tagIncest/TabooChristmas With the Sheldrakes

Christmas With the Sheldrakes



In the gathering dusk of Christmas Eve, Ryan drove through the darkening countryside, hoping he would make it to the small town where his parents and brother lived before the snow arrived. All day, the weather experts had been gazing into their crystal balls and it looked distinctly possible that their predictions for a White Christmas were about to come true.

Ryan felt like a sack of potatoes as he snuggled into his coat and pulled his woolly hat down further over his ears to fend off the cold, even though he had the car heating going. Having been brought up in a nudist family, he hated being dressed at the best of times but even worse when he had to put on layers of clothing simply because of the freezing weather. Bit different to the last time he had driven the fifty miles from the city where he worked to his parents' home when it had been so hot and sultry he would have driven in the nude, had it not been against the law to do so, but instead had been clad in only a T-shirt and shorts. Still, he mused, as the car ate up the miles, he'd soon be naked again when he was back in the bosom of his loving incestuous family.

Ryan was glad to have gotten away from the city or, more to the point, the crummy office he worked in as he finished his training to be an accountant. There had been the ubiquitous office party a few nights earlier at which he had been obliged to attend and had hated every minute of it. His boss, of course, had been in his element and was probably already looking forward to next year's party since he was one of those sad souls whose private lives were so empty, they had to put all their energies into the workplace. Ryan couldn't think of anything worse than having to socialise for several hours with the boring old farts he worked with, all pretending they were the greatest of friends and acting like fools, the old boys with leering smiles holding mistletoe over the young secretaries' heads in the hope of a quick snog - in their dreams - and had been heartily glad when the damn thing had come to an end.

Then, of course, there had been the congratulatory speeches at the office on Christmas Eve morning which had all been a pain in the ass, too. Ryan wondered why anyone bothered going in for just a few hours on Christmas Eve since nobody did any work, just listening to the boring backslapping of how well the firm had done that year and getting shook by the hand by so many people, he had felt at one stage he would never get his hand back. Now, however, all that ridiculous nonsense was over and done with, thank goodness, and he was on his way to the peace and tranquility of a family Christmas - and what a family Christmas it would be too!

The last time Ryan had driven to his parents' home in the summer, he had done so with his prick poking out of his shorts, so horny had he been at the prospect of surprising his mom, dad and brother with his presence since he hadn't warned them he was on his way. Now, however, even though he was just as horny as he had been on that occasion, Ryan's prick remained firmly under lock and key as he steered the car through the well-wooded countryside, which he and his brother Luke had explored to the full when they were kids; he didn't want to get it out now and run the risk of frostbite.

Ryan turned on the car radio and as was to be expected, a non-stop array of Christmas songs and carols assualted his ears. Ryan smiled since in a very short while he would be in the arms of his very own Christmas Carol, his loving doting mother.

After the naffness of "Walking In a Winter Wonderland" and "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire", Judy Garland went into a chorus of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" before Bing Crosby, inevitably, started dreaming again as he seemed to have been doing every Christmas for the past three hundred and forty-eight years. By the time the last strains of the Irving Berlin song came to an end and Johnny Mathis was starting to take over with "When a Child Is Born" - which, in reality, actually had nothing to do with Christmas at all but only seemed to come out the record vaults at this time of year - the car was moving slowly down Grove Street, the town's main thoroughfare, decorated in a myriad of twinkling fairy lights. Ryan, like his family, was not in the least religious yet he had to admit that it did look very festive.

A few people were still about, hurrying through the winter gloom to the warmth and comfort of their homes just as the first flakes of the promised snow began to drift down onto the town. Ryan steered into the street where his parents lived in a large detached house separated from their neighbors by several hundred yards of lush lawns and gardens which were rapidly turning blanche-white under a dusting of snow. Many of the families who lived in the houses had decorated their outsides with lights and bunting, some of them completely over-the-top making them look merely tacky rather than festive, unlike his parents' home which had just a few decorations on it, proving to their neighbors that they had considerable more taste.

Ryan switched the radio off, cutting out Johnny Mathis in mid-song, and parked the car in the drive and reached over the back to collect the parcel of Christmas presents he had brought with him, although there was one present that he hadn't been able to get in the bag for reasons which will become obvious, and climbed out the car, smiling to himself as he thought of the neighbors and laying a pound to a penny that none of them would be in the state he was about to find his family in. He let himself into the luxurious warmth of the family home with the key he still possessed and called out to them as he stepped over the threshold.

