tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 02

Chronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 02


"Oh, my," Mary Jane thought to herself as she sat up in bed. "What a crazy night."

The stunning redhead noticed the breakfast by the bed, and read the message her husband left for her. He told her to meet him at the party Jameson had organized. MJ started to remember bits and pieces of what had happened; all she knew was that she'd had a good time. Mary Jane made her way into the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror.

"That was a wild night, indeed..." She smiled; all too aware of what was matting her hair together as she tried to run her fingers through it. Even if they weren't on their personal vacation, her husband decided to be a little daring.

"I am really beat," she thought as she got into the shower. As the warm water ran down over her body, the exquisite supermodel started to emerge from the fog of last night's adventure.

"Owwww..." Mary Jane moaned as she ran her soapy hand over her pussy. She was really sore; not only had Peter fucked her very hard, and several times through the night, but his cock felt surprisingly larger; way bigger than what she was used to.

The hot wife eased herself down until she was sitting in the bathtub. She stretched her legs out and began to run her middle finger along her pussy. She closed her eyes and slowly caressed her sore and tender cuntlips.

"Ohhhh... Damn, Pete... You fucking tore me open!" Mary Jane moaned. It didn't take MJ's mind long to begin picturing him doing unspeakable things to her, though. "Ohhh, fuck!" She squealed as she came. "Yes!"

Mary Jane emerged from the shower brushing her long red hair as it flowed to the small of her back. Silently, she stood in front of the mirror; her green eyes sparkled, perfect white teeth hidden by full Red lips. She slipped on a white dress, sliding it over her full breasts and narrow waist. Pink panties hugged her tight ass as she admired herself in the mirror.

Peter had really made an impression on her; she could not believe how aggressive he was. If she didn't know better, it felt like it was the first time he was fucking her. MJ poured herself some coffee, her eyes glared at the television set, blood shot and heavy, even though it had been only two hours since she woke up.

She lowered the TV's volume, trying to work out the confusing flashes that started running through her head. "How do you like my big cock up your tight little pussy, slut?" The cup of coffee slipped from her outstretched fingers and fell to the carpeted floor; dark liquid sprayed outward staining the rug. As the details became less and less foggy, Mary Jane started to realize something was not right.


Greasy hands reached for the channel changer, holding a bucket of chicken; the man sat on the couch of his lousy apartment and turned his television on. He had an obsession and that obsession was about to air on national TV: Mrs. Mary Jane Parker. Her career was flying; the network was airing one of her David Letterman's interviews.

Nick Katzenburg, a professional photographer for the Daily Bugle, tossed the bucket to the floor. He needed to return to the resort, but first he had to take care of some business. Chicken bones gnawed to the core spilled aimlessly, blending in well with the rest of the unkempt cabin. The chicken grease made a decent lubricant as he pulled his flaccid cock out of his torn boxers.

Staring at the TV screen, he slowly stroked his underused cock to hardness. He glided his greasy pudgy palms over the length of his cock, his eyes never leaving the screen. Mary Jane commented on her next movie, avoiding questions about her personal life. The infamous host devoted an entire half-hour to the rising starlet.

For that half-hour, Katzenburg continued stroking his rock hard cock. It wasn't like he didn't have a more suitable 'footage' for the matter at hands; he had recorded his very own nephew screwing the stunning supermodel, after all. The obnoxious man just loved staring at the gorgeous redhead, and the talk show was just another perfect opportunity.

He shot a load of thick cum onto the screen and grinned as it oozed down Mary Jane's broadcasted face. Scratching his hairy ass, Katzenburg stumbled towards the bathroom. He turned on the shower hopping in just long enough to get wet and hopped out. Applying too much cologne to hide his smell, he dressed in a wrinkled suit, grabbed an envelope and headed out the door leaving the rat to gnaw on the discarded chicken bones.


A sound caused her to jerk her head around. "P-Peter?" Mary Jane whispered. Silently, someone entered the room and walked toward her. She crossed her arms in front of her chest to cover her modest form. The room was brightly lit, and she immediately recognized Craig.

"How did you get in?" She asked defensively.

"Oh, sorry about that..." Craig apologized. "I knocked, but no one answered..."

"So you just decided to let yourself in?" MJ interrupted the boy. "I could be naked in here, you know!"

"I-I... I-I'm s-sorry..." Craig babbled; he couldn't form a whole sentence.

