tagErotic CouplingsChloe and Mathew's First Night

Chloe and Mathew's First Night


Chloe awoke startled by the morning alarm clock. She was a 22 year old girl going to a local art institute for graphics design, she had long black hair, stood 5'11" tall only weighing 135lbs most of which stood proudly on her chest with her 32G cup breasts.

"Oh shit its 9:00, I've only got 45 minutes to get ready and get to my first class!" she said staring at her alarm clock in disbelief. "I thought I set you for 8:00 stupid alarm clock!"

She sprang from bed to get dressed in her favorite tang top, she was not afraid of showing off her ample cleavage in this tight top. She had no time to eat breakfast if she hoped to get to class on time.

After barely making it through her first class she met up with her best friend Jessica before heading to lunch, Jessica was a blonde dwarfed by Chloe only standing at 5'7" and no where as busty, she attended the same art institute in hopes of drawing manga.

"Missed breakfast today didn't you? You need to start getting up in time, starving yourself you might lose those luscious jugs of yours," Jessica said joking with Chloe.

"Oh haha Jess, its not my fault I was having so much fun playing Final Fantasy 11 I couldn't get to sleep. You want to get going to get some lunch?" Chloe asked Jessica.

"In a moment I have to go find Mathew I asked him to draw up a character for my manga, I hope he used my description though he is an amazing artist," Jessica said as they both went to find Mathew not wanting to go to lunch without the other.

"So, this Mathew who is he?" inquired Chloe.

"You don't know him? He's probably the only one on the campus that shares your taste of pants," Jessica said laughing at her.

"Don't laugh at my phat pants they look cool and you know it Jess!" she said smiling at the pants she loved so much.

"Whatever Chloe, I think I see Mathew," Jessica said looking into the art class just getting out. "Hey Mathew you finish that drawing I asked you for?"

Mathew looked extremely young for being in college, even at the of 20 he looked as young as 15, standing 5'6" tall 110lbs he had short curly brown hair wearing a plain grey short sleeve shirt and black phat pants.

"Oh hi Jess, yeah I've got it let me get it out of my back pack, I hope its to your liking," He said rummaging through his back pack.

"OH MY GOD its perfect I love it!" Jessica squealed gushing over the drawing, yet Mathew seemed not to even notice a cute blonde going crazy over something he gave her. "Oh, Mathew this is Chloe, Chloe Mathew," she said without tearing her eyes off the drawing.

Mathew looked over Chloe for a second, "Nice pants, and I thought I was the only one in the entire school wearing these," motioning to his own phat pants.

"I didn't believe Jess when she said you wore phat pants, are you a hardstyle shuffle fan?" Chloe asked him.

"Yes, how I wish I could actually shuffle but I can't move like that, my favorite artist has goto be Showtek." he answered.

"Showtek is my favorite too, and I can shuffle," Chloe said smiling at Mathew.

"Really? I would have assumed your um... breasts might get in the way of that," Mathew said seeming to try to avoid saying it.

"Well I only shuffle alone for fun," She said in a taunting manner.

Finally pulling her eyes off the drawing Jessica noticed Mathew and Chloe were getting along, "Hey Mathew why don't you join Chloe and I for lunch, you two seem to be hitting it off."

"Hmm, sure, I might as well join you two I normally eat alone," Mathew replied.

After getting their food at a local sandwich shop they found a nearby table outside and sat down to enjoy their lunches and Jessica was the first to speak up.

"Damn did you see that girl making the food?! She was fucking hot!" she exclaimed.

"You'll have to pardon Jessica, she is Bi and can NEVER keep it to herself when she thinks a girl is hot," Chloe said with a sigh.

"I actually assumed she was bi just from the drawing she requested, not to mention the way she stared at it," Mathew said rather plainly seeming not to be surprised.

"There is no way you can't say that girl was hot Mathew, unless you're gay," she said glaring at him.

"She wasn't, not to me anyway and no I'm not gay. She is simply not my type.... It is sorta complex," Mathew said in defense.

"How so?" Jessica interjected still glaring at him.

"Not many girls would date me just due to my height, most want a guy taller than them it seems but that is fine with me. Not to mention I'm passive and won't take any initiative, honestly for me I'd prefer the reverse of what most girls prefer," Mathew explained as if he were absent mindedly talking.

Jessica looked back and forth between Mathew and Chloe before she got an idea that brought a devious smile to her face, "Well.... If that is the case... what do you think of Chloe? She is a tall girl and she likes taking charge of things.

Both Chloe and Mathew seemed stunned by this statement just staring at one another, "Considering you two are both at this college for graphics design you have to have some common ground, I mean come on you two are the only ones in the entire school with those pants of yours"

Jessica seemed determined to find common ground between Chloe and Mathew, "Come on what do you like to do in your free time?! What was that game that keeps you up all night Chloe?"

"You mean Final Fantasy 11?" Chloe questioned.

Mathew stopped eating his sandwich with a surprised look, "You play Final Fantasy 11?! What is your game name?"

