tagNonHumanChristina's Garden

Christina's Garden


It was a sunny day as she walked outside and looked around her large yard. She sipped some warm coffee as she sat on the deck in her thong and white tank top. She had the week off and her yard needed tending to. She sat alone in her country side manor. She stood up and went inside to get dressed for work.

She came out in cut off shorts and her tight tank top. She walked out to the yard and into the overgrown garden. She had a bucket of tools and a smile on her tanned face. Christina was going to enjoy her time off and tending to her garden. She never realized how her monster hunting had gotten so busy and her garden got out of control.

She came to the middle and stopped she looked at the greenhouse. It was covered in vines and other plants. She opened the door and went inside looking around. She sat the bucket down and walked down the rows of plants. She was alone in a mess; she pulled out her cell and called Mellissa over to help.

Christina walked to the door and went to open it. She felt something grab her ankle. She looked down as a vine slowly wrapped up her sexy leg. She reached down for the bucket, but it was gone. She looked around as a vine got her wrist. She looked as her other wrist was wrapped up. She struggled as they pulled her arms open and pinned her to the door. She fought hard as they dropped the bucket over her head blocking her vision. Christina was alone and tied up by the vines.

She fought and tried to get away as they wrapped her legs tight and pulled them open. She knew what was coming as they tore her jean shorts off showing her pink thong. Christina felt the vine rubbing her woman hood and struggled harder to get free.

The vines were moving in as they ripped her top off and revealed her D cups. They quickly enwrapped her tits and squeezed. They pulled her hard nipples and it was working as her pussy got wet. The vine rubbing her pussy slipped underneath and got her clit. She cried out as it pulled on it sending her into multiple orgasms. Christina had never had to deal with vines or tentacles.

The monster huntress was getting off over and over as it milked her tits and clit. Her thong was torn off and a larger vine made its way up to her wet pussy and entered it. The bucket muffled her cries as they had their way with her tight pussy. Christina had never had such sex.

As they fucked her, a new car pulled up. Mellissa stepped out and looked at the garden. She pulled her skirt down and walked into the garden. She didn't know what was happening to Christina. She walked slowly and looked at all the plants. She found a pretty flower and bent over to smell it. It let out a small burst of gas which she inhaled.

Mellissa stood up and looked at the flower as a sudden rush ran through her skinny body. Her hands grabbed her C cups and felt them up. She lifted her bikini top and squeezed her hard nipples. She was so turned on by the gas that she didn't know what to do!

Her hand went up her skirt and she fell to her knees fingering herself as the feeling grew. She was flowing well as a small puddle formed between her legs. She moaned and had her other hand fingering her pussy. The short haired blonde was getting off over and over. She screamed and fell to her back as she fingered harder and faster. Mellissa was under the flowers spell.

She stopped as a flower appeared over her face. It came at her and was by her mouth and sprayed more gas up her nose. She inhaled as it covered her mouth and its middle shot out and fucked her throat. She fingered herself as she sucked the flower off.

She felt something brush her inner thighs and looked down at a larger flower. She moved her hands away and the flower attacked. She arched her back as it shot a large cock into her. She moaned as it pounded her tight pussy hard and deep. Her boyfriend never even fucked her that hard. Mellissa had her legs holding her ass up off the ground as the flower pounded her. Another flower realized her skinny ass was unguarded and moved in for it.

Her eyes shot open as it attacked her ass and fucked it hard. She never had it anal and was experiencing a new thing as her cum flowed. Mellissa's eyes rolled back as the feelings overtook her skinny body. The flower had gotten a victim and was giving her a good time.

Christina hung by the vines as they continued to fuck her. She had grown tired and weak from the violent attack. She felt it get off and fill her body with its green slime. She fainted as they got her nice ass next. They completely filled her nice ass up and then they released the sexy Christina. She fell to her face and was left alone as they retreated and was happy with her.

Hours later, Christina rolled over and looked around. She sat up and looked at her slime covered crotch. She stood up and looked at the door. She couldn't find her clothes anywhere. She walked outside and went towards the house. She didn't know about her partner's demise.

Mellissa had been fucked unconscious by the horny flowers. They pollenated her holes and let her lay naked and unconscious. Christina walked and spotted her friend. She ran up to her and knelt down. She checked Mellissa's vitals and looked at her skinny body. She had been fucked but Christina didn't know by what.

Christina bent over to hear if she was breathing. The flower spotted her pussy and couldn't resist it. She was knocked to all fours as it slammed into her hard and deep. Christina screamed as it tore into her pussy. Another flower found her mouth and fucked it. She was getting it harder than the vines ever did her. She sniffed the gas and became theirs. Christina was now letting them fuck her tan body hard and deep.

She rocked back and forth as they did her. Mellissa woke up to being smacked in the face with Christina's tits. She looked as they fucked her boss silly. Christina moaned and groaned as her cum dripped to the walk. Mellissa was sprayed again and her mind was the flowers once again. She began to suck Christina's nipples as a flower pounded her again.

Both women was getting pounded and liking it. After a few hours, the flowers filled them both up and they were left on top of each other naked. Christina woke up and realized she was on top of Mellissa. She stood up and looked around dazed. Mellissa sat up and Christina helped her to her feet. They limped into the house and cleaned up and got redressed. Christina left the garden for another time.

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