tagIncest/TabooChloe and Daddy

Chloe and Daddy


His beautiful daughter, Chloe, settled her tight little round ass right down onto his lap making him groan. "Baby girl, what are you doing? You know you shouldn't be sitting in daddy's lap." Her full pink lower lip pouted at him. "But why, daddy? I like sitting in your lap." She giggled sweetly as she wiggled her delicious ass against him making him groan again.

"ooo...baby...because it's wrong. I'm your father and we shouldn't do things like this." His voice was rough with desire, his cock already hard and throbbing underneath her ass. The sight of her in her tiny little sleep shorts and tight tank top stretching across her big tits was incredibly hot, even if she was his daugher. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra and her plump nipples were hard sticking out against the fabric.

"mmmm but daddy...your thing is poking me already." She wiggled again squirming against his hard shaft till it was lying between the firm cheeks of her ass. "ahh...and it feels so good....don't you like that daddy?"

He grunted hands on her hips pushing his cock deeper between her firm cheeks "uhh...yeah baby...I do like that..." he moaned rocking under her, his fingers sliding up to pluck at those big ripe nipples. "but your mother should be home any minute. We might be caught." They were on the couch in the living room and would be visible the moment anyone opened the front door.

"I'll hear her car daddy and we'll have time to stop before she comes in." she turned in his lap so she was straddling him. "Don't make us stop yet daddy please..." her big green eyes stared into his pleadingly. Her new position placed her hot pussy right over his throbbing cock and she began to slide up and down his shaft just the thin material of their shorts between them.

"Ohhh god...that feels amazing, baby. But it's wrong...we shouldn't...do this..." his hands were on her tight ass cheeks squeezing and molding them in his big hands as he thrust up against her. They dry humped on the couch panting and moaning while his little girl's big tits bounced in his face. His cock throbbed; big heavy balls feeling like they are going to explode. He could feel how wet his daughter's pussy had gotten and she had a big wet spot spreading on her shorts.

"Oooo, daddy, yes! Your thing is so big and hard!" she moaned loudly humping her hips against his cock.

Just then they both heard the unmistakable sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway. They both froze in panic. Then the sound of a car door slamming shut sent them into a flurry of action. Chloe hopped off his lap curling up on the couch just a little down from him pulling a thin throw over her. He yanked one of the pillows over his lap to hide his huge erection and started to pretend to flip through channels on tv just as his wife walked through the door.

Luckily the room wasn't very bright just illumined by the tv screen and the entrance to the kitchen behind the couch where the light had been left on so it was difficult to see their faces. "Hi, honey." He said. "We already put the leftovers away but if you are hungry you could stick it in the microwave." His wife had been working late a lot recently and when she was home she barely spoke to him. He thought she was having an affair. Not that he really cared at this point the only reason he had stayed with her was for the sake of their daughter.

"Ok." Was all she said as she walked to the kitchen. What a bitch, he thought, and then his attention was caught by his sexy 18 year old daughter as she sneakily pulled the throw covering up baring her smooth toned legs. His breath caught his cock jerking as she bared herself to the waist showing that her legs were spread wide and he could see one of her hands down in her shorts slowing moving.

'Fuck' he thought 'she is rubbing her pussy with her mother just in the other room!' His own hand slid under the pillow and his shorts wrapping around the thick hot length of his shaft slowly stroking as he watched his little girl. He almost came right then when she grinned naughtily and pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side showing her pink, glistening pussy to him. Her cunt lips were bare and swollen her pink lil slit already dripping with her juices.

He licked his lips throwing a quick glance towards the kitchen. He could hear the microwave running as his wife heated up her food. He groaned unable to resist that sexy pink slit. He whispered "Watch for your mother." His little girl nodded her eyes wide looking over the back of the couch then back at him as he leaned down moving his face between her legs.

He lightly ran the tip of his tongue over her bald pussy lips quietly groaning at the sweet taste of his young daughter's cunt juices. He looked up to see her panting as she stared down at him. He whispered again "Watch the door for your mother. We don't want her to catch us doing this." She nodded jerkily "y-yes daddy" and she looked back towards the kitchen.

He settled his face between her legs his tongue sliding up and down between her swollen pussy lips before pushing between them to explore her soaked folds. His tongue wiggled up till he found her sensitive lil clit he heard his daughters muffled moans as he started to lick it. He swirled his tongue around her swollen bud then sucked it between his lips nursing and lapping at it hungrily.

Chloe's fingers sank into his hair pushing his face deeper into her pussy. His daughter rocked her hips, desperately pushing her hungry cunt against his mouth. He lapped eagerly at her pussy. His daughter's cunt tasted so good he never wanted to stop. He licked his way down and then shoved his entire thick tongue into her tight lil pussy hole. She put a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as she bucked her hips against his tongue.

He greedily tongue fucked his baby girls sweet little pink pussy fast and deep as he could drinking down her hot cunt juice. His cock was throbbing painfully hard in his hand as he gripped it. He was so fucking turned on he needed to cum so badly. His precum was soaking through his shorts as he eagerly continued tongue fucking his hot sexy daughter's cunt.

"Oohhh daddy" Chloe whispered "I'm going to cum!"

His little girl's hot cream flooded his mouth as she came and he hungrily sucked it down. He clamped down hard on the head of his cock with his hand to keep from emptying his balls from the taste of his daughter's sweet cum.

