tagBDSMChrista's Dilemma Ch. 03

Christa's Dilemma Ch. 03


I enjoyed the coffee Christa had made. And I enjoyed the view. Christa has always been gorgeous. But now was a bit different. Usually she is stylishly dressed, wearing classy and expensive clothes that emphasize her beautiful body without being vulgar. Today her clothing was more explicit, nothing left to imagination. She wore a very short black skirt showing her beautiful legs. Christa has long strong muscular legs, not those skinny legs that most slim women have, nor does she have fat legs. Hers are just full, and strong, and extremely sexy. She also wore a black crop top showing a nice flat belly. She didn't wear a bra to hide her beautiful breasts. Her nipples stood proudly erect. The most beautiful, though, as always, was her dazzling smile.

I felt my willie helplessly fighting to get erect. He stood not a chance. The tube in my chastity belt is way too small. When I was measured, I first had had an orgasm, and then a hot shower followed by a very cold one. When my willie was finally measured, he was shrunk to a shrimp of no importance. I tried, inadequately, to ignore the pain. Christa smiled her stunning smile. She was fully aware of the effect she had on me.

"How are you doing?" she asked. "Have you recovered from last time?"

"I am fine, thank you"

"Last time, I was very gentle, a bit soft, because it was your first time."

I smiled. She must be teasing. I remembered her endless, aggressive hitting all to well. She continued, "Today I will be a bit more strict." She still spoke in a quiet and convincing manner. She smiled. "I want to feel you still mean what you wrote to me." She looked at my statement in the frame at the wall. "Get that statement and read it aloud," she said.

I took the frame from the wall and read, "Hereby I, Ton Brown, declare I surrender completely to Christa Wilder. Christa may use me as a toy in every way she likes. My submission will be entirely. I will accept whatever she does to me, no matter the consequences.

"I offer Christa my body and soul. She has the full rights to torture me or control my body functions. I am entirely at Christa's disposal, for her pleasure only. I make this statement of my own free will and I am mentally healthy to do so. I shall accept all consequences."

Christa smiled. "I still love that declaration," she said. "But do you mean it?"

"Of course I do."

Again she showed me that beautiful smile. "Ok, you may show me. Hang that frame on the wall and follow me." I followed her on the stairs enjoying the view. I knew I should not watch; I should cast down my eyes. But I couldn't.

The guest room had been changed a bit. It was still a nice and room, fool of daylight, but the furniture had been moved aside. The flower box was no longer hanging. Instead there were several hooks on the ceiling. Some of the hooks had ropes through them with wrist cuffs at the end. The cuffs had been pulled up. On the wall was a big black and white drawing. It was a comical picture of a Mistress whipping a slave who was on his knees and elbows. The drawing was quite erotic.

"Put your clothes on that stool, please." While I was undressing she said, "Let me be clear. You came here of your own free will, so you may leave whenever you wish. You only have to say 'game over'. If you say 'game over', I will untie and unlock you. You'll have three minutes to dress and leave. We will never see each other again. You are not going to contact me in any way once you have spoken the magic words 'game over.' Is that clear?"

Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "You may beg for mercy if you really need, but be careful. It might just stir up my lust to make you suffer." Again she added, "Is that clear?" This time she waited for an answer, watching me expectantly.

"Don't worry," I said. "I surrender to you. You may enjoy me in anyway you want." I tried to show the confidence that I didn't feel. I started to wonder if I had made a big mistake. Obviously, my dick didn't have those doubts. He was still fighting to stand up.

"Stand still. Put your legs apart. And smile. Put your hands behind your head. And smile." Christa stood in front of me, watching me up and down, smiling her sardonic smile. She wore yellow shoes. Bright yellow. And very high heels. Under the black outfit the bright yellow pumps appeared extra sexy. And in a strange way extra threatening. She played with the chain around her neck. "You didn't complement me on my necklace. Don't you like it?" she asked.

