tagGroup SexChristina's Journey Ch. 09

Christina's Journey Ch. 09


The final chapter, the group run riot.

Asami, Josh and Christina were part of a group, standing laughing and hugging each other, after graduation. They had all got their degree's, and all with distinctions. The sad part, as it turned out, was they were all going in different directions, Christina had a position with The Financial Times, Josh's engineering degree had got him a job overseas, and Asami had a position with the United Nations, as an interpreter, she now spoke seven languages, Hiroshi had finished his Diploma of Business, and was taking over the family business. He would be close to Asami. Of course they vowed to keep in touch. Right at that exact minute, as he watched the emotions flow, Josh would have bet he could have had sex with both off them right there. They had kissed and slobbered over each other, and had ground their bodies against him, and told him they loved him, all words of course, although he himself, did have a genuine attraction towards both girls.

"Party tonight at Henry's place," someone called out, probably Henry himself. Everyone cheered.

Sally joined them. "Hey guys, Paddy's Bar, the celebrations commence."

Josh hugged her. "How'd you go?"

She smiled ruefully. "Got my degree, but just. Could have done better if I had spent less time screwing. Don't regret it though, got the best of both worlds."

They had arrived at Paddy's around two, and by four, the place was fully cranked up with Uni students celebrating, and by six nude chicks were everywhere. Tables were pushed together, and a no tee shirt competition was in full swing. Bodies were doused in alcohol and food, and anyone who dared to climb on to the table tops with clothes on, was stripped naked in seconds. Erection races were in full swing as hot babes worked on guys against the clock, to see who could resist the allure of beautiful firm tits and wet pussy, being rubbed over their cocks.

"I want to see you up there Josh," Christina laughed. "You'd be good for, what,thirty seconds?"

He grabbed her right boob. "No, forty at the moment, I'm pissed, brewers droop."

She grabbed his cock. "Oh crap, make it twenty, you're already half up."

A big cheer went up, and they looked and saw a nude Asami with a limp cock in her mouth, working hard.

"She's gorgeous," Christina said. "He won't last two minutes. I loved fucking her, she had the sweetest tasting cunt. I think she could turn me into a lesbian."

Josh put her hand on his cock, watching Asami had made him hard.

"Then again," Christina smiled, as she felt how hard he was, maybe not."

She put her arms around his neck, and kissed him hotly, grinding her cunt into him. She dragged her lips off his.

"We need to go somewhere, I need to fuck you badly."

Josh took her to the back of the room, away from the action. Most of them were now watching the girls on the table tops, particularly Asami, who was now fucking the guy, she had got up.

He pushed Christina against the wall. She stepped out of her gee string as he pulled it down to her ankles.

"You gonna fuck me here?" she said, half a question half a statement.

He nodded. "God yes, can't wait to get my cock in you."

She undid his pants, and let them fall, grabbed his cock and stroked it.

"Oh fuck, you are so hard," she groaned, feeling his fingers part her pussy lips.

He pulled her top up and over her head, watching her gorgeous melons shake, lift, and then drop, her nipples hard. He sat back on the table. She pushed her skirt up and straddled him, letting him guide his cock into her wet hungry cunt. She lowered herself, very slowly down, savouring every bit of his cock, as it entered her.

"Oooohhh fuck," her voice shook with emotion.

She kissed him again, hot and full of lust. "I'm gonna fuck you like never before, and drain your balls."

She had said that to him before, several times, and every time it came true.

They never moved, except when she slid off his cock, to take her skirt off. She shuddered from head to toe, when he re-entered her.

"Oh God, that's enough to make me come," she huffed, and went back to fucking him. A few minutes later, she started to come.

"Oh yes, this is good, I'm gonna come Josh, oh fuck yes, I'm really gonna come."

She jerked, and moaned, her thrust getting faster, more shudders, more groans, and then finally. "Oh fuck yes," she spat, her eyes screwed closed, her hands on his arse, pulling him in hard.

Josh groaned, and shot his load into her. She started to thrust, pumping his cock, sucking his balls dry, as she promised.

Suddenly another face appeared between them.

"Fuck guys," Sally said half serious. "You started without me."

Josh looked at her, startled for a moment, stuck in the moment with Christina.

"Sorry we just couldn't wait," he said. "Christina was desperate, she needed to fuck real bad."

Sally laughed. "So I see, and heard. You're lucky it's so noisy in here, otherwise half the place would have heard her."

