tagErotic PoetryChocolate Lover's Delight

Chocolate Lover's Delight


I walk to the kitchen, to take out what I need,
Wanting all to be perfect for the coming night.
My man will be in for quite a surprise, he will see..
For he will be my hot chocolate lover's Delight.

Smiling secretly, my eyes softening to a catlike grin
I seem to purr from the inside, thinking of my desert on him.
I look down at my fingers, full of chocolate..I like them...
Thinking of those chocolate covered fingers on his abdomen.

Washing the dish used to make this desert,
Humming softly for the coming night
When my man will arrive, not knowing what awaits him,
He will be under my spell, and straddled under me tonight.

As I hear him enter the house, I walk to him and hug him.
Used to my fiery and spontaneous nature, he is so unsuspecting,
Of what I have planned and craved for so very long...
I begin to feel anticipation as he plays with my leather thong

I feed him dinner, and run his bath, wanting all just right.
I hear him humm softly as he shaves,
In the room I slip on my white satin nighty,
Snapping on my silk nylons and garters, awaiting my sweetie.

I place the bowl of chocolate pudding next to the bed,
As my hourglass figure is viewed on its side.
I have a feline smile on my ripe pink lips,
As I watch my man near the bedroom and step inside.

He stops in his tracks, and I motion for him to lay down.
Watching his ebony body slide down next to me..
He reaches over to cover me, but I intruct him on his back.
I tenderly move over him, my tongue tracing his lips..so sweet.

I take his robe off, smelling his essence..his manliness.
My breath rushes from me, as I gaze at his delightfullness.
I reach for the bowl of chocolate, my finger swirling inside,
I watch his eyes as I slip my chocolate coated finger between my lips.

He slowly suckles my finger, his eyes watching mine,
I dip my finger into the bowl and run my finger over his chest,
Then down his abdomen, licking my way down to the right,
Making my man..a..mmmmm..Chocolate Lover's Delight.

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