I smiled. I tried to look confident. "It is beautiful. And it looks good on you." I thought for a moment, wondering how far I dared to go. "Especially that key looks great on you."

"Thank you. I thought you would like it. It was a shame to keep it hidden in a locker." Again she gave me that dazzling smile. She took the chain from her neck. "Would you like me to use it?"

"It is up to you. Please, feel free to do so if you like." I tried to hide my eagerness.

"Keep your hands where the are. Don't touch that cock and balls of mine. Ever!" Then she unlocked my belt, removed the lock and removed the front shield while she kept the tube in place. Then she removed the tube. She had to pull. My penis had swollen as far as possible. "Wow! That little boy is enthusiastic." With a bit difficulty Christa replaced the lock to keep the band of the chastity belt in place. She took my penis in her hand, moved her hand slowly upwards lightly squeezing it, increasing the pressure while she let slowly slip my penis.

When my cock finally slipped free, it was fully erect which was quite remarkable after being locked for weeks. Christa smiled. "That little boy shows me respect. That is nice. And, more important, while doing so, he is giving me full access to my balls. That is what I need today.

"You said you wanted to suffer for me. You said you would surrender to me completely. You may show me now. I am going to kick those balls. I am going to cause you more pain than you ever felt. That is what you want, don't you? You didn't lie to me, did you?" She watched expectantly.

Oh boy, what did I do? Is this really what I want? I tried to hide my doubts and confusion. "No, I didn't lie. You may enjoy my.. erm.. your cock and balls. You may enjoy my misery."

"Ok, smile then. Convince me. Put my mind at rest. Make me believe you want this. Smile. And put your hands down, behind your back." I did. "That's better. You look more relaxed this way. Now present those balls to me. Make it easy for me to hit and pulverize them." I knew I should run, game over, and run. But I didn't. "Now beg me. Beg me to kick you in the balls. And do it with a smile."

"Please, kick my balls"

"MY balls. You hand them over to me. And beg me. Make it more convincing."

"Please, kick your balls."

Whack! She was so fast that she surprised me even though I knew it was coming. Her force surprised me too. The pain was overwhelming. I bent over. I almost fell.

"Ok, good boy. Now, stand up again. Smile. Encourage me to go on." She still had that beautiful, warm, innocent and seducing voice. "Beg me again."

I did. And again she kicked me, so fast, and so forcefully. And she knew how to kick too. She didn't make the connection with her toes. She took my balls right on the instep. She knew how to make it hurt. This time I actually stumbled. Christa calmly waited for me to pull myself together. The pain was terrible. I felt sick. I tried to stand up straight. I tried to show the confidence that I didn't feel. I smiled a feeble smile. Please, stop this, I thought silently.

"Beg me again."

"Please, kick your balls."

"You can do better."

"Please, please, please..." I was really begging now. Silently I thought please, please stop this ordeal. Instead I added, "Please kick your balls." Christa didn't move. And she didn't say a word. She just watched me. She watched me intently. I felt so vulnerable. I was terrified. Christa smiled. Then she kicked me. I fell on the ground this time.

Christa waited for me to get up. I watched her. I could see her excitement. She was enjoying herself. There was no doubt in my mind that Christa was enjoying her role. She was enjoying her power. She was enjoying my pain. And my panic. I had never realized she was this cruel and sadistic. Christa waited. She was not in a hurry. She was like a cat playing with a mouse. I was that mouse. Finally the cat would kill the mouse. And then she would get bored and just forget about that little mouse. She wouldn't give the mouse a thought anymore until, after a while, she would get in that mood again. Then she would find another victim. Christa smiled. She was gorgeous. And she seemed so lovely. She seemed so innocent. Sexy, yes. Even seductive. But anyone who would see her now would think of her as harmless with her lovely outfit and her innocent smile. How could I have been so stupid? She had even warned me.