Christina was still jerking and thrusting, on the end of her orgasm. Sally kissed her, and then jumped up on the table, and pushed her pussy in Christina's face.

"You promised me a threesome before we all split up, and this doesn't count."

"Of course not," Josh grinned. "I promise we'll make good on that, and maybe an extra one for good measure."

He liked Sally, and the way she fucked. She got right into it, no faking, full on sex, and she told him, she didn't want a relationship, she just wanted to fuck. He liked that, and had obliged her quite a few times since MacDonalds, she was another Christina. He had no trouble staying hard, watching the girls go at it, and when she was ready, Christina, slowly eased his cock from her cunt, and held it whilst Sally lowered herself onto it. Now it was Sally's turn to eat Christina's cum soaked cunt.

It was a week of parties, drinking and debauchery, as the graduates celebrated. Asami disappeared for a while, and then found them again. She introduced her girlfriend, another cute Japanese girl, Suki, they looked like a pair of cute dolls. Josh knew Suki, Asami had brought her to his apartment, and they had had a very hot threesome. She was about the same height and build as Asami, but with smaller breasts, and lovely sensitive nipples. He had run into her at Paddy's, one night, when he had been looking for Christina.

"Josh," she touched his arm. He turned and looked at Suki's smiling face.

"Hi Suki, you with Asami?" he returned the smile.

She shook her head. "No, she's got a family thing on, I thought you knew."

Josh nodded. "I forgot." He hadn't, but as she and Asami were really good friends, he couldn't really say he was looking for Christina.

"Want to party?" she smiled.

At Paddy's there were always groups you knew, they joined one, and after a couple of hours, Suki suggested they call it a night. Josh was all for it, she had kissed him several times, pushing her body against him all times, and he was real horny and half erect already.

In the carpark, she grinned at him. "Dare me to walk to the park in the nude."

The park was about a hundred and fifty metres on the other side of the carpark, and poorly lit, but she would be seen quite clearly by anyone passing.

She didn't wait for him to answer, but stripped and smiled at him.

"I'm ready."

Josh grabbed her tits and sucked her hard nipple.

She groaned. "No, not yet Josh honey. I want to fuck you, but in a minute. When I get to the other side, you get nude and walk over to me."

Suki watched him walk towards her, his big stiff cock waggling as he walked quickly. She felt the surge into her cunt, now she really needed to fuck him badly.

As soon as he reached her she kissed him, grabbing his cock, and pushing him backwards onto the picnic table seat, then as she pushed her tongue into his mouth, as she guided his cock into her wet cunt.

"Oooohhhh fuck," she moaned, as she felt his whole length penetrate her.

Josh did his own groaning, as he felt her tight cunt open and wrap itself around his hard shaft. She gyrated, thrust, and slid up and down his now slippery shaft, well lubricated by her cunt juices. They were both so horny, he knew this would be a relatively short fuck, and she was working him hard. He sucked her nipples and held her cute tight arse as she rotated and thrust it.

He felt the pressure, and knew he was going to come any minute.

Suki felt it. "Come on Josh, fuck me, give it to me, come in my cunt."

He moaned, and pushed into her, hard. She felt his cock throb and swell, as he gave her her wish, his cum shooting deep into her cunt. She immediately began to come with him.

Christina looked at them in turn. 'I thought we might go back to my place, get something to eat and chill out. Sally's got some, ah, weed."

"I need to find Horishi before I go," Asami said. "Wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

After finding Hiroshi, they all went back to Christina's, buying food along the way. Christina put on music, poured drinks, and they all ate, finishing off with a few joints of Sally's excellent weed.

"My brother never buys shit shit," Sally laughed, after Christina commented on how strong it was.

"I'm hot," Suki said, and using it as an excuse, starting to undress.

"We know," Horishi laughed."You are very hot babe."

This time Suki laughed. "Not my fault you won't leave me alone."

Ah, Josh thought, he had wondered if Hori was fucking Suki, now he knew he was.

Dancing nude has to lead to other things, like sex. Josh made good his promise to Sally, he and Christina giving her the promised threesome, which on the night was probably the thing he remembered most of, apart from Hiroshi fucking Asami.

"Oh shit!" Christina said quietly to Josh. "Hiroshi is fucking his sister."

Sally overhearing her, crawled to her side, and fondled her boobs.

