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Chocolate Kisses Ch. 10



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All rights reserved, 2011

Sunday, February 14th, 1932
Valentine's Day

The sound of laughter filled James' library as he read the Sunday paper. Al Capone was now serving time at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. Should have sent him to Alcatraz, see how he'd like that.

A knock on the doorjamb caught his attention. He saw her standing in the doorway... the sight of her was enough and he put his hand down trying to keep his arousal down. She walked in and sat on his lap, bringing his erection to full attention.

With one arm around his neck, she kissed and teased him, moving against him until he started to moan. "Time for lunch, baby."

"You damn tease." He put the paper down and followed Bethany Rose back to the kitchen. Eliza had already set the table and seeing him, began to bring out the food. Egg salad sandwiches, his favorite... he knew Eliza found Catherine's notes when she had read his wife's cookbook.

He hesitated to ask how the sisters felt about living with the ghosts of his family. They eventually were comfortable wearing her clothes and every now and then, he thought he had seen them walking through the house. It was just his imagination, he was sure.

He had given both girls a pearl necklace for Valentine's Day and the creamy white spheres glowed around their dark chocolate necks.

While dinner was always an 'adult' affair, lunch usually included the children. He knew it was necessary for them to consider him as a 'parent'. More importantly, e didn't want to lose touch with them.

The children would become more interesting as they grew older and James was thinking of things he could do with them. Having a boy in the house was a new experience for him... he didn't think his daughters would resent his interest in the boy.

He expected John to arrive sometime around three. After he and John had come to terms that day at the beach, their common interests, mainly the sisters and the War, far outweighed any differences that still remained.

Over the last five weeks, John had come for dinner each night. His interest in Eliza had grown slowly, carefully since that morning coffee she had offered. He still couldn't believe how stupid he had been, joining the Klan when he did.

James made John promise to respect Eliza and never go beyond anything she was comfortable with. They usually sat in the kitchen or the living room. Thankfully, James and Bethany retreating to the library each night gave them the needed privacy to continue what became a serious two-sided courtship.

At least twice a week, he brought Eliza or 'Liza' as he was calling her now, a box of See's chocolates. The other days, he surprised her with flowers or books or small jewelry and sometimes sea shells.

James treated her quite well but she knew he would always be Bethany's lover. Even though she had flirted with the idea of sleeping with him when she first moved in, John's interest put a stop to those ideas.

'Liza', she liked that. Such an intimate changing of her name... she started cooking the foods he liked for dinner.

Whether James was acutely aware of this shift in the menu or not, he made no mention of it. Bethany, however, quickly noticed and protective of her own lover's needs, reminded her sister that James' favorite foods should be served at least every other day.

Yesterday, Eliza gave John a hand-knit scarf she had tirelessly worked on for three days, the soft blue color matching his eyes. Tonight, she had another type of gift in mind.

She knew she was falling love with him, the same entrapment that had captured Bethany Rose. It would only add a new layer of complexity to their lives but she didn't care anymore. Love is blind, they say and for once, she understood what that really meant.

"Eliza?" said Bethany, "what are you doing?"

Eliza stood next to the kitchen table, her dark hands covered in flour, her face white-streaked where she had touched herself.

"What does it look like? I'm baking bread." She pounded the dough one more time, put it into the bowl and covered it with the waiting cloth.

"I mean, about John. Where's this all going?" Bethany pulled a chair from the table and took it to the corner so she could sit out of the way.

"You! You are asking me? Jesus Christ, Bethany, how can you do that?" Bethany was uncomfortable. Eliza was right.

"You saw what happened with us. I don't want that to happen to you."

"It happens, it happens. I'm tired of being alone every day, every night. Anything else you'd like to know, little sister?"

"No. I... just don't want you to get hurt, that's all."

Eliza pulled out the turkey from the refrigerator and started washing it. "Tonight's going to be special, I hope. He's been such a gentleman, sometimes I think he's afraid of me. I don't know; maybe he's just wanting take it slow, like a real romance."

