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Christmas Surprise


Tonight was the night of the dreaded office Christmas party. The best thing about Christmas is getting away from the mugs at work for a few weeks, but for some reason society says we have to celebrate with them! But, I digress. I'm at my office Christmas party with my wife, and I figure the only upside of being here is that my wife might be a little tipsy and I might get my weekly dose of sex... If I'm lucky. Hell, maybe she'll finally let me fuck her ass. Speaking of my wife, despite her being a complete prude in the bedroom she looked sexy as hell tonight. She was wearing a little black dress which showed a little bit of cleavage and a lot of leg, highlighted by high heels and seamed stockings. She had the attention of quite a few of my male colleagues and there was an orderly queue to dance with her.

I didn't mind so much that she was dancing with other guys since I had the office slut, Grace, all over me on the dance floor. I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy she hasn't bedded in the whole office so she was making me her special project for the night. Grace was trying all sorts of dirty tricks on me, grinding her pussy on my leg, pushing her boobs into my chest.

I got pretty hard from all the teasing and decided to go find my wife and see if she wanted to go home for the same naughty reasons Grace had put in my head. For the life of me, I couldn't find her anywhere and I was so damn hard I decided to get some relief in the men's toilets, so I purposefully went a floor up in the hope that I wouldn't get caught.I went into a cubicle, locked my self in, sat down, lowered my pants and started thinking about that slut Grace's pussy. Picturing her ass in that impossibly tight skirt she was wearing and the way her braless nipples poked against her thin blouse.

Pre-cum was pouring out of my dick before my hand abruptly stopped by reflex. The door to the bathroom had just opened and I was trying to stay as still as humanly possible.I heard the sound of a woman giggling and assumed that it was Grace, and she had followed me here to catch me jacking off and use it as an excuse to blackmail me into fucking her. Bitch. Just as I had that thought I heard a mans voice say: "No ones gonna find us here baby." It sounded like they were kissing and I heard the guys pants hit the floor, then I started hearing slurping noises and figured the girl must be sucking the guy's cock. It must be Grace with one of the girls husbands, I thought. Teasing bitch. My thoughts were again interrupted by the guy's voice: "Let me fuck that pussy." Holy fuck! the guy sounded like my boss, surely my boss isn't fucking Grace in the OFFICE bathroom at the OFFICE Christmas party?

Loud smacking noises started as the guy started fucking her, I imagined doggy style over the sink.My hand was still on my dick and it 'involuntarily' started moving up and down my shaft to the rhythm of my boss fucking Grace. She was moaning like a crazy whore. I heard a second smacking noise and a little yelp from the slut. This happened a couple more times and I caught on to what was happening. He was spanking her ass! That was so hot. This was better than porn! I was nearing the edge when I heard my boss say "I wanna cum in your ass."

"YES! Fuck my ass, take my last virginity!" The girl eagerly moaned

"Haha, you never been fucked there before, you're gonna be so tight!"

I heard the soap dispenser being pushed multiple times and realised my boss was going to use as lube.There was a long pause, which ended with Grace painfully declaring "it hurts..." My boss simply ignored her and started forcing it in and out, as I could tell from her grunting. I swear my dick had never been so hard, I wish so much that I could be able to fuck my wife in the ass but this will have to do as a substitute, jacking my dick off to the sound of the office slut getting her asshole fucked.My boss really started pummelling her, the sink counter was literally shaking. In a striking contrast to a few minutes earlier the girl started panting "it's so fucking good, fuck my ass with that fat cock!"That tipped my boss over the edge as he yelled "I'm cumming!!" which too pushed me over the edge as I shot my cum onto the floor of the bathroom stall.I heard the two fuckers put their clothes back on and leave the bathroom and I got out to wash my cum covered hands.

This is gonna be a wank I remember for a long time I remember thinking before I saw a handbag on the floor.I thought better of picking it up and returning it since my boss and Grace would figure out I was there. Just as I was about to leave the bathroom the woman came back to get her hand bag, and there it hit me. The sight of my wife at the doorway, ladders in her stockings, tits half hanging out, lipstick a mess. It wasn't Grace who was just fucked in every hole by my boss in the office bathroom it was my wife. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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Could use it to his advantage, blackmail the boss for a rise if not DIVORCE her citing the boss.

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