I was terrified. Why didn't I run? Why let I Christa destroy me? Was it pride? Yes, pride was definitely part of it. Christa had warned me she would tear me apart. She had told me I would leave after two or three times. I would get bored, she had said. Well, bored doesn't seem the right word. But she had said I would stop after two or three times. And that it would end our friendship. She had even begged me not to come that specific day because I wouldn't find my friend. I would just find a very cruel and demanding woman who would tear me apart, she had said. And I had come to her. I had been extremely stupid. Stupid I may be, but moreover I was proud and vain. There was no way in the world I would admit my mistake. There was no way I would admit I had underestimated her or, even worse, that I had overestimated myself. I was too proud, too vain and too stupid to stop her. I'd rather die. Or lose my balls.

Christa waited with her seductive smile. I finally had stood up. I smiled. I tried to look confident and self-assured. "Please..." WHACK!! Christa didn't even let me finish. I was on the ground, crying with pain.

"Oh boy," she said. "You fell. Let me help you. I don't want you to hurt yourself." Even now, I still admired the way she kept playing the role of the nice and friendly lady while she was destroying me. She helped me finding my feet again. She took the cuffs that were hanging at the ceiling and fastened them around my wrists. Then she pulled the ropes and fastened them. The hooks were wide apart and the cuffs were pulled up as far as possible. I had to stretch arms and myself. Christa smiled. "I help you because I don't want you to fall again and hurt yourself, but keep your legs wide apart. Don't make me cuff your ankles too. I still want you to offer yourself and my balls to me." She winked at me. I had to stretch myself even further to give her what she wanted. There was no way I was going to admit I couldn't handle this anymore.

"Ple... pl..." I tried to say the words again. But I couldn't.

"Shush," she said. "Relax, don't say a word. Just smile at me. And keep offering me my balls. Keep your legs wide apart. And smile." Then she kicked me again. And again, and again. She kept talking to me. I couldn't hear the words any more. I just heard her soft, warm and seductive voice. And I saw her beautiful movements. Christa moved back and forth to hit me harder. When she did, her beautiful red hair danced up and down. And so did her breasts. It was like a dance. Every time when she kicked me, I saw her beautiful and strong legs and her panties. It was a great, sensual and hot performance. And I had the best place in the front row.

The pain and my fear were unbearable, her performance hypnotic and seductive. At one point I forgot about keeping my legs apart. I just couldn't take anymore. Christa put a step forwards. She lightly kissed my lips. She put her right leg between my legs. I felt her warm thigh against mine. Then she used her foot to push my legs apart. She kissed my nose and said, "Good boy." She stepped back and kicked me again. I groaned with pain. I knew I wouldn't survive this treatment much longer. "One moment, back in a sec," Christa said. When she returned she brought two buckets. From one she took a wet cloth and wrapped it around my genitals.

"Aargh!" It was bloody hot. Christa removed the cloth and got a plastic bag from the other bucket. The bag was full of water and a lot of ice cubes. She held the cold bag against my cock and balls.

"See, big trick! The hot water makes your blood vessels wider, so the blood can easily flow back and the ice water nicely shrinks your dick." She locked me again. I still don't understand how she could do it that quickly. Putting my balls in place hurt like hell. "Be careful, don't fall." She removed my cuffs. "Please walk a bit for me."

Every man knows it is painful to walk after being kicked in the balls. Well, walking in a Nextsteel chastity belt after being kicked in the balls is nearly impossible, that is, without passing out. The Nextsteel chastity belt is designed to keep a man chaste. Period. The belt has four features to make that happen. First of all, obviously, there is the lock that prevents you from freeing your best friend. Secondly, the tube is so small you dick can hardly grow, or at least makes it quite painful. Thirdly, the tube is pointed down or even backwards. Last but not least, the tube splits the balls, one ball at each side of the tube. This prevents the body from contracting the balls, which usually happens just before ejaculating. You have always to be careful if your genitals are locked in such a belt. A careless move can harm your precious balls.

