tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChris Dunn Ch. 04

Chris Dunn Ch. 04


Over dinner, Eve told Chris how the photo business had been developing. With people wanting to "express themse3
lves" these days, the usual studio photos with bland backgrounds and stiff chairs gave way to scenic shots with props. High school graduation photos might be taken over several days with the subjects changing clothes to show off their participation on sports, academics, and social activities. Wedding photos tended to be book-length portrayals of the couple's lives apart and now together.

What surprised her most were the requests people made to have themselves shot in the nude. With more people working out and staying trim, they wanted to show off their physiques. Middle-aged moms were shedding their clothes and posing on tip-toes like they were centerfolds. It gave Eve an idea that maybe she could encourage more sexual posing and erotic content to her clients. She needed Chris's expertise as a sex therapist to help her figure out how to do it.

"Well, you need to have something to show clients to suggest that it isn't all that big a leap from straight posing right?" Chris asked helpfully.

"Right. I was thinking if I had a few samples to show, it would give the clients permission to explore a little on their own. The problem is finding models. Out here there are no agencies and I don't want to run an ad in the paper and have all the perverts calling," Eve added.

"Hmm.... That is a wrinkle." When she was stumped in a therapy session, she relied on the pause to help her figure out what to say. It gave the clients time to solve their problems themselves.

"What I need is a man to photograph. I think it would appeal to both men and women. If I show the female poses, it gets the guys excited, but the women end up comparing themselves to the person in the picture. Couples would be nice, but if I had a man or two to shoot, that might really open up some possibilities..." Eve's voice trailed off in contemplation.

Almost without thinking, Chris said, "What about Paul?"

"Paul who?" Eve shot back. "Paul, my son? Your nephew, Paul? Remember what I said about not wanting perverts? I don't want to be one either, Sis.".

"No, seriously. Paul. Your son; my handsome nephew. Why not? You want to encourage people to explore. Why not explore some yourself? He is very photogenic and he might be flattered that you want to take his photos. He's not a child, you know." Chris was pressing her point. The image of his stroking his cock a few hours ago came flooding back as she gathered her argument.

Eve sat pensively. "It is an idea. I never thought that I might have to actually grow myself if I am going to grow the business."

"What would Larry say?" Chris asked about her brother-in-law and how he might react.

"Oh, nothing. You know Larry. Loves farming. Likes what I do, but doesn't consider it to be a real job. He is pretty open to ideas and actually has a good eye for composition. I don't think he'd be upset as long as Paul was okay with it." Eve was warming to the idea. "I just need to figure out how to get Paul to agree."

"Maybe I can help. He trusts me. You trust me. I can use my clinical skills to help him over any fears. Would you like me to talk to him?" Chris hoped she would get a chance to see him again with that magnificent appendage of his.

"Sure! I mean.... I ought to be there, too, don't you think?" Eve was excited.

"No time like the present," said Chris as she spied Paul coming into the dining room where they were seated.

The waiter asked if Paul was joining the ladies and before Paul could answer, they both said, "Yes." Eve wondered if they were a little too eager and said, "Of course you'll have dinner with us, honey. Aunt Chris and I were just talking about you."

Paul shot Chris a pained look. Had she told his mom about finding him jerking off in the barn? Chris shook her head ever so slightly 'no' and smiled at him.

"Yeah, Paul we were talking about an idea your mom has for improving her photo business and we wanted to get your opinion," said Chris opening the door. "You see she has an idea that needs a handsome model such as yourself. We think it would be a wonderful plan if she started taking pictures of people in the nude. She just needs a handsome model, such as yourself, to practice with."

Paul nearly spit out his water. Chris held his eyes as he looked at her for an explanation. It was his mother who spoke, next. "Of course, it would all be very tasteful, honey. We wouldn't do anything to embarrass you. And, after all, I am your mother. I have seen you naked before. So has Aunt Chris, here."

Now it was Chris who nearly choked on her ice water. Yes, she had seen him naked. And loved every second of it.

Paul still had not spoken, so Chris filled the silence. "Paul, it is true that you are a lovely specimen and have taken very good care of yourself. I can tell you professionally, that you would make a very good nude model. Psychologically speaking, that is. Men will imagine themselves looking as muscular as you. Women will imagine that they have what it takes to be attractive to someone as handsome as you. You are a very handsome man, after all. And very desirable."

She went on, "You have seen naked women in magazines before, I am sure. Well, you must know that every one of those models hopes to instill some emotion in the person viewing them. They get stared at, but they stare back at the person viewing the picture. You will have a powerful effect on the people who see your photos." There. She hoped she could link the afternoon's lesson to the topic before them. The part about the models looking back was a nice touch, she thought.

