tagNovels and NovellasChrissy & the Next Door Neighbour

Chrissy & the Next Door Neighbour

byBig Gunz©

"Shit!" Chrissy swore to herself as the heavy box slipped out of her hands and fell onto the floor in the middle of the hallway.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and sighed heavily. Thankfully this was the last box. They had been lugging her stuff up to the fourth floor apartment all morning and she was just about wiped out.

'They' were she and her boyfriend Robert. After months of hounding on his part, she had finally agreed to move into his little one-bedroom apartment. The two had been together for nearly a year now, and he was eager for them to take the next step in their relationship.

At 22, Chrissy was a good looking young woman, and she knew it. Not that she believed herself to be a beauty queen by any stretch, but she was confident in her appearance and sexuality. She knew men found her attractive. Her body was curvy in all the right places, and she would most definitely be described as "busty" by most observers. She had a natural beauty about her face with her piercing green eyes and pouting full lips framed nicely by her shoulder length brown hair.

She sighed heavily and was just about to pick-up the box and head into the apartment when a voice from behind startled her.

"Need a hand with that?"

"No, I got it, thanks." She replied, glancing over her shoulder to see who the owner of the male voice was. To her surprise, she was greeted with quite the sight.

She was guessing that he was in his mid-twenties, and it was pretty obvious that he kept himself in very good shape. He was tall and muscular, as the well formed arms tightly wrapped in the short sleeves of his dirty white t-shirt demonstrated. He smiled at her as she gave him the once over, a sly little grin, the kind someone used when they knew a something you did not. She could not help but be instantly drawn to him as her eyes studied him, from his lips to his unshaven cheeks to his messy mop of short brown hair. This guy oozed confidence and sex. He could be trouble. She secretly had a thing for well-built guys -- a quality which her current boyfriend unfortunately lacked.

"Hi," she said with a polite smile, turning towards him to make her introduction. "I'm Chrissy. Just moving into 4D."

"You don't say?" He replied. "I'm in 4E, right next door to you."

"Well I guess that makes us neighbours then!" She giggled playfully and wondered where Robert had been hiding this incredibly hot specimen. In all the times she had visited his apartment, he had never mentioned this guy once.

The mystery man flashed a broad grin and glanced at the box lying on the floor between them.

"You sure you aren't in need of a strong man like me?" His dark eyes returned to her pretty face, and then lowered momentarily to her shapely breasts. "I'd be more than happy to help out."

Chrissy felt a hot blush rise up her cheeks in response to his not so subtle innuendo. Her initial instinct had been right, this guy definitely was trouble.

"Um, I'm okay I think," she replied, slightly embarrassed, before adding, "For the time being at least." She purposely began to nibble on her lower lip, drawing attention to her full, glossy mouth. Apart from her D-cup breasts, her lips were her sexiest asset. She wondered what kind of kisser he would be.

"Hey honey, what's taking so long?"

Her enthrallment with this handsome stranger was quickly snapped by the voice of her boyfriend as he emerged from the apartment. Feeling a bit guilty for being caught gawking at another guy, she quickly peeled her gaze away from him and turned to her boyfriend.

"Just struggling with this last box." She said with as sweet and innocent a smile she could muster.

It did not take Robert very long to catch onto the fact that he had stumbled upon his girlfriend ogling another man.

"Oh, I see you've met Jason." He said, giving a name to the hunk she had been admiring.

"Actually," Jason interjected, "not officially." He extended his hand to her and flashed a wink that only she could see. "Jason -- 4E."

"Chrissy," she replied, taking his hand and smiling flirtatiously at him. She felt a tiny shiver run through her as his huge hand engulfed her own.

"Well we should be getting back to unpacking," Robert suddenly spoke up, causing the two to break their handshake.

"Yeah," she concurred, still grinning suggestively at her new neighbour. "Nice to meet you, Jason."

"The pleasure was all mine." He replied, returning her smile.

Robert felt sick to his stomach as he and Chrissy returned to their apartment. He always felt like he was out of his league, so to speak, when it came to his girlfriend. He had been lucky enough to catch her on the rebound after a messy break-up, and so far she hadn't managed to bounce free. Deep down however, he truly believed that a woman like her was too hot to be with him.

