tagRomanceChristmas Lover

Christmas Lover

byAda Stuart©

Christmas eve, somewhere in Scandinavia

"Front or back?" The handsome man in front of Jenny asked. A wink in his eye indicated he was talking about something else than the marzipan pig he was holding in his hand.

"Whatever," Jenny replied. "Just give my portion to the kids."

"They've had enough. But you could certainly need a little sweetening, puss. You haven't smiled at me once," Eric said with a wide smile.

As her brother's best friend, he and his mother had been invited to spend Christmas with them, much to Jenny's frustration. His mother, Ruth, was a long-time friend of Jenny's mother, Laila, and none of the mothers seemed to understand why Jenny disliked Ruth's precious son.

"Would this do? Jenny gave him a forced smile.

What wouldn't she do to keep her mother happy, she thought, as she took in the rest of the party. Her brother was also here with his two children, while Eric's father had to work during the holidays this year.

Her father spent most of his time in the kitchen, experimenting with some new recipes. The experiments usually led to edible results, but you could never know in advance. She really hoped he wasn't experimenting too much on the Christmas dinner and making them end up with pizza instead.

"I'm still not convinced. You can do a lot better than that," Eric the annoying interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh, come on. Just give her half the pig and be done with it," Ruth interrupted her son. "She found the other part of the almond in the porridge."

Eric handed her the backside.

"You look like a back girl," he grinned at her.

She sneered at him, and took a large bite of the pig. He watched her carefully while he made no attempt to eat his own piece. Licking her lips, she looked him straight in the eye and challenged him to irritate her further. Instead she was surprised to see that his eyes were focused on her mouth and his face held a strange expression.

"You're right," Jenny couldn't help herself as he finally took a bite off his own piece. "I like the backside best. It's so much larger."

He seemed to have swallowed wrong and he coughed violently.

"Oh, for god sake," her brother, Robert, said as he stepped forward and gave Eric a few hard claps on his back. "Behave yourself. Both of you. There are tender ears present."

"Yes, mine among others," Jenny replied as she pushed the rest of her rice porridge aside.

Since they've already found the hidden almond in the porridge, it wasn't necessary to eat the rest of it, she thought. Besides, she had lost her appetite when Eric got into his usual theatrics. They never seemed to get along, although her brother had always considered him his best friend.

"Daddy, aunt Jenny haven't eaten her porridge," her nephew Filip complained.

"Jenny," her mother said reproachfully.

"I'm not hungry."

"Me neither," cried Filip's younger sister, Linnea. "I want snack! Now!"

And with that said, both children ran from the table and dug into the candy they had received from their grandparents' just hours earlier.

"Hey, wait up you two!" her brother followed them, and his wife, Sara, was close behind.

"Tsk, tsk," Eric scolded her while Jenny sank into her chair again. "You mustn't give the younger generation such ideas."

"And what makes you the expert? As far as I know, you don't have any kids."

"Not yet. But that can surely be fixed in nine months' time. Want to participate?"

"And be responsible for bringing your genes into the next generation? Not very likely."

"What is it with you two?" her mother interrupted. "You've done nothing but argue since you came here. Maybe you both should take a long walk outside in the snow to get into the Christmas spirit."

Eric laughed loudly.

"Jenny's lucky Santa's not handing out the gifts. He doesn't give anything to those that haven't behaved in the past year."

"Then you wouldn't get any either," Jenny interrupted. "Not the way you're tormenting me."

"Maybe you two should find a room and work out your differences. Preferably in a bed," Ruth suggested with a wink.

"We don't need a room," Jenny felt insulted. "I don't even want to be in the same vicinity as him, much less in the same room."

"Pity. You would have learnt a thing or two," Eric said teasingly.

"Maybe I'm simply not interested."

"You don't know what you're missing."

"How about a glass of mulled claret?" her mother interrupted again. It seemed she was trying hard to ease the tension between the guests, and Jenny was glad she was there. But it would have been even better if she hadn't invited Eric in the first place.

Her mother placed two cups in front of them. The rest of the party had collected their cups and had joined the children.

"Thank you, yes," Eric replied and grabbed himself a cup and a spoon, before filling his cup with mulled claret, raisins and blanched almonds.