"Are you saying that you want me to be a nude model for you so you can encourage other people to let you take their photos in the nude? I thought you were already taking naked photos, Mom" Paul was trying to find the angle, here.

"Well, yes, Son, I have been. But I thought if I had a more definite business plan to do more erotic photos, I could create a niche for myself. A tastefully done niche, that is. With Aunt Chris's help we could figure out what was the most erotic and provocative and help people get comfortable with their own nakedness." Eve added the part about Chris's expertise. Yes, she would be able to make the scenes little hotter.

"I guess, it's okay. I mean, you won't be embarrassed or anything, right Mom? Aunt Chris?" Paul was getting the idea and getting hard. "What happens if I... you know. I mean, getting naked to take a shower or to change clothes is one thing, but around women... Well..."

Eve, reassured him, "That's the point, honey. We want to make it hotter than just posed portraits."

Chris smiled and seized the moment. "Paul, what your mom is saying is that she would like you to get and keep an erection. It is completely normal, natural, and wonderful. In fact, just thinking about it now, I can tell this will be just what your mom's clients will want. It will give them permission to be themselves completely free and unguarded in front of the camera."

Eve jumped in, excitedly, "Paul, this is really important to me. I hope you will say yes. I think you are perfect for this. I know it may be a little awkward at first, but I am willing to be uncomfortable, if you and Aunt Chris are. It's not like we are having sex or anything. So there is nothing wrong with taking photos of my child. Photographers have always taken pictures of their children."

Chris heard the remark about having sex and two thoughts competed for her attention. The first was that Eve had just made a slip of the tongue revealing a latent wish to fuck her son. The second was that Chris had a manifest wish to do the same.

When the waiter came, the all asked for more ice water. The conversation had heated them all a good deal. The rest of the meal was spent talking about the mechanics of the shooting schedule. In fact, the conversation was more technical than enjoyable, but such is the nature of art: more perspiration than inspiration.

Shooting began the next morning according to schedule. Paul sauntered over to the studio in his gym shorts, tee shirt, and sandals. He had shaved himself and doused his body with spicy cologne. His penis was full, but flaccid. He did not want to walk into his mom's studio sporting a boner, but he knew the two most important women in his life were going to be watching him.

The lights were arranged and Eve's camera was staged in front of a drape. She took some test shots to get the lighting right, then the moment of truth arrived. Chris broke the silence.

"Paul, just relax and think about that woman in the magazine looking back at you. Let her affect you." This, she meant to recall the scene in the barn from the day before. Eve believed it was a general instruction and did not catch on. Paul got the message.

"Yes, sweetie, just imagine that we are not here. Go ahead and take your clothes off for me." It was clumsy of Eve, but she did not want to make any bigger deal that it already was.

"Paul, let me help," Chris offered. "You are alone and private. You have magazine showing a very lovely woman with large breasts and hips. She is bending over and her breasts are hanging down. Her nipples are firm and her expression is saying, 'Look at my tits. See? They are all for you.' Her eyes are locked on to yours. She wants you to get erect and to start stroking your cock for her."

Paul relaxed and focused his attention on his aunt's voice and instructions. His mom began snapping photos. Paul's shorts started to tent in front of him. He shifted his weight and pulled on his waistline.

"That's right, Paul. Let me talk you into a nice hot erection," Chris said. "Think of that girl showing you her pussy. See? Her lips are so full and she is wet for you. She is rubbing her clit for you and pulling on those nice fat nipples. Oh, they are so firm and hard, like pencil erasers."

It worked. The weight of Paul's filling penis was overcome by the hydraulics of the erection. He tented his shorts and a drop of pre-cum spotted the front. Paul shifted his cock upward.

The head of his dick began to pry beneath the waistband of his shorts and poked out. Paul needed to free it. Chris gave permission and he complied.

"Oh, Paulie, I see the head of your cock sticking out. It wants to breathe. Pull it out for me. Show me that big beautiful cock of yours."

Paul first ripped off his tee shirt. Bending as he did helped his cock to free itself a bit above the waistband of his shorts. Then came the shorts in one swift motion. His cock slapped his belly loudly and both the women winced imagining the pain it must have caused. Paul didn't feel a thing.

He grabbed his cock and began pulling at it, stretching it. His mom focused her camera on the action snapping pictures on the auto-drive, and then backing off to take him full frame. Behind the camera, she was a pro, framing the shots and considering interesting angles. It was all professional. When she dropped the camera to take in the scene, she could not escape the fact that the stud she was shooting was her own son. Her eyes were glued to his cock with its head swelling and his balls bouncing against his legs. She had to put her eye to the viewfinder again in order to concentrate.

Chris urged him on, knowing that he might cum and hoping that Eve would be able to catch that as well. "Yes, that is my big boy and his big toy. It's so nice to see you stroking again, Paul. Mmmmm... that is so nice. It makes me very hot thinking that soon you are going to show your mom and me all that nice hot cum you have in you."

