tagLoving WivesChris Was a Loving Wife?

Chris Was a Loving Wife?


This story is primarily true, I have changed little, an odd name, and bits here and there, but take my word for it, its true.

Chris was in some bother, and how to get out of it was becoming more and more difficult. The 30 year old beauty had just taken her youngest son to school, he was getting to the age now where he complained because he wasn't a baby anymore, so she would leave him 200 yards from the gate, watch him go in, then leave. She had done a little shopping, got home around 10pm and had just put it all away when the knock came on her door.

Chris was 5ft tall, if she ever was taller than that it would be because she was wearing socks, or better still stockings.

But her lack of height could never betray the sexual beauty contained within that 5ft frame, she was often called by admirers, '5ft of heaven' and she was.

Long auburn hair with a hint of red, slightly wavy, it as always soft and shiny, luxurious and for ever manageable. Eyes as big as saucers wide and so beguiling, she could kill a man stone dead with one surreptitious glance, and she often did, she loved the power of her sexuality.

Her body was pert and tight, if she had been 6ft tall instead of the 5, her legs would have gone on forever, but even so, dressed in the right manner, they did give the illusion of length. Her backside was a thing to behold, especially in a bikini, it got attention wherever she went, and no matter what she was dressed in.

Her face was her main attraction, no one who looked at her for the first time never lacked a double take, and sometimes 3 or 4. Full lips, the bottom one symmetrical to the top, but in a straighter line, as her top lip curved over the bottom, they turned down slightly at the corners, and her smile was broad and giving.

Chris's main problem all her life had been her sexuality, even at a young age she couldn't wait to grow up and try it, and her first time set her on the road to the almost nymphomaniac desire for it, it was the one real constant she had ever had. Leering brothers, uncles, dad's friends, even some of her mothers, had all served to project her on the road to sexual freedom, a freedom she had embraced as she grew older.

Her very first lover had become her first husband at the ripe old age of 19, within a year she was pregnant and seduced 3 or 4 times by her husband's friends before she got too big, which she could only describe as weaknesses on her part.

He had not been very attentive while she was with child, but his friends had, and they loved coming around when he was out and easily seducing the desperate woman who was crying out for it.

Thus her need for constant love, sex, and loving attention was born.

Her husband had found out what she was up to, and moved out of their small home, on the day she gave birth. Much to her surprise she didn't care, she was worried for the future, but her family rallied round. And no one knew why he had left, he was regarded as a cunt of the highest order.

Her baby Richard was 7 months old, and her mother told her to get a job, she would babysit, and so she went to work behind a bar in a pub, 3 nights a week.

There she met a guy called Ron, who knew her vaguely, and was completely besotted with her. On her 2nd night he asked if he could walk her to her nearby home, she agreed because he was nice, and she liked him. Her mother wasn't too happy, but went to bed and left them alone downstairs.

He didn't know of her past, nor would he have cared, soon they were kissing and soon she was in heat, she almost raped him which he loved, being shagged rotten by a bird as beautiful as this was every mans dream. Chris had her way with him, reaching many orgasms. She kept him going for about 3 hours, and much to her delight, he was always ready for her.

The next night he was back for more, and it went on from there, but after about 3 months Chris started getting edgy, she finished with him, even though she had promised she would marry him after her divorce. He was heart broken but accepted it. But it became known quite quickly that she was 'putting' it about to all and sundry, and about ¾ of the lads in the pub were fucking her at one time or another.

Her reputation was well known, and her rep was rock bottom, it was even rumoured that she had had VD! Fortunately for her, she met a man from out of town and he took her on not knowing of what or who she was. But she didn't care, her philosophy was, 'it's my business, not yours!' Which in the cold light of day, was so true.

Chris was now a sexual predator in every sense of the word, all the times she had been pursued by men, and in her youth, boys. It had honed into a razor sharp woman, knowing full well that she could make a man do just about anything she wanted, as long as she granted him her favour.

So she moved homes and cities. She settled down into a new life, but she knew it wouldn't be long before she was dipping her toe in the water, so to speak. But to her credit it was 2 more years before she did, and after the birth of her 2nd son. Chris was now 22 years of age.