"You won't have any room for dinner after that load," Jenny commented.

"Want to bet?" Eric clapped his large hand over his flat stomach. "It's plenty of room here."

"Ever considered the fact that once the belly increases into a beer belly you can't see what's underneath?" Jenny challenged.

Eric just stared at her with those intense looking eyes of his as if he was trying to make out an enigma but wasn't sure if he had found the correct answer.

1-0 to me, Jenny thought as she carefully nipped the hot drink.

"That won't happen," Eric suddenly replied.

"Oh? You're getting back into shape in January?" she nodded toward his fit looking body, and tried her best to make an insult out of her comment.

She could see his arm muscle tense, but she couldn't prevent herself from trying to stick a needle into the inflated ego of his.

"Trust me. It's all a matter of size. I'll always see what's underneath my stomach," he finally replied and he looked as confident as ever.

She couldn't help but look into his lap and the bulge there made her start to wonder if she had just started a landslide of some sort -- with her gliding on top of it and aiming for disaster. Judging by the tension between them something would have to give by the end of the evening. She prayed that it wouldn't be her.

"Wishful thinking," she replied as she poured herself half a cup of mulled claret, before filling her cup with as much raisins and almonds as there was room for.

There was something to be said about tradition, she thought, as she blew air at the warm liquid. Burning her tongue at the mulled claret was becoming a tradition.

"Presents!" she heard her nephew shout. "Daddy, I want presents."

"Yes, we might as well start," her mother said. "There are so many of them that we'll have to sit up all night."

"Start with this one," her brother said and handed over a large present.

A choir of happy screams followed as both kids received gifts and started to open them. The rest of the party gathered around to see what they were receiving. Well, except the one man that she didn't want to spend too much time with, Jenny thought, as she sneaked a peak at the man at the opposite side of the table.

"Did you get me anything?" he suddenly asked.

"Sorry, no. I didn't even know you would be here."

It was lurking at the back of her mind that she would have made other arrangements if she had known, but she wouldn't give him any indications about how strongly she reacted to him.

"Pity. But don't worry. You can give me mine in the flesh."


"Well, you know," he smiled while he winked and looked down his own body for a few seconds.

"A blowjob is completely out of the question," Jenny scolded him. "You're practically an older brother."

"I'm not!" he protested loudly and made the rest of the party turn in their direction. "I certainly am not, so don't even say it," he said, lowering his voice and looking furious.

Jenny was surprised. She had never seen him look this angry before.

"It would almost feel like incest," Jenny lied and turned the knife around in the wound. "Besides, you're too old for me," she concluded and tried her best to keep from smiling broadly as she took in his thunderous expression.

"I'm only five years older than you!"

He looked even angrier.

"That just proves my point. I like younger men."

She shrugged her shoulder as if too apologize for his misfortune.

"You little spitfire. Age only means that I've five more years of experience, while you're still an amateur."

"Rather an amateur than old and rheumatic," she slung back.

"Rheumatic? Why don't you come to my room later on and I'll show you what a man in his prime can achieve."

"Prime? Aren't men supposed to be at their top at 26? You must be at least ten years older than that."

"I'm 32, missy. Just like your brother, in case you've forgotten."

"Practically retired," Jenny smiled.

"Don't terrorize our guest, Jenny," her mother reprimanded her as she walked past the table.

"I am behaving," Jenny said to her mother.

She just had to keep her distance to him, otherwise she worried he would swallow her whole. Or simply laugh at her, as he had done when they were kids. She couldn't stand being laughed at, any more than she could tolerate him getting an edge on her. So, if that meant insulting him, she would do it. And if necessary, she would keep on doing it for the entire evening.

"You should listen to Laila, or I'll be tempted to steal your bed and let you sleep on the floor tonight."

"I'll lock the door first. By the way, where have they placed you? I thought the house was full now that Robert and Sara are here with the kids."

"I'm in the rumpus room, since you're so interested. It was the only one available."

"Lucky you. Hey, Filip," she raised her voice. "When you wake up tomorrow, you and Linnea can go to the rumpus room. The cartoons start at 7 o'clock."