"You play too? I'm Venus The Warrior on there," Chloe answered.

Mathew just collapsed onto the table before looking back up and in complete disbelieve saying, "I'm Val The Puppet Master...... we play on the same team."

The next 30 minutes Chloe and Mathew were constantly recalling all their game adventures they had together amazed that they had been playing with one another for so long. Jessica sat eating happy that she had found common ground for her two Friends.

"You two make a cute couple," Jessica said interrupting their conversation causing them to both star blackly at her. "Come on you two know it, Chloe you told me before when dating those jocks you felt they were incompatible, and Mathew you said you like a more dominant woman, you two are perfect for one another."

Chloe and Mathew just smiled at one another and Chloe was the first to speak up, "Hey why don't you come over to my apartment after your afternoon classes we can have dinner and talk, I have got to know how you make those adorable puppets of yours into such viscous little machines."

"Sure that sounds like fun" Mathew answered smiling. Chloe gave him her address and he waved goodbye as he began walking to his next class.

"It seems you two have a date," Jessica said happy for her friend.

All Chloe could do is smile, "Yep, I can't believe he and I have been playing together for so long, and he is really cute."

Chloe's afternoon classes went by in no time and she was back at her apartment getting ready for Mathew to come over, she ordered pizza since she wasn't much of a cook. Her doorbell rang and she assumed the pizza was here so she rushed to answer it.

"Mathew, I wasn't expecting you to be here on time, I ordered a pizza for us, it should be here soon," she said welcoming him.

"Pizza sounds good, I recall you wanted to know about my Puppet Master didn't you?" Mathew asked her.

The next 20 minutes they talked more about their game until the doorbell finally rang with the pizza delivery boy at the door. "You ordered a pizza ma'am? That'll be $14.00. Oh is this your son?" the pizza boy said looking at Mathew.

Mathew got an irritated look and walked up to the pizza boy, "I'm 20 years old in college and I'm not her son, I don't know how you can assume a beautiful woman as young as her can have a son at her young age so why don't you leave us be and go back to your minimum wage job you hate so much and cry yourself to sleep."

The pizza boy seemed startled by this "Oh... my.... Um.... I'm sorry ma'am the pizza is free, no charge." he said stuttering before leaving.

Chloe was laughing her ass off on the couch, "That was amazing! You just got us some free pizza."

"I don't know what came over me, just him assuming I was your son ticked me off," Mathew said calmly.

Chloe managed to stop laughing, "Did you mean what you said, "a beautiful woman as young as her" Chloe said quoting Mathew.

"Yes, I meant every word." Mathew answered embarrassed.

Chloe couldn't stop smiling at Mathew, "You're so damn adorable, I can't stand it. I was wondering, why is it you chose Puppet Master to play as online?"

He seemed stumped by this question but after a moment of thought said, "I guess because I view the role of puppet and master not as master and slave but as two equals who are nothing without the other, and the puppets sorta remind me of myself... but..."

Chloe was intrigued she wanted to know what he was thinking, "What is it?" she asked.

"They remind me of myself but.... I'm like a puppet that lacks a master and can not find one worthy to fill that role. I've never told anyone that." Mathew said feeling embarrassed.

Chloe remained silent in thought for a moment, "Hmm, you think the reason you went off on that pizza boy was because what he said you took as an insult to me, and you consider me a potential master?"

"I already knew that was why, I just thought if I admitted it you would think I'm a freak" Mathew said looking away embarrassed and afraid.

Chloe sat looking at Mathew, "I don't think you're a freak, I love it, I love how you act, I love how adorable you are." she said lovingly. Mathew just seemed to be in a state of shock and just went to sit next to Chloe thinking about what she had just said. "Here I'll prove it."

Chloe leaned towards Mathew and kissing him passionately. All Mathew could do was look at her after she kissed him, "That was my first kiss." she said smiling down at him.

"Really? I thought you had boyfriends before," Mathew asked her.

"Yes I have had boyfriends before, I have had sex once but I had never kissed anyone. What about you?" she asked him

Mathew looked down at the floor, "I've kissed once before and have had sex once before, its something I wish I could take back, I wish I could have saved it... for you." Chloe got up to walk behind the couch as Mathew just stared straight ahead lost in thought.

Chloe began removing her tang top and her bra letting her huge breasts free from the restraints of her bra before snaking her arms around him and down the neck of his shirt feeling a toned chest and abs and resting her huge breasts against his head.

"I want you Mathew, I want to be your master, only loyal to one another," she whispered lustily in his ear as she began removing his shirt. "Lets head to the bedroom," she said pulling Mathew by his arm behind her.

It was dark in her bedroom hardly enough light to see the bed. As Chloe and Mathew stood near the foot of the bed she pulled him in for a long kiss, their tongues exploring each other.

"Sit down I'll get the light," Chloe said breaking the kiss and Mathew obeyed her sitting at the end of the bed. As the lights came on he finally saw her, her toned flat stomach, her slender arms, and her firm luscious breasts topped by light pink nipples begging for attention. Slowly walking towards him swaying her hips she teasingly asked, "What do you think?"

