tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChuck! Fuck Ch. 02

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 02


Authors note: Big thanks to all supporters and those who offered creative suggestions, some of which are incorporated below. Shout out to all you guys.

Again, I'll continue on if this is popular! Also, please read Ch. 1 of this story! Thanks!


Sarah paused in the doorway. Chuck paused in mid-stroke of his huge prick. The sexual tension was thick enough to touch. No more than an instant of hesitation passed, but it seemed like an eternity to Chuck, who instantly started to turn beet red. His eyes went to his computer screen, where (more embarrassing than having porn up) he had pulled up a photo of Sarah from last year's Halloween party (when she had gone as Princess Leia), to his cock, now harder and longer than it had been in a long time, to Sarah's blouse, which she had unbuttoned.

"Well, Chuck." Sarah broke the silence by closing the door, softly behind her. "Look's like you've had a long day." Her eyes sparkled slightly as she assessed his package. "A very long day."

Her normally cool blonde exterior was cracked slightly by the twin emotions playing over her face. Curiosity bordering on lust, and faint amusement. She quickly took control of the situation, like she always did.

She made him stand. Her soft fingers wrapped around his shaft, feeling it, giving it a few tugs which made Chuck groan. Then she helped him undress. She pushed him onto the bed, stood next to it, and began stripping.

Chuck's eyes were as wide as plates as he watched her strip. First her blouse, showing a bra trying to constrain her soft, swelling chest. Then her jeans were off, displaying long, smooth, sexy legs and...yes...she was wearing a thong? Chuck, naked, horny and aroused, stopped touching his dick and tried to think of Big Mike, naked, in order to stop from ending this before it began.

Next, her panties were off and she tossed them to him. They landed on his dick but he refused to touch them. Sarah laughed as she took off her bra, causing those marvelous, perky tits to jiggle. She moved to him now, tossed the panties away, and put his hands on her soft, creamy tits for the first time. They felt so good, and as he played, her tiny pink nipples started to harden and Sarah...Sarah the collected spy started to moan.

After a minute, that was over.

"Relax, Chuck." Sarah ordered coolly. She placed her soft hands on his chest and pushed him back onto the pillows. She eyed him with amused eyes. "This is all part of our cover, remember?"

"Well yeah, but don't you think..."

Sarah also thought, as she turned to his huge dick, that it wasn't just the cover. Chuck was better endowed than she had thought, and it had been awhile. She wasn't going to let this pass her by. Her warm, pink tongue slipped past her ruby red lips and gently, teasingly, gave a lick to the underside of his cock. Chuck's moans made her smile and she began licking him in earnest, then sucking soon after that. He almost lost it at that point, but Sarah had learned a neat trick somewhere along her travels. Simply apply pressure here, and the cum receded. Until she was ready for it.

"I want you to fuck me." She announced after another ten minutes of worshiping his gorgeous prick with her soft mouth.

Chuck gulped. It had been awhile. He gave her what he hoped was a smile with a confidence he didn't feel, and started to move on top of her. Sarah stopped him, and they sat next to each other. "No, missionary is dull, Chuck." Sarah said, her blue eyes still sparkling. "Take me doggystyle. OK?"

As she was speaking, Chuck, relaxed and further aroused by the out-of-this-world blow job he had just received, became somewhat more confidant. His big hand found her snatch and started to flick her clit back and forth. Sarah moaned and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Chuck started sucking her tits, enjoying this spectacle of Sarah Walker, the cool, in-control CIA agent, completely at his mercy, moaning as he played with her snatch and her tits.

Sarah regained control after a few minutes of this. She pushed Chuck away coyly, and got on her hands and knees. Chuck watched her and almost lost it right there. She looked so perfect. Her hair, normally up, was down and wild looking. Her perfect-sized titties hung there beneath her, nipples hard. Her upturned, shaved pussy glistened as it awaited his hard, hard cock.

Chuck moved behind her. "Are you sure about this?" he whispered nervously.

Sarah moaned as she felt his big mushroom tip at her soft gates. "Please, Chuck. Please fuck me. Fuck me good...come on Chuck...fuck me."

As she said this, she couldn't wait any longer. She began pressing back against him, absorbing his cock slowly. Chuck moaned. She was so tight. And she was soaking wet. His pubes were wet now! His big dick filