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Christmas Eve


I procrastinated, so this was too late for the contest. I'm posting it anyway. I hope you enjoy it.


I woke up in the dark. I knew it was cold in the house because my nose (the only part of me sticking out from under the covers) was icy. I stayed there deciding if the pressure in my bladder was bad enough to force me out of my cocoon and to the bathroom.

Then I started to worry. Was it too cold? Had the furnace died? I took a deep breath. I had to pee. Even if I could have held it, my concern was already chipping away at the residue of my slumber. I had to get up and check the heat. It wouldn't do to have Christmas morning begin with an emergency like frozen pipes.

Trying not to disturb my sleeping wife I eased out of bed. I grabbed my thick robe and stuffed my feet into my slippers. From the ambient feeling, I thought my concern was misplaced. Most likely the temperature had just dropped lower outside and I would just have to turn up the thermostat a little.

I went and emptied my bladder. A shiver ran down my back as I shook the last of it from the end of my dick. In another three seconds I was stepping down the carpeted stairs to check the heat. The stairs are at the end of the hall in our house. From the bottom, a door on the right leads to the kitchen and the back door. Halfway down on the left is a broad open doorway into the living room. At the opposite end of the hall, facing the stairs is the front door. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stared at the door. It was standing open about six inches! As I watched, an errant gust of wind blew a handful of quickly melting snowflakes into the house.

I had been the last one to bed that night and I knew I'd checked and locked the door. I always do. Or did I? Maybe I'd been sleepier than I knew. The idea of an intruder didn't dawn on me until I realized that I was able to see the door by the light from the living room. It wasn't a lamp, but the colored glow of the tree lights. I knew I'd turned them off! That was when the image of a sneak thief entered my mind.

If I'd been more awake, I would have realized how ludicrous that idea was. What self-respecting thief would break in and turn on the Christmas tree lights to rob the house by? Still, I silently ducked into the kitchen and opened the pantry closet there. I was looking for something to use as a defense.

I ruled out the knives immediately. What I wanted was a club -- a baseball bat, a poker, something. The only bat in the house was in my son's closet upstairs, buried under things that fell there since summer ended and fall began. The fireplace poker was where it belonged -- next to the fireplace in the living room. The burglar had better access to it than I did.

There was only a broom in the pantry and that picture didn't exactly strike a strong pose. 'Get out or I'll sweep you!' Finally I settled for the hammer that was in the junk drawer in the kitchen. I'd wanted a longer reach, but it would have to do. I gripped it and inched my way back into the hall and toward the living room door.

I stood with my back to the wall and listened. At first I didn't hear anything. Then I heard what sounded like a whisper. If there were more than one of them I was in trouble. Then I heard the dry rustle of paper. I got really pissed then. It was some of those bastards who broke in and stole Christmas presents! Every year you read about at least one case where that happens. Usually they show the family standing forlorn and giftless.

I lost my sense of caution. I spun around and jumped into the room with a yell. I couldn't have been more surprised if I'd found a three headed dragon, though what I found was much nicer.

The tableau froze for several seconds. Then everything was a mad scramble. I dropped the hammer and reached out to capture one or more of the short creatures that were clambering all over the presents, the furniture and the mantle.

When I hit the floor my arms were full. What I held I still did not believe. I had my arms wrapped around three small manikin type beings that looked like -- and dressed exactly like the classic image of -- elves! They had a very alien odor about them. My grip held and they soon stopped struggling. One of the ones I held was apparently the leader. A word from him (in no language I'd ever heard) stopped all the rest of them in their tracks. I counted them. Besides the three I had caught, there were four others that I could see. After only a few moments, those four scampered past me and into the hall. I heard the door open and slam.

I looked back down at the captives. The leader grinned up at me from his position in the crook of my elbow, and there was a definite element of nastiness in it. I was reminded that even as an adult I had always been curious about mythology. Part of that is the mythology of the "wee folk". From what I have read, the "sweetness" of these creatures inherent in all the fairy tales is what was whitewashed from the original stories. Apparently they were more like Rumplestiltskin -- kidnapping children and taking names. Sprites, elves and dwarves were supposedly as varied in their moods and personalities as humans. They could be good or evil or anywhere in between.