"Mom! Dad! Luke! I'm here."

Carol was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to the turkey they would have for dinner on Christmas Day but came hurrying out to meet her eldest son and it didn't surprise Ryan one little bit to see her naked, apart from an apron which she had fixed around herself. Unlike in the summer, the family were expecting his arrival and, naturally, were just as glad to see him as they had been when he'd surprised them.

Ryan's father Ray and brother Luke were in the lounge enjoying a game of chess but they suspended the next move as they heard Ryan arriving in the hall and went out to meet him too. Like Carol, they were naked as well since the Sheldrakes were and are a naturist family and Ryan was starting to feel quite overdressed but he needed to thaw out a bit before removing his clothes and joining his family in the nude.

"Ryan!" Carol said, having not seen her eldest son for a few months since he'd been working in the city by day and studying by night, "its so good to see you. Merry Christmas, darling."

"Merry Christmas, mom," replied Ryan, his cock which had been on the horn all the way through the journey now straining the material of his pants. "It's great to see you, too. Looks like its going to be a white one."

"I know," said Carol, drawing back the hall curtain and glancing through the window, "isn't it absolutely beautiful? I can't understand why so many people claim not to like snow, I've always loved it."

Then she folded herself into Ryan's arms and kissed him passionately on the lips, gasping as she felt her eldest son's hard prick pressing up against her through his pants.

Ray and Luke arrived in the hall simultaneously and Ryan again was not the least bit surprised to see them both naked. For once they were both flaccid since, although sex was the driving force which kept the Sheldrakes going, they still enjoyed socialising nude and doing the ordinary day-to-day things together without any clothes on.

"Ryan!" Ray exclaimed, "you made it, were the roads bad?"

"No, dad," replied Ryan, kissing his father on the lips, "I got here just in time. How are you, Luke?"

"Fine, Ryan," his younger brother replied, slapping Ryan playfully around the shoulders, "it sure is good to see you. Now we're a complete family again."

Ryan hugged Luke and kissed his brother likewise on the lips and went into the lounge. "Brrr!" he said, rubbing his hands together, "its fucking cold out there. Any chance of a hot shower, mom?"

"Of course, sweetheart," Carol replied, going back into the kitchen to see to the turkey, "any time you want."

"No time like the present," said Ryan, placing the parcel of presents under the tree, "I'll be back soon."

"I'll bring you up a nice hot cup of coffee, sweetheart," Carol said, sticking her head through the kitchen door and smiling at Ryan as she watched his ass swaying inside his pants as he climbed the stairs. They were exceptionally tight, as Ryan had intended them to be, creasing round his buns and the seam corresponding with his ass crack. Carol had always had a fetish for the male buttocks, a fetish that Ryan - and Luke, too - was well aware of and which, far from diminishing, had grown stronger through the years and the Sheldrake Family Matriarch was as much in love with all three of her mens' asses as she was their pricks and balls ...


Carol placed the coffee on a tray and looked into the lounge where Ray and Luke had resumed their naked game of chess.

"Just taking this up for Ryan," she said and was gone before either her husband or youngest son could say anything. Ray and Luke exchanged smiles as Luke slid his bishop diagonally across the board with a loud cry of "check!"

Ray moved his king into a safe position and Luke looked up at his father before making his next move. "Looks like mom wants a bit of Ryan all to herself," he said.

"More than a bit," laughed Ray in reply. "Let them enjoy themselves for awhile, its not that your mom loves your brother more than you, its just that she doesn't see him so often."

"I know, dad," said Luke, who was maturing excellently into a very intelligent young man, "there's plenty of time for another gangbang."

"Sure is, son," said Ray, returning his attention to the game. "Your move, I think."

As Luke pondered which piece to move next, upstairs Ryan went into the bedroom he and his brother had shared as kids and threw off his coat. Although the central heating was on and turned up high, Ryan still felt cold after the long drive through the freezing conditions and was still dressed when Carol appeared at the doorway with the cup of steaming hot coffee. She had taken off her apron and, unlike her son, was stark naked and, as always, without any shame nor embarrassment whatsoever.

