Chris could not believe his luck. He had just gotten home from work in late may and he saw a email from Barefootngurly (heather). With a smile on his face he clicked open the mail box and saw what she wrote.

Dear Chris:

I saw that you have a birthday coming up and since you live in NJ and I live in PA why don't you hop in that car of yours and stop by for a visit. As a matter of fact I know your birthday in early June, why don't you make it for that day. Chris about fell off his chair and just sat there open mouthed. Quickly he went to Heather's web site and clicked on her pics.

That long blond flowing hair and red lips were killing him as he could only imagine that she would look even hotter (if that was possible) in person. He saw her feet pics and god all he could do was close his eyes and imagine cleaning them with his tongue. Then he thought for a second. damn it was June and the weather is hot, I bet when I see her she will be barefoot. That very thought got his cock throbbing.

He got down to her pic from the beach and just sat there and stared at it. God her tiny back was nice and tanned and that awesome round butt was just sticking up in the air with that little 2 inches at most little string separating the cheeks.

God to have my tongue between them would be heaven Chris thought to himself as he slide down his shorts. His cock sprang free as he took his cock in his hand and began to jerk it back and forth...faster and faster as he continued to stare at heather's ass. The little string between the cheeks was killing him as he sputtered and shivers as a big load of seed spewed out all over the carpet floor.

Wave after wave of white cum exited his cock as he continued to stare at heather's ass. He shook his cock a few times as the last few drops spilled onto the floor. God I don't know if I am gonna be able to take seeing her in person as Chris cleaned himself off and shut the computer off.

The next 7 days were the longest 7 days of Chris's life. He couldn't even go to heather's web site cause the pics were driving him nuts. Each passing day he told himself it was a day closer. Finally the big day arrived. He printed out the directions heather had sent him and he went and got a rent a car as he didn't want to break down on the PA turnpike...no way, no how.

Chris's hands shaked as he got into the rent a car. God he was so nervous. Chris was very shy and the only thought going through his head was that thong shot of heather's ass. God if she wore a bikini in front of him he no doubt would pass out he swore to himself. Chris pulled out of the parking lot and was on his way to the PA turnpike.

Chris found the exit and got off and paid the toll. God not much farther he told himself. He had to pull over to calm himself down he was so excited. Regaining his composure he hit the gas petal and off he went. As he got closer he had no idea what was gonna happen, nor did he expect anything to happen. He made a few lefts and rights and then he was on her street. Perfect directions Chris thought as he pulled up in front of her house and got out and took a deep breath as he shut the door and walked up to her house. He knocked on the door and heard the pattering of footsteps and as the door opened, Chris almost passed out.

There was Heather's friend Jenn clad in a pair of white spandex that look like they had been sprayed on her, along with a pink bikini top. Glancing down she was also barefoot.

Heather then also came down and she had on a pair of red spandex. "Chris look, Jenn let me borrow her red spandex, don't they look good on me" Heather said as she twirled around and Chris did pass out as his body hit the floor with a thud.

Both girls had dragged Chris into heather's bedroom and tied his hands to her bedpost. They stripped off his clothes and then got an extra couple chairs and then went out and left Chris there.

1 hour later

Chris woke up in a daze. His head hurt a bit and that is when he saw his hands were tied to heather's bed. He didn't know exactly what was going on till he heard the door open and voices and then he heard the sounds of feet coming up the stairs. Heather and Jenn both walked in the room. "oh Chris your finally awake, you took quite a tumble when you passed out" Heather giggled as she went over and smacked Chris on his butt. "You got a nice butt Chris" heather giggled as she went over and closed the door and locked it.

"We got some plans for you" Jenn said as she took a seat. "Me and Jenn enjoyed your stories so much we thought it would be nice to act one out" Heather said as she got a sock and stuffed it in Chris's mouth and put some tape over it. Chris looked around, but there was nothing he could do as Heather then pulled up a chair along with Jenn.

"Chris we got a double surprise for ya" Jenn said as both girls then lifted up their legs and propped both feet right on the chair in front of Chris. "We decided to go for a walk" heather teased as she wiggled her toes and Jenn leaned over and began to massage heather's extremely dirty foot.

Heather's feet were pitch black as she moaned as Jenn's tiny fingers slide across her soles. "Too bad your tongue isn't where her fingers are huh Chris" Heather teased as she flipped her head back and was getting turned on by the teasing and Jenn's fingers across her feet. Chris could only watch as Jenn's fingers went in between each toe.

"God that feels so good i wish i had a tongue on them" Heather moaned as Jenn worked her fingers in deep and then leaned over and gave each sole a quick peck before sitting back and sliding her feet next to Heather's so all Chris could do was lay and stare at 4 dirty feet.

