Chocolates for a Scorpion


Scarlet Sting leaned back and tilted her head to one side, as if seeing him for the first time. She nibbled her lower lip and then smiled slowly. "I did like it." This was crazy. This was...God, was she really about to do this? She held the box out to him, "Your turn, Prowl."

The hero pulled his gloves off, tossing them on top of a stack of twenty dollar bills two feet high, flexing his now bare fingers. That was better, but he still felt so damn hot! All the same, this felt like it might be going too far. She was his enemy, and was younger than him, he shouldn't feel this way. But he did. There was no denying it. He wanted whatever this was that was happening between them. He took another salty caramel from the box and held it out to her.

"Want to give me something salty?" Her smirk was devastating as she leaned forward with smoldering eyes and parted her lips, taking the offered item from his fingers with her long, clever tongue and then wrapping her lips around the tips of his outheld fingers. Oh, this was so bad! She cooed and looked up at him with half lidded eyes as she sucked lightly on his digits for a full five seconds. He shuddered and bit back a moan and she could see the bulge in his costume actually getting bigger, starting to snake down one of the legs. Hell, that really was all him. And she was doing that to all of that him. "Mmm." She leaned back, chewing more quickly, as much as she loved the caramels. She didn't want to lose the moment or let his morals interject themselves. "That was good." She was breathing faster herself and knew he was noticing how her breasts swelled with each breath. "You look hot, Prowl. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to take off a little more. You have such a great body, and I've always wondered..."

"The suit," he said softly, "Scarlet, it's all one piece, if I-"

"I want to see," she interrupted. And she did. Fuck, did she ever! He might be the one with fuck-me toxin in his blood but damn if she wasn't getting just as turned on! "Show me all you've got, hero."

He groaned at her words; so sweet and sexual, so full of honest lust and tinged with amusement. He felt used and manipulated somehow but also eager. She wanted this. It was a heady thing to see the desire in her eyes, and more importantly, to smell it on her. That was much, much harder to fake. Her whole body was sending off signals of arousal and want, most of all that rich, tangy scent that was coming ever stronger from between her legs. Prowl growled and reached up to the high neck of his costume, fingers finding the hidden catch and undoing it. He looked down at his longtime enemy and peeled the suit open and off of his chest, his shoulders, pulling his arms free and then continuing to take it down, down, his long, lean body.

"Oh, Prowl, baby," she breathed. Her eyes were eager and appreciative. "I should've seduced you last year." God, he was fucking hot! His body was all tight and hard muscle, defined but not bulging, agile and wiry. His skin was smooth and rippled over his powerful body as he exposed more and more of himself to her hungry eyes. A firm, clear six pack, strong side muscles and, oh. She caught her lower lip in her teeth as the garment began to pull away from his crotch. The moment of truth! The body hugging garment was reinforced there, she noted as he pulled it away, but then it was gone and she jerked her head back as his throbbing, engorged manhood bounced out of its constraints and into the air. "Holy huge dick!"

She'd seen her share of men's private parts and she loved each one. Scarlet Sting was a girl who liked her some dick but this was just better. He was long, easily ten inches and maybe even more as his rod seemed to swell and stiffen further before her eyes now that it was free, and as thick as her wrist, the head even larger. His shaft was veiny and proud, pulsing with life and want. His sack hung low, his balls clear, heavy with seed. Not a hair was to be seen on his dick or his testicles. A musky, masculine smell that was wild seemed to come off of him, filling her nose and sending a fresh surge of want to her pussy. "God, now that's a cock," she said, her tone and expression admiring. "How the hell do you not have half the super heroines in the world coming after you? ...And how do you fucking do all that acrobatic shit with that monster?"

He was proud of his body and his penis but there was always tension in revealing his body to a lover. Her reaction was everything he could want. Prowl grinned and shrugged, "It's not like I show it off all the time. Besides, they all get hit on enough, you know?"

"Well don't show them. Ever." She reached out and ran the fingers of one gloved hand along his length, drawing a long, hissing sigh from him. Scarlet Sting grinned and ran a finger over the tip, collecting the bead of pre-cum that leaked from his slit and then licking it off, shivering. The younger villain leaned back on the table and pointed down with one hand, spinning her finger in a circle. "Come on, all of it. I've wanted to see that ass for years."