It was a guy called Nick, he had been passing on his motor bike one day and seen her going into her 'A' frame home.

He turned, went back, knocked and greeted her with a warm hello. 'Any chance of a coffee on this chilly day?' he asked sweetly. All the while he was thinking of seducing her, and he was going to have a good try if he got in her house.

'Hi Nick, nice to see you, yes come in, I've just made a new pot.' He thanked her and entered. 'Wow,' he thought, 'just look at her she's so fucking sexy,' and his prick nearly burst through his trousers.

She was wearing a pair of high heels, what he thought were stockings, a short denim, skirt, and a little thin long sleeved top and definitely no bra! That left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Chris, as she had admitted him thought of how good looking he was, a little older than her, and about 10" taller. She took his coat, and showed him into the kitchen. There she busied herself, and a cup appeared in front of him with a lovely warm glowing smile from her, her eyes bored into his and he could have shot his load there and then.

He had no idea that he was being comprehensively seduced, he would always think it was him doing the seducing. Fat chance!

He sat on a tall stool at the breakfast bar, and Chris took the next one, quietly pulling hers a little closer to his. Nick thought, 'Ooooh hello, I wonder if she might be game for a laugh?'

As they drank and chatted, she hammered him with her eyes, Nick was looking for any type of opening where he could make a move when she did it for him.

'My hair seems to be in a tangle Nick, can you look for me please?' and moved right into his space. She turned partly away from him, moved her neck, and literally offered it to him. Nick took her hair in his hands and 'Hmmm'd,' then he kissed her neck.

'Ooooh Nick, what was that, it was lovely?' she whispered. Knowing full well what it was. He bent his head again and kissed her neck some more. 'Ooooh Nick, that's so, er, lovely, I like that!'

Now he went for goal, he sank his teeth gently in, Chris moved so she could get her arms over his shoulders, and he was under, she had got him without a murmur, She moved right to him then, she stood up and got her hips between his legs and said all the right things, Oooh, ah, Oh Mmmm Oh Nick.'

H e couldn't believe his luck, he had passed her door at exactly the right time, and now this, 'Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!' He said to himself. He began to further her seduction, and Chris went right along with him. She couldn't wait to get her hands on his prick which she could feel pressing right into her now. But she would make him wait for it though.

'Men are so easy aren't they?' she thought to herself, 'he's mine and he has no idea of it!' and she let out a soft giggle, which he took to be a further submission to him. He started feeling her body, pulling her tight to him, letting her feel his hardness for her.

They were kissing passionately now, tongues wrapped up in each other, both making guttural noises into each others mouths. And to be fair, they both were really getting hot under the collar with thoughts of their coming union.

'Nick,' she breathed into his red panting face, 'lets go to the bedroom okay?'

'Yea, come on,' he said, and without missing a footstep, she was up off her feet and on her way. Her bedroom was downstairs, it was en suite, her sons had a bedroom each with a bathroom in the middle of them upstairs.

She drove him crazy with her lovemaking, she cooed and Oooohed, 'oh Nick oh Nick,' but all the while taking what he had, her orgasms hit her all over, she was getting what she had been missing for the last 2 years, and she liked it.

The following day he was there again, and this time he fucked her like a maniac, but no matter how good he was, she was better. When he left he was on top of the world. But it was the last time she allowed him to love her; he was another broken heart along the way. Chris never gave it much thought, to her it was the price they paid to be given her love.

When she visited her parents in the city she had left, which was on a regular basis, she bumped into Ron, and that very night she reconnected with him, she remembered well how he could love her. He had been, and as she found out, still was, the only man who could love her, fuck her and truly seduce her.

He was the one who always got to her, he was too sexy for her. 'How do you do it Ron?' she would ask.

'I just love you Chris, that's all I do, its all I can ever do.'

'You are too sexy Ron, but I'm so happy to know you.'

He would always try and get her to leave and come home to live with him, but she always said no.

