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Chocolate Loving


Chocolate drips down my chin to land on my bare breasts for you to lick off. The strawberries lay in wait for our enjoyment later, along with some champagne. You dip your head and lick some of the chocolate from my nipple, where it had dripped from my chin. I tip my head back and close my eyes, savoring the feeling of your tongue slipping over my heated flesh. You pick up the bottle of chocolate sauce and drip it onto my tummy and let it run down between my legs before licking it all off.

You scoop some whipped cream from the bowl by the strawberries and spread it on my pussy. You press back on my shoulders and I lay down, my hair spread out on the pillow. You lay between my legs and your tongue sweeps over my chocolate & whipped cream covered pussy. I moan and you do it again, several times, licking off all the sweets before plunging into my moistness and tasting my own tangy sweetness.

You growl as the flavors all mingle in your mouth. Your fingers slip inside me and begin to stroke me, building the flames of passion higher and higher until the dam bursts and my love juice starts flowing out of me, covering your fingers and tongue. You move up my body, kissing and licking as you go. You kiss me deeply as your hard throbbing cock slips into my hot wet pussy in one stroke. I gasp softly at the fullness as you stay still for a couple of minutes, allowing me to adjust to the feeling.

You start moving in me slowly at first, igniting the flame of desire again. You start to move faster and deeper, almost pulling out completely before slipping back in to the hilt, your balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. Moments later, you feel my muscles contract around your cock as the orgasm hits. You pull out quickly and move to kneel by my head. I turn my head and take your cock into my mouth, sucking hungrily on it.

I can taste my juices as well as the chocolate and whipped cream on your skin. My hand slips up and down your thigh, and then around to squeeze your ass cheek. My other hand strokes your cock and cups your balls, massaging them lightly as I suck your cock. Within five minutes, I feel your ball sack start to tighten and I know that you will be cumming soon. I start to suck harder, coaxing forth your yummy cream. Seconds later, your cock starts to throb as I feel the first stream of cum shooting into my mouth. I swallow it and suck greedily, pulling forth every drop of your creamy goodness.

After you stop cumming, you lay on the bed beside me, pour us each a glass of champagne, and place the plate of strawberries on the bed between us. You put the bowl of whipped cream there too. You pick up a berry and dip it in the whipped cream, then feed it to me. I feed you a berry too. We drink the champagne and snack on the berries. You put the glasses, plate and bowl on the table by the bed, then we get under the blankets and relax in each other's arms, smiling, happy and in love.

A short while later, I'm feeling frisky again, so I pick up the dish of chocolate syrup and dip my fingers into it, scooping up some of the brown sticky sauce. I smear it all over your now limp cock and your drooping balls. I feel your cock start to harden under my fingers and I look at you and smile. I can tell from the look in your eyes that you are really enjoying my attentions, even though you had just cum a few moments before. I cover your cock with chocolate, then I scoop some whipped cream from the other bowl and spread that all over you as well.

I pick up the last 2 strawberries and bite off the stems. I squeeze the berries in my hand, turning them into a juicy pulp that drips out between my fingers. It drips onto your cock and balls. I move my sticky hand to your mouth and you lick and suck the berry from my fingers and palm. After you do that, I lean down and start to lick your cock, swiping my tongue over every inch of it, and bathing your balls to remove the sweetness of the chocolate and whipped cream and crushed berries.

I take the whole length of your now rock-hard cock into my mouth and suck it really hard, licking and caressing it with my tongue. Within moments, I have it all clean of the chocolate, cream and berries, and I feel you getting close to cumming. I start to suck and stroke you faster, taking you as far into my hot wet mouth as I can, and within a couple minutes, I feel the first jets of your hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. I suck harder and stronger, coaxing forth every drop of that yummy love juice. I swallow it all, then I release your cock with a popping sound.

I get a wet wash cloth from the bedside table and we wash each other clean, then you take all the dishes from the bed and put them on the table. We get back in bed and just lay there snuggling and relaxing after those mind-blowing orgasms we gave each other.

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