tagNovels and NovellasChoices Ch. 01

Choices Ch. 01


I was finishing reading Bobby his bedtime story so I didn't see the dark green sedan as it pulled to the curb and stopped. I was just starting to descend the stairs when the doorbell rang. I saw the major in Class A's when I opened the door. As I noticed the Chaplain insignia on the other officer, I knew why they were there.

I had met Kathy when I was a senior at the University of Texas. Some buddies and I had gone to San Antonio for the weekend. Kathy was taking her Army Nurse training at Fort Sam Houston, but on Friday nights the class of nurses frequented the River Walk and its accompanying restaurants and bars.

I asked her to dance and then I bought her a drink. That drink stretched into several hours of talk and an agreement to meet the next afternoon. I couldn't believe how wonderful it was to spend time with her but that evening ended with just one brief kiss. On Saturday, I dumped my buddies and spent all afternoon and evening with Kathy. We explored the Alamo and cruised on the river, but the deepest explorations were of each other's personalities.

Kathy had graduated from the University of Tennessee -- Chattanooga School of Nursing. She had volunteered for the Army hoping to travel some before settling down. She was surprised to find that I was already in the Army. After two years at a community college near my home in South Carolina, I had enlisted to figure out what I wanted to do and to travel also. Three years into my enlistment, my battalion commander had counseled me to take advantage of a program offered by the Army that would pay my tuition and book fees while continuing to pay my full salary and benefits. I would spend two years at any college where I was accepted to complete my degree. Then I would be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and serve another five years as an officer.

We dated each weekend, playing tourist all over eastern Texas. The very first weekend the Hill Country and its wineries provided the backdrop for the beginnings of our passionate sex life. All too soon Kathy finished her training. She requested and got an initial assignment at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. I still had four months until graduation, but I would be assigned to Fort Benning for almost a year of training.

We talked almost nightly on the phone. On President's Day weekend, Kathy was able to fly out to Austin. Spring Break I drove to Columbus and picked her up for a week in Florida.

Kathy flew back to Austin for my graduation. At my commissioning ceremony after graduation, Kathy pinned on one of my bars and my mother pinned on the other. After a night of social celebrating, but no bedtime, we put my parents on a plane back to South Carolina. Then Kathy and I loaded up my car with the stuff I hadn't had the Army ship to Fort Benning. With fourteen hours of driving ahead of us, we planned to stop overnight in Louisiana and drive into Columbus the next day.

We were on that flat coastal plain east of Houston, the left lane of I-10 spinning under the tires, when Kathy got frisky. She leaned over and began to stroke my cock through my slacks.

"If you keep doing that, we'll have to stop for me to change my slacks."

"I want to make sure you stay alert, and the best way is by making sure Mr. Johnson stays up, er, awake."

"I don't want to be a Lert. I want to be a Fucker with you, the Fuckee."

"I want that, too, but we can't while you're driving. Maybe around Lafayette, Louisiana," she said, looking at the map.

"In the meantime, I'll try something else." Her slender fingers began to move buttons out of buttonholes.

"How's that?" Her yellow blouse had parted to reveal the front clasp of her yellow bra set off beautifully by a strip of her deeply tanned skin exposed all the way down to her shorts.

"Veeeerrrry interesting. But somewhat conservative, don'cha think? I could see a lot more than that at a pubic, excuse me, public beach."

"But getting there is half the fun. You're not going to drop me beside the road any time soon, are you?"

"Is that Elle McPherson hitchhiking up there?"

"You like hers better than these?" I looked over to see that the bra clasp was undone. The tanned area on view had expanded to show her tight abs and most of those luscious mounds that I loved to love, but the naughty bits were still hidden.

"No tan lines? Who's been watching you lay out? Who's seen my peach's peaches?"

"Well, Kay (her apartment mate) sees them a lot. I don't think she notices though, I hope. And there's that cute guy that lives above us. And, gee, on Saturdays at the pool there's all these people --" She burst out laughing at my expression.

"You should see your face! Haven't you heard of tanning beds? You can't go out the day the pool opens with a bleached body."

I looked over at her when she leaned back against the door. Now one of those peaches and its very erect stem was showing off and making my mouth water.