Not because he wasn't good for her, or didn't love her, she knew he did, but she didn't love him in the way he deserved. So Ron became an on and off lover. And in between all this she found and took many lovers, single married, divorced, it made no difference. And just about all of them wanted her for themselves.

'They are all greedy and self serving,' she would tell herself. So Chris used them all for her own satisfaction. And the number of them that had begged her to tie them to hers, or their beds was innumerable. They all to a man loved her to be dominant with them, having such a beauty dictating events were more than they could cope with.

But as the years wore on she became more and more dissatisfied in her life.

She had even allowed herself to be seduced on 2 occasions by 2 different women, and while she had great fun, women weren't for her. Then a man appeared in her life and for the first time she felt that he could maybe be the one. But she was in for a great shock, he wasn't interested in her!

She was amazed, in all her thirty years, as she was now, not one man had been able to resist her, yet here was one who would ignore her in the pub, or restaurant, or in the street, he would look past her, or ask her to wait a moment before he would answer her.

He was an old acquaintance of her husband, who knew by now of his wife's shenanigans, but not the depth of her infidelities. He was happy to put up with it as long as she didn't leave him.

His dismissal of her infuriated her, she was beside herself with anger, but it was his apparent rejection that caused the hurt and anger, no one, had ever ever done this, and she did not like it one bit, how dare he! This made her all the more intent on getting him.

And this led her to the position she was now in. A young lad in the bar they used was infatuated with her, which was a usual thing for males to be like when they were around her. She oozed sexuality, aloofness, sensuality, and plain sex emitted from her like a cloud.

Chris had never really bothered with boys, she would giggle when she caught one ogling her, and she loved the effect she had on them, and indeed encouraged it. Her penchant was for older men usually, they had the experience to know their way around a woman's body, and she had even fucked a man older than her dad once.

Her motto was, 'I want a man, not a boy who thinks he can.'

And now here she was in her home, and she had stupidly asked him in when he had called to say hello.

'What do you want?' she asked him.

'You,' was his only reply.

'Me, what do you mean?' she asked.

'You, I want you Chris,' he told her.

Out of all the boys and young men who wished for her, he was the nicest, the best looking and certainly the fittest, she knew he played union rugby for the local team. So without thinking of any possible consequences, she had told him to come on in.

'I don't understand Leo?' she said, but she did know, she knew full well what he wanted. Her trouble was, she needed cocking, she had failed last night to trap the guy she was after, and she was in heat, hot hot heat!

He reached for her, and pulled her tiny frame to him, he went for her lips, but she turned away and he got her cheek, then her neck instead. She pushed him off, and said uncertainly, that he should leave. Leo took no notice, he was on a mission.

He stepped to her to take her again, and Chris pulled back, they started what could only be described a s a dance, her going backwards, him following, odd times he would catch her, she would break away. In the kitchen he caught her near the breakfast bar, she, after a kiss, ducked under it and escaped.

But one thing Chris had always enjoyed, and had never been able to resist was the thrill of the chase, whether it was she doing the chasing, or it was her that was the quarry. Afterwards she would wonder why she never run and went out of the door. In stead she walked her way around her home, him in hot, but gentle pursuit, and it was his gentle persistence, and undeniably desire for her, and innate assurance she felt, that he wasn't going to harm or force her to him.

She walked around the furniture, through the kitchen, in the hall, the only place she hadn't been was her bedroom, and it was here she headed next. It was the mistake, the opportunity he had been looking for. He followed her in saying.

'Come on Chris, I know you want this, I can se it in you.'

'That's why I'm trying to escape you then is it?' she taunted.

Leo closed the door behind him, and pulled the chest of drawers near it, to it, and the door was now an unavailable get out.

Chris blanched, she knew she wouldn't be able to resist him, or fend him of, she was too hot. The chase had excited her, the thrill had made her aroused, and she knew one touch from him was all it would take for him to break her.

She went around the bed, he positioned himself at the foot of it.

'Last chance Leo,' she said, 'time for you to leave and we'll forget all about this.' She offered.

He gave her a knowing half smile, 'last chance saloon was over after you invited me in Chris,' he told her.