He laughed, "So it is on purpose when you do that. I always wondered." Prowl knelt for a few moments first, undoing his boots enough to pull his feet from them and then tug his bodysuit down his legs. He rose and stepped out of it and then turned away from her, raising his arms behind his head and pushing his butt towards her just a bit.

"Damn!" Oh, it looked just as good as she thought it would! Grinning she reached out to grope his ass, each hand cupping and fondling a cheek. "Ohhh, feels even better than through your costume." Warm, hard, muscular, mm! Perfect! She squeezed and giggled, "I'm surprised Rampart hasn't made a pass with an ass like this." She pulled her right hand back and gave it a slap. "Oh, soo nice!"

He started at the slap but his cock twitched. He really shouldn't like that, but he'd be damned if he didn't! "Scarlet, maybe you shouldn't-ah!" She grinned up at him, having slapped his ass again even harder. "You like it, don't play coy. Never thought I'd see you like this."

"Neither did I." He never would have thought it could happen. But he was glad it had, mad and sudden as it was. He turned and stepped into her, the nineteen year old leaning back and lifting her face as he bent down. Their lips met and she let out a happy little whimper as his strong arms encircled her; pressing her lush body against his strong hardness and bodily up off the table she'd been sitting on. Her lips were soft, shockingly hot, and the taste of chocolate and caramel lingered on them. She arched her back and he groaned as he felt her plush breasts pillow on his chest, his hungry manhood rubbing against her bare stomach and leaving a faint glimmering smear of pre-ejaculate. Fuck, he could kiss! She felt almost light headed as their lips embraced again and again. She shivered as she felt his tongue trace over her mouth and opened to him with a faint moan. His tongue entered her, tasting her deeply, not just the dregs of the chocolates but that taste that was uniquely her. His hands slid down her back and then she cooed into the deep kiss as one caressed her ass. Then she stiffened, drawing in a breath as the other stroked up her tail with the same tender, adoring touch. Her eyes were shocked and she felt as though her heart were swelling.

No one ever touched her there. Not ever; they were all scared, or repulsed, but he was touching it so willingly, and so gently, like he liked it. It wasn't particularly sensitive, really, but it was never touched, even much by her, and to have him caress it like that... She broke the kiss to bury her face in his neck, her shoulders shaking as she fought back sudden tears. She'd wanted someone to embrace her, look past her mutation, and she'd found it in her enemy. God had a sick sense of humor. Prowl kissed her ear, brushing the lobe with his lips, "Scarlet, are you all right?" His hands still moved with that same careful, gentle motion, stroking her segmented scorpion's tail and her ass at once. He could smell the salty tears, feel their wet warmth on his skin, feel the faint trembles rippling through her. "I'll stop if you want."

"No," she answered, her voice soaked with amazement. "I just never thought that anyone would...just keep going, please. I'm fine. I'm way fucking better than fine." Her eyes were shining as she lifted her head, the tracks of a few tears visible on her cheeks for a moment before she kissed him with hard, fervent passion. Her hands slid up to tangle in his hair, their bodies mashed together with force that would crack bones in lesser beings. After a few brief, eternal, searing seconds, her hands moved to his shoulders and pushed gently. Prowl took the hint and stepped back, breathing heavy, golden eyes bright. Scarlet Sting licked her lips and lifted her hands to the collar of her halter top. "You've wanted to see these for years, hero, so feast your eyes...and anything else you want to." She undid the fastenings and then jerked her arms down and away, pulling the top undone and off in one motion. Her tits bounced free and she arched her back as she let her top fall from her hand to the rose petal strewn floor.

"God in Heaven." They were glorious. He loved them big and hers were that, high, pert, standing proudly with no hint of sag despite their size. Their curve was alluring and exquisitely sexy; her areolae and stiff nipples the same rosy pink as her lips. His gaze was reverent and lustful at once, worshiping her exposed bosom with his eyes. "Scarlet, you're...I don't even have words."

She chuckled, "Then show me." She gasped then as he dipped her backwards and leaned down, his face dropping to one magnificent breast and his lips pressing to it. "Oh!" He started to kiss and lick, exploring every inch of plush flesh, tongue tracing her curves, slipping over cleavage. "Ohhh, Prowl! That's a good boy, show me how much you love my tits." She crowed as he took her action in response, his worship of her tits growing more eager, more fervent. He moved from one to the other, making love to her breasts with that hot, talented mouth; his tongue cunning, long, and wide, licking sensitive nipple and titflesh like she'd never experienced.

