tagIncest/TabooChristmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer


The same thing happens every year. Everyone in the family comes back to Maryland for the family Christmas party. No big deal. It helps us reconnect and see how the others have grown. Nothing out of the ordinary.... except in my case. But first let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Elle and I am nineteen years old. I have deep red hair and dark brown eyes with gold around the edges. I am six feet tall, with a great ass, 36C tits, and the hips to match. I'm a model, so obviously have to be tall and have a rocking body. But it wasn't always that way. As a young kid I was kind of bigger, the one no one ever paid any mind to at the parties. But over the years all the baby fat started to disappear and I began to develop. Next thing I knew, my uncles were sneaking looks down my shirt, tended to 'accidently' brush up against my ass in passing, and even hung on a little too long when I gave them a hug. But it was never anything serious... at least not till this year.

One of my uncles has always caught my eye, ever since I was young. Something about him just draws me in. I'm not sure it it's his rough features or the fact he is tall enough to make even me feel short. Then again it may also be the giant bulge in his pants that seems to appear every time I come around. I can't help but want him. Just looking at him today, standing by the fire with a beer in his hand, I felt the heat growing between my legs. It felt as though hot fingers were running up my inner thigh and over the lips of my pussy. But this time it's different. This year I refuse to go home and lie in my bed at night and masturbate to the thought of John slamming that giant cock in my tight pussy. This Christmas, I am going to get what I really want.

After lying on the couch drinking a beer for half an hour, I decided it was time. I got up and walked across the room, all of the guys had eyes glued to me. I looked hot as always. My red hair was flowing straight down my back and I was wearing a low cut blue sweater with a black mini skirt, tights, and leather boots that zipped up to mid thigh. I acted like I always do, like I don't notice. I went for the fridge to get another beer but we were out. I decided to yell cross the room to my step dad that I was going to walk across the street to my house and grab some liquor; catching uncle John's eye on my way out the door.

Heading across the way I knew he'd follow and that no one else would... I mean seriously, it'd been snowing all night and there was over a foot of snow on the ground. Just as I got to my door, he walked out of my uncle's as if on cue. Opening the door I walked inside and laid back across the couch, spreading my legs, I began rubbing my clit. The door opened and John walked in, jaw dropping at the sight of me playing with myself. Slowly rubbing my clit and running a finger down my shirt. Instantly his cock became rock hard. Standing there as if he was unsure of what to do, I motioned him over.

Walking slowly he knelt above me. His lips meeting mine softly, but I was in no mood for a nice guy. I wanted him to take me hard and make me his bitch. I took his lip in my mouth, biting it as I reached for his pants. Unbuttoning them I grabbed his rock hard cock through the boxers and stroked him hard. His hips buckled and breath caught. Looking at me for just a moment he lost all control. He pulled his pants down, yanked to boxers off and flipped me over. Ripping a hole in the crotch of my tights, he went down. His tongue flicking my clit, making long hot strokes over my lips, as he rams two fingers up my tight pussy. I continue to groan, buck my hips, till I cum in his mouth.

Standing up with his cock in his hand, stroking it, he grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees in front of him. Without a word, he rammed it into my mouth and to the back of my throat. As he fucked me in the mouth, I swirled my tongue around his cock with every thrust. Each time he'd thrust faster and faster. Choking on his huge cock was turned me on so much; I reached down and started fingering myself without thinking. Running a finger over my clit then shoving another in my hot pussy while cradling his balls in the other hand. John didn't like that I wasn't putting all my effort on him... With a look of distaste he pulled his wet cock from my mouth and threw me on all fours. Getting behind me, he trusted his giant cock right in my pussy. He pounded the fuck out of me. Ramming his cock in and out, he reached around and moved his hand up my shirt grabbing my tits, squeezing them hard.

Standing up, he bent me over the couch, and stuck his dick in me again. With his hands on my hips he slammed his cock all the way down in my pussy. With each thrust, I l let out a loud moan; just begging for more. I could feel his dick swollen hard deep within me, his breaths were short and quick, I knew he was close. Pushing my hips back into him with each thrust, pushing that cock as far as I could into my pussy, I let out a long moan. "Oh Adam. OHHhhh! Oh! Yeahhhhhh! Ohhh god yess. Fuck me harddder... fuck me like a dirty whore... ohhh Ye-ahhhh!" As I came, I felt his body shudder and his hot cum fill my pussy.

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