"Yes, we will, aunt Jenny," Filip smiled happily.

"You're evil," Eric concluded.

"Maybe you should consider building an igloo. The weather seems to be fine if not a bit cold. Besides, a little cold has never hurt anyone."

"I'd rather face the ice queen inside the house and show you some manners. Preferably by spanking you, so you'd better lock that door of yours," he threatened.

Before she managed to launch a reply, he got up and joined the rest of the party with a smiling face and admired the new automated toy car Filip had just unwrapped.

Oh, he thought he was such an alpha male she just wanted to puke. Jenny sent him a hateful stare. Turning to her cup, she took a large sip of her mulled claret and winced when she burned her tongue again. Using her fork, she started to dig out the almonds and raisins instead.

"I think you should at least try to be nice to him," her mother stated as she sat down by the table, looking straight at her. "I can't understand why you two must always quarrel. You've known him for a long time, and he's a good man."

"Is he? I've never noticed. He always rubs me the wrong way. Ever since he was thirteen and threatened to set fire to my hair."

"He was just joking."

"He wasn't. I saw the lighter in his hand."

"But he didn't do it."

"No, because I ran away."

But she had heard him laugh as she ran, just like he did in the years to come whenever he had won their encounters. She was sick of that laughter. Only these days he chose more grown up ways to torment her.

"He's your brother's best friend. Do you think your brother would have stayed friends with him if he was as bad as you picture him?"

"He's a different person among the rest of you. He actually behaves. While with me, it's insult after insult."

"Would you like to know what I think?"

Jenny knew it would be fruitless to decline. Her mother would always say her opinion no matter what and regardless whether Jenny wanted to hear it or not.

"Go ahead," Jenny replied.

"I think he likes you very much. Especially the way he flirts with you."

"That's not flirtation. It's pure hatred."

"Not at all. If he really hated you he wouldn't have come to the party, or if he had, he would have kept to the other side of the room for the entire evening. Instead, he's watching your every move. Even now," her mother smiled at her and glanced sideways.

"You're joking," Jenny managed to croak before she threw a glance as to where she had last seen Eric. Immediately, his eyes met hers, and she looked away as fast as she could. She felt that her face had turned white. "You must be joking. He's never been interested in me."

"He most definitely is. It's quite evident for the rest of us," her mother was smiling even broader now. "I honestly thought you knew or I would have told you before."

"I've never thought about him that way," Jenny lied.

"Haven't you? Maybe you should consider very carefully what you want for Christmas this year," Laila winked as she started to get up. "I need to check on the dinner. You father promised to start on the potatoes and mashed swedes and you never know how that will turn out."

"Would you like some help?" Jenny managed to throw in just before her mother disappeared.

Her mother just shook her head and her eyes moved quickly to the other side of the room, telling her quite clearly to do something about Eric instead.

Jenny ignored the command. Instead she clung to her cup and tried to make her head stop spinning at what she had just learned. Damn, she thought. Just damn. Why hadn't she understood it before? Or was her mother just playing with her? Throwing her at the only bachelor in the room and the only son of her best friend? That would be typically romantic, the way her mother saw it.

She took another sip of her mulled claret and this time it had cooled enough to prevent her from burning herself. Pity. She could really need to clear her mind right now. Suddenly, she noticed that someone had sat down at the other side of the table and was pouring liquid into a cup. She stared at her own cup, clinging to it while she hoped it wasn't Eric that had returned to talk to her again.

"Are you all right?" Robert asked her.

"What? Yes, of course."

"Are you sure? You look a little pale."

"Thanks for the compliment," Jenny replied with irony. "I just burned myself, that's all."

"You might as well burn away all your taste-buds. I heard dad was making the mashed swedes this year.

"Don't worry. Mum went to the kitchen to save what's left of it."

"It's not easy to remove all traces of pepper," Robert laughed heartily.

"Don't worry. He'll probably ruin the dessert this year," Jenny said ironically as she watched her brother's reaction.

This time it was Robert's time to look pale. After all, the cloudberry cream was his favourite.

Jenny noticed Eric was looking their way, as if he was waiting for an opportunity to join them. Quickly, she made a plan for immediate retreat.