All the while, his hands still moved. They'd switched positions, the one fondling and kneading her ass and the other stroking and pumping her tail as if it were a gigantic cock itself. It even kind of felt like it to her; each stroke sending a surprising amount of pleasure through her and right to her cunt as if the two were connected by a cord. She kicked one leg until her boot flew violently off and then raised her leg to run it over his to move between, gently rubbing his hot, heavy sack with the top of her foot. He groaned into her tits, opening wide and sucking a nipple into his mouth, making her yelp with delight. "Oh, fuck! Suck my tits, that's good," she moaned.

Scarlet Sting slid her left hand down between them and chuckled as he let out a cry into her tit when her hand grabbed the head of his dick and swirled her palm over it. She shifted her hand lower, wrapping around his shaft as best she could, her fingers unable to meet around his girth and starting to pump him as he switched to suckle at her other breast. Fuck, he was big. She slid her hand up and down as much of his length as she could reach. He felt so alive and vital, so strong.

He lifted his face from her breast and kissed up to the joining of her collarbones, to the base of her neck, up the graceful curve to nibble at her ear, "Scarlet, your hand feels so good," he breathed. "More, beautiful, please." She chuckled, "You got it, Prowl. Step back just a little, baby, and I'll blow your mind. Among other things." He laughed throatily and did as she asked, taking two steps back so she could move forward away from the long metal table to give them both more room. Her lush tits heaved as she looked up at him, smiling, and licked her lips. "First thing though. I'm the one feeling hot now." She untied the sash from her waist and giggled before reaching out to run one end of the fabric over his chest, then draped it over his rock hard cock. He winked at her and reached down to grip it, starting to stroke his manhood with her sash. She looked at him with a delightfully shocked expression, "Oh, you bad boy! I like." Scarlet Sting kicked her remaining boot off in the general direction of the other one and then undid the snap of her trousers. "Ready to see Heaven, hero?" "I can already smell it, even taste it." He answered, nostrils flaring a bit as he breathed deep of the smell of her arousal; her wet sex clear to his superhuman sense of smell despite being covered.

"Heroes these days! So dirty! What's the world coming to?" She grinned as she said it and then slid her trousers down those long, supple legs, her panties going with them. Her legs were toned and ripe, perfectly clear of hair. Her pussy was a pretty, pink gash that was sopping wet already, glistening in the faint lights of the vault. She was mostly bare there also, just a carefully trimmed and shaped wedge of green pubic hair above her slit.

"Says the barely legal villain stripping down for me," he answered with a matching grin. God, that smell! It was intoxicating. So uniquely her own and yet still clearly that of pussy. Strong, rich, earthy, yet with an oddly fresh aroma mingled in.

"Doing a lot more than that." She licked her lips and reached out, running her hands over his chest. Her eyes met his, wanting to be sure she saw his expression when he realized what she was about to do. Scarlet Sting sank down and his eyes went wide, hope and anticipation shining in them, his lips parting slightly. Her smile was wicked as she knelt before him, winked, and then lowered her gaze. His cock hung in front of her face, only inches away. She breathed out on it and heard his sudden intake of breath. "I always thought you must have a pair of socks shoved in here, you know. I've never been happier to be wrong."

Her breath grew warmer on his dick and then he groaned out as her lips caressed the head. "Oh, fuck," he gasped as her tongue slithered out and over the bulbous crown, licking it clean of his hot pre. She leaned in and ran that hot tongue down the right side of his shaft, leaving a glistening trail behind, and then back up underneath, pressing the flat of her tongue to the sensitive vein. "Oh, Scarlet! Shit, that feels incredible!"

She chuckled and then opened wide, a muffled, half formed gulp sounding as the green haired young super villain took his head and the first inch or so of his cock into her wet, warm mouth. "Gah! Oh, ohhhh, fuck!" He looked down at her, a hand running over her head, taking gentle but firm hold of her braid. "That's it, sweetheart, suck that cock."