It was this lack of confidence that always made him feel, and often act, very meek and subservient with his girlfriend, for fear of losing her to someone more "appropriate". Not that he was completely without appeal - though he did come off a bit "geeky" with his thick framed art-house glasses, slouchy posture and nervous way of talking, there was a something charming and sweet about the skinny young man in his bashfulness and genuine devotion to his girlfriend. But seeing the way she looked at Jason and the way he looked at her, made all his doubts and insecurities well up inside of him. To make matters worse, he really did not care for his neighbour at all. The guy treated women like sex objects and seemed to go through them like underwear -- Robert was regularly kept up at night by all the moaning in Jason's apartment, not to mention the bed posts banging against the thin walls. He hoped that Chrissy would not notice.

As the couple unpacked the rest of her boxes, Robert silently stewed about the interaction he witnessed earlier between his girlfriend and his neighbour. It was a combination of worry and anger that grew inside of him, but he knew full well that he would not dare act on either emotion for fear of upsetting Chrissy and risk losing her. It was pretty much the story of their relationship.

That night as the two of them got into bed together for the first time as official 'roommates', she could tell that something was bothering him.

"What's the matter?" She asked, cuddling up beside him under the covers.

"Nothing." He muttered quietly, not wanting to get into a fight the first night of their new cohabitation.

"C'mon," she pushed, "what is it?"

He knew she would not drop it, so he sighed heavily and decided to be honest.

"Were you flirting with Jason earlier?" He questioned, his gut wrenching as the words came out of his mouth.

"What?" She replied, seemingly shocked. "Of course not baby."

They both knew it was a lie, but they also both knew it was what she needed to say.

"You're the only guy I flirt with, you know that." She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him gently on the neck. "You can't get jealous over every guy that talks to me you know."

Robert forced a smile. He knew that was a complete lie. A girl like Chrissy flirted with guys all the time. But he also knew the she was right about one thing -- he could not allow himself to get jealous every time a guy flirted with her.

"Yeah, I know..." he agreed sheepishly.

"Aww... poor baby," she mocked playfully. "Maybe I can do something to make you feel better."

With that, she shifted position in bed and got on top of him. She was wearing a flimsy little blue satin baby-doll nightgown, and Robert soon learned that it was indeed the only thing she was wearing. She reached beneath her and pulled down his boxer shorts, making sure to give his quickly hardening prick a good stroke as she did so. He breathed in deeply as he felt the lips of her panty-free pussy rub gently over the tip of his cock. She then rose up slowly and inserted the head of his manhood into her wet snatch.

Chrissy gradually sank down on her boyfriend, impaling herself on his dick, then rose up again, leaving only the tip inside of her, then back down again slowly. He groaned in satisfaction as she began swinging her hips back and forth, using the base of his cock to massage her clit as her pussy massaged his shaft.

"Oh yeah, fuck me baby." She moaned in pleasure as she bounced up and down on her boyfriend.

Robert's concerns about his girlfriend's flirtatious ways were quickly disappearing as he watched her rock back and forth atop him. He growled in approval as she slowly pulled her nightie off over her head, setting free her large breasts, which immediately began to bounce in rhythm with her enthusiastic fucking of him.

Swinging her hips back and forth with stronger and faster strokes, she whimpered in ecstasy as she reached up and began squeezing her tits. She closed her eyes and threw her head back in delight as she gyrated wildly on top of her boyfriend. As he held her hips and jammed her wet pussy down while thrusting his cock skywards, he stared in awe at her vivacious tits as they danced in front of him. In turn, she swivelled her hips, the walls of her quickly drenching cunt rubbing against the sides of his erect shaft.

As she switched her motion to long, slow up and down strokes, Chrissy moaned loudly, squeezing her eyes shut and biting her bottom lip. Though their passionate lovemaking was easing his qualms regarding his woman's flirtatious ways, Robert was blissfully unaware that the untamed fucking was, in actuality having the opposite effect on her.

Regardless of her love for her boyfriend and the enjoyment she took from their fucking, she absolutely could not stop her mind from betraying her. As she rode the man she swore she loved, she silently began fantasizing about another certain gentleman.

"Oh fuck yes!" She cried out, her speed increasing.