"Alright, Craig." She finally stated. "Just don't ever do that again."

"Yes, ma'am." He acknowledged. "Is everything okay? You're walking funny..."

"I'm walking funny because I'm sore from... uh... exercising!" MJ hesitated. "Is there something you want?" She quickly changed the subject.

"I was just here to give you this." Craig gave her a large envelope. "It was lying by your door; I suppose you or Peter must have dropped."

"Oh," the redhead was surprised by his reasons. "Thanks, that was very sweet of you. It must be one of Pete's set of pictures..." She casually opened the envelope, and, when she realized the contents of the package, her deep green eyes widened at the sight.

"Wow!" Craig commented; he couldn't see the picture, but he read 'worth $30K' written on the back. "Is that how much it is really worth?"

MJ carefully turned the picture around, making sure Craig couldn't see what it was about, and read the note. "I think you better leave, Craig."

"B-But..." He pleaded.

"Please." She insisted.

"Okay," the boy acquiesced. "Talk to you later, then." He headed for the door and left.


Peter Parker quickly ditched his costume and entered the party his boss organized at the resort. Robbie Robertson was having a drink at the bar, when he noticed Peter in the doorway.

"I'm glad you got my message, Peter."

"What is it, Robbie?" He asked, taking a seat next to the editor.

"I know Jonah for too long; this trip has motives other than just plain stress relief." Robertson said lighting a pipe. "He is scheming something, and I need someone I can trust to find out what."

"And you think that someone is me?" Peter asked, surprised at the assignment. He had always been an action photographer.

"I'll be frank, Peter." Robertson said. "Jameson has had a lot of pressure from all around, lately. I am concerned he will do some bad decisions about the Daily Bugle's future."

"How do you know all that?" Parker asked, somewhat shocked.

"I'm a reporter, Peter." Robbie stated.

"And damn good at it." Parker agreed. "Don't worry, I will look into it."

"Thanks, Pete." Robbie continued. "But first, you should focus your attention on Mary Jane."

"What about her?" Peter started to fret.

"I talked to her a couple of minutes ago." Robbie explained. "She was awfully quiet and cold, I think something is bothering her."

"Thanks for letting me know, you are a good friend, Robbie." Peter gave him a tap on the shoulder. "I'll see what's going on."


"Hey, MJ!" Peter spotted her wife at the party; she surely had a serious expression, nothing that could ever maul her angelic face, though.

"Hi, Pete." She greeted him. Peter was surprised that she didn't kiss him; she didn't even hug him, nor smile.

"Is everything alright, baby?" 'Robbie was right,' he thought; something was wrong with MJ.

"I have a lot of things going through my mind right now, Tiger." She turned her shoulder to him and walked away. "Sorry, I just need to be alone for a while." Peter was confused, and did not know what she was talking about. Without a doubt, the last thing he needed was Katzenburg giving him a hard time.

"Look who's here!" Katzenburg said as Peter tried to ignore him. "The hot shot, Spidey-photographer!"

"Not now, Katzenburg!" Peter dissed the fat man.

"What's wrong?" Nick flashed his rotted teeth. "Did you finally found out that your spider buddy is stuffing your pretty wife with cock?"

"Listen, you sonofabitch!" Peter grabbed him by his shirt.

Nick continued grinning. "Hit me and I'll sue your fucking ass." He threatened, flipping ash from his cigarette on Peter's shoulder. "Besides, you don't wanna make a scene here."

Reluctantly, Peter released his grip. "Yep," Katzenburg said leering at Mary Jane across the room. "I'll bet that little slut can suck the foreskin right off my fat cock and not even bat an eye..." He pushed Peter to the edge. "Does she swallow? Christ, look at that ass." He said downing another shot of Jack Daniel's.

Peter turned to leave; one punch would kill him. And the last thing he needed was a murder rap. "Oh, and by the way, Parker..." Katzenburg wanted to grab Peter's attention. "I know why your wife is upset."

"Work stress..." He pretended to know the reason and ignored the bald fat man. "That's old news, Katzenburg..."

"Not stress, you limp-dicked putz! Somebody is blackmailing her, and I got the photos!" Nick gloated. That surely got Peter's attention.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Peter asked, disturbed.

Nick reached inside his pocket and retrieved a picture of Mary Jane in her underwear. The image was considerately blurry and out of focus, which prevented her husband from identifying where it was taken, but it was more than enough for any cheap tabloid to publish it.