She giggled. "Nothing wrong with that. How do you think I get my brother to supply me with grass, I let him fuck me. It's so kinky and wrong, I get off big time."

Christina laughed. "Bullshit, you fuck your brother?"

Sally nodded. "He's got a great cock, bit like our lover here." She slapped Josh's arse playfully. "I don't think of him as my brother, when we're doing it. He's just another guy with a great cock."

Christina nodded. "I suppose so." She probably wouldn't have agreed with her if she hadn't been stoned. But the whole thing turned her on, watching Hori's cock sliding in and out of his sister Asami's cunt, and now Suki had joined them. It wasn't their first threesome, Asami had introduced them, and told Hiro she wanted to watch him fuck Suki, that was their first threesome.

Josh considered it a night to remember, he fucked Christina and Sally more than once, and Suki and Asami. The sex went until early morning. It was midday when he left Christina's for his place. He didn't know it then, but it was the last time he would have sex with Asami, Suki and Sally."

Josh slit the envelope and read the letter. He was to report to the London head office of his new employer. Plane tickets were enclosed in the envelope, he had two days. He spent the next day cleaning up loose ends, and spending time with his parents. The next day was for him and Christina, his flight was due out at six that evening.

He had just got home, when his 'phone rang.

"Hey it's me," Christina said. "I have a request, something I want you to do for me before you go."

"Whats that?" he asked her.

"Take me to McDonalds, very late tonight, for supper," she replied. "I have everything to make it a memorable night. Can you come over now?"

Josh grinned, he knew what she was on about, once before she had commented about Asami being one up on her, with the night they ran into one another at McDonald's, and she found out they had sex. "Sure, see you in about ten minutes."

Christina had Josh's send off all planned.

"I'm going to take a shower, you take pictures to take with you," she giggled. " I want you to remember everything about me, and us, and the great times and great sex we had together."

" I could never forget that," he smiled. "It will be with me forever."

He did as she said, and took pictures of her in the shower, then joined her, they had a short fuck, then he took pictures of her masterbating. He set the camera on her tripod, and took shots of them fucking, and her giving him a blow job, her face covered in his cum.

"Mmmmmmm," she grinned, scooping globes of cum off her tits and sucking her fingers. "Great way to finish, well this part anyway."

"That was my turn," he grinned. "Now it's yours."

He laid her back, and pulled her open legs further apart. He teased her, licking her pussy lips lightly, and kissed her inner thighs, closer and closer, until his nose nudged her mound. Christina moaned and writhed. He licked her stomach and across the top of her slit, then pulled her lips back, and gave her small sweet kisses down her slit, his tongue rimming her cunt hole, then her arse hole.

"Oh fuck Josh, stop," she moaned, squeezing her boobs, pulling her hard nipples.

"You really want me to?" he looked up at her.

She groaned. "Of course not, but I'm not sure how much more of your teasing I can stand."

He grinned and pursed his lips, blowing on her clit, Christina thrust, gyrated and moaned.

"Oh God, do it now Josh, fuck me, please please."

He kneeled between her spread legs, and guided his shaft of steel into her wet throbbing hole.

"Ooooohhhh yes," she groaned, but he wasn't quite finished teasing her yet.

He pulled his cock out, and then entered her again and again, each time

making sure she contracted, so he could force her open again. Eight times, and he was ready to blow himself, the last, he thrust his full length into her. From there it was a short affair, three minutes of hectic fucking later, they both came.

They lay quiet for a short time, their bodies heaving, recovering, then Christina kissed him tenderly, but with passion.

"My God, that was incredible."

He nodded, out of breath. "Yep, it was wasn't it?"

After that they dozed, and awoke around ten.

"I'm hungry," she said.

"Pizza?" Josh asked her.

"Mmmmmm, good idea," she smiled. "I have wine chilled."

"Okay, I'll order a large mixed," he said, checking her speed dial. After ordering, he went to the kitchen, where she was pouring drinks. He slapped her bare arse.

"I have to do that a lot before I go, so I can remember how great it feels."

Christina laughed. "You'll forget, once you bed your first chickie babe over there."

He was serious now. "No I won't, and I mean this. I won't and could never forget you. I am so close to being in love with you, it doesn't matter."

Her eye's filled with tears, and she hugged him. "Please don't, this is going to be hard enough. Maybe I should just come and live with you, or try for a job where you are."

Josh changed the subject, he had to, things were getting too heavy.

He smiled. "Got anything sexy and see through?"

