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First a little about me… I’m pretty much your typical literotica author, seems pure and innocent but there’s the side that people can see, the side of dark fantasies and evil thoughts. I’m into everything under the sun, nothings to sick, gross, or violent for me. I’ve been into BDSM since age 13 and I’m probably the most submissive girl out there, but my story isn’t about BDSM since I’m a closet sub now, (my fiancé is vanilla although he knows everything I’m into and is wonderful) however he recently surprised me with a fantasy come true, I felt the need to share… enjoy.


Most every time I sit down to play with myself now a days I think back to one particular Christmas Party my fiancée, John and I attended at his work. But I’m getting ahead of myself first you need to know a little about us.

I am 18 years old, short about 110lb shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes and a completely shaved cunt. John my fiancé is four years older than I am also quite skinny, short brown hair and matching brown eyes and an impressive 7” cock. We make a good looking couple, and couldn’t be more in love. It’s hard to believe it was only last year when we attended the Christmas Party at the pub where John works. They always say the Christmas season is magical… I didn’t know how true that statement was…but I would soon find out.

We both looked smashing that evening, I was in a short black number and John was causally dressed but cleaned up nice with a shave and baseball cap. We were having a great time, our friends were all there and the band kept us dancing all night. Due to John’s position he was offered complementary drinks all night and by 11 he was already hammered. As the night wore on more and more people left till there were only about 6 or 7 of us left. The only other person I knew was the head waitress Erin.

Erin is the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen and being bi I should know, she’s the classic slut image, and has a personality to match. She’s a tallish blond with great long legs, flat stomach, perky C-cup breast and a smile and eyes that could captivate any man (or woman for that matter) that she wanted. She unfortunately is also a prick tease that makes a load of tips by stringing guys along, and then dropping them. She to my knowledge has always gotten her way. I’ve watched her and drooled over her for two years now, and even talk about her with John who is also quite taken by her. Little did I know what was in store for this evening.

Erin in her drunken state soon climbed on top of a table and started a slow striper like dance, I was ecstatic especially because she got on top of my table and was giving me quiet a show of what she had on under her mini skirt, a small black thong and a beautiful firm ass. I was getting wet just watching her sensual dance, and I couldn’t help but notice the blond curly hair sticking out of the sides of her thong. John soon reappeared and immediately climbed up next to her and they started to slow dance. For months I fantasized about being with another women but I wasn’t aware of how badly I wanted it until I say my fiancé started grinding slowly against Erin to the cheers of the drunken crowd below.

My hand slipped off the table and found my clit immediately, thankfully only John noticed, and the look he gave me told me he was as turn on by her as I was. While John and I talked about three-sums I never confessed to him my true wish - watching him fucking another woman. The thought of another girl moaning from his cock and me being forced to watch makes me so wet it drips down my legs.

The song to my disappointment ended, and they climbed off together, Erin falling into John arms so as not to fall off. John whispered something in her ear, and before I could even grab my coat the three of us were walking home. We didn’t say much, and we soon staggered the 5 minute walk to John’s apartment.

Erin was clinging to John and kept attempting to slide her hands down his pants, I should have been jealous but I was too turned on to stop anything that was about to happen. We made it inside and John locked the door and led the way to his bedroom. Once there, he grabbed Erin and through her on the bed, she screamed but didn’t protest, instead she calmly turned to John and said:

“Fuck me now, you know you want me so just do as I say and fuck me!”

John laughed at that as he kneeled on top of her “I don’t know what your used to babe, but when you with me I call the shots, you’ll do as I say, isn’t that right Chrissy?”

I had never seen this dominate take charge side of my fiancé before but I loved it and immediately answered “yes, that’s right.”

“Strip you hot little prick tease,” John’s words were full of control and the dirty talk drove me nuts, to my surprise Erin stood up and pulled her white shirt over her head and unbuttoned her mini skirt, there she stood in her black push up bra and matching thong. I couldn’t help myself anymore; I needed some relief and started rubbing my cunt feverously.

John heard my soft moans and turned to see me, leaning on the wall shoving 2 fingers in my cunt, He turned back to Erin and mockingly said to her “look what your doing to my girl, lets give her a show shall we.” He undid her bra and his mouth flew to her already hard nipples, sucking on them hard, and biting causing her to gasp sharply. This cry of pain drove me over the edge I slid to the floor as Erin slid onto the bed.

John yanked her panties off her and teased her by rubbing his cock up and down her tight little snatch. Erin’s hips arched off the bed silently begging for sex.

John laughed at this gesture “looks as though I’m gonna give two bitches in heat what they want, Erin needs my cock, and you little one, you get to watch me fuck her.”

My eyes flew open in disbelief how did he know… John answered my question with an all knowing evil smile, and without warning drove his hard cock into Erin. He started thrusting immediately and her moans filled the entire room.

I was in seventh heaven my wildest fantasy was being enacted before my very eyes. My fiancé was screwing the hottest girl I knew, in front of me, while I orgasmed repeatedly.

Erin’s pleas echoing in my ears “Please John, oh god please… I need your big cock in me please fuck me hard……….. HARDER!!!!”

John didn’t need to be told twice and plunged his hard cock even further into her now sloping cunt. He then called to me in a husky, demanding voice I’d never heard before and ordered me to put my cunt over Erin’s screaming mouth. I was happy to oblige and quickly smothered her pretty red lips with my cunt. Nothing could have prepared me for the sensation of watching my fiancée fuck this girl and having her tongue licking my clit. She must have done it before because she was an expert and had me cumming all over her face in no time, she stuck her tongue into my hole and drove me over the edge I grabbed her sexy face and held her head there almost suffocating her and not even caring my need was to great, this prick tease was amazing she was serving both be and my fiancée.

Without warning John grabbed my tits and held on to them as he pumped into Erin’s cunt. The pain was amazing, his fingers were digging into my soft flesh and I began to bounce at his speed he told me he wanted us to cum at the same time and cover Erin in our cum. His strokes quickened and I knew he was so close to cumming and filling this naughty blonde with his hot load. He cried out at the same time I did and squeezed even harder on my tits as we both came at the same time. Erin was speechless and her body was spazaming from her multiple orgasms.

I don’t even remember how that evening ended or when Erin left. I simply remember falling into John’s arms and sharing a passionate kiss.

***please send feedback - kisses all around***

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