to ensure everyone was catered to. Grandpa had just finished the brief story about his friend and our neighbour [if a gap of hundred acres of garden and managed forest could be disregarded].

"Jen, why don't you take the apple pie and lamb-tagine to uncle Barry," Mum's mesmerising soft voice carried clearly across the room. No one had heard our mum shout. She did not need to. Her silence was deafening.

I was Jen to my family, Jenny to my friends and when my mum called me Jennifer I was in trouble.

I could not say how 'common' it was to share food like that. No would think of doing that.

Grandpa, before I could muster up a cogent argument against such a crime against sophistication that I aspired to, blocked all protests, "Good idea Beth. Jen, Drakey would love that. He is so alone nowadays."

Only her father called my mother Beth. My dad and his father always called her Liz. I had not heard any one call her Elizabeth. Despite my teenaged angst to rise to dizzying heights of snobbish sophistication my roots were strong enough to realise when to give in gracefully. The idea of visiting an 'old lonely man' with cooked food was antithesis to my life's philosophy, I had shared with my friends in Brahmin culture bred aloofness.

I missed my just becoming active sex life. I was quick to learn tat I enjoyed sex and I enjoyed feel of a hard cock in my hands and mouth and for that matter anywhere I could take it. My trysts with boys of families that matched and exceeded my family's wealth were increasing just when my family uprooted us to find their own roots.

I put on open beach slippers and got up.

Grandpa pulled out his mobile, "I will ring Drakey you are on your way, Jen."

I smiled thinly. Once all food boxes packed in a large case I waved to all.

"Drakey was very pleased. He said is door is open and he is looking forward to seeing little Liz's little daughter," Grandpa laughed making mum blush.

I tried not to smirk my cynicism and walked away with my beach slippers creating 'slapping' sounds.

I took the golf buggy type electric vehicles we had strewn all over the estate and drove towards Mr. Drake's estate. I wondered what Andy, my last conquest, was up to. He was one of the two children of software magnate billionaire. He introduced me to the pain and fleeting pleasure of anal sex as he impaled me with his huge penis and slammed few times and sloshed insides my shit-tube with his sperm even before I became wise to what the point of abusing my tiny ass was if he could not give me any pleasure. However, he had the biggest cock I had ever laid my eyes and hands on. He was seven inches long and reasonably thicker than my other boyfriend who was six inches and much thinner. I had attained a great sensitivity towards the sizes and I could pick out a difference of half an inch in length and subtle differences in girth. The sheer size and hardness was enough to make me wet and keen to go back for more.

I sighed as the sultry heat made my armpits and thoughts of my sex escapades made my pussy wet. Ah! Parents, why cannot you choose them from a catalogue?

I reached our neighbour's estate. I parked the buggy right in front of the massive oak doors, which were slightly open.

I already informed by grandpa ignored the doorbell and pushed the heavy door in and walked into marbled huge hall.

I softly called; " Mr. Drake!" people said my voice was quite like my mother's as was my face. "Mr. Drake, sir." This time rather loudly, my mum would have frowned.

I turned instinctively towards the breakfast area in front of enormous kitchen. I placed the food stack [enough for ten people] on the mahogany dining table.

I was going to walk back to our home but decided to surprise my family by meeting and talking with Mr. Drake for a minute or two. I softly called his name and walked towards three or four directions which all led to private bedrooms and living areas.

I tried the last turn and found myself in equally enormous family area. I found Mr. Drake. He was standing with his back towards me and he was naked. Mr. Drake was a huge giant of a man. He was about six feet two inches. His massive back bulged at the waist and finished into his enormously huge muscular ass covered with a generous padding of fat. His back and ass was covered with thick curly grey hair. I coughed politely as my face started to turn into my classical 'yew' or 'yuck' grimace, at his old hairy rather fat body. Mr. Drake was old, he was hairy and dare I say despite huge muscles, was running into being a fat man, at least by my standards.

Mr. Drake turned as he heard me cough and smiled that lighted his ruggedly handsome face. His chest, shoulders, belly was covered with even more thick mat of curly grey hair. My face had nearly reached the full blast of 'how yucky' expression when my eyes followed his right hand and the sight wiped the yet to finalise 'yucky' expression. My mouth fell open and my breathing became laboured.

