tagInterracial LoveChristy Was Well Undone

Christy Was Well Undone


Hi reader, this starts out as a pure none consent interracial, with a slight lesbian twist at the end, hope you enjoy?

Vic Cable had just walked up the garden path from the rear of his house; he hadn't used the front way because it was longer to drive around it than to do it this way.

He had had to return home unexpectedly, he had bought a brand new, very expensive all singing, all dancing electric power drill with a zillion attachments, it was a drill he had wanted, but never got around to purchasing for years.

It had been delivered to his home, his wife had opened the box, and noticed a crack in the handle, it was still in its sealed cellophane wrapper and he could see it clearly. He was really annoyed, annoyed because instead of picking the thing up himself, he had opted for free delivery, now he had had to drive home, and pick it up to return it to the shop he had bought from, the shop in the city where he had his office!

His office was 95 miles away and he had a small apartment paid for by his employers, so he could stay at least 4 nights a week if necessary, or even weekends if he had to, but the compensation was excellent, especially if he did a weekend as he was doing now.

It was 7:45pm and his wife and daughter he knew were at the theatre, with their neighbours, so he would be in and out and no one would be the wiser.

He was a 40 year old software engineer, and programmer, and was considered one of the best there was, if not the best. His forte was problem solving, when new software was released he would search every inch of it, and find and solve inherent problems, problems that saved and earned his company vast amounts of money, and thereby his own rewards were huge.

He was 6ft 2" tall, 220lbs, his head was shaved to a glassy shine, he was a big affable black man, unless he was rubbed up the wrong way, then he could get rough, but it was a more than rare occurrence. He would certainly scare the living daylights out of the cunt who had sold him this drill! Then he would leave and laugh about it.

His wife Maud of 21 years was the same age as him, give a few days, and they had a beautiful daughter, Georgina, who was the light of his and their lives. She was, in his humble opinion the most gorgeous creature alive, just like her mother, who he loved immensely. But he had over some lonely times while away from home, taken solace in the arms of other women, but not too often.

They had gone to the theatre with Helen and her daughter, Christy, Helen was a divorcee and a really lovely lady, and Maud, his wife, got on great. And the two 18 year old girls had become fast strong friends. Helen was very pretty lady, and under different circumstances might have made a play for her, but the old maxim, 'don't shit on your own doorstep,' was a good one!

Her daughter Christy was a different kettle of fish, she was a gorgeously precocious blonde haired beauty, and she knew it. He didn't always like her ways, or some of the things she said, but she was so cutely beautiful she got away with it most times.

She had plenty of boyfriends, and he hoped she wouldn't be able to turn his Georgy's head?

She had told him she was experimenting in sex, though she hastened to add that she wasn't daddy?

The two were acutely beautiful in their own way, and he hated himself sometimes for thinking how much he would like to fuck her, simply because if he thought it about fucking Christy, then some other leech would be thinking it about his own daughter!

He had walked in through the rear door of his garage, and the drill was on the bench, he checked it and re boxed it, and was just about to leave when Christy walked past the window.

He looked on in amazement, why wasn't she at the theatre with his wife and daughter and her mother?

He was just reaching out to tap on the window, when she bent at the waist and showed off her gorgeous arse, Vic ogled the view, but then she pulled out the joint in the wall, and retrieved the key secretly hidden there, the key that only he, his wife and daughter knew about!

How does she know about that, he wasn't happy, he stepped forward to open the door and challenge her, but stopped in his tracks when she opened their rear door, 'what the fuck is she up to?' he thought.

He stood and watched her enter his house, his empty house! She hesitated then disappeared, Vic waited a minute or two, then walked to his back door, he couldn't see her through the glass, he went to his rear window, she wasn't there either.

'Fucking hell! What's fucking happening?' he wondered.

He opened the door and went in, he couldn't hear her, 'she must have gone upstairs?' He took his shoes off so silence was hers and his intent.

As he went down the hall he looked into the rooms, no one, she was upstairs, 'what the fuck is she up to? Was she robbing them?' he thought.

