tagFetishChris & Lisa Ch. 1

Chris & Lisa Ch. 1


Lisa walked in and threw the bag on the bed and let the items fall out. The one item she grabbed out of the bag and threw the rest in the drawer.

A bottle of silver polish was in her hand as she walked over to the closet and looked at her silver outfit. A small halter top along with silver shorts and silver heels was quite an outfit.

She then sat down on the edge of the bed and took out the polish and went into the bathroom and got some cotton balls and put them between her toes. She got out the polish and dapped a bit on her big toe and moved on down the line to each toe.

Then she blew dry each toe till the toes were dry. She did the same with the other foot and then went and got a quick bite to eat before she left for work.


Lisa pulled out her small silver spandex pants and silver thong. She stepped one foot into the thong and then the other. The thong was so small it barely covered her pussy lips and the crack was just about an inch wide to cover her puckered asshole. She stood up and walked over to the mirror.

All the long hours in the gym had paid off as he round butt looked great sticking out and only the little strap could be seen in between her ass cheeks. Lisa pulled the thong in place and then laid on the bed and eased the shorts up her legs and wiggled her hips so she could fit into them.

She zipped them up and went back over to the mirror. The spandex were so small her ass cheeks hung out of them and the zipper barely covered her pussy. Lisa looked at herself and knew she looked hot.

She then went over and got the halter top and slid it down her neck and snuggled it into place. Then she walked over and got the last item: 5 INCH SILVER STRAP ON PUMPS!

Lisa sat on the edge of the bed and held up the heel and then sat it down and ever so slowly eased an aching foot into the heel. She slide it back and forth until it got in place then placed the strap over it and tucked it in.

The heels were open toed so you could see the fresh coat of silver polish on her tanned toes. Lisa then took the other foot and eased it up in the air and put the heel on let it dangle a bit before sliding the strap across and snapping it to her foot.

Lisa got up and admired herself in the mirror. There was one guy at the club she had her eye on, but couldn't quite tell if he liked her or not. She had heard silver was his favorite color so she hoped this would impress him. Lisa grabbed her coat and headed out the door to the club.

Lisa walked in the back door and peeked as she saw the guy who she got this dressed up for at the bar in the corner sipping a drink. He didn't say much and was always throwing good tips and this is what attracted Lisa to him. She wanted in the worst way to see what made him tick, what turned him on, cause she had no clue so far, all she knew was that he loved the color silver.

Lisa got to the back and relaxed for a few seconds before she put on her last minute make-up. Then it was her cue to go out and out she went.

Chris was sitting over at the bar not paying much attention when he saw Lisa strut out in that silver outfit, his eyes almost popped out of his head. He looked her up and down and when he saw the silver heels, he nearly passed out.

Lisa's heels smacked against the hard dirty floor as she got up and threw down her towel and began to get into the first song. Her heels clicked and dragged as Chris couldn't keep his eyes off of them Lisa noticed this, but had no clue how much Chris was into her heels.

Lisa then got on her knees and then on her stomach as she slide across the floor with her round ass in the air pumping it, hoping Chris would notice. And notice he did, as his dick was getting hard was he watched the silver rump go up and down and up and down.

Lisa then looked right at him and she carefully slipped her silver tipped fingers inside her halter top and slowly, inch by inch pulled the halter top over her tits and up past her neck and then tossed the halter to the ground without missing a beat.

Lisa then went over to the pole and slide up it and spread her legs as the dollar bills began to fly up on stage. Lisa wrapped her heels around the pole as she slide down and went into a split as the song ended. The small crowd clapped as Chris just sat there staring at Lisa's crotch as she got up and the next song played.

Lisa walked over to him and winked as she then went back to the middle and began to swing her hips back and forth as she un zipped her silver spandex just a bit and then wet a finger and shoved it in her crotch then pulled it back out and sucked on it. Lisa then went over to Chris and a mere inches from him she grabbed the top of the zipper on the spandex and un zipped it while she stared right into his eyes, hoping this was turning him on.

She zipped it up and down, teasing him as she finally let the zipper go all the way down and then with a giggle here and a wiggle there, the spandex slide down her hips and down to her thighs and down her legs and with one thrust she kicked the pants away with her heels.

Lisa then bent over and let a finger slide up and down the inch long thong that was covering her ass cheeks. Chris had a hard on now as Lisa's ass was turning him on, but god he would have died had she kicked off the heels.

Lisa then danced the rest of the song and then grabbed her stuff and headed down the steps and she caught Chris looking at her, so she knew something was right.