He made one step to the right indicating he was going after her. Chris launched herself over the bed, only to be caught in flight, and then she was on her back, and being held, his lips found her with unerring accuracy. She was pressed under her own and his weight down into the covers so could not turn away, he kissed her long and deep, she could only muffle a weak protest.

Chris was unusually determined to make him fight or struggle for her. Normally she would have surrendered by now and she would have joined lovemaking battle! He was unbelievably mature for his age, he seemed so self assured without being bigheaded about it.

He didn't go at her immediately, he kissed her for a long time, he even lifted his lips momentarily so she could form her own kiss to him, which she did without thinking of the one more notch on her wheel of seduction.

She felt herself relaxing as he took more and more control, she liked this bit, a man who knew how to handle a woman such as her. The trouble was and would be later on, was his age, it would be the sad reason she would never be his, there was no future for them.

His hand crept up her body, she stiffened, just like she always did when a new hand was finding its way around her. The anticipation of his fingers, the flat of his hand, finding her nipples and tits. Her nipples she already knew were on Red Alert!

As soon as they closed over her white hot, rock hard and super sensitive nips, she came, it rocked its way through her. She grabbed at him, pulling him closer; the losing battle to resist was lost.

She moaned into his mouth, he reciprocated, his knee found her pussy and rubbed it, this made her squeal her knees rose up either side of his and clamped her thighs to him.

'Chris broke the kiss, get your clothes off Leo, I need you in me, and NOW!' she ordered him. He obeyed immediately, she was naked in seconds.

She gasped when she saw his prick and dived on it. Her mouth engulfed it, her hands went for his balls. This was the prick she had waited all her life for, she knew when it was in her, it would fit like a finger in a silken glove.

Pulling her mouth of him reluctantly, she threw herself on her back, legs in the air. 'Come on Leo, get on, and get that in me right now!'

He obeyed again, safe in the knowledge now that it was her that was begging him for it. His prick found its mark like an arrow at the bull of the centre target. Chris's eyes rolled to the top of her head, it was the prick, she knew it! It slotted in and fully home like a piston rod fashioned on a lathe to the contours of her pussy inners.

But what neither of them knew was, Leo was going to be, and maybe already was, one of those men who knew instinctively how to fuck a woman, how to give it to her, how to do it to her, how to make her feel like the most special woman on God's earth.

Then he shot his load, it was unbidden, he couldn't stop it, his young age wouldn't let him, he drowned her vagina with a flood of it, it was so powerful it squeezed out of her. Chris knew he had come and was immediately disappointed, 'this is why boys are no good to me,' she thought. 'I want length of time, a fuck to end all fucks, and he has shot his load,' she bemoaned to herself.

Leo though was already on his second wind, his prick had hardly deflated, and was already back up to full steam ahead. He looked down at Chris and gave her a small smile.

He slowly pulled away from her, Chris was already resigned to that being the end of that!

He powered back in with a violent thud that took her breath away, in and out it went, his loins slapping hers. He battered at her for as long as he could, then he just stopped. Chris was breathless beneath him, he had knocked it out of her.

This was where his primal instincts took over, he drove it in, but only half way, then in, half way out, all the way in, then side to side, his knees under her thighs so the control was his. Chris was at the threshold of the best fuck she had ever had. The thrill of his unbending cock banging its way in, out, side to side as it went in and out unhinged her. Her feet were right up in the air, her body defenceless against the young maestro above her, her hands on his shoulders hanging on while she received the most glorious fuck she had ever experienced, and she had experienced many.

She was cumming helplessly, they were one on one, intermingled, solo, twinned, tripled, all together, her mind and body was giving in. 'Leo, please Leo slow down, I'm going to die,' she gasped. He didn't, not only did he want to remember this moment, he wanted to make sure Chris did!

She would never ever forget this day as long as she lived, she had made love to, and been fucked by some men who she had considered a cut above the rest, Ron being the best by a distance, but Leo was above that easily.

He continued his demolition of her, really unknowing what the effect he was causing in her. The extraordinarily beautiful woman below him, had been satisfied many times, and thought she knew what satisfaction and contentment was, that was until this very day befell her.

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