Both girls were killing Chris as they massaged their feet with their fingers for a few minutes. "i bet Chris is rock hard" Jenn asked as Heather got up and decided to find out. She moved off the chair and spread Chris's legs and had him go up on all fours as his cock sprang free and heather gasped.

It was thick and 8 inches long. "God I just got to suck on it" Heather said as she slide under Chris and began to suck him off. She opened her mouth and slide his head right between her lips as she had no problem taking it in her mouth. She moved her head back and forth as she began to fuck his cock with her mouth.

Jenn got up and began to rub Chris's big legs as Heather began to go faster. Jenn moved up and grabbed Chris's balls a bit. "Can't have him cuming just yet" Jenn teased as Heather slowed down the pace.

Chris just moaned as both girls smiled as Heather picked up the pace again as Jenn got out some oil and rubbed Chris's back down and then worked her way to his ass. She slide a finger along side his hole as heather began to pump faster and faster.

Jenn pushed down on Chris's ass and hips as she then took 1 single finger and pushed it in Chris's ass just as he let loose with a super intense blast of hot cum that smashed into the back of Heather's mouth.

Wave after wave of hot cum exited the cockhole and into Heather's mouth as she had to open wider to catch all the cum as Jenn pushed a finger in and out of his ass. Jenn rubbed his balls as Heather milked out the last few drops and then moved out from under him and went around to where Chris was.

Jenn layed down below her and Heather opened her mouth and Chris's cum was thick and it poured slowly out of her mouth into Jenn's open mouth as Chris just watched his cum go from Heather's mouth into Jenn's and his cock began to grow again.

The cum slipped between Heather's lips and Jenn quickly gulped down the juice as heather then leaned down and kissed Jenn.

Both girls played swap with Chris's cum as finally both swallowed his. Heather and Jenn got up and took any cum from off their mouths with their tongue and fingers and quickly swallowed it down.

"Well, Jenn Chris's cum was good tasting I think he deserves a reward" Heather said as she went over to her closet. "Since Chris likes getting his ass fucked in his stories...why don't we give him what he wants" Heather said as she pulled out a silver vibrator and clicked it on.

Heather walked over to Chris as Jenn spread his cheeks. "Ohhhh this is a nice ass and I can't wait to plunge this toy in your ass, but first we need to get it wet" Heather said as she went over and removed the sock from Chris's mouth.

She slide the toy between his lips and her pussy was soaked already, but the sight of seeing a guy and a hot guy like Chris taking her toy in his mouth was too much for her. Jenn then got underneath her and began to lick her pussy as Heather slide the dildo between Chris's lips. With each thrust she went in a bit deeper.

"That's it baby, you want us to suck cock well you suck mine he he" Heather whispered as she slide it in all the way and gasped as Chris took the entire toy in his mouth.

'Ohhhhh baby yeah take my cock" Heather said as Jenn began to flick on her clit as juice dripped on her face. The combo of Jenn's tongue and the site of her toy was too much as Heather moaned she was gonna cum and let loose with an orgasm that shook the room as her hips and legs were shaking as she came right in Jenn's mouth as she plunged the toy in Chris's mouth deep.

Heather rubbed her pussy along Jenn's mouth as she then got and moved her butt over Jenn's mouth and Jenn began to fuck her butthole with her tongue. "Mmmmm ram that tongue in deep" Heather cried as felt her ass open as she forgot about Chris and watched Jenn as she mounted on her tongue and went up and down on it.

Heather's asshole opened as Jenn rammed her tongue in as she looked over at Chris and slide the toy out. "Time for you to get rammed Chris" Heather said as she got off Jenn and when behind Chris.

"God what a nice round ass chris..bet you do a lot of lunges" Heather giggled as Jenn got in front of Chris and put both her feet right in front of his mouth. "Don't open till I say so" Jenn said as Heather took the toy and slide it along Chris's lower back and spine causing him to jump.

"God Jenn he wants it in there as bad as we do" Heather said as Chris nodded. Heather took the tip as she with one hand spread his cheeks and was really getting turned on by this. She had never really thought about fucking a guy in the ass till she read Chris's stories and she had to admit they were damn hot and here she was with her toy about to fuck the author with it. She rolled the tip around Chris's hole pressing lightly with it.

Jenn looked up at Heather and she nodded and Jenn told Chris to open. He did with the quickness and just as Chris's tongue and lips touched Jenn's dirty soles....Heather plunged in the silver dildo right in Chris's ass. His ass opened and heather watched as the tip went in and she gasped out loud as she was wet again.