I barely heard Mr. Drake welcome me in his deep gentle voice, "Jenny, sweetheart. How have you grown. I saw you when you were a year old. I am so sorry. A lonely man gets caught trying to steal few moments of pleasure."

I smiled vacuously as my eyes locked on to Mr. Drake's hand holding the most enormous penis I could ever imagine existed. His huge hand barley covered the girth of what my 'expert' eyes told me was at least ten or eleven inches long.

My expertise failed to give an estimate of its girth, as it was way beyond any cock I had touched or seen.

"Eh! Eh!, er.. good afternoon sir..er.. Mr. Drake. Mum and grandpa have sent some food, sir." I was trying to maintain the best manners expected by my mum raised in Midwest where politeness mattered more than anything else.

"Sorry Jenny, I got excited as I reminisced and my sensual sense got better of my common sense and timing," Mr. Drake was so polite even when he was caught fully naked holding his monster cock by granddaughter of his close childhood friend.

"Can I...er..May I help you sir?" I could not believe I said that. The sight of that huge steel hard cock had made me whoozy, my knee buckled and my pussy poured juices poured out drenching my panties. I was worried some might leak out along my thighs beyond the short shorts I wore. My white round-necked tee shirt was rising and falling as my large breasts started to heave with the laboured breathing. All that at the sight of a giant hard penis on a hairy, rather fat muscular old man- 'Jen/jenny/Jennifer, yes Jennifer you have ultimately lost your mind,' my mind seemed to scream that was so faint I ignored it.

"I would be very grateful and pleased if you did, sweetheart," Mr. Drake beamed.

I barely heard him as I sleep walked like a hypnotised zombie and reached in front of the huge man and fell on my knees. Mr. Drake quickly sat down on the sofa to my great relief bringing his giant cock at the level of my face and hands. I took his hand away and put my trembling hands on the throbbing steel hard cock that seemed to reach his naval. My hands were woefully short of circling the enormous girth of Mr. Drake's cock. I tried to cover his length with my two fists but they were woefully inadequate to do justice to the beauty of nature that was Mr. Drake's cock.

I was in daze and my ears were buzzing and soon disconnect with my surroundings was total. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the enormous purple engorged head of Mr. Drake's cock inside my mouth. It filled my mouth like no cock had ever filled. All the boys paled into trash bin of my 'mental desktop' as I tried to breathe noisily through my flaring nose trying to take another inch or two of my grandpa's dear friend who needed my help with his 'lonely sensualness' or was it 'sensual loneliness' or just loneliness.

I felt Mr. Drake's hand grab my head and tried to encourage me on my quest. I managed to fill my mouth to a constant gagging level as I tried to fellate the cock in my mouth.

I took pride in making any boys with a hard cock cum with my hands or mouth in a jiffy. I realised that day that those boys came inside me after few thrusts and lunges and would ejaculate on any thing warm. Here was a man who stroked my hair as I tried to control my impending orgasm with just his cock inside my wide-open mouth. Mr. Drake other hand stroked my face as my mouth tried to move up and down on Mr. Drake's cockhead and two inches.

I felt Mr. Drake's hands pull my tee shirt up and run his hand sensuously over my back. He flicked my bra open with just his thumb and forefinger. All the boys took ages and fumbled with my bra straps until I helped them.

Mr. Drake moved his hands down and forward and soon his large rough skinned hands covered my soft large breasts and rubbed the sensitive nipples and I shuddered into a mind-blowing orgasm. I gasped around Mr. Drake's cock head as I waited for the intense pleasurable pain of my orgasm to subside.

Mr. Drake pulled my mouth off his cock dribbling saliva. He pulled my teeshirt off with bra even before I managed to gulp my own saliva. He pulled me up on to my feet. He opened my shorts and I was, even without registering it on my brain lifting my foot one after another to let him remove my last pieces of clothing.

I tried to suck, rather drool, on Mr. Drake's monster cock for ten minutes. I could have made all my boyfriends explode three times in that time.

"Sweetheart, I think we need to try something different," Mr. Drake lifted me in his arms like tiny fluffy toy. I quickly sucked dribbling saliva back in my mouth. Before I could figure out what different thing was Mr. Drake had placed me on my knees and hands on the sofa. I was in daze and thrall of this huge man with equally huge hard cock. Mr. Drake stationed himself behind my full soft ass.