She got to the back and boy were her feet killing her in the heels she brought. She un did the straps and then kicked them off. She was a bit thirsty so she went out to get a drink by the soda machine.

She was going to put her heels back on and then said "screw it". Lisa walked out bare feet and all to the soda machine, but it wasn't long before she had company. "I like this outfit best" Chris said as she handed Lisa a $20 bill as she stood there stunned.

Chris walked away as Lisa went to the back to figure out what he meant. Then it dawned on her, maybe Chris had a foot fetish? Well, during her next set she was going to find out as she slipped back on her heels.

Lisa strutted out on the floor as the disco tune blared and she went right over to Chris and stuck her high heel in the air and waved her foot at him. She watched as his face turned red and she knew that he had a foot fetish for sure now.

She then layed down her towel near Chris and eased a silver polished finger inside her heel and then slowly with both her eyes on Chris moved up her finger till she got to the strap and then unhooked the strap and then rolled her foot back and forth till the heel eased its way of her toes and was just dangling and then it fell with a thud.

Lisa got up and winked at Chris as she bent all the way over her little thong riding up her ass as she un hooked the other heel and then with one move kicked the high heel to the side of the stage. Now clad only in a silver thong did Lisa move her way up the pole and she yelled "whew" as she went up and she was sure this was driving Chris insane.

She let her long tanned legs slide up and down the pole then got up and grinded her feet into the wooden floor as she wiggled her way as the money came flying. She then got right in front of Chris and got on her knees and faced the other way showing off her soles which at this point had Chris transfixed on them.

Lisa got done her dance and as she went around collecting the money she decided to take a few walks around the bar. She talked briefly with each guy and at any chance grinded her tired feet into the floor, but not because she wanted them dirty, but because they hurt. She didn't realize how dirty they were getting.

Lisa danced that way the rest of the night and for some reason never ever once did she look at her feet. Soon it was closing time and the manager had left early leaving Lisa in charge, she went over to Chris and told him to hang around hoping he would. Well soon all the customers were gone and only a few dancers were left when Lisa came out heels in hand in her thong.

"Chris i know what you like and I'm gonna give it you" Lisa purred as she went up on stage "Your going to get a private show" Lisa purred as she crawled toward Chris.

Lisa lifted a foot high in the air as she slide 2 fingers inside the silver thong and then took her finger in and out and then began to rub her pussy outside the thong.

She turned around giving Chris a nice view of her ass not to mention her filthy feet as she slide a finger right around her crack going up and down the middle of the little one thin thong that was covering her ass cheeks.

Chris was going insanely mad at what Lisa was doing to him. Finally Lisa stood up and turned and kept her eyes right on Chris as she slide a finger inside the silver thong and slowly and ever so slowly at an inch at a time let the thong slide down her hips and down to her thighs and with one wiggle the thong was at her feet and she quickly kicked it away.

She went on her knees and crawled over and got one of her high heels. She rubbed her pussy against it before sliding it in her wet pussy. She then took it out and slide it between her lips and sucked the heel dry. She then moved it over Chris's face and was surprised when he took his tongue out and began to kiss on it.

Lisa then moved the heel to his lips and was more surprised when he opened his mouth and she watched as he took it in his mouth. God the sight of Chris sucking on her heel was too much. She watched as Chris took the heel and deep throated it like a cock as his tongue swirled around like a stripper up on a pole at a dance club.

Lisa wondered what else she could put in Chris's mouth as she slide the heel back and forth in his mouth. "That's it suck it, deep throat it big boy" lisa purred as she rammed the entire 5 inches in his mouth.

"Oooohhhh that turns me on so much" Lisa cried as she pulled the heel away and spread her legs wide. Then she looked and noticed that her feet were filthy dirty. Damn he won't suck on them now dammit Lisa told herself as she pointed at her wet pussy.

Chris came over and began to kiss her toes, but didn't kiss the bottoms of her feet and Lisa noticed this as he worked his way up past the silver ankle bracelet, a small trail of pussy juice began to fall down Lisa's leg and Chris dove up like a madman to catch it as he drank it right down.

Mmmmm I wonder what else Chris will swallow Lisa though to herself as she watched Chris kiss his way up to her pussy. Chris teased her as she lightly just let the tip of his tongue touch her pubic hairs and just around her pussy, not quite touching her.