I tried to walk but the pain was overwhelming. Christa enjoyed the scene. "You still have to go downstairs," she said with a smile in her voice. "But first I have a reward for you. You are a brave man. I love that." I tried to convince myself she said she loved me. "I am proud of you." I tried to hide the tears I felt coming. "Get on your hands and knees and follow me." In spite of the pain and the nausea I enjoyed the view. Watching the gorgeous legs in the shiny pumps under the ultra short skirt was quite exciting. Even after having my balls smashed (I keep thinking of them as mine), I felt my cock react to the beautiful sight of the legs and shoes that had tormented me so brutally.

Christa took me into the bathroom. The floor was hard and cold. "One moment," Christa said and left the bathroom to return quickly with a chair. The chair had a metal frame for legs; the seat and the back were plastic. Christa sat down and crossed her beautiful legs. "Relax. Enjoy," Christa said. "The torment is over. Just enjoy. Enjoy being with me." She stretched her right leg and said, "Please take my shoes off."

I took the shoe from her foot. On impulse I kissed the shoe. "Thank you, beautiful shoe," I said. I am not a shoe or foot fetishist. It was just an attempt to feel a little bit in control of the awkward situation.

"That's nice, " Christa said with a smile in her voice. "Thank the other shoe as well." I did. "Now thank my tired kicking leg," she said while she stretched her right leg. "Take your time. Kiss my foot, and then slowly work your way up. Do it tender and lovingly." It was a strange and exciting feeling, having Christa's beautiful leg in my hands and kissing it. I could hardly believe it. The higher I came the more embarrassed I felt. When I had reached her inner thigh I felt quite humble. I smelled Christa. "Go on," Christa said. I suspected to hear excitement in her voice. I reached her panties. They were extremely wet. I realized, shocked, that never before I had achieved getting a woman this wet, let alone without touching her. Apparently, all I have to do is allowing her to smash my balls. I felt shame. And acceptance. This is my role. This is who I am. I'd better accept it. And enjoy it. Otherwise I will be unhappy my entire life.

"Get my panties off," Christa said. "Don't use your hands." I was scared. Apparently I had to use my mouth and teeth. I didn't want to hurt her or damage her underwear. Christa moved a bit forward on her chair. I couldn't reach the waistband. So I very carefully bit the crotch, terrified to hurt her, and I pulled. As I had feared, I tore the panties. I kept pulling. I had destroyed Christa's beautiful underwear but I could finally bite the waistband and pull the panties, or what was left of it, completely off of her. I returned to Christa's wet flower. Christa was breathless when she said, "That nice wet spot is The Queen. She is The Queen who decides whatever happens to you. So be careful. And courteous. Worship Her. Kiss and lick her and give her the best orgasm she has ever had."

I don't consider myself very experienced or good in oral sex but I was determined not to disappoint Christa. I licked and sucked in a way I had never done before. Christa appeared quite aroused so it didn't take too much time to make her cum. When she did, she produced a lot of fluid. I wondered if she was peeing as well. "Open your mouth, nose and eyes. Take it all," she gasped. The fluid burned in my eyes and I choked. When Christa was done, she sighed. She grabbed hold of my hair and put my head in her lap. She caressed my hair. "Good boy," she said, "brave man. I am proud of you." Again, I couldn't help crying. I couldn't stop. Christa didn't seem to mind. She kept caressing my hair, my shoulders and my back. She spoke sweet words. At least the tears washed all the burning fluids away. I am not sure why I cried. The last few hours - or was it less than an hour, I was not sure - had been an emotional roller coaster. My balls still hurt like hell but somehow it didn't seem to matter anymore. I felt Christa's caressing hands and her affection and her care. I smelled her intimacy. I felt loved, and accepted, and cared for. In spite of the pain I was incredible happy.

To be continued.

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