"Oh well, dinner is hours away. I'm going for a walk," she said quickly.

"You will have to face him some day, you know."

"I don't know what you're talking about, and I'm not interested either," Jenny said.

"Chicken," Robert whispered as she passed him.

"Traitor," she wheezed in return.


As Jenny walked outside, the cold felt almost like a punch to her face. The snow lay deep and made it more difficult to walk. She would have to walk along the road, since that was the only lane that was ploughed.

Suddenly she heard someone running to catch up with her. What the heck, she thought.

"This was a great idea," Eric said as he fell in line beside her.

"You're not invited."

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport. I love going for a walk, and the weather is fantastic."

"It's freezing," Jenny replied.

"Are you cold? Come here," Eric said and laid his arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer. "I'm warm enough for the both of us."

"Will you stop that?" Jenny grimaced and tried to move away. But he held her tight.

"Don't worry. No one will see us. Just stay put and I'll keep you warm."

"And what payment will you charge for that?"

"None. Nature created women to be freezing so that the men would feel superior. Although, you do need a warmer jacket."

"This is fashionable," Jenny replied.

"Says who? Freezing your butt off and getting a cold is probably not what the designer intended. Besides, you should buy clothes suitable for Scandinavian temperatures, not Mediterranean."

"What makes you the expert? The jacket is H&M, and that's Swedish."

"It still looks thin to me. You definitely need to change before the snowball contest."

"Snowball contest?"

"Yep. The guys against the girls. We'll beat you without breaking a sweat."

"You're cocksure. I'll grant you that."

"We're also bigger and meaner."

"Don't be so sure about that. Uglier, I agree, but that doesn't mean you'll win."

"Want to plough the snow with me, is that it?"

"I'll give it my best shot."

"Good. Then we'll have to head back. We'll start soon."


"Yes, of course. Dinner is still hours away, as you said, so we might as well do something fun while we wait."

"But, but...? What about my walk?"

"If we keep this up for much longer, I'll throw you into the nearest bank of snow and heat your blood the best way I can think of."

"Which is how exactly?" Jenny froze at his words.

"Unfortunately, you don't seem ready for that yet. But I can be patient," he smiled.

"You're talking in riddles. That's what you do," Jenny murmured as she walked on without him.

"Riddles? Would you like me to spell it out, is that it?" Eric caught her arm and pulled her toward him. Soon his arms circled her waist and she felt small in his embrace. "Maybe you should take a guess as to what's against your stomach?" he suggested as he pulled her closer.

Immediately, she felt his hardness against her and its presence was getting more and more pronounced. She looked down to see if she could see anything with all his clothes. He grabbed her hand and placed it against his lower body. Slowly, he moved his body against her hand. He groaned deeply.

"You're making me insane," he rasped out. "I want to fuck you so badly I can hardly walk."

She tightened her hand around the hard ridge, and listened to the hiss that followed.

"I have the solution for that," she said in the best bedroom voice she could manage while she leaned toward him.

"What is it?" he croaked.

She kept on fondling him, wondering if his size was truly as intimidating as it seemed, or if the layers of clothing were making him bigger than he actually was. She reached for his hand and placed it over the hard ridge.

"A little hand job would surely solve your problem," she said as she stepped away from him. "Or you could get yourself a fake vagina," she smiled as she pulled her coat tighter around her body and walked away.


Jenny walked into the front garden when Eric finally caught up with her again.

"Have you cooled off?" she wondered.

"You're an evil woman, Jenny," Eric said.

"I'm not that easily fooled," Jenny concluded.

"Fooled? Did it felt like I was joking?"

"You've never said anything before and we've known each other for the past twenty years. I'm not a complete moron."

"Yes, you are," he wheezed. "You never see what's beyond the tip of your nose."

"Says he who tried to feel me up before pushing me into a bank of snow. Have you ever met anyone that liked to have sex in the snow, Einstein?"

"Well, if that's the problem... Come with me," he commanded as he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the house.

"Stop it," Jenny protested. "I was just stating an opinion. There's no need to turn completely medieval. Now, let go of me."

"Are you sure that's what you really want?" Eric wondered as he crowded her against the wall just outside the entrance door. "I could make you really happy."

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