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Christmas Surprise


I don't really call myself a writer, but I have to tell someone what my wife Stephanie did last Christmas.

First, I'll tell you a little about her. We were college sweet-hearts and got married right after college. Steph is 28, and can still turn any guys head, but never did any modeling as far as I know. She has long curly brown hair, C cup breasts and a really cute face and curvy figure. She likes to run and stays really fit. She's not very tall, a little over 5', but that is perfect for me. I like girls that are petite. She has freckles, which some may not like, but I find it very cute and sexy. At least on her. I think its the face. I've always had a thing for girls who are cute in the face, so with the right face freckles are way hot. Guys always tell me I'm really lucky to have her and it turns me on when I find out a guy is attracted to her.

She told me a story once about a guy in high school that told her she would look hot in leather. She was embarrassed but it turned me on like hell. But, despite her looks she's totally loyal to me. She never really wanted to date around even when I wanted to.

Well, we got married and she has best wife I could imagine. Except that she is very conservative when it comes to sex. She grew up in a very traditional home and while I like to fantasize, most of those fantasies are ones she would never do. At least I get to fuck a bombshell, and the sex is really good, and I know I should be content with that. Anyway, here's what happened.

It all started about a month before Christmas. Steph told me she was planning a sexual gift for me and wanted to know how naughty she should be on a scale of 1 to 5. She had some options about how do to this and she didn't want to go too far or too little. She knew I liked to fantasize but said this was for real so I had to be careful about what I asked for.

"How about 10?," I asked.

"No, Doug. Seriously, I have it all mapped from 1 to 5. 1 is sexy. 2, I tease you like crazy. 3 is super-hot. 4 is really naughty and a bit kinky and with 5, well, I feel like a slut. But I'm going to leave it up to you. Its your gift. You pick."

I swallowed hard, my dick starting to swell. She never used the word "slut", in reference to her. She didn't like the idea of being a slut, and I'd learned not to use the word in my fantasies. She is very straight-laced. I figured she didn't want me to pick 5.

"But I don't really know what I'm choosing," I protested.

"Well, this isn't it, but #1 would be like I was wearing a really sexy low-cut top out on a date just to drive you crazy, and #2 would be like I take it off while we we're driving in the car to show you my sexy bra."

I start to breath heavily. "And 5?"

"5 would be incredibly naughty and distasteful to me. I'd probably be too embarrassed to do it, and would revert to #4. But I'd really want to do it to turn you on, and to fulfull one of your darker fantasies. You would have to suffer the consequences, no matter what they were and I would assume no responsibility for what you made me do."

That really surprised me. I couldn't imagine what fantasy it could be that she would actually go through with. I confess that I hardly considered the consequences for her. I didn't hesitate. "Then I choose 5!"

Her expression darkened a little. "Are you sure??? 3 or 4 are really good choices. You may like them better, in the long run. Please re-consider. Remember, 5 is kind of over-the-top."

"If you already knew what you wanted, why did you ask?"

She smiled and touched my crotch which was already hard. "I'll give you what you asked for. I hope you like it, sweetheart. Have fun with your imagination in the meantime."

With that, the conversation was over. And so was the sex for a long time. I wasn't able to get any more out of her except that I would find out on Christmas. She enjoyed every minute for a while, knowing I was going crazy thinking about it. After a couple of weeks, her demeanor changed a little. She told me she didn't want me to ask any more, and that she wanted just to show me on Christmas. So I dropped it, but I couldn't take my mind off of her and what she was going to do. And she didn't seem to want me to go near her at all. I decided she was offended, and started to feel bad, until one night she came on to me like a wild beast. We had the greatest sex ever, and just when I was tempted to ask her again about her gift something made me think twice and I shut up.

I had no idea what to get her. I decided to go non-sexual and got her jewelry. That turned out great, on Christmas day. I highly recommend jewelry, if you ever wonder what to get your wife or girlfriend.

Anyway, on Christmas morning we got up and she said she had to get ready. I freshened up as well and came into wait for her, thinking if it was a sexy gift I'd better be prepared. She took a long time and came out wearing some very sexy Christmas lingerie. I know, I should describe the way it showed her nipples right through the red see-through front and narrowed to thin lacy patch in the front showing off her sexy hips and letting her trimmed triangle of pussy hair show through a little, or talk about the way it was a thong in the back and showed off the lone freckle that lived on her toned ass, but I won't. I won't mention the cute little choker that went with it, or the lace stockings and gloves that went with it. I want to get to the good part.

She went over the bookshelf and pulled out a large envelope that she had hidden. She knelt in front of me and handed me the envelope.

"I'm really nervous. I'm sorry if you don't like it. I really wanted to do something special for you. Please forgive me. I'll explain as you go."

I opened the envelope and pulled out a stack of 8x10 glossy photos, matt-finish, of professional quality. When I saw the top photo, I caught my breath. There was Steph, wearing a sexy Santa outfit. The kind made out of rich velvet, dark red with white fur around the edges. Not anything cheap looking. And it was way hot. The top was an over the shoulder thing that barely covered the top of her breasts and showed off her gorgeous abs. And from the angle, you could see the underside of one of her boobs. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. A tiny skirt, again with the white fur, went barely past her butt. She was leaning over in a provocative pose, wearing rich red lipstick and her hair looked like it was professionally primped and curled, flowing over her back.

"Who took these?!"

"I told Lori (one of her less inhibited girl friends) I wanted to do something to turn you on and she said she knew a guy who was turning his photography hobby into a business, and had done some tasteful glamour shots that she had seen that were really good."

"So there is a guy behind the camera when you took this!?" This is one of the fantasies I had shared with her while we were having sex.

"Yes, honey." She sounded apologetic. "He had an assistant, so I knew I wouldn't be alone with him. But I knew it would turn you on to have another guy take pictures of me like this. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not. I can hardly wait though."

She placed her hand on my crotch and started pulling down my pants. "This is just the teaser. I want you to be really turned on before you see the rest of them. Don't look just yet." I could hardly restrain myself from looking through them all while she was busy playing with me. But next thing I knew she was sucking on my cock, and it felt incredibly good to have her lips and tongue sensually making love to my dick while I pored over her sexy legs, and the skirt revealing just the edge of her butt.

"This is #1", she proclaimed, referring to her previous scale.

"I wonder if you have anything on under that skirt."

She stopped for a second to answer. "It's a G-string. John, the photographer, told me to bend over a little for the next shot. Go ahead and see."

I whipped off the first picture and stared in shock at my wife's backside. It wasn't crude, but very hot. She had flipped her skirt up a little and it showed off her ass. Her other hand was pulling up her top a little and covering her nipple so you could see plenty of breast but no areola.

"Oh my God!" I gasped.

"This is #1,' she said calmly. "You now have to see the consequences of your choice. Don't say I didn't warn you. It could have been more like this, but you insisted that I go to 5, remember?"

"Of course I remember.." I mumbled. If this was #1, I couldn't imagine #3, let alone #5. What had she done!?

"How do I know there was really a man taking the pictures?"

"You just have to trust me on that one for now. But later, you can call him and ask him yourself if you want. What Lori failed to tell me, the little wench, is that John likes to take erotic nudes that were, well, a bit less than tasteful." She paused for a minute, to let the idea sink in. "He was rather charming and encouraged me to go to the next step. I couldn't believe how wet he made me by talking about my body and how beautiful it was."

Her words had the desired effect. I started touching myself.

"No, you can't touch yourself yet. I want you to make it to the end."

"Can I see the next picture?"

"Maybe..." she whined. She was toying with me. "Tell me you want me to show him my breasts. Say you want me to, honey. I need to hear you say to show John my perky tits."

I couldn't believe my ears. My conservative wife, who had never been with another man before, was talking like a hot slut.

"Stephanie. I want you to show him your breasts. Completely, and fully and without reservation. Let him look at your nipples and for as long and as close as he wants to."

"Good." She grinned. "You can turn to the next picture, now."

She had on the same outfit, but this time she was turned totally to the camera, and was holding up her furry top to her neck with one hand, revealing her breasts in all their glory. Her tongue was touching her lips in a very erotic pose, and her other hand held her skirt to her crotch. "John said you would like this, and he said it turned him on too."

I couldn't breathe.

"We're not done yet. Lori also didn't tell me that his assistant was an older man. Jack is in the room for all of these, too, gawking over my body."

I was shaking now.

"Tell me you still love me, your naughty little wife who just wanted to make you happy and do what you asked."

"I love you more than ever."

"Good. Did I mention Jack set up a video camera and taped the whole session? You can watch it later."

"Holy shit! I can't wait."

"Now, you have to see what you made me do. It turns out they really wanted me to get a bit kinky with the photos. I seriously didn't want to go this far with it but they were pretty persuasive."

"Really?? Let me see."

"You've seen #2, now look at #3." I felt the stack of photos. It was much heavier than 6 pictures. This was going to be a wild ride.

The next photo put me in cardiac arrest. Jack, it turns out, was dressed in a Santa outfit complete with a jolly fat stomach, beard, and a Santa chair like you would see in the mall. My sexy wife was sitting topless on his lap with her skirt pulled up. Lipstick on his cheek, probably staged, showed that Jack had been anointed by a kiss and best of all his hand, complete with white glove, was grabbing her butt. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"John and Jack had to do a lot of coaxing for that one. I didn't expect the hand grab, but I was too turned on to protest at this point. See, I knew that if I ever went along with one of your fantasies I would get too aroused and would go too far with it. I've always been afraid of what might happen. Now you will find out."

That sounded incredibly ominous and exciting. My heart was pounding in my chest to see my little angel being grabbed by this older guy. How had he turned her on? He really looked the part of Santa.

"Oh, did I ever tell you the thought of being with an older man makes me hot?"

"Was he really that fat, or is he wearing a fat suit?"