From behind the camera, Eve asked, "Again?"

"Work with it, Mom," was Paul's quick-thinking reply. He smiled at his Aunt Chris and slowed his stroking so she could view him more deliberately.

"Slowing down, huh? Need to take a little break so you don't cum too fast?" Chris asked.

He let go of his cock and took a step back and turned facing his mom who continued to snap photos. He turned slowly letting her get the profiles and the 3/4 angles. A drop of pre-cum formed at the slit in his crown and began to gather volume before starting its descent. He just watched it and flexed his cock squeezing it out.

Chris watched as well. His mother zoomed in on the end of his cock with her lens. The three of them in tableau stood watching the diamond-drop twine down on a slender thread. Eve could tell the curves and straight lines would converge to make a nice abstraction that only after some study would the viewer be able to make out.

When the drop hit the floor, the silvery thread of fluid was pulled down as well. Another drop formed at the end of his cock. This one he wiped with his finger and brought it to his mouth. Eve caught all of it. "Place it on your lips, son. That's nice. Now wipe your lips with it and let me see how shiny they get. Oh that is lovely. Very kissable."

Chris was thinking the same. She leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth, then backed away. "Ready for the next series?" She asked them both.

Eve snapped the image of her sister kissing the pre-cum off her son's lips. Despite hiding behind the camera, she was affected. It gave her some ideas to explore later.

"Okay, sweetie, let's let Mom see what you can do. Now, Paul, We want to make sure Mom gets every bit of your orgasm on film, so I will be telling her when you are near. If I miss something, be sure to let us know, okay?"

Paul nodded and kept looking at his aunt as his stroked his cock. "I think I am going to need some help. My mind is kind of wandering."

Eve, in her nervousness, offered to stop shooting. The thought of taking pictures of her sister and son fucking was hard to clear.

"No, I just need something to help me stay hard. Maybe you could keep talking to me Aunt Chris. Or maybe you could tease me some. You know, show me something. I'm standing here buck-naked after all. It's the least you can do." Paul grinned at her and looked over at his mom for support.

"He's right Chris. Just a little, though. We don't want to do anything really naughty," she said, then added under her breath, "yet."

"Okay, Paul. Look in my eyes. See where they are focused? I am looking at this nice warm cock you have and thinking how nice it would be to kiss it. I can feel the hot head on my face and touching my eyelids. Oh, look! My nipples are getting hard. Can you see that through my blouse?" She ran her fingers over them and they grew. Paul grunted in approval.

"Keep it going, Paul. I want to see you come for me. Oh, could you shoot it all the way over here?"

"If I had a target, maybe I could," Paul teased back.

Chris unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra snapped in front and she undid it. Her breasts came partially out. He could not see the nipples uncovered, only the catenary curve of her breast where it departed from her shoulder and dove under the material of her bra. "Is that what you had in mind?"

"More." Paul responded. His face was getting red and his breathing deepened. "Let me see some more."

Eve took photos of Paul's face and closed in on his eyes. His lids were closing slightly even as his pupils widened. She liked it that she could capture these spontaneous emotions. That is precisely what she wanted to do with her new line of images. Not just static photos, but ones that conveyed how it felt to be free to follow your body's lead.

Chris pulled her blouse more open revealing more skin, but because her blouse was still tucked into her slacks, she did not reveal herself fully. Paul could only make out the very edge of her areola. He wanted to see more and said so.

"Paul, my sweet. There is always more for me to show you. But you have not shown me what I want to see. Let's see what this can do for you and I promise there will be more for you later. Does it help to know I am soaking wet? My pussy is dripping at the sight of me handsome nephew jerking off for me. Won't you drip something for me?"

Paul's balls began to climb upward. His breathing was getting ragged and his strokes were quickening. His shoulders slumped inward and his hips inclined toward Chris. Even Eve knew what was happening. She did not need to be told to prepare for a wider-angle shot. Quickly she focused on the end of his cock where the geyser would erupt, then she pulled back practicing a quick change of focus. "Here it comes!" Paul cried. He spat one bolt of semen at Chris. She reached her hand out to catch it, but was too late. Paul shot another and she managed to catch some on her fingers. Then he turned full toward his mother and let her shoot the remaining ejaculation. He got her tripod wet with drops and the ground in front of him was spattered with his semen.

He was still convulsing and now sweating heavily as well.

The women looked at each other and then at Paul. Moments passed as they watched him recover. Eve finally broke the silence.

"Paul, that was very nice. Better than I anticipated. Thank you. Maybe we can look at what we got and think about what is next. That is, if you are up to it." She smiled at her son and then at Chris. "This is going to work!" she thought.

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