"I do declare, Rhett," Kathy began in her best Scarlett O'Hara accent, "it's just too hot in Texas for little ol' me." She began flapping her blouse to fan herself. Of course, this was just more teasing on Mr. Johnson.

"Be careful. That bra clasp might scratch your skin." We both knew the plastic clip had zero chance of scratching her. "Maybe you ought to take it off."

I was hoping that Kathy would take the blouse off and then take off the bra off. Instead, she did that contortionist routine that all women know. The bra ended up in the back seat. When she leaned back on the door again, only a narrow, vertical column of flesh was showing down her chest.

"The clouds are hiding the sun."

"Aw, is snookums missing something? If snookums asks nicely, maybe the sun will shine again." Teasing the mind is worse than teasing the flesh.

"I thought you were hot?"

"Don't you think I'm hot?" she asked.

"Babe, you're the hottest woman I've ever known."

"Do tell."

"You're so hot that my brain turns into a puddle when I look at you. You're so hot that your touch causes my skin to burn. You're so hot that Mr. Johnson engorges at the mere thought of your lips on mine."

"A little flattery will get you a long way." She pulled her blouse open and off her shoulders reclined against the door. She put one foot against my thigh and rubbed it lightly.

Hhhnnnnnkkkkk! Hhhnnnnnkkkkk! Hhhnnnnnkkkkk!

The air horn made both Kathy and I jump. I hadn't noticed that we were right beside the cab of an eighteen-wheeler, but the driver had noticed us, or more specifically Kathy. We both laughed. I started to speed up to pass him.

"Wait. He's already seen me. Let's give him a little show." She rolled down her window as I matched the truck's speed. She knelt beside the door and framed her boobs in the open window.

Hhhnnnnnkkkkk! Hhhnnnnnkkkkk! Hhhnnnnnkkkkk!

"OK. He'll be alert for a while, too." She ducked back in the seat and pulled her blouse together as I hit the accelerator.

"Take your last look ... for awhile." She flashed me then buttoned one button of her blouse and turned forward.

She left that single button done up for the rest of the day until we settled in for the night. Her charms swayed back and forth, but even during our driving breaks she didn't cover up any more. She didn't show anything as far as I know, but some of the guys at our driving breaks tried to burn off that button with their Superman gaze.

We dated for three months after I settled in at Fort Benning. The joy that I felt in her presence confirmed the feelings which had begun to grow in Texas. I knew she was my life mate, destined to grow old with me. I popped the question and we scheduled the wedding six weeks after I was to finish my Ranger training.

As the wedding date approached, we were given showers both in Columbus and in Kathy's home of Monteagle, Tennessee. Impromptu parties sprung up anytime wedding gifts arrived and needed to be opened. On one such occasion the men in my platoon chipped in for a wedding present, a large serving bowl, and then filled it with condoms before wrapping it. They delivered it directly to the apartment Kathy shared with another nurse.

"Jack! You've got to come over so we can open this present." She had met most of the platoon members and liked them. She liked anyone who seemed to like her future husband.

I was preparing an operations order for presentation the next day and couldn't leave immediately. By the time I got there, a small crowd had gathered: Kathy, her roommate, two other nurses, three single girls from the same complex and three miscellaneous boyfriends. Two other gifts had shown up and plenty of alcohol was flowing.

The other two presents were opened first. Both were conventional choices of stainless steel flatware. Kathy guessed the platoon's present was a serving bowl as she unwrapped it, but several pieces of tissue paper had been laid across the top and then taped to the underside.

"Guys," she said exasperatedly. "They either don't wrap things well enough or they over-wrap." She pulled the tape free and then pushed the tissue paper off. "What's this?" She pulled out one of the condoms. Suddenly, realization dawned. She examined the package closely. "Regular size. Not going to be big enough for Jack," she giggled to our friends.

"He ought to try one on for size. Have him model it for us just to make sure," another nurse cracked.

"Hey! I'm the only person he gets to model these for," Kathy replied. "Later tonight we'll see if they fit externally and internally."

The next morning after the company PT, Captain Jones called me up in front of the company.

"The First Sergeant tells me a mistake was made yesterday and the men of the company want to rectify it."