He licked my cunt and ass from behind. I was moaning loudly as his tongue and mouth treated my pussy, clitoris and anus to an expert loving driving me crazy and close to another orgasm. I regrettably felt him get up and soon felt a warm hard fist at the entrance of my wet convulsing pussy.

"Mr. drake, please be slow and gentle. I have never taken a cock as big as yours," I had good sense to remind Mr. Drake about his monster even in the haze of my lust for a hard cock.

"I would sweetie," Mr. Drake pushed his huge cock head smoothly but firmly inside my cunt making me gasp with feeling of fullness never felt before which soon turned into pain I had never felt before.

I bit on my lower lip as I felt each massively thick inch of Mr. Drake filling and stretching my pussy. I saw us in the large mirror behind the drink corner. I saw a huge man holding me with his large hands by my waist. I seemed to have been impaled on a thick log of wood attached to his hairy groin. I was nearly ready to cum even before Mr. Drake had even buried himself fully inside my cunt.

I heard Mr. Drake say in his soft deep voice, "Jenny, we are making too much out of the size of my cock. I need to fuck you soon," with those profound words Mr. Drake moved his hands on top of my shoulders, to pull me back towards him. He pulled back a few inches and used his muscular back and hips to bury the rest of his immensely thick cock in my cunt. I screamed in genuine pain.

"Hold on Jenny. Just the first time, just the first time," Mr. Drake murmured, good naturedly, but not overly concerned that I had screamed in pain.

I gasped with the fullness stretching my cunt. Mr. Drake stood still and ground his cock deep inside me and I exploded. I was in total submission as huge friend of my family made me cum by simply burying his cock inside me. He still had to start fucking me. I now loved Mr. Drake, whatever his age or earthy personality. I swooned as my orgasm made me even more in awe of Mr. Drake's sexual prowess.

Mr. Drake started to fuck me with slow steady thrusts as I moaned and rambled on with gibberish of, "Fuck me Mr. Drake, Your cock is so big, I am cumming," the usual phrases a girl shouts as she gets fucked silly by a huge old man with a massive steel hard cock.

All the boys were a distant memory. Mr. Drake, who by his own admission, was starved of sex, fucked for next hour without showing any sign of cumming. I had cum seven or eight times and was now whimpering my undying love for Mr. Drake and his massive cock.

I was still struggling to keep myself from falling in deep coma as my multiple orgasms debilitated my mind and body.

"Jenny, I would love to fuck your beautiful sweet ass. May I?" Mr. Drake was a gentleman. How could I say no, even if I was capable of thinking straight, and I was far from that state of mind, positioned like a mare impaled on his horse like cock?

Mr. Drake pulled out his cum soaked and placed it on my tiny anal ring. He pushed in and I pushed back trying my damned best to relax my anal ring. Suddenly his monster cock head forced open the anus and slid in eliciting a mandatory scream from my lips.

Once the sharp pain of entry subsided. The dull pain, not insignificant, was all I felt as Mr. Drake's huge cock invaded the warm depths of my rectum.

Mr. Drake started to fuck my ass as I moaned and groaned once and again.

In another half an hour I was cumming in clusters and dripping from my cunt along my thighs. Mr. Drake's hands played with my swaying large breasts, my clitoris. He teased my nipples and fucked my pussy with his two thick fingers as his rapier thick long tool ploughed in and out of my steaming rectum.

"I need to see your ass on my cock, Jenny," Mr. Drake spoke at last.

I was learning fast. Despite my prejudices old wrinkly men were capable of possessing demonic tools, fucking silly young girls with chip on their shoulder into total exhaustion and had imaginative kinks.

Mr. Drake lifted me with my hips and thighs supported on his huge palms. My back was rubbing against Mr. Drake's rough hairy chest and belly. I was literally sitting on his cock.

Mr. Drake moved towards the bathroom. We stood; rather Mr. Drake stood with me impaled on his cock, in front of a wall-to-wall mirror. My eyes bugged out as I saw my anal ring stretched around Mr. Drake's bottle thick cock. For a fleeting moment the safety of my anal ring muscles worried me but soon my mind exploded as Mr. Drake lifted me off his long thick cock until only his cock head was still inside my obscenely dilated anus and then lowered me back on it until I was sitting on the root of his cock.

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