She purred around his meat. Oh, she loved him talking dirty like that! Her lips were sealed tight around his thickness, stretched about it so much that there was a thin trail of saliva from the corners of her mouth. The busty teen slid her face down, slipping more of him into her. His head brushed against the back of her throat and she felt him start to draw back. Scarlet Sting looked up at him with twinkling eyes and her eyelids then fluttered as she relaxed her throat and pushed again, letting the large head slip past and down into her further. This was the biggest she'd ever had...but she had some serious skills and she was going to show him. He'd never forget this, she promised herself. "Fucking hell!" He shuddered as pleasure rocked him, rippled out from his cock through his body, as he watched inch after inch slide between those pretty pink lips and into her throat. "Scarlet, amazing, never, fuck, never had anyone take so much!" The vibrations of her answering growl sent another wave of pleasure through him; she seemed to take his words as a challenge, slowly sinking more and more of his pillar into her. Her eyes closed as she felt her neck bulging slightly with his thickness and fucking loving it. He was so deep in her it was insane! "Almost there, sweetheart, ahhh, fuck! That's...ghhn!" He gasped as his balls brushed her spit slicked chin. "Oh, fuck, Scarlet, baby, you it all. Every last inch, you magnificent cocksucker! I've never felt, uhh, anything like this!"

The corners of her lips twitched up but she wasted no time on gloating. She pulled back, making him groan as inches of manmeat slid between her lips, a layer of her spit gleaming on his shaft. Scarlet Sting went back about halfway, then swallowed him up to the hilt again. Another slow withdraw and then back down with the same pace. She opened her eyes to look at his blissful face and felt a surge of naughty pride. "The best, Scarlet," he said, meeting her gaze, "The best I've ever had." She fluttered her tongue on the underside of his dick and then started to move faster, to pump her head up and down on his cock over and over and over again. Her tail swung around to butt against his ass, rubbing the head of it over his cheeks as her head flew faster and faster on his rod. His breathing grew more ragged, more rapid, her hands reached up to cup and cradle his balls, rolling her fingers over them. "God! Scarlet, sweetheart, I'm close!" He wanted to give her plenty of warning, his testicles tightening and starting to feel as if they were swelling. She pulled back to drive her mouth up and down the front half of his cock with piston speed, one hand moving from his balls to grab the spit lubed shaft and stroke it with the same mad pace. Faster, faster, frantically faster, her mouth still sealed tight around his dick! "Scarlet!" His eyes closed and he felt the pressure in his balls burst, "Cumming!" His hips started to rock, and each motion, each word brought a throb from his cock and a burst of sticky, ropey, gooey jizz. "Cumming you fantastic cock sucker! You glorious, perfect, sexy, girl!"

She grabbed hold of his ass with both hands and held his head in her mouth, catching his spunk as he fired it into her. Her throat worked, swallowing mouthfuls of salty joy; the taste was different than any guy she'd had before, somehow wild and refreshing without the sour bitterness cum often had. On a wicked impulse she let the head pop out of her mouth and closed her eyes, tipping her face up as he spurted jets of cum. Hot, greasy streaks lanced over her cheeks, onto her chin, then lower to leave white tracks on the slopes of her huge, heaving tits. His cock gave one last throb and she smiled, opening her eyes to smile up at him. His essence streaked the lower half of her face like some primal warpaint. "Damn right I'm the best you've ever had, hero. Or ever will." She licked her lips, catching more of his cream. "God, you came like crazy!"

He chuckled, feeling magnificent and weak all at once. "I've been kind of saving up. Fuck, that was great. And are amazing. You look so God damn sexy right now." Prowl reached down and drew her to her feet, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. She made a surprised squeal then purred as he deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding into her. He tasted himself on her lips, in her mouth, and felt his cum smearing over his skin as their bodies pressed together and he didn't give a damn. It actually made it all sexier, somehow.

The kiss broke and they looked into one another's eyes, smiling. Scarlet Sting lifted a finger to push a strand of cum across her cheek and into her mouth. "Mmm, I like your cum, baby. I want more of it."

"Do you?"

"Yesss, I want it, and I want it deep in my hot, tight, young pussy."

Fuck, she was unreal! He grinned, "Good thing, because that's where it's going."

She giggled and threw her arms around his neck, pulling herself against him for another blistering kiss. Then she hopped back and looked around, "Hey, hold on a second! I've always wanted this, just wait while I get things ready!"

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