On the table in the hallway was his digital camera, and being in the job he was, it was the best quality to be had. He had used it on his last job, downloaded all the info, deleted it, and now it was on charge, he checked, the lithium batteries were full and ready to go. He unplugged it, and turned it on, he set it ready to use, he punched in the menu for 1/10th of a second frame repeat picture capture. If something was awry, he wanted evidence, and also as protection for him, in case she cried wolf! And then made his way quietly upstairs.

As he got to the top he stopped for a moment, nothing? Where the fuck was she? The back bedroom door was closed as it should be, his daughters door was wide open, it was always half closed, Christy had been in, or was still in there, she wasn't.

His bedroom door was half open, his wife always left it full open, his wife had a thing about doors, and woe betide anyone who didn't leave them as she wanted!

He peered through the gap, and there was Christy, she was holding some of his wife's jewellery? Around her supine neck was a pearl necklace he had bought her as a wedding anniversary present.

But on the bed was something that should not have been there, she was stealing something! She was stealing the rare blues album that he had bought his daughter for her 18th birthday! It had cost him £700, and 9 months to find. And a further £50 to get it on a disc, digitally re mastered. Georgina loved the blues, it was in her soul, and in her blood, no one knew why, but it was.

He slowly stepped into the room, and began firing the camera; it shot, shot after shot as he held the button down.

Christy whirled around in full on surprise, horror, and total fear, her face was a picture, (no pun intended reader) She just stood there as he fired away, her mouth wide open in that perfect pouty little O when she was in shtumb! Then she yanked off the necklace, looked at the album on his bed, her stare was utter dread. She had been caught hands down, she was fucked completely.

Vic continued firing, he focussed on the album, the necklace as it sailed away from her.

He stopped, and said. 'What the fuck are you doing in here Christy, why are you stealing Georgina's album, and my wife's jewellery?' he demanded, he was angry, and it scared Christy out of her wits.

'Please Mr Cable, I wasn't, I was just looking at it?' she pleaded.

'Bollocks Christy, you are stealing from us, its all her on my camera!' He yelled.

'Oh Mr Cable, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to?' her tears flowed like boulders down and over her perfect high cheek bones.

'You didn't mean to? Did someone make you break into my house and ransack it! he bellowed.

Christy collapsed onto the bed. 'I'm so sorry Mr Cable, what can I do? I'm so sorry.' She wailed.

'Tell it to the police Christy, you could go to jail for this, even if you don't you have ruined your life and our friendships.'

'Oh Mr Cable please forgive me, I'm so so sorry, please don't tell the police, please?' she begged.

That's when the idea came to him, he could fuck her and get away with it, she would be his until she went to college 3 months from now, then he remembered they were both going to the college in the town where he worked! Maybe he might have her on call when ever he wanted her?

'Why aren't you at the theatre Christy?' he asked.

I told them I had a migraine, so I couldn't go,' she said softly.

'You have a migraine so you could come here and steal that album, you know how much Georgy loves that, and you were going to steal it, what made you think you could get away with it!' he demanded again.

'Mr Cable, please, I'll do anything if you let me go, and not say anything, I will honestly?' she pleaded.

She had no idea what she was saying, or the penalty of his silence.

He looked at her sat there weeping, she was wearing a very short denim skirt that highlighted her perfect long legs, at about 5ft 6 she looked good. A small tightish top, which heaved her tits upwards and her soft silky blonde hair, was down around her slim shoulders.

'Georgy tells me you are sexually active Christy, how many boyfriends do you have?'

'She's told you about me?' she was incredulous.

Yes, she speaks to me, how many times have you had sex, and who with? Tell me or you are in deep deep shit!'

'Why do you want to know Mr Cable?' she asked.

'Last chance Christy, or it's the police for you!'

'Three times sir, only three, twice with the same boy' she admitted.

'Good, now come here,' he told her.

She went to him timidly and stood fearfully before him. 'You say you will do anything to avoid being questioned by the police, and possibly ending up in jail Christy?'

'Yes sir, anything, I don't care what it is?'

He walked around her, stood behind her, and said. 'Get on your knees Christy, and do it now!' he roared.

She dropped to them immediately, her fear was so great, she would do anything he said now.

Silently opening his pants, he pulled out his already half erect prick. He was going to make her give him a blow job, whether she liked to or not!

'Close your eyes Christy, close them tight, and keep them closed!' he ordered her, she did.