"Beautiful, absolutely amazing," is all he could muster as she walked close enough for him to reach his arms around her waist and kiss her stomach lovingly.

Chloe slowly pushed Mathew back making him lie down on the bed with his legs draped over the end.

"I could say the same about you, I didn't expect you would be this toned," Chloe said looking over the one she wanted to have as her lover for eternity. "There's no doubt you work out."

She unbuckled her pants and they easily dropped to the floor revealing her long slender legs. "Come on off with those pants," she ordered Mathew reaching for his belt and pulling them off herself leaving him only in his boxers.

They both remained still drinking in the other. "You have a condom right?" Chloe asked.

"Yes, in my wallet," Mathew said looking at his pants in a heap on the floor.

"We'll need that for later, but for right now let us get these off you." she said slipping her fingers into the waist band of his boxers and slowly pulling them off him. "My god I was not expecting this."

Lustily looking over Mathew's naked form, not a hair on his toned body and a dick lying limp reaching halfway down his legs looking as thick as her wrists and a mushroomed head, "How big are you?"

"I don't know I've never measured." Mathew answered looking up at her.

Chloe crawled onto the bed on top of Mathew kissing him once again and grinding her pussy against the limp dick she wanted to see hard.

She could feel the heat as it pulsed against her, she began to travel down his body kissing every so often and squeezing her huge soft breast against him as she went. Stopping about two inches short of Mathew's navel she felt between her breasts what could only be the bulbous head of his dick.

"My my you are quite a large one aren't you, and on your cute small frame it looks even more impressive." Chloe taunted looking directly into Mathew's eyes.

Chloe sucked the bulbous head into her mouth swirling her tongue all around it savoring its taste, she couldn't take it any deeper into her mouth without risking chocking on the head.

Lying there on her bed looking down at Chloe Mathew finally spoke up uttering only a few words, "I live to serve you my master."

Chloe's eyes went wide, her pussy began to gush, she wanted Mathew and only him like none before. With the head still in her mouth she removed her panties dripping with how wet those simple words had made her.

Plopping the tip from her mouth Chloe got off the bed reaching into Mathew's pants, finding the condom in his wallet and unwrapping it. "Well my pet lets get you suited up to serve your master."

Slipping the condom down over Mathew's dick and taking her rightful position over him with him poised to enter her dripping pussy.

She slowly fed him into her savoring the feeling as the head spread her walls open to their limit.

"OHHHHHHH, even just the head of your dick makes me tremble, I'm not stopping until I have you all the way in me Mathew!" With that she forced herself down taking him to the base, filling her completely.

Mathew stared up at Chloe, sweat forming on her outstanding breasts her back arched in pleasure "That felt amazing, I was worried it might hurt you trying for the entire thing." As he finished that sentence she started kissing him madly, a woman brought to ecstasy by the hands of her pet. He began playing with her breasts feeling her moan into him.

Sitting back up Chloe finally spoke, "I think I've adjusted to you, you fill me completely its amazing, I think I can finally start to move."

Before she could start moving her hips Mathew grabbed onto her, "Wait a moment, I want to try something." he said closing his eyes.

"What might tha...... OOOOHHHHHHHH!" Chloe screamed throwing her head back unable to finish her sentence as she felt his dick twitching inside her hitting her g-spot making her tremble as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her body.

Chloe's orgasm subsiding she stared down in question at Mathew, "If I concentrate enough I can flex the muscles at the base of my dick making it twitch." Mathew smiled answered her question knowing exactly what it was.

"You're mine for life my pet, I belong to you and you to me," Chloe said placing her hands firmly on Mathew's chest as she began to move up and down thrusting him in and out of her.

Having orgasm after orgasm Chloe collapsed onto Mathew, her huge breasts begging to be sucked he took one into his mouth bringing forth even more pleasure to his master.

Chloe looking down at him her nipple in his talented mouth suddenly gave her an idea, bringing her right hand up to her tits she lifted one breast to her mouth and started suckling her own breasts. This sent Mathew over the edge, she could feel his dick start to throb and convulse inside her, bringing her to her own orgasm.

Settling down from the intense pleasure, sweat dripping from both of them. "That was amazing, not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined something could feel so great." Chloe panted slowly raising herself off him to lie beside him. Looking at the condom she could see his dick still hard but there was no cum in it.

"What's going on I know I felt you orgasm," she said playfully stroking his still hard dick.

Mathew remained still for a few more seconds before finally answering her, "the same way I use the muscles at the base to move my dick if I do it right I can orgasm and stop any cum from coming out and it keeps me hard, it builds it up and feels even better but what I really get off on is pleasing you."

"That's amazing, you are a talented lover, and not only that but I.... I love you," Chloe said as she hugged Mathew's head in between her breasts.

"You're the most amazing woman, I'm so glad Jessica introduced us, I love you, only you, Chloe my master." With that they both passed out in each others arms.

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