At last, Peter realized why Mary Jane was acting the way she did. She must have seen one of those pictures, and the fear of exposition has probably made her utterly troubled.

"How much?" Peter harshly inquired; he wanted the issue gone.

"They're not for sale." Katzenburg replied.

Peter gritted his teeth. He needed those photos; they were the key to getting Mary Jane rid of her preoccupation.

"Like hell they aren't!" Peter almost had an outburst, but he contained himself. "Look, Katzenburg, I'll level with you. Mary Jane is not acting normal; I am worried about her well being. Those photos will help me bring her sanity back."

Katzenburg spit out his drink over Parker's suit, the rest went out his nose. He wiped the tears from his eyes and held his stomach; his laughter was loud enough to draw attention. Peter wiped his vest clean from the Jack Daniel's.

"You find that amusing, Katzenburg?" He said growing very irritable.

"Very! Why the fuck should I help you? Snot-nosed-little-brat, you got me fired over some lousy 'photoshopped' pictures. I had to beg on hands and knees to get my job back."

Peter pulled out a checkbook, "A thousand dollars," he said pausing waiting for an answer.

"A thousand bucks for giving you a couple photos?" He said pouring himself another drink.

"Plus the negatives, and not to me," Parker corrected the foul man. "MJ is clearly ashamed by the situation; she mustn't know what we discussed here!"

"Whatever... I will accept the offer... Only in cash!"

Peter returned half an hour later; he hated the idea of paying Nick Katzenburg, and felt guilty as hell he had to withdraw money from their account in order to finance such lewd act. Katzenburg sneered at Peter as he stuffed the wad of money inside his coat. The loathsome photographer had no intention of publishing the photos; he had his own hidden agenda. Despite appearances, Nick was no fool.


Mary Jane sat at a large table, the seat beside her empty. The men in the room were not used to seeing beautiful women, and Mary Jane was certainly a cut above the rest. The very few that tried talking to her were not the least successful.

Still, most men there had common sense, dignity, honor... Nick Katzenburg possessed none of these traits. MJ watched the slob make his way through the crowd. She wished someone would take the chair next to her, anyone.

"Hiya, toots." He said plopping his flabby ass in the chair next to her. "What a nice piece of ass like you doing all by yourself?"

"What do you want, Katzenburg?" Mary Jane said. She loathed this man, the way he leered at her at every opportunity he had. His smell never improved; his clothes in desperate need of an iron. Joe Robertson noticed the arrival of the overweight photographer and MJ's obvious hatred of the man.

Katzenburg took his eyes off of the redhead's tits and waved the editor over. Robbie was somewhat surprised by this and moved through the crowd, in their direction. Katzenburg reached inside his coat pocket producing several photos.

"I thought this might interest you, Robertson." Katzenburg said.

"Where did you get these?" Robbie said expecting an answer immediately.

"I snooped around," Nick said proudly.

"I could have you fired in less than a minute." Robbie realized the nature of the photos.

"Easy, Robbie! Jameson hired me to dig up and bury any dirt on the guy. If I could find him, so could someone else." Nick said in a panicked voice.

'Him' being the CEO of one of the Daily Bugle's main sponsors having a meeting with the famous crime lord, Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. It was somewhat suspicious, Robbie agreed, but the Bugle was not in the market for gossip and speculation. Besides, that kind of accusation would deeply hurt the newspaper, financially speaking.

Robbie stared at the slime ball for a moment; Katzenburg was exactly how he seemed, caring for no one but himself and the almighty buck. Despite his utter willingness to permanently banish the awful man from any Bugle office or subsidiary, he could prove useful in the times to come. Robbie needed to have a serious talk to Jameson about this unsettling information, it could relate to what he had previously discussed with Peter.

"If you will excuse me, dear, I have some things to take care of." Robbie addressed Mary Jane and rushed out.

"I got something of interest for you too, baby." Katzenburg said his hand resting on her bare knee just below the hem of her dress.

"You have nothing of interest to me!" MJ protested. "I have only tolerated your insults and pawing out of respect for my husband. Now kindly remove your hand."

"He loves you very much you know? Of course with an ass like yours I would love you too." He said, grinning through rotting teeth.

Mary Jane rose to her feet, before Katzenburg grabbed her wrist and sat her back down.

"Listen doll, I could do without your holier than thou attitude, it was your sweet loving hubby that asked me to come over here." Katzenburg said placing his hand back on her knee.