After putting some carrots and celery inside the bird, she sewed it closed, put the turkey upside down into a roasting pan and covered it with another cloth. Washing her hands at the sink, she set the oven to 400 degrees and started making the dressing. Thanksgiving in February... why not? Time to be thankful for something.

"A real romance? What do you mean? What's going on?"

"I'm not stupid, Bethany. I know we'll never be able to be a couple outside of this house, just like you must have realized that with James, why else would you have done what you did."

Bethany was silent. Only James' deep love for her had kept them together after she had broken his heart and thrown the ring away. She looked at her finger and guiltily touched the gold band shining on her dark finger.

Eliza took the turkey and put it into the oven. Setting the timer for thirty minutes, she started making the stuffing.

"Why don't you take the rolling pin and crush this toast?" she asked, taking some butter from the refrigerator.

Bethany got the pin and started smashing the bread.

"Look, Bethany, I think I'm in love with him. He must feel something for me; why else would he keep coming here each night? It couldn't just be for the free meals, could it?"

Bethany laughed. "No, he'd have left as soon as dinner was over. Besides, he keeps bringing you all those gifts. Dinner may be good but it ain't free. How much of this bread you got?"

"There's some more over there.

"Bethany, do you think things will ever change? I mean, you know?"

"I don't know, maybe. Look at what James wanted to do. He could have just left things the way they were and I would still be his mistress. Sounds a little better than..."

She rolled the pin over the bread, mashing it forcefully, taking out her frustration on the food.

"And, look at John. He used to be in the Klan, for Christ's sake. The Klan, Eliza! And, now look at him, your puppy dog, hanging onto your every word." She laughed. "You know, if we knew we had this much power, we could have owned the world."

"When you're done with that, put it into this bowl and then melt the butter. Bethany, is James good with you? I mean, he must be, you kept sleeping with him even before he asked you to marry him, or were you just doing it so we could live here?"

A more personal question she could not have posed. Was James good to her? He had treated her like a woman... no, like a queen from the first second she had stepped into the house, never mentioning anything... and in the bedroom...

"My God, Eliza," she said. "What a question." She turned to the stove to watch the melting butter.

"Answer the question, sister. Don't play all shy with me now. I've heard you two for weeks. Or, were you just play acting for him?"

"Damn! You heard us? Why didn't you say anything? Oh, this is so embarrassing. Eliza!" Bethany looked at the stove top; the butter kept melting and she absent-mindedly stirred it with the spoon.

"You still haven't answered me. Here, put these onions in there."

"I... he... he's incredible, Eliza, I can't believe it. He... oh, I can't talk about it."

"Why not? I've heard everything, already." Eliza cracked two eggs into the bowl and poured in the broth. "Well?"

"All right. He always pleasures me first and, oh, God, the things he does to me. I... take him, you know, I mean, I kiss it and then... damn, you want me to talk about this?"

"Look, little sister, there's no one here except us and the children and they're in the living room with their coloring books. And, even if they did hear us, they wouldn't understand a word, anyway. C'mon, just tell me. I...

"Bethany, I need to know what pleases a man. You know that worthless fool I had wasn't even good for a few minutes and then he was asleep. Listening to you and James... I KNEW there had to be more than I was getting. He never satisfied me even once."

Eliza continued mixing the dressing with her hands, now adding the rest of the ingredients until it became a moist jumble.

The timer rang and she reduced the heat. She looked at Bethany, waiting.

"Give me something to drink, first. I'm going to need it."

Eliza put a glass of red wine down in front of her sister. How James kept finding alcohol was a mystery to her.

Bethany drank half the glass and sat there, waiting for the wine to ease her.

"He taught me what he and his wife would do. It's amazing, the feelings you get, and loving the man you want. I would kiss his cock, you know and then I would take it into my mouth. Eventually, I could take it down my throat and he would cum, spurting down my throat. Sometimes, I'd keep it in my mouth so I could taste it. I thought, at first, it would be so nasty but, somehow, I came to enjoy it.

"And, he'd kiss and touch my pussy and oh, Eliza... it's incredible how he makes me feel and when we do it, God, it's like I died and gone to heaven.