He stepped around to her front, 'keep em closed Christy or else,' he took her soft silky blonde hair in his hands, and worked it up into a pony tail on the top of her head.

Then he pushed his black cock into her fear opened mouth. And holding her head he began to work her on and off it.

Her eyes popped open; he had expected that, so he didn't mind.

'Suck it Christy, suck it like your very life depends on it, because really, it does!' he told her.

Her hands flew up to his hips, he knocked them away, 'don't touch until I tell you you can!' he yelled.

He worked his prick into the back of her mouth, she couldn't get off it, she struggled, but then he slapped her face, not too hard, just hard enough to let her know who was in control.

'You suck it Christy or I will beat you, and beat you hard before I turn you over to the cops!'

Her heart snapped, she had no option she knew that now, he had her right where he wanted her.

She bent to her task, a task he had set her, she began to suck, she had only done this once, and the boy had cum double quick, so she never really got any enjoyment out of it. But she was going to this day, he would see to that!

The black prick in her mouth was stunning, she had never seen a black one before, and it was bigger than the 2 boys she had been with.

And then an unknown phenomenon to her inexperienced sex life, he smelled, but it was a musky smell, a man smell, it was in her mouth, and now infiltrating her nostrils, as she breathed it in.

She found it alluring her, drawing her in, she was sucking and licking as the aroma of him assailed her senses. Vic was in heaven, he had thought he would probably have to rape her to get what he wanted, but she was softening her resistance to him.

He gently pumped back and forth while holding her hair, as he pushed softly in, he pulled her toward him, she was going for it, she was doing his bidding, he closed his own eyes now as they both worked him to an ejaculation. His balls tightened, and he blew his load right down her throat, he pulled her on all the way, and he could feel her sucking and swallowing to get it all down, he emptied his balls, and Christy sucked and nibbled while he finished.

His knees almost gave way when he had shot it, Christy fell to the floor when she had finished him off.

She was laid at his feet looking up at him, submission written on her beautiful face, her blonde hair spread around her.

He almost relented right there and then, but managed not to.

'Get on the bed Christy, we haven't finished yet have we?' he said.

She looked at him glumly, and replied. 'No I don't suppose we have Mr Cable?'

As she got wearily to her feet, he stripped her off, her blouse and skirt went, then her bra and panties, he absolutely marvelled at the beauty before him, she was gorgeous, he cock said hello too!

'Mr Cable, please don't?' was all she could say as her clothes fell away. He got his off, and seeing a muscular black man naked and built like he was, took her own breath away. Christy was already a sexual animal, though she wasn't yet fully aware of the powers she would have over men. And would make some men very happy indeed, but to day it was Vic Cable's day to be made happy!

His prick was growing again, and Christy looked at it as it swelled and swayed on him, she had seen and handled boy's cocks, but this was something new to her. An unfamiliar feeling grabbed her lower regions, she was becoming aroused simply by looking at a naked man, a naked black man, a black man who was going to fuck her, she knew that now.

He nodded at her and looked at his prick, she got the message, and took it tentatively in both hands, her pussy withered and rejoiced, it was slippy and slick, and longing for whatever beheld her.

He guided her backwards to the bed, where he pushed her down, and made her lay flat. Her feet were barely on the floor now, he dropped to his own knees and planted his face right onto her glistening pussy, the hair around it was soft and downy, she was fabulous.

Sucking in and on the lips of her silky pussy, he drove his tongue as far in as he could get it. Christy yelped, her body left the bed, her feet went up into the air, and her hands scrabbled at his head. She was trying to hold it, but because he was shiny bald, she had no grip, her fingers found his ears and held them.

She had never had a tongue in her, she had never even thought about it, it hadn't been on her horizon, now Vic lapped at her and slipped it over her clit, she squealed in pure lust and arousal, what was he doing to her? This was fantastic; she had no resistance to it what so ever! She found herself trying to push her pussy harder into his invading face and mouth.

He sucked and licked and pulled at her pussy, Christy came in a low moan of delight and helpless submission, she had just had her first real orgasm, then another one blasted its way through her defenceless pussy! She had thought she'd had one before but she knew now she hadn't. This was an orgasm, there was no doubt about it, and it shattered her young supple body. Her legs and feet had found there way over his shoulders, and one curvy calf had hooked around his neck and was holding him in while she exploded.

