tagErotic HorrorChristopher the Vampire 04

Christopher the Vampire 04


I couldn't take it anymore I had had enough. She just wasn't going to listen to me. I needed to make her see that I was not some mortal to be fucked with.

I calmly set the pot that was in my hand down, and quickly as a blur I picked her up and flew out of the house. All the while willing myself not to just drop her, and forget about Her, Annalise, and the whole masochistic trifle mortals call love.

I slowed when I saw the river, the Cumberland to be exact. The demon in me howled to just drop the bitch and kill more whores. But I couldn't do that, I was too soft and I knew it just as well as the demon that beat at the fragile bars inside of my mind knew. I gently descended upon the muddy banks of the vile repugnant watercourse, and began dragging Zyn along the dirty shore.

"Where are we going?" implied Zyn.

"Do you ever stop asking questions you harlot?" I quipped with more malice than I had meant. She whimpered, I could smell the fear returning to her veins. My blood was diminishing in its potency. I really love the smell of raw fear and hers was like water to my parched demon. I let him surface for just an instant. It felt good to let my face twist and wrinkle into a predatory snarl. I clutched her arm tight and pulled her to face me.

"Your fear dances sweetly on my palate Zyn, I wonder how it would taste as your hot blood drained down into me, filling me with your essence."I purred

"Please at least let me know the name of my murderer." she said brazenly

her courage striking the demon aback.

"Oooooh, Little Zyn acting brave, this warms my cold long dead heart." the demon barked.

"Pl- please?" Zyn's voice cracked.

"Christopher." I said coming back to myself, and reigning the demon back under my control.

Walking took little effort for me, but Zyn seemed to be sinking with every step, the weight of her morality weighing on more than just the loamy soft noxious bank. She whimpered with every step, in pain it seemed, my heart felt pity for her. With a sigh and a light longing caress of her face, I swept her into my arms. She all but melted to my chest. Making my loins ache, I wondered how long I could keep this up. A fresh, sweet,disease free, not so innocent feast was in my arms. I wanted to pin her to the ground and eat her sweet pussy, and fill all of my senses with her. Then, I wanted to crawl up her sweat slicked body and make her taste herself on me. So many images flashed through my mind I became dizzy.

The sooner I changed her the sooner I could act out all of my sick deeds. All the chains, clamps, phalluses' and plugs. All of the leather kissing her flesh inflaming it with the blood of a fresh kill. My demon purred and basked in the icy chill of my immoral thoughts.

"Zyn, this is what you will become within a years time." I spoke gently to her, gesturing to an emaciated half alive woman, struggling to pull in the next breath. Her exhales coming in sharp ragged moans of pain. Almost as if she were sobbing.

"I see, but why are you showing me this Christopher?" Zyn said in a whisper.

"Because, Zyn, my wish is not to kill you but to give you everlasting life. But it also comes with a price. A price so deep, that you may never forgive me if I give what I am to you." My voice never wavering as I bent to the vagrant woman. I scooped up the frail woman and bent her neck and swept her greasy locks to the side. I looked Zyn right in the eyes as my fangs elongated and sank them into the uncared-for woman's neck. I willed her to enjoy it, the vagrant in my arms put up no struggle, no fight and no sound was uttered from her ragged body, I could feel Zyns eyes on me, questioning everything she knew to be right in this world. I could feel her faith of the Lord God fading, and it felt wonderful. I hoped she was coming one step closer to me and my eternity.

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