Chris's mouth and tongue went to work on Jenn's feet as he slide all 5 toes in her mouth and as he was fucking her toes with his mouth, Heather was fucking his ass with her dildo. In and out she pushed the dildo in as it was going in with ease now as she watched Chris licking and sucking on Jenn's feet for all he was worth. Jenn threw her head back as she was also getting wet while Chris was sucking on her feet.

It had been so long that she almost forgot how good it feels. She looked to see dirt all over Chris's lips and tongue as he was trying in vain to get all the grease, oil and dirt off her feet. Chris's tongue was like a vacuum as he began to suck hard on her soles, sucking up dirt and oil off her feet as the dildo was going in and out of his mouth. Heather slide the dildo in deep and then went over and got under Jenn. Jenn moved her hips and butt out so heather could lick her pussy as Chris licked her feet.

Heather slide her mouth right up and began to taste Jenn's sweet juice as out of the corner of her eye she saw Chris cleaning Jenn's feet. Heather flicked her tongue out and caught some juice and drank it down as she lapped away at Jenn's sweet shaved pussy. Heather continued to lick Jenn's pussy as she was shivering and shaking for all she was worth. She was so hot and wet by now that an orgasm wasn't far off. The combo of getting her feet sucked and pussy licked was just too much as she let loose with a loud squeal and went into one of the best orgasm of her life. '

"Oh my god" was all Jenn could say as heather slide out from under her to watch Chris continue to lick her feet. She watched as Chris's tongue was sucking and slurping on her dirty soles like a cat in heat.

Heather licked her lips as Chris sucked on all 5 toes and slide them in his mouth and sucked on them hard. Heather then had an idea. she went over and whispered in Jenn's ear. "Oh yes" Jenn said as she moved her feet out of Chris's mouth. She turned over and offered Chris her tight, little ass. That puckered hole just sat there as Heather spread Jenn's cheeks and Chris slide his head right between them and began to suck on the puckered hole.

Heather went under Chris and slide his hard pole of a cock in her mouth getting it wet as she went up and down on it coating it with spit. Chris slide that tongue deep as it could go as he rammed his tongue in and out of the ass that he had jerked off to many times.

Jenn moaned in pleasure as her ass getting eaten out was a complete turn on. Heather slide off his cock and told Chris "Fuck Jenn in that ass now studboy." Chris moved away and Jenn pushed her ass up more as Heather jerked his cock a bit and then guided it to Jenn's hole. Chris pressed the tip against Jenn's hole as moaned "Fuck me right in my ass you little foot boy" as Heather spread her cheeks and Chris and Heather watched as Jenn's asshole opened and the head popped inside her asshole.

Her ass was extra tight and heather went and got some baby oil and poured some on Chris's cock and Jenn's hole as the oil went in, Jenn relaxed her ass and the thick cock went right in. "Ohhhhh yes..shove it in deeper" Jenn demanded as Chris then pushed in about 2 more inches of his cock as Heather looked on. She had no idea how that big cock was fitting in such a small ass, but watching Jenn get fucked in the ass was turning her on so much that she went over and got the dildo.

She got behind Chris and shoved the dildo right in his ass. With even thrusts now as Chris plunged into Jenn's ass, Heather plunged her dildo in Chris's and it made for quite a site. In and out both toys were going in deep and hard.

"Oh gonna cum" Chris cried as Heather pushed the dildo in as deep as it could go and Chris pulled out of Jenn's ass and a hot load of cum flew onto her back. Chris jerked his cock as he looked down and saw Jenn's feet as the cum continued to fly landing on her lower back and ass cheeks. The last few drops landed on Jenn's butt cheeks as Chris fell back in exhaustion.

"Wow Chris that was incredible" Jenn said as she stayed on all fours. "Oh yes Chris you were so hot" Heather said as she moved up and rubbed her dirty feet on Jenn's back and butt. Her dirty soles catching the cum on them as she moved her feet over to Chris's mouth. "Suck my feet and taste your cum" Heather said as Chris opened his mouth and Heather slide a cum soaked dirty foot in it.

Jenn turned around as she wanted to watch Chris suck Heather's feet and also to see him swallow his cum. Heather moved her soles up and down his mouth and tongue as the cum went right on his tongue and down his throat. "Oh Chris yes suck down your cum...that is so hot" Jenn replied as she reached around and got some cum off her back and offered her fingers to Chris. He quickly licked the cum off her fingers and swallowed it right down.

Heather moved her toes into Chris's mouth as she and Jenn watch as he sucked on them and licked off the rest of his cum. "Such a good boy" heather said as Jenn nodded in agreement. Chris spent the next 2 hours licking Heather's feet completely clean and then the next day he licked Jenn's clean. Heather and Jenn told themselves that next time Jenn came up for a visit, they would have to make sure they called Chris to do some cleaning.

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