"Lieutenant Williams," the First Sergeant addressed me in his booming, parade ground voice. "I was told that the men of your platoon underestimated your capabilities. This will correct that problem. Detail, FRONT AND CENTER!"

Two PFC's marched up followed by the company supply sergeant. "Sir," began the sergeant, "We sent a detail to Victory Drive and recovered these."

The first PFC smartly extended his arms and showed a box of condoms. They were prominently labeled EXTRA LARGE in red ink.

"Should that not be sufficient," the sergeant continued, "we also found this."

The second PFC extended his arms. A poncho with the neck sewn together was displayed. I could hear snickers in the background and knew a comment was called for. I took the box of condoms from the first private.

"Thank you, Sergeant Loftis, for your resourcefulness. These might be useful." I paused. "But where can I get more of these?" I asked pointing to the poncho. The company roared.

Marriage in the late-90's Army was good. I had to sleep cold on the ground some nights, but when I got back home, I often had 4-day weekends. Kathy was often able to arrange her schedule so that we could make up in days what we had missed the lonely nights. Two years on, we decided to start a family.

Bobby was born almost three years after we married. Although April 1999 was a little early, we thought of him as our millennium baby and the symbol of our life going forward together. We talked of Kathy resigning her commission. After going around awhile, we decided to wait until I was promoted Captain and we had a second child at home. We did hire a nanny, Faith, a nice grandmotherly type who was supplementing her Social Security.

September 11 changed the way the world worked. A year later I had just taken command of an infantry company when the Third Infantry Division shipped out to Kuwait. We were going after Saddam. We just didn't know the exact timing.

Bobby was running around the house faster than we wanted and was even talking understandably, to his parents anyway. Again we talked about Kathy resigning but she didn't want to stay home all day worrying about what might be happening to me.

I wanted the night before I left to be reasonably normal. Kathy cooked her pot roast that I loved with potatoes and carrots, ice cream for dessert. I gave Bobby his bath, put on his pajamas and read him a story. He was out before I finished the second page. I settled him in his crib and put on the night-light.

As I walked out to the hall I could smell that Kathy had showered. The smell was that wonderful spring rain-scent that always appears. I have no idea where it comes from, as it's definitely not hair spray or deodorant or bath powder. She was in her robe when I walked in to our bedroom.

"Go take your shower," she said, "I'll fix us a glass of wine."

When I came out of the shower, there were four candles lit in the bedroom. Kathy had turned down the sheets and was reclining on her side in a beautiful red satin baby-doll gown. "I know you said that tonight was to be like a usual Saturday night, but I wanted you to have one new memory to take with you."

Kathy pulled my towel off with one hand and pulled me down to kiss her with her other hand. I started to climb into bed with her.

"Not yet. C'mere." She rolled to a sitting position on the side of the bed and moved to take my cock in her mouth. First she nibbled on it with her lips, lifting it so that she could get to the sensitive underside. She began to stroke gently with her hand, short feathery touches that inflamed mentally but would never bring me to climax. Then she took me into her mouth, coordinating the back-and-forth motions for maximum effect. I reached down to fondle her breasts through the nightgown, but the stimulation soon proved too much.

"I don't want to come in your mouth tonight."

"I want you to, but not yet," she said. She rolled onto her back and pulled me toward her pussy.

"I love the way you look, so sexy and willing, but I have to remember your body, too." I began to pull the nightgown over her head.

"Well, you spent enough time memorizing it, both visually and by Braille."

I ran my hands over her beautiful breasts. Even lying on her back, they were just over a handful. I gently rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Then I bent to lick and bite all over her chest, finally moving to suck on those pink protuberances that I loved.

"Oh, Jack. You treat me so good. I'm tingling all over. All over."

"You taste so sweet yourself. I could feast at your breasts for a thousand years as the poet says." I returned to more pressing matters, licking my way southward. I avoided her center and kissed down one leg then back up to her other knee. I knelt between her legs and slowly moved flat as my tongue explored first one, then the other thigh. As I got to her sex she undulated gently in my face.

I kissed all over her mound. As I kissed around, I snaked a finger inside her panties. They were damp and her pussy was open and hot. My finger slipped in. I used my thumb to push her panties to one side. The feminine smell that reached my nose was exquisite, slightly spicy and sweet. I pulled her panties off her hips as she swung her legs into the air. After discarding them, I trapped her legs in the air and licked down the backs of them until I again gained her pussy. As I let go she gracefully relaxed into a wanton spread-eagle position, her face masked with desire.