"Oooh, thanks mom," Ryan said, taking the cup gratefully and sipping the coffee,"I really need this. I'll get undressed in a minute."

Carol advanced into the room and smiled at her son as he continued to drink the coffee. "When you're ready, sweetheart," she said, "you're not going home until the day after Boxing Day so we've hours and hours to spend in the nude together. In any case, that's a very nice bulge tenting out those pants of yours."

"It's your main Christmas present, mom," giggled Ryan, finishing the coffee and putting the cup down, "the others are downstairs under the tree. D'you want this one now or later?"

"I think," said Carol, smiling as she dropped to her knees in front of Ryan, "now would be a good time, don't you?"

"Sure mom," replied Ryan, "d'you want to unwrap it or shall I?"

"Let me, dear," said Carol, reaching out her hands and fumbling with the fly on her son's pants. She slowly lowered the zip and wrapped her hand around the tent which looked even more prominent through Ryan's shorts, framed by the undone fly of his pants. As she gazed lovingly at the alluring bulge, Carol started fingering her fanny which was already extremely wet.

"Oh, sweetheart," Carol said, "this is the best Christmas present any son could give his doting mother."

"It's all yours, mom," Ryan said, as Carol nuzzled her face up against the bulge, "but shouldn't dad and Luke be here, too?"

"It's OK, sweetheart," Carol replied, softly, "they'll understand. They won't mind me having you all to myself for awhile, after all there's plenty of time for a gangbang," she added, echoing Luke's words. "Several gangbangs, I hope."

"Me too," said Ryan as he released his hard throbbing cock from his shorts, the aroused shaft springing out and almost hitting his mother in his face. "Merry Christmas, mom!"

Carol smiled as Ryan undid his belt and let his pants and shorts fall southwards. As his aroused prick and sweaty balls came into view directly in front of his mother's admiring eyes, Carol reached round and grabbed Ryan's ass cheeks and pulled him closer to her.

"Sweetheart, your cock seems to get bigger every time I see it," Carol said, cupping Ryan's balls in her right hand as she admired the long hard shaft of Ryan's thick rod with unwavering eyes, "would you like me to do something about it?"

"Yes please, mom," Ryan replied, lustfully, retracting his foreskin to reveal his pink knobhead, slick and greasy with pre-cum, "suck it hard for me. Get that nice big cock in your lovely hot mouth."

Ryan knew from experience that his mother was the world's greatest female cocksucker and gasped as Carol opened her mouth and took his prick into its hot wet depths. Carol's mouth was cave-like as the head of her son's prick hit the back of her throat and she began to suck hungrily, sending Ryan into paroxysms of delight. His grunts and groans became louder as each inch of cock was enthusiastically gobbled up by Carol, so much so that neither Ryan nor Carol heard Luke's triumphant cry of "checkmate!" downstairs in the lounge ...


After ten minutes of continual cocksucking, Ryan pulled out of Carol's mouth and patted her on the head. He'd taken his jumper and shirt off while Carol had been blowjobbing him and had also shucked off his pants, boots and socks and was now as naked as the rest of his family and, furthermore, would stay naked - as they all would - until, alas,it was time to go back to the city, the day after Boxing Day.

Ryan laid his mother down on one of the beds and lifted her legs, placing them across his shoulders. "Gee, mom," he said, "never mind my prick getting bigger every time you see it, your cunt gets more and more beautiful, too."

"Thank you, sweetheart," Carol replied, "I'm pleased I still have the power to turn you on so much."

"You sure fucking do, mom," Ryan answered and then, without further ado, he stuck out his incestuous tongue and began to flick it up, down and over the long wet groove between his mother's beautiful cunt lips. Ryan had waited several months to enjoy this consensual pleasure again and he licked and licked for all he was worth, soaking the delicious juices of Carol's now very sodden cunt onto his tongue. They were both in paradise now since this was not some sleazy sex-for-sex sake session, but an act of true love, born out of the family's exceptionally deep emotional closeness.

"Oh yes, sweetheart," Carol said, placing her hands on Ryan's head and drawing him closer, "stick that wonderful tongue of yours up my pussy. Lick it hard."