"Of course," She grinned. "You know me. Why?"

He gave her a sleezy grin. "Give the pizza delivery boy a thrill."

"You really are bad, Joshua," she giggled. "Just as well, it makes us a good pair. Wait here."

She reappeared a few minutes later, in a see through negligee. What wasn't hanging out you could see through the transparent filmy fabric.

"Well?" she grinned.

"Oh crap, that's more erotic than seeing you nude," he groaned. "I'd take you anywhere in that."

"Well I hadn't planned on it," She looked down at her half bare boobs, but I could wear it to Macca's tonight. It wasn't what I planned, but I can if you want, if it really turns you on."

The door chime interrupted their planning.

"Pizza, that was quick," she said.

"And you're dressed just right, to take delivery," he laughed.

He looked around the corner as she opened the door, he didn't want to miss this.

The boy was about seventeen, and his jaw hit the floor, when he saw Christina, all of her.

"P,p,p,pizza," he stammered. Then was lost for words, except one. "Wow!"

"Great, thanks lots," Christina smiled, trying hard to laugh out loud at his expression. "You were so quick, I didn't have time to change. Hope you don't mind?"

The kid shook his head, speechless, then dropped her change. He bent to pick it up, and she helped him, the nightie dropped, and now, he could see her nude, her boobs swinging, and when she stood up, her beautiful smooth snatch.

"I guess there's no point being bashful now," she grinned at him.

The boy shook his head, and gulped. "No."

"Well thanks," she smiled. "And don't worry about the change."

She closed the door, and made it to the kitchen, before exploding into laughter with Josh.

"Did you see his pants," she laughed. "He won't make it to the street, before he starts jerking off."

"I know," Josh chortled. "And guess what, the boys will never believe him, they all have stories of nude ladies meeting them at the front door."

"I feel sorry for him," she frowned a grin.

"He'll be fine," Josh said. "That will be his best memory ever."

They sat on the balcony, hungrily devouring their pizza, washed down by some excellent chardonnay, Italians are experts when it comes to wine.

At the end of the first bottle, Christina was feeling very mellow, by the end of the second bottle she was half pissed.

After their meal, she suggested a shower. "We really need one," she giggled, thinking about what they had been doing.

Josh nodded. "Good idea," he was pretty confident that this would be his last with Christina for some time, if ever again. He had no idea what the future held for him at this point.

He soaped her up, with her shower gel and massager mitt, then just used his hands, sliding them over her body, her back, her beautiful arse, between her legs, teasing her, then those gorgeous boobs, her nipples hard on his palms. He kneaded them like two mounds of dough, pushing his rigid cock against the crack of her arse.

"Oooooohhhhhh fuck," she moaned. "You are the best lover. I want you now."

Josh wanted her as well, but was determined to save the best for later. After the shower, he dried her with a big fluffy towel, and powdered her. She turned and pushed him against the wall, kissing him, grinding her cunt hard against his cock.

"If you keep that up," he warned her. "I'm gonna come all over your stomach."

"That's okay," she smiled. "Then you can give me another shower."

"So what are you wearing to Macca's?" he asked her grinning. She had said she had something planned, and now he was curious, and it was also time to go.

"Wait here," she smiled, left the room and was back a minute later, wearing a large skimpy thin singlet, that barely covered her boobs, which were totally visible through the oversized armholes anyway, and just covered her pussy.

"What do you think?" she laughed.

"Oh crap!" he laughed with her. "Are you really game enough to wear that there?"

She nodded. "Yep if you wear yours."

She threw the other one she was holding to him. He put it on, and she laughed hysterically, as she saw the end of his cock hanging below the hemline.

"Well, as the saying goes, Houston we have a problem," she laughed. "Come into the bedroom, have a look."

He laughed when he saw his reflection. "Hmmmm, might need jocks."

"Not as far as I concerned," she grinned, and gave him a fondle."

"Problem is, we don't want to be obvious," he said thoughfully. "Otherwise it will stuff up our plans."

"What plans?" she asked innocently with a smirk.

"I'm not sure, but I think it's the one where we sit nude in McDonalds," he replied with the same innocence as her. "Besides, from the door to the counter, you'd be naked anyway."

When they had walked to the bedroom, Christina had only walked three paces, and the singlet had slipped off her shoulders, and fallen to the floor, leaving her gloriously naked. Again they nearly wet themselves laughing.

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