"He is really very overweight. Since you are so thin, I was kind of curious what it would be like to feel a big round stomach like his. Kind of squishy. And John is, well, hot. After showing off my breasts, I'm sorry to say I wanted to do them both. All my reservations broke down. I'm sorry, honey. I'm the slut you always wanted."


"Well, you said you wanted me to go to 5. I'm not saying anything more until you see #4".

I turned the page, visibly shaking. She said #4 would be naughty and she didn't lie. She was kneeling before Santa, stripped completely naked with her legs open enough to see her trimmed pussy. Santa's suit was down around his knees and his coat was opened to reveal a really fat stomach. Her hand was around the base of his dick and her tongue was pressed against his bulging cock head like she was mid-lick!! She had to bend down pretty far to get under his round belly. Her perky breasts were hanging, nipples erect and visible to the camera. I normally would be disgusted to see a fat man naked, but this was so incredibly kinky I couldn't take my eyes off of it. My wife was pleasuring this fat man, and from what she said she enjoyed it. Oh, and Santa, I mean Jack, was holding a make-shift sign over her that said "Very Naughty, but Nice."

I looked at Steph in astonishment. "Please kiss me. Please, still love me," she begged. I kissed her a long time. I told her it was the most amazing gift I could have imagined.

"You are one sick bastard, but I love you." She said. "This turns you on, but the sad thing is I really wanted it at the time. Now it kind of makes me sick."

"Please don't feel bad. It really excites me. I love you more than ever, and I can't wait to fuck you."

"You still have more pictures to go. You don't know what I turned into."

"There's more than this!?"

"Look at the rest. This was only #4... Of course, I didn't actually plan to blow the guy for #4. My numbers got escalated. The next is #5. Needless to say, I didn't back down.any. Take it all in. This is what you asked for, with all those years of fantasies. When you are tired of the pictures, you can look at your slut wife on the video, and talk to the guys that did it. I'm a slut. I'm your little slut wife now. I hope you are happy with what I've become."

The next picture didn't disappoint. John, who was very tall and muscular was humorously enough dressed as an elf. He must have set the camera on time release, or had some kind of remote, because he was in most of the rest of the shots. Stephanie was laying stretched out on her back against a stuffed reindeer with her legs spread open for the camera showing her wet pussy. I couldn't believe the sculpted look of her stomach stretched out this way. Santa, fully naked except for his Santa hat and boots, was putting his dick into Stephie's hot little mouth. And John was squeezing one breast while he sucked on another.

"Keep going," Stephie demanded.

The next pictures were a series where she kneeled on Santa's lap, still naked, with her breasts buried in his face and he was squeezing them hard. Then she slipped down to sit on his lap, but I felt sure she wasn't actually fucking him, and was leaning back in what looked like ecstasy. John's pants were down for the last one, and she was holding John's dick like she was jacking him off while Santa's dick was held right next to her pussy. I was in shock.

"I told them about your fantasies and they said they would make you regret what you asked me to do. They said I had gone this far, so why not go all the way."

"All the way??"

"I told them I had never been with another man. They told me it was high time I found out what I was missing. They said you would want it, said it sounded like you were the 'cuckold' type. I never even heard of that term before."

I had indeed read cuckold stories for a long time and hoped for something like that, but never dreamed Stephie would consider such a thing.

"They made me feel sexy and hot. I wanted them. I wanted to fuck them both. You gave me the excuse and got me there. I would never have done it without you asking for your fantasies all the time and telling me to go to #5 with this."

"Wouldn't have done it?"

"Oh I did it alright. Go ahead and look. They fucked me every way to Sunday. I was sore for days, I couldn't come near you for a while, remember? My pussy bled, Doug, and my breasts were clawed and scratched. God, they made me feel good. John is so hot and sexy. He's got a better body than you and his dick is huge. Doug, I lusted after it. I wanted him to touch and kiss me. Look, Doug. Look at him fuck me. Look at it now!"

I obeyed. She pulled out the photos and made me stare. She turned my head and made me look at her kissing John fully on the lips, while he inserted his dick into her pussy. Jack had apparently gotten on the camera and did close ups of her pussy lips wrapped around his dick. She kissed Jack, too. and felt his fat stomach. She lay on top of him (fortunately no under him, he would have crushed her), and rode him like a wild animal, bouncing her tits against his blubber and getting his dick all the way into her pussy. Then she was stretched out by both of them, while they spread her legs and muscular John fucked her, sweat streaming down his face and body while she sucked Jack's balls. I couldn't take my eyes off of it all. I started shaking and crying. It was very emotional.

"I had so many orgasms I lost count. I let them do whatever they wanted to me. They cumm'ed all over my face and breasts. I licked up every drop I could. It's in the last picture."

And so it was.

"I want them again, honey. I want to be your little slut now. It's turning me back on to talk about it. I'll do absolutely anything you want. Make me be bad, Doug. Make me fuck John again. I'll let you fuck me, but I really want John. Call him up and see when he can come over. Tell me to do him while you watch."

I looked at my loving wife, and knew she meant it.

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