The leader continued to look at me. I could see he was taking pains to mask his true nature. His eyes now assumed a more innocent cast. His face was not childlike. It had more of an animalistic appearance. It was as if a fox had a short snout and human features. Its eyes were green and too big for its face. The ears under the pointy hat were also pointed, just like in all the story books. The whole scene made me dizzy and I began to wonder whether I was really awake.

Suddenly I realized that it was something the elf was doing that made me think that way. I shook my head and got a good grip on them with one arm. Then I stripped off the belt of my robe and tied it around the three I had. With them back to back, the belt held them secure enough for me to get some distance. I jerked the terrycloth lasso and dragged them into the hallway. From the closet by the front door I got a length of rope. I tied each of their feet first. When I released the belt they jumped but all three fell to the carpet. In a short while I had tied their hands behind them. If they were truly magic beings the rope probably wouldn't keep them captive for long. It seemed to be doing the job right then, however.

I sat back and only then realized that the absence of my belt had left me "hanging loose", so to speak. I became self conscious then, especially since two of the three I had just been so physical with were undeniably female. All of them were beautiful. It is only because they seemed more like animals than humans that I felt comfortable applying that term to a male. A male horse or dog can be beautiful. My wife says I'm beautiful sometimes. It is rare for me to even describe another man as handsome.

They didn't seem afraid, just kind of resigned. Anyway, what made me realize I was sitting there with my dick hanging out was the sight of one of the female elves staring hungrily at my groin. I guess the ordeal had excited me some. I was sporting about half a hard on. She looked up at me with a kind of a green tinge to her complexion. Then she smiled. A glance showed me that elf girls respond just like human women. Her nipples were evident under her jerkin. I guessed they didn't make bras for elves.

Okay. This was the first -- and only -- time I'd ever seen an elf. But some things are universal. When the little elf lady smiled at me there was no mistaking the lust in the expression. My half-hard grew to nearly full as images of rolling around naked with a miniature -- but adult -- lady with pointy ears rolled across my mental screen. I picked up the belt and retied my robe.

I looked them all over. Their dress was right out of the Brothers Grimm. Green soft leather jerkins and pants were cut in scallops at the hems. Their hats, as I said were pointed. Their eyes were large and liquid. The eyelashes could have been braided, they were so long. I glanced back at my apparent admirer and she batted those long lashes at me and I felt the house grow warmer around me.

"Can you understand me?" I asked the leader. He nodded his head. "What are you doing here?"

"Have you looked at the calendar? It is Christmas Eve," he said. He might as well have just said, "Well, Duh!"

"Wait a minute," I said. "I'm way too old to believe in all that stuff. I know where these presents came from. I paid for most of them."

He grinned at me. "You paid for some of them, it is true. But come morning there will be others here. You'll think you paid for them as well. There's a nice new robe here that your wife will swear she bought for you. As of right now she's never laid eyes on it, though."

His story sounded doubtful to me. How ludicrous, really, is it to think that an old man and his crew of elves -- no matter how numerous they might be -- could canvas the entire Christian world in one night. Even if you factor in the International Dateline and the leeway that provides, it would be impossible. The elf continued to speak.

"You know, you're throwing us off schedule. Anyway, what do you plan to do with us? Call the Enquirer? Jerry Springer? You'd be called a fraud. People will see us as "Little People". You know, the normal human dwarfs that live all over the universe."

It took a second for it to register. He had said, "all over the universe". Suddenly these beings held much more importance for me. "Is that a literal term you just used?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, a frown wrinkling his smooth forehead.

"You said 'the universe', not 'the world'. Do you know of other worlds, then?"

He jerked at my question. "Well, I mean…you know. There's the place we spend most of our time. And then there's here." He stopped and waited. He sighed. "Okay, I'll tell you. But you have to untie my friends here first."

I looked at the females. They looked a bit smaller and less wiry than the male. Still, I knew looks can deceive. Now, though, they were both smiling at me. While the male and I had been talking, they had been warbling in their tongue in an undertone.