Ryan was only too happy to do so and was thrilled to hear Carol's cries of pleasure as she started writhing and squirming about on the bed as her son pulled her cum trigger. Ryan wanked his cock as he lapped up the taste of his mother's pussy and, ten minutes later, he felt his balls contract and knew he was not far off cumming.

"You get me going so much, mom," Ryan said, standing up and wanking his cock in front of her, "I'm gonna cum."

"Let me have it, sweetheart," Carol replied, lifting her head and opening her mouth to receive the spurts, "give me it all."

Seconds later, Ryan let out a loud wail as he rocked on his legs, his ass swaying as his first spurt hurtled up from his balls and out through his prick, followed by another and then another while Carol didn't stop swallowing until she had every last drop. She lay back on the bed and fingered her fanny to orgasm as Ryan stood in front of her, his eyes closed and his sated cock in his hand as his foreskin closed back over his knobhead.

"That was wonderful, sweetheart," Carol said, "I've waited so long for that."

"Me too, mom," said Ryan, "I love you so much. But don't kid me dad and Luke haven't kept you happy while I've been away."

"Of course not," said Carol, "we've had some really hot threesomes together, Luke is getting to be just as much a sex expert as you. He gave me a great fucking this morning while your dad was at work."

"I'm pleased to hear that mom, I always knew he'd be able to rise to the occasion. Now, how about that shower?" Ryan went on, "then we can really see Christmas in the Sheldrake way with dad and Luke, too."

"Sounds good to me," said Carol, getting up off her knees and following Ryan into the bathroom, her eyes glued to her son's sexy bare ass, just as much as it had been earlier when his buttocks had been accentuated by his pants. "I'm really looking forward to you fucking me again."

Ryan turned the jets on and climbed in, enjoying the hot water raining down on him in torrents, the warmth seeming to penetrate his skin while, outside, the snow was now a raging blizzard, just perfect for Santa and his reindeers who would be visiting some of the other houses in the street that night where the families still had very young kids and whose parents were only too happy to keep the game of make-believe going ...


Carol climbed into the shower with Ryan and their hands began to fondle each other under the water, Carol touching up Ryan's ass and Ryan fondling his mother's tits and cunt. At the same time downstairs, Ray was treating Luke to a congratulatory blowjob for winning the chess game. Ray was as expert a cocksucker as Carol although, secretly, both boys knew that their mother had the edge on their father. Nevertheless, Luke was enjoying every minute as he plunged his cock in and out of Ray's mouth while Ray, without breaking the sucking, reached round with his hands to touch up Luke's tight bare ass.

"We wish you a merry Christmas," Luke started to sing in his not-very-good voice and giggling as he did so. "Fucking hell, dad, I bet Santa Claus ain't got any presents like this for the other kids in this street."

"Mmm," mumbled Ray as he continued gagging on Luke's stiff pole and smiling up at his son. Luke smiled back at him as Ray went to work on the young man's balls, slurping his paternal tongue over the large sweaty cum sacs while Luke rubbed his prick over Ray's face, smearing it with pre-cum.

"That's great, dad," said Luke, "you're just as good licking balls as you are sucking cock."

"Mmm," mumbled Ray again as he managed to get the whole of Luke's scrotum in his mouth in one go.

Luke let his father alternate between his cock and balls for several minutes before pulling out and turning and bending over to show Ray his ass. "That was fucking fabulous, dad," Luke said, "but you know what I want now."

"Spread your cheeks, then, son," Ray said, grinning, only too happy to oblige, "if you want that asshole licked, get it open wide for me."

Luke got on his hands and knees on the carpet in front of the Christmas tree and clasped his smooth youthful buttocks with his hands and pulled them apart and Ray gasped as the bewitching sight of his youngest son's pink puckered asshole came into view. After nearly two years a member of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club, Luke was no longer a novice and knew how to work his ass muscles in and out so that his tight sweaty fuck hole twitched in anticipation of receiving his father's tongue.

"That is a beautiful sight, lad," said Ray as his admiring eyes took in the view, even though he'd lost count of the numbers of times Luke - and Ryan too for that matter - had exposed his asshole to him. In the Sheldrake family, nothing was taboo, all four members of the sex club loving their bodies as much as the sex itself. Carol and Ray had instilled in their sons the indisputable fact that their bodies were a great gift and there was nothing obscene about them; rather they are objects of great beauty, aroused or otherwise.

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