"Your food must be really good because he doesn't seem to quit. One night, we were still... well, it was almost an hour and a half before we even took a break to..."

The timer went off again, startling both women to almost jump out of their chairs. They looked at each other and started laughing.

"Let's finish this dinner."

Ever since John started coming to the house for dinner, Eliza started wearing some of the nicer clothes James gave her.

Bethany set the dining table while Eliza talked with John in the kitchen. James was checking some of the deeds to the properties. An idea that had taken root in his subconscious was starting to grow.

Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, Giblet gravy, Mashed potatoes, Buttered onions, Spinach or another green vegetable, Cranberry relish, Celery and olives, Grapefruit salad, Plum pudding with hard sauce, Nuts and fruit, Coffee...

"Thanksgiving, in February?"

"Sure, why not, John? Sometimes, everyday is Thanksgiving... when you're here." Did she really say that out loud?

John smiled as he was taking the turkey to the table. Eliza looked prettier than ever and he knew he was getting into a very complicated situation. 'Yes,' he admitted to himself, 'I like her very much and she's been very nice to me. But, would she really want me?'

His mind had been going around and around, no matter what he felt one minute, the next he was thinking the other way. How could a woman affect him so much? What did he think was going to happen when he decided to talk to her that morning?

Eliza excused herself and went upstairs. It was now or never, she felt, entering her bedroom.

Eliza stood in her room, working quickly as she opened the bed for what she hoped would be a first night of passion with John. Unbuttoning her blouse, she removed her brassiere and left her breasts loose. Dropping her skirt to the floor, she stepped out of her panties. Swiftly redressing, she turned on the night light and was satisfied it would be bright enough for what she wanted. She put on her slippers and hurried back down to the kitchen.

Bethany immediately saw the change in her sister's clothing but said nothing. John seemed oblivious to what Eliza had done, just looking at her face. James noticed and smiled.

The two sisters were clearing the table when James and John went into the library and closed the door. They were in there for quite a while which piqued the interest of the sisters but they could not hear anything through the door. They ran back to the kitchen when they heard the chairs moving inside the room.

James understood what Eliza was hoping to do and soon John and Eliza found themselves alone in the kitchen.

Eliza began slipping the dishes into the soapy water and John picked up the towel.

The last dish finally dried and put away, Eliza went to the refrigerator and pulled out a small pineapple upside-down cake.

"I made it for you, John, special." She offered the cake to him with a smile, her white teeth shining behind her sweet, pouty lips and chocolate face. "It's sweet, like you."

As he took the plate from her, their fingers touched, sending a tingling to her heart. She couldn't understand how enamored she had become with this man, so quickly, so deeply; how she waited all day for him to arrive at dinnertime.

There wasn't anything special anyone would notice about him but for the fact he was willing to accept her, to love her as she was, a thirty-year old colored woman with three children and no husband.

"Eliza, I don't know what to say. Thank you... that was most kind of you. Thank you."

What seemed a small gesture was the final deciding moment for him. He had spent all of his adult life alone after the War, wandering from one town to the next, one job to the next until finally, El Segundo. Here, he found a place to stay, a place to live and now, a place to love someone.

He managed to smile but she could see he was starting to cry. How was that possible? An American Marine, war veteran, so emotional that he's crying?

"What's the matter, John? Please, don't cry." She put a finger to his face to wipe the tear away. "It's only a..."

He set the cake down on the kitchen table, took her in his arms and kissed her, gently, carefully and then with greater passion. His hands held her tightly and she could feel his chest pressing against her breasts, his hands now cupping her cheeks and then the burning hardness of his erection.

Eliza's breathing quickened as it thrust between her thighs, only the thin cloth of her dress and his trousers keeping them apart.

Her hand came down and touched it. It felt like a long, hard cucumber. It twitched as she moved her hand along its length.

"Eliza..." John gasped. "Don't... you're going to make me..." She could feel it spasm under her fingers three, no four times and a hot dampness touched her skin.

His face was red, whether from a sense of awkwardness or exertion, she could not tell but she held his head down to hers and slipped her tongue past his lips and into his mouth.