"Why?" She said once again pushing it away.

"These are why." He said, showing her one of her pictures. "I don't think you want any of those available to the public... Think about all the children that look up to you."

"I am already being blackmailed by one scumbag! I certainly don't need to cope with another!" She said pausing, "Why do I waste my time talking to you?" Mary Jane realized the content of the picture and rose out of her chair, once more.

"I am not finished." He grinned.

Mary Jane stared down at the pudgy man. "So?" she said with contempt.

"I have proof you were setup." He retrieved another picture; it displayed the supermodel with her legs spread wide open, having sex with an endowed male. "Or are you going to tell me that this big-cocked-dude is your hubby?"

"I-I... D-Don't..." Mary Jane blushed at the obscene image being shown to her; conveniently for him, it clearly pictured all her feminine forms, but it wasn't possible to identify the unknown man: he had his back to the camera, completely out of focus, and his face was cropped out. The only thing that was somehow distinguishable was his enormous penis, being forced deep inside her.

"Of course it is!" The redhead finally stated. She didn't recognize it as Pete's penis, and the visual aid caused some of the obscure flashes she had had earlier to return. MJ didn't want to rush to any conclusions; after all, the picture wasn't all that clear and the angle was definitely odd. Besides, she wouldn't tell the slime ball anything; it wasn't any of his business to begin with.

"If you say so..." Katzenburg laughed. "Anyway, Parker wants you to come with me and get them."

"You showed him those?" Mary Jane turned very pale.

"Relax, tits... I saved all the juicy ones to you," he kept smiling, his rancid breath causing her to step back. "Although I don't know what the big deal is, I mean you just said he is the guy with you, right?"

"You just want to sell them to the highest bidder." Mary Jane ignored his question.

"Yep. Course I would alter them a little." He simply answered. "You know, to bring more money."

"That's fraud!" She shouted.

"Who can prove it without the negatives?" Katzenburg said, grabbing his coat. "Now, you coming or not?"

"Where are the negatives?" MJ asked. "And why me?"

"The Bugle, and Parker wants you to solve your own mess, how the fuck would I know? This is turning into one big pain in the ass. I'll tell you what; I'll give the originals to someone else. That way you don't have to go with me, and I don't have to listen to your smug ass." Katzenburg said brushing past her.

"Alright, I'll go to the Bugle with you." She said knowing that she needed to take care of both the pictures and the photographer behind them, but first things first.


"Oh, honey," Mary Jane hugged Peter tightly and kissed him. "I am so sorry for acting weird; I got to do this one thing and then I will explain everything."

Peter held his wife tight not wanting to let her go. As soon as she kissed him goodbye, Nick Katzenburg approached him.

"Don't worry, Parker," He whispered in his ear. "Ol' Katzenburg will take care of everything, and I'll make sure you get your thousand bucks' worth."

"Where are you going?" Peter asked, as Katzenburg put his hand around Mary Jane's waist leading her towards the door.

"You know," He said giving Peter a knowing wink. "The Bugle."

Mary Jane looked at Peter questioningly.

He had no idea what Katzenburg was talking about, either, but wasn't too thrilled with the idea of Mary Jane knowing he paid him a thousand dollars out of their shared account. So he winked back. "Ummm, Robbie will be there, as well," Parker said adding to the lie with a wink. "He's going to wait for you."


Katzenburg leaned forward from the backseat and handed the Cabby a note. "Go here first I need to pick something up." He said and rested back in his seat. Mary Jane was actually surprised he didn't try to grab her while they were in the cab. The cab pulled to a stop just outside some unsavory apartments.

"C'mon toots, I need to get a key and it's a two man job."

"What?" Mary Jane said.

"The key, toots, it's in a safe designed by double combination, prevents safe crackers. In my line of work you can't be too careful." He said as he waited impatiently.

"We'll be right back." Mary Jane said to the cabby, and walked past Katzenburg up the steps.

Nick tossed a rolled up hundred dollar bill into the open window and pointed his thumb southward. The Cabby instantly got the message and as soon as the two were out of site he left.


"My, God... Don't you ever clean this place? I did not think anything could smell as bad as you." She said holding her nose, her six-inch heels avoiding the empty beer cans. "I stand corrected."

"Be with you in a minute, doll." Katzenburg headed for the bathroom "The ride was too bumpy, I'm not feeling all that good..."

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