Chloe pushed at his shoulder "Daddy!" she whispered urgently "Mom is putting her dishes up!" He quickly sat up yanking the throw back down over her legs and making sure the pillow was covering up his still raging hard-on.

His wife didn't even look their way as she came out of the kitchen she just headed for the stairs. "I'm going to bed" she tossed over her shoulder as she went up.

He let out a relieved sigh his heart pounding. "Thought we were gonna get caught." he said

Chloe giggled sitting up and scooting close she slid her slender arms around his neck "mmm...Mom didn't notice a thing." she started pressing soft kisses along his ear and neck "Daddy, that felt sooo good" she breathed against his ear.

"Baby, we really shouldn't do this anymore. You're my daughter and it's wrong. Not to mention your mother would flip out if she caught us." he protested even as he let his hot baby girl pull him down next to her on the couch. "it was hot though with mom just in the next room. Right, daddy? It was so hard not to scream as you ate my pussy."

She had the throw blanket over the both of them stretched out face to face on the couch. She started squirming around and he looked down trying to figure out what she was doing. His cock gave a painful throb as he saw she was wiggling her way out of her shorts. He groaned loudly unable to help himself. They both froze as they heard a thump from upstairs. They stayed that way for a few minutes till it was obvious his wife wasn't coming back down the stairs.

He looked back at this daughter her sexy green eyes were staring right into his. "Baby girl, yo-" he started only to be cut off as her pink lips locked onto his. Her sweet little tongue darted into his mouth making him moan he wrapped an arm around her slim waist pulling her against his big hard body. He grabbed her bare ass kneading it as he pushed his throbbing dick against her naked pussy, her hot wet cunt soaked right through his shorts.

She broke off the kiss leaning back some to pull up her tank top showing her big soft tits to him. She ran her hands over them "You like my titties daddy?" she whispered. "oh god baby yes daddy loves your big beautiful titties." he moaned softly as he moved his head down sucking one fat swollen nipple into his mouth. "Ooo yes daddy! suck my titties!" his sexy daughter moaned pushing her tit into him.

His sweet little girl's hands roamed over his hard chest and flat belly pushing one small hand down into his shorts. He shoved his face deeper into her titties to muffled his load groan as her little hand found his big swollen dick. "Oh daddy! Your cock is huge!" she couldn't fit her hand all the way around the thick girth of his enormous swollen prick. "I want to see it daddy!" she whispered hotly.

He was lost in a lustful haze for his daughter. He offered no resistance as she pushed him onto his back the blanket that had been covering them was lost to the floor. His daughter crouched over him, naked but for the tank top pulled up above her tits, and he was unable to do anything but give her what she wanted as she started pulling his shorts down his hips freeing his red hot swollen dick.

It sprang free from his shorts pointing it's big purple swollen head right at his daughter's beautiful face. "Daddy! Oh my god! I've never seen a cock that big for real!" His dick was leaking precum like crazy a 10 inch pillar of flesh nearly 3 inches wide desperate for his daughter's attention. Her hands looked even smaller as she wrapped one around his massive girth the other dipping down to cup his enormous, hairy, swollen nuts.

He threw his head back clenching his teeth against the loud groans trying to escape as his baby girl started pumping his aching cock with her little hand. Her other hand massaged his tight swollen balls making more and more precum leak from his big cockhead. He started pumping his hips fucking his daughter's little soft hand.

His eyes flew back to his daughter as he felt the first touch of her tongue on his dick and he watched as she pushed her little pink tongue into his piss slit. She pulled her mass of red hair to one side her green eyes looking up into his as her tongue lapped at the head of his dick. She moaned and slowly fitted her little mouth over the massive purple cockhead. 'oh god my daughter is sucking my cock!' he thought dazedly. His mind was stunned and unable to think of anything but his hot, sexy daughter's mouth on his fat dick.

He thrust his hips up forcing more of his dick into his little girl's mouth deep grunts were escaping his tightly clenched teeth as he watched her soft pink lips stretch around his enormous monster cock. "Fuck yes baby girl suck on daddy's big dick. You like the way daddy's big cock tastes don't you" he whispered through his teeth and she nodded eagerly sucking hard on the big meat filling her little mouth.

He tried to keep his grunts and moans low as his daughter sucked greedily at his swollen cock. Her head bobbed up and down, one small hand milking his fat shaft the other working his cum filled balls. He dug his hands into the cushion of the couch his hips jerking "uhhh...baby your mouth feels so good on daddy's big dick you're gonna make me cum, little girl."

She lifted off his cock momentarily "Mmm yes daddy! I want you to cum in my mouth!" she dropped back onto his fat dick shoving her little mouth down as far it she could take it and he lost it, his hips shot up hard burying another inch down his little girl's throat as his balls tightened. The cum boiling up his aching shaft he bit his lip hard his loud yell turning into a muffled grunt as huge jets of cum shot out the head of his dick down his daughter's throat.

His thick cum filled his slutty daughter's mouth spilling out the corners and running down her chin as she tried her best to swallow the big load of her daddy's cum. He watched as his little girl sat back on her heels letting his softening cock slide from her hot mouth. She licked her lips wiping his cum from her chin and then licking her fingers clean her big tits jiggling.

He knew it was wrong but it was so fucking good. He knew he wouldn't be able to resist giving his little girl what she wanted ever again.

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