Lisa then grabbed his head and jammed his head in there and wrapped her thighs around him and he was forced to eat. Lisa's ankle bracelet thrashed around as she went wild with Chris eating her ultra wet pussy. His tongue pumped in and out like a madman. At one point he slowed the pace down and then with each lick increased it a bit till Lisa was on fire.

She tried to hold back an orgasm, but she was so turned on that she let loose with a damn burst of pussy juice that flooded Chris's mouth, so much juice that it dripped down his sides of his mouth as he hungrily drank ever drop.

Lisa continued to shiver and shake as her orgasm finally came down and she let Chris go as he fell to the ground. Lisa then got up on all fours exposing her ass and the sight that killed Chris: HER DIRTY FEET!!!!!!!!

"Lick my ass Chris I want my ass cleaned by your tongue..do it do it now' Lisa commanded...

Chris slide his tongue up and began to kiss Lisa's round tanned butt as she slide her fingers around and opened her ass "Tongue me, clean my asshole with your tongue" Lisa commanded as Chris slid around and jammed his tongue in her puckered hole.

He let it slide in and out and then spit on it and then lapped up the spit and slid it around her hole opening it up and her ass opened up and Chris jammed his tongue and let it explore. In and out the tongue went as her ass opened more with each thrust in her ass.

"Get it in deep clean me baby" Lisa cried as she was going to have another orgasm soon. Chris speeded up the tempo and began to fuck her ass with his tongue. Her soft ass opened more and more and soon a few inches were buried in her ass.

Chris was rock hard and was jerking his cock as Lisa's ass was being tongued deep. Lisa began to go into convulsions as Chris went straight up and down and began to lap at her ass as his tongue was buried deep. He tongued and lapped at the ass like a dog licking and drinking water from a bowl.

Chris couldn't take it anymore and out of nowhere he slide his rock hard cock up to her ass and eased it in.

"Oh what are you doing...oh not your cock...oh don't you dare...oh yeah ram me oh you bastard you 'll pay for this..oh it feels so good" Lisa purred as she turned around and saw Chris smiling.

Chris looked down and eased his hard cock into her tight hole. "Oh yeah I'm fucking you Lisa...right in your ass baby" Chris cried as the head disappeared into her ass.

In it went then it popped out and Chris slide it right back in as this time it accepted it and in it went. With each further thrust another inch went in as Chris was loving it.

In and out he began to pound her his balls slapping her clit and wet pussy as Lisa turned and said "Oh when your done..your mine" she purred as she went into a massive orgasm with Chris's cock buried in her ass.

Chris slapped her ass a few times as he told her he was going to cum. He pulled out of her ass as much to his surprise Lisa quickly turned around and took the cock in her mouth and gave it a few jerks and the first blast of white cum hit the back of her throat and she drank it down.

Wave and blast of cum exited the tip of Chris's cock and went right down her throat.

Lisa continued to jerk his cock and even gave the tip a few extra jerks making sure she drained him.

After the last few drops dribbled on her tongue she smiled and gulped it down. She let Chris's limp cock fall as she pushed Chris down and began to rub his ass.

"It's all mine now" Lisa cried as she leaned over and pulled out a dildo.

"Your ass is mine" she cried as she licked it and spit on it as she went around back and slide the dildo along his ass cheeks.

"Gonna be fun watching this go in" Lisa purred as she rubbed the tip and pushed it against Chris's butthole. At first it wouldn't go in, but a little rocking back and forth and in it went as Lisa squealed.

Lisa looked down as the dildo disappeared into its new home. Chris was tight, but oh did it look so hot in his ass.

Lisa then began to jerk his cock as she twirled the dildo around in his ass. In and out she fucked him with her toy.

Chris was rock hard as she just let the dildo stay in his ass as she then had him turn around and she offered her feet to him. He opened his mouth and slide a foot in it as he jerked with one hand and licked dirty feet with the other.

"Cum for me Chris cum all over for Lisa baby" Lisa purred as she wiggled her toes in his mouth. Chris shuddered and let loose with a blast of cum that spilled across the floor.

Wave after wave of hot, sticky cum splattered across the floor as Lisa took her free foot and began to slide it in the cum getting as much up as she could as she took her foot away and replaced it with the one dripping with cum.

Lisa watched on as Chris began to lick off the dirt as well as the cum as she couldn't believe he was licking up his cum. His tongue sucking off the cum and drinking it down like a good boy.

His mouth and tongue went around the entire foot cleaning it of all dirt and cum as Lisa with her other foot and scooped up the rest of his cum and he licked that clean as well. Lisa then finally got up and said next time your really mine as she left and stuck a heel in his mouth.

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