I eagerly began lapping at her moist lips with a finishing flip to her clit. After three or four minutes of this her hips began rolling and I knew she was approaching her climax.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooohhh, Jack." Her orgasmic moans were always soft and low, but I could feel the tremors from her muscles pulsing inside her. Her body went limp.

I crawled up and cradled her to my chest. I stroked her silken hair and inhaled the scent of her shampoo. Soon she began to revive.

"This was supposed to be a night for your memory. But, God, that was good."

"You don't think I want to remember how you feel in my arms, how your body bucks under me when you go over the top, how your essence coats my tongue and the taste of that?"

We began kissing again. First her tongue would dart into my mouth, then my tongue would chase back into hers. She broke the kiss and nibbled on my neck for awhile before nipping at my chest and shoulders. We resumed kissing and tugging at each other's lips. Finally, she rolled me on to my back and grabbed my cock. "You've teased me for too long. I've got to have you in me now."

She swung astride my body. At first she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. "Oh, this feels so good. I love how you feel in my hand, and now inside me."

With that, she started lowering herself slowly down. She would drop an inch or two and then lift up again. Back down she went, taking an extra inch. Finally after five or six tries, she sat firmly on my hips with her pussy firmly clutching all of my cock.

"God, if you keep doing that I'll shoot too soon." She was practicing her Kegel exercises. The muscle contractions were exquisite. "I'll have to think about softball." I rose up until I could fit my mouth to those luscious orbs. Almost a D-cup, I loved to play with her breasts, nipping, tonguing, and making them swing slowly like bells. "You've got to make sure to keep these safe until I come back."

I felt a small tremor sweep over her. She pushed on my shoulders and began to move again, just allowing her nipples to graze my chest and abdomen.

I moved my fingers lightly over her back. The feel of her skin was like warm silk. I wet two fingers in my mouth and reached between us to rub her clit.

"Ooooh, nice," she whispered in my ear. "You've got that magic touch." She moaned softly but almost continuously now.

I wet the fingers of my other hand and reached behind her. She sometimes let me do this when she was really excited and the results were explosive. I wormed my index finger and then my middle finger into her butt. I could feel my cock through the thin membranes.

"God! God! So Gooood!" Heat poured from her over me. Her movements became irregular and jerky from side to side and back and forth. "Do me. Do me! Fuck! Fuck! I'm cuuuummminggg!" As she slumped onto my chest, the final spasms of her vagina made me gush upward into her womb.

She lay on top of me for several minutes and then slid to one side. I suddenly realized that she was crying. "Kathy, what's wrong?"

"I'm going to miss you so much. We both will, but I'll ache everyday. Bobby will miss you, too, but it isn't as hard for someone that young."

"Babe, I'll miss you, too. How could I not miss my soul mate, who just happens to be the most gorgeous girl in the world? And the hottest, also!" With this last phrase I reached over and tweaked her nipple trying to keep the melancholy away.

"Ouch! I'll get you for that!"

"Promise?" With that, I pulled her to me for another kiss. She squirmed her body against mine and soon we were both breathing heavily. I loved her breasts some more. Then she pulled me back up to kiss her again. When this kiss ended, her lips found my nipples with little bites and tugs. Then she started licking and kissing downward.

"Your cock is so beautiful and it's all mine. I love to love it." She licked up one side, around the head and down the other side, tasting our combined juices. "Better than any ice cream cone I ever had."

"That's because it's not ice cream but hot cream."

"Yum, yum." She took loud slurps of my cock and balls and the hair and skin all around. She changed from playing to serious work. One hand pumped the base of my cock slowly. Her mouth sucked and licked and acted like an o-ring on the head. She pulled on my hip to roll me on to my side.

As I turned she reversed her body and opened her top leg so that I was staring into her pussy. Her free hand came down to spread her lips.

I never had a problem tasting my cum in a woman's pussy. After all I expected her to taste it fresh from the source. Why shouldn't I be able to tolerate the taste? "Oh yeah, baby, let me at it."

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