The second she thought of the hunky neighbour she had met earlier that day, she could feel a tingle shoot through her. And when she imagined it was Jason beneath her, she immediately sensed that her orgasm was imminent. She leaned back, allowing her clit to fully delight in the sensation of the cock stimulating her with every stroke. Her pace quickened once again, as she became desperate for release. She knew Robert would not be able to last very much longer with this furious fuck-rate, so she figured it was now or never for her own explosion.

Her big breasts bouncing frantically, she took hold of one of her tits and pulled it up to her mouth. Licking madly at her own nipple, she pictured Jason sucking on her tits while she rode his hard cock. She imagined him pounding into her willing pussy as he buried his rugged face in her bosom.

Unable to keep up with her intense fucking speed any longer, Robert groaned loudly, shutting his eyes and furrowing his brow in an almost painful expression. She knew that was the telltale sign that he was going to blow his load. Casting all of her private inhibitions aside, she ground her wanting pussy down hard onto his now pulsating prick and let her imagination truly run wild.

As she felt the hot come splash against her insides, Chrissy fantasized Jason exploding deep in her cunt. Not only that, she envisioned herself in some cheap slutty outfit, screaming for him to fuck her harder, to fuck her like she always wanted to be fucked. She imagined herself begging him to use her like a dirty whore. Seconds later, she experienced an orgasm unlike anything she had ever known before.

About a week had passed since Chrissy had first laid eyes on her hunky new neighbour. Since that day she had not had the pleasure of seeing him again, at least not in person. She had however, enjoyed picturing him in her mind's eye frequently since they had met. Whether it was during sex with Robert or when she was sneaking some private, personal pleasuring by herself when her boyfriend was not around, this handsome new acquaintance was a regular occurrence in her sexual imaginations.

She did feel guilty about her frequent fantasizing about Jason, but she truly could not help herself. Even though she continually told herself that she was honestly in love with Robert and happy with him, she could not deny that just the thought of being with the stud next door made her quiver in a way that she had never experienced with her boyfriend.

It was almost midnight on a Tuesday night. Chrissy was just getting ready to go to bed when she remembered that she had to run down to the laundry room and grab the last load out of the dryer. Shouting to Robert that she would be back in a few minutes, she rushed out of the apartment and headed to the elevator.

As she stepped off of the elevator into the basement hallway, it occurred to her that she was in her sleepwear. Fortunately it was not one of her skimpy negligees or anything like that, but it was not something she usually wore out where people might see her. She did look pretty good though, even for someone in their PJs. Her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and her face was scrubbed free of makeup, leaving her natural good looks to fend for themselves. She wore a pair of loose grey fleece pants and a little pink tank top that left her braless bosom on full display to anyone who might happen to gaze upon her. Regardless of her outfit, she figured that it was not likely she would run into anyone doing their laundry at this hour.

Chrissy found her speculation to be correct when she got to the laundry room and found it empty. Grabbing her clothes basket, she quickly set about unloading her whites from the dryer. She was about half way done folding the load when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"And here I thought I was the only late night laundry bandit in this place."

She jumped at the sound of Jason's voice - partially from surprise, but also partially from that familiar tingle that shot through her body when she realized it was him.

"Hey," she greeted him, turning quickly to face him as he walked into the room. "You startled me."

"Didn't mean to frighten you," he replied, a devilish smile creeping over his lips. "Just finishing up my laundry too."

He made virtually no attempt to hide the fact that he was checking out her evening attire. His eyes locked on to her ample breasts straining against the thin material of her tight tank top, causing her to blush a bit, and also making her suddenly very aware of how hard her nipples were becoming.

She smiled flirtatiously at him, arching her back, maybe subconsciously, forcing her tits to stick out even further for him to admire.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me then." She said playfully before turning back to her task at hand.

Chrissy closed her eyes as she grabbed some more clothes out of the dryer and hurriedly put them in her basket. She wanted to feel guilty for flirting so gratuitously with this handsome hunk behind her boyfriend's back, but a slew of other feelings were getting in the way. Even in her sweats, she felt sexier than she had in ages. Just being in the same room with Jason made her feel wicked and mischievous.

Suddenly her eyes burst open as she felt him move in close behind her. She could feel his hot breath on her neck when he spoke.