His hands pulled her tighter to him, caressing, squeezing, and almost pinching. She gave in to the fire building deep within her and crushed herself as hard as she could to him.

"John," she whispered, "come with me to bed." He looked at the cake resting on the table and picked it up. She took his hand and led him up the stairs to the door of her room. She had taken him this far; she wasn't going to stop now.

"John, before you come in, I want you know that I want you. I know it's crazy but I've fallen in love with you. It's been almost two-and-a-half years since I've... you know..."

Whatever Eliza was going to say was smothered as he kissed her, gave her the cake and picking her up, carried her into the room.

Holding her in his arms, John continued to kiss her as he looked around the room and seeing the dresser in the faint light, took her there to put the cake down.

Gently, he laid her down on the sheets, wondering for just a single moment why the bed was already open. As he knelt by the side of the bed that thought quickly disappeared from his mind. His hands moved over her blouse, feeling her breasts through the cloth, smoothing over the flatness of her stomach, tracing the soft curve of her thighs through her skirt. He was overwhelmed by what she wanted him to do, what she wanted to do, what they would do together.

He started to unbutton the top of her dress, but Eliza stopped him; she wanted to do it herself, to give herself willingly. Her hands rapidly moved down the front of the blouse and she pulled it open, exposing her breasts to him, her dark chocolate nipples standing proud.

John began to focus all his energy making her feel as wonderful as possible and he touched her with his lips and tongue. As he licked her nipple, she began to moan softly and as she rocked from side to side her fingers squeezed the other one.

He took her motions as encouragement and began to focus all his energy on making her feel as good as possible with his lips and tongue, bringing his fingers up to help after a few minutes.

"Take my skirt..." she could barely speak, her body acting on its own.

He fumbled with the zipper, his fingers shaking too much to grab the tab and move the slider down. She moved his hand and pulled it open herself; lifting herself from the bed, she pulled the skirt away and kicked it off.

Taking his hand, she brought it to the lips of her pussy and said, "Touch me."

Even though he had been with women over the years, none had ever interested him as a person and several, he was ashamed to admit, he had paid for their time. None of them excited him like Eliza.

Eliza was dripping wet and when John slid his finger into her, she felt perfectly complete. The sensation sent her thighs into a series of shakes and shudders that she could not control.

With his fingers deep within her and his thumb gently touching her clit, she moved her hips against his hand, seeking to swallow it up.

"John, kiss me there, kiss me." Even as she was finding herself moving toward her first orgasm with a man, she remembered enough of what Bethany had said to tell him what she wanted.

She opened her legs and as he moved between, wetting his lips and licking the sides of her inner thighs, he moved closer and closer. Her hips began thrusting up against his face, her hand frantically pulling his head to her, her legs crossing over his back, trapping him within her almost volcanic heat. He felt rather than heard her moans, so tightly did she have him crushed between her thighs.

His lips licking, his mouth sucking, her clit throbbing, her mouth moaning...

The tip of his tongue, seeking the sweetness of her coming orgasm, was enough to push her over the cliff and fall into a screaming canyon of pleasure.

Her hands seized the bed sheet, pulling it loose from the bed; her body starting to bounce off the bed, her hands gripping his head, pulling his hair, making him see stars in the dim light of the room.

"Ahhhhhhhh," she began as the magic moved from between her thighs straight to her mind, her heart, her soul and she screamed again. "OOOOOOOOO!!! OH, SWEET JESUS, OH, GOD, OH!!!"

While John was pleased that he could bring her to such heights of ecstasy, he was amazed at the hunger that she now had.

Without even thinking, Eliza's back arched upward and as her feet pushed against the bed, she forced herself harder against his face until she finally lost all control, the orgasm flooding through her once, again and then again even as he continued to move his mouth on her, his hands gripping her cheeks as hard as he could without hurting her.

Breath gasping, face and neck burning, body trembling, hips leaping off the bed...

"Huh, huh, huh..." breathing finally calming, eyes fluttering, opening...

Eliza looked past her stomach to John, totally mesmerized by her uninhibited lust and still trapped between her thighs.

"What... what did you do to me?" Her hand moved to his head and tousled his hair.

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