She realised she was now flopped on the bed, and Mr Cable was stood above her smiling down at her.

'You loved that didn't you Christy?' he said softly.

'Oh Mr Cable, I've never had anything like it in my life!' she responded in lust.

'Well, there's more for you to learn, and I'm going to teach you baby, now you just keep doing as I tell you, and we'll get on just great?' he said, as he dipped a finger into her soaking and still throbbing pussy.

She writhed on the bed at his touch, her pussy was still on fire, and oh so sensitive when he touched her there.

'Yes Mr Cable, I'll be a good girl, I promise, I'll do anything you tell me to do?'

'That's just what I wanted to hear honey,' he told her.

'What are you, what will you teach me Mr Cable?' she asked pensively.

He climbed on the bed, and pulled her to him, he kissed her for the first time, Christy was in heaven, she had had no idea that men, or more to the point, Mr Cable, could be, and was like this?

He guided her dainty hand to his now fully erect prick and told her to hold it, and play with it.

'It's your prick now Christy, it's yours to do with what you want, but it is your masterful prick too isn't it? You will do whatever we tell you to do from now on baby, won't you?'

'Yes sir I will, definitely.'

He rolled her onto her back, and said.

'Okay honey, this is where you get fucked by a man, and not a boy, I am going to beat you with this, but in loving way, okay?'

'Ye sir, it's what I want, please f... f... f... fuck me?' she whispered softly and shyly.

'Put me in you darling?' he told her, she guided him to her pussy lips, rubbed it over them, then said.

'There sir, right there!'

He pushed and he slid right in such was her wetness, and her love juice soaked pussy split happily apart for him.

He groaned as he slowly got in her, he didn't want to hurt her; he had no desire to frighten her with his wonderful black prick.

He gently but insistently probed at her, she responded in the most natural of ways, she grunted and groaned, she moaned in pleasure, kissed at his shoulder, and lips. Then her legs tightened around him, he was in and she was going for it, and with it.

He began pulling out and pushing in, Christy was in orgasmic throes in moments, she had no inkling that sex was like this, this was heaven, she was in total bliss as he began a rhythmic demolition of the blonde 18 year old beauty below him!

He fucked her in an ever growing intensity; he began slow, and was building up to a hurricane. Christy called out as she came time after time, her body was in unison with his, he pushed, so did she, couldn't get enough of him in her.

Her final orgasmic atomic like explosion broke her, whether she fainted or not she never knew, but all of a sudden she was floating, as if in a dream. He was in the act of blasting cum into her fabulous vagina, her silk glove was pulling him in, he was so far in he could feel the prick mushroom touching her insides.

When he had finished pumping his cum into her he let his body fall onto hers, she had him in a loving grip, and was busily kissing him, nibbling, and telling him. 'What a wonderful fantastic man he was, and that she would come to him when ever he called, 'he didn't need any photo's, not any more Mr Cable, I'm yours!'

He slowly rolled away and his prick popped out, leaving her to groan and moan in the emptiness she felt?

He looked at his watch, it was 9:50pm, his wife and daughter would be home around 11:00 so they had time to clean up and leave.

He gave Christy his private number, and said, 'I am working next weekend too baby, can you make it over without arousing suspicion?'

'Yes Mr Cable, I'll be on a train and in town for around 6:00pm will that be okay, I'll call you and let you know?'

That'll be fine Christy, and before I forget, I'll be fucking this too, okay?' And he fingered her gorgeous arse.

She looked at him in a worried way, and then said.

'Yes sir, whatever you want, and what ever you say, everything is yours.'

'That's good Christy, I'm pleased with you, and now you know what a black man and black cock is like, and what it means to be blacked, what do you think about it?' he asked her.

'I love it sir, I will never have another white person near me ever again, I only ever want to be what I now am sir?' she told him.

'And what are you Christy? Are you telling me you are my slut, my black cock loving slut, my black cock loving whore?' He demanded.

His words stunned her, those thoughts hadn't actually been in her mind, but now he had said them, told her what she probably now was, she had to agree with him.

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