"Need a hand with that?" He whispered, his body gently pressing against hers.

"I, um..." she could feel her pussy dampening as his pelvis rubbed lightly against her ass.

Chrissy's head was spinning as flashes of all kinds of different scenarios raced through her mind. Within seconds she had dreamt up at least half a dozen ways he could rip her clothes off and ferociously fuck her until she could not take it anymore.

Then, just as quickly as her imagination had run wild, she snapped back to reality, remembering the loving man waiting for her upstairs.

"I... I should get going." She said, jamming the rest of her unfolded laundry into the basket and turning around.

His handsome face was inches from hers when turned towards him.

"You sure?" Jason breathed, his lips coming closer to hers.

It was all she could do not to throw her arms around him and stick her tongue down his throat, but somehow she managed to keep her composure.

"I should go." She repeated, not able to find any other words as her heart raced and breath quickened.

He stood in front of her for a few seconds, his body barely touching hers and his stare never leaving her eyes. Chrissy was sure he could sense her attraction for him, she just wondered if he knew precisely how horny he was making her. The longer he remained this close to her the wetter she got between her legs. Finally, after what felt like an eternity for her, but was in reality less than a minute, Jason stepped aside, allowing her room to get past him.

"Well I guess this is goodnight then." He said as he turned, his fuck-me eyes still burning a hole in hers.

She hesitated for several seconds, lost in his sexual stare, and then blinked herself back to reality.

"Um, yeah..." she replied. "Goodnight."

With that she grabbed her basket, put her head down and rushed past him, anxious to get out of there before she exploded. Never before had she experienced such sexual tension with anyone. She wondered if he felt the same electric attraction as she did.

It had only been a couple of days since Chrissy's flirtatious encounter in the laundry room with Jason, and she could not get the memory of it out of her head. Her fantasizing of him had become so all consuming that she found herself totally unable to stop her constant imaginings of what it would be like to fuck him. The guilt she felt about her unfaithful and amoral thoughts was not nearly enough to overrule the carnal feelings that the images of the two of them together brought over her.

She was pretty sure that Robert was completely unaware of her obsession with their next door neighbour, and she desperately did not want him to find out. Even though Jason was the star of her sexual fantasies, she still clung to the belief that she loved her boyfriend, and that nothing would ever come of the crush she had on the hunk down the hall.

Her conscience did way heavy on her whenever she caught herself thinking of this other man while having sex with Robert. Her shame and self-remorse at betraying her boyfriend, even in her own mind, was something that made her hate herself. But still, she could not, and in truth did not want to, deny her lust for Jason. Her solution to her moral dilemma was to try and limit her depraved fantasies of him to when she pleasured herself.

On this particular evening, Chrissy found herself alone in the apartment with ample opportunity to satisfy those licentious needs of hers while her boyfriend was out with a buddy. Deciding to take full advantage of the chance to indulge in some self gratification and lustful imaging, she headed to the bedroom and stretched out on the bed.

She hurriedly pulled her shirt up over her bosom, exposing her overflowing bra and luscious breasts. Next, she slid her hands down and undid her jeans, revealing her thin cotton panties, which already had begun to moisten in anticipation of the attention about to be received.

Chrissy then moved her hands back up to her tits and began to gently rub herself through the lace of her bra. Her nipples instantly hardened at her touch, and she instinctively began to gingerly pinch them, letting out a soft sigh of satisfaction in the process. It did not take long for her to begin her erotic fantasizing as her hands explored her chest. She let out a low moan as she imagined Jason's tongue running over her rock hard nipples, his lips covering her heaving breasts. Pulling her bra down below her bosom, she unleashed her impressive jugs and began squeezing them even harder. Her pussy ached to be touched as she continued to picture her fantasy lover pleasuring her big tits.

Her right hand shot down her body and made its way in between her legs. Slowly she began rubbing her swollen pussy lips through the thin cotton. Groaning as she ran a finger over the outline of her cunt, she shuddered with expectation. Unable to deny herself the pleasure she so desperately craved any longer, she slipped her hand underneath the waistband of her quickly dampening underwear. She gently eased her middle finger into the warmth of her longing snatch and sighed deeply.

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