I considered the situation. What he had said was true. Even placing the evidence before their eyes would prove useless to the world at large. Even if being in their actual presence convinced some people, the majority were too hidebound to believe what these creatures actually were. I sighed. I intended to wake my wife up before letting them go in any case. I wanted somebody to believe me.

I untied the rope from the two girls -- I couldn't think of them as women, or even females, really. They were only about as tall as my waist. As I struggled with one knot, the girl next to her rubbed her face against my arm, just like a cat will rub against a person to demand attention. I glanced down at her.

From my perspective I could look right down the front of her jerkin. I saw that she had the larger breasts of the two. I saw, too, that they had very large, very erect nipples. I detected a shift in the scent in the air. I wondered about that.

I got them untied and they stood up to rub at their wrists. Then they came to stand beside me. I got a chill when they stood -- one to each side -- and wrapped their arm around my waist. The chill was replaced by a flash of warmth that ran through me. I felt my dick begin to grow again. They were exuding some kind of pheromone and it was affecting me! I pushed them -- not roughly, but firmly -- away and led them to the couch where I deposited them. They giggled and made pouty faces at me, but they remained where I'd put them.

I went back to the male. "Do you have a name?" I asked him. He looked at me as if I was the thickest post in the fence.

"Of course I do. I am Malcolm. Those are Arista and Selena." He leaned forward in a conspiratory fashion and stage-whispered, "Selena's the one with the big tits."

I glanced back at the girls to see that they had apparently lost interest in us. They were caressing each other and whispering to each other. "Our females are the horniest in creation," Malcolm said to me. "I could arrange a 'ransom', if you'd care to partake. They both seem quite as taken with you as you seem to be with them."

Again, images of naked miniature women -- think of Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in 'Hook', only without the flimsy minidress -- riding my erection popped into my brain. I shook my head. Malcolm shrugged his shoulders, taking my head shake for a refusal.

"Okay. I'll tell you. Obviously there is no toy factory at the North Pole. We aren't that stupid." Malcolm went on to basically confirm all the wild stories about the ethereal folk and our kind. Our races had once lived together. The industrial age with its burgeoning of the use of steel and iron, its pollution of the air, water and earth, had caused the split. In addition, the scarcity of the appearances of elves, dwarves, trolls and goblins in daily life had given rise to the idea that they were all fictitious. The resulting suspension of belief in all things magical had caused what he called an "allergic reaction" between the races.

Our very worlds had divided and they lived in theirs while we remained in ours. Rarely is anyone fortunate -- or sometimes unfortunate -- enough to cross over. "This night is the only constant in the entire year. It is our night and our burden. Our labors this night are the price we pledged to be allowed to retain any share of existence."

"But how many of you are there? Surely there are not enough to deliver gifts to all Christian homes everywhere!" I still felt dizzy, but my mind was working -- after a fashion.

"No, no," he said, shaking his head sadly. "Hardly. When there were fewer of you and more of us, that was the case. But your numbers have swelled and ours declined. That is the reason we do things differently now. Back then there was no doubt where the extra gifts came from. It would hardly be fair nowadays to only give to those we can in one night. All those children who didn't get a special gift would think they had misbehaved badly over the preceding year and lose immeasurable self-esteem."

We talked for another half hour until I could see that he was being forthright with me. I released his bonds and he stretched stiffly. His eyes went to the girls and he said something in that liquid-sounding language. They untangled themselves and they were not concerned at all about the amount of elf flesh that had been bared during their interlude. Both pairs of breasts were open to my sight, as well as Arista's -- no, that was Selena -- round little ass cheeks. When they stood up I saw that she had absolutely no pubic foliage at all. It added to her resemblance to a young girl.

She looked up at me from under her lowered lashes and saw I was staring at her. When her eyes went to my groin I realized that my erection was sticking completely out of my robe. I froze. The atmosphere of pheromones had increased and I felt no concern or embarrassment about my exposure. In fact…

I found myself -- seemingly without having actually gone there -- between the two "elfettes" on the couch. They were tearing at my robe and I was trying to get them the rest of the way out of their clothing. All the while, Selena's mouth was attached to mine. Her small lips were extremely warm and, close as we were, her scent overpowered me.

Arista had attached her equally hot little mouth to my dick and was giving it the hottest blow job I'd ever had. They were practically weightless. I lifted Selena up to bring her crotch to my mouth. She spread her legs and threw them over my shoulders, resting her hands on the top of my head.

I cannot describe her taste. It was nothing like the taste of a human woman. The base was slightly sweet, and that didn't change. Otherwise, the "side flavors" seemed to metamorphose with the level of her arousal. From the rapid changes, she was becoming very aroused. Her juices were clear and very fluid. My lips, chin, and chest were coated with them in a few minutes. She was moaning and mouthing something in her language.

Arista suddenly stood up and straddled my thighs. She was trying to insert me into her small pussy. I reluctantly took Selena away from my mouth and eased her to the floor. She protested loudly, but when she saw that I was simply changing positions, she accepted it. I reclined and she climbed back on my face, facing my feet this time. She bounced up and down on my tongue while her sister again straddled me.

With sisterly help, Arista succeeded in getting me inside her. Then the two rode me like cowgirls, whooping and warbling. Their pale flesh took on the colors of the Christmas lights. First they seemed to glow red, then green, followed by blue and gold. At the time I was too busy to notice anything but the ecstatic feelings their efforts and aromas were producing in me.

I glanced once toward Malcolm to see that he had stripped his tights to his knees and was manipulating his own erection. He may have been the same size as me, or even a little smaller, but on his diminutive frame it looked huge. He was as hairless as the girls and his balls hung down below.

I was so lost in what was happening to me that it didn't occur to me that we might be overheard until it was much too late.

"George!" The sound of my wife's voice was like a short dash of cold water. But that only lasted a few seconds. The almost palpable aroma reached her nostrils and I saw her eyes go to the stiff cock that Malcolm was pointing directly at her. She opened her robe and let it slip to the floor as she fell to her knees. I only allowed a second to watch her start to suck him before I returned my attention to the two girls. I felt my orgasm approaching. Then it was there! I filled Arista's little box with my cum and she spasmed around me as she reached her own climax.

Selena jumped off my face and shoved Arista aside. She took the place her sister had been evicted from and I slipped easily into her. Incredibly I had lost none of my firmness and she began to ride.

Now that my vision was unimpeded I looked back at my wife and Malcolm. She was deep-throating him, her hands clenching his small buttocks. He was pinching and twisting her nipples. Her breasts were almost the size of his head and he was plainly enjoying himself. I put my hands on Selena's hips and pushed up into her as she slid down my shaft. Then a motion at the edge of my sight caught my attention.

I looked back at my wife. Arista had crawled under my wife's spread thighs and was busily eating her, much to my wife's obvious delight. Then Selena began to sing. It was a strange melody and the words were incomprehensible, being in her strange tongue. The feeling the song conveyed was unmistakable, however. It left a bittersweet tang in my heart that was at once lustful and earthy. She fucked herself on me mercilessly as she sang.

Malcolm's voice joined in, supplying a counter harmony. When I reached my second climax the edges of my vision darkened. The last thing I remembered was the sight of Malcolm's cum leaking from the corners of my wife's mouth while she let out her own howl of completion.

When I opened my eyes the first thing I realized was that my head was throbbing. I had to lie back and close my eyes again. When I was finally able to open them again I took stock of my surroundings. I was lying naked on the couch. I looked around me and saw my wife lying -- apparently sound asleep -- on the carpet in front of a nice fire that had been started in the fireplace. She was naked, too. The first rays of morning light were coming in the windows.

Flashes of the wild dream I'd had flitted through my mind. It had been a doozie! Then I stopped and really thought about where we were and wondered what the hell we were doing there. I seemed to recall going to bed with my wife the night before. What were we both doing here like this? We'd had a couple of cups of eggnog the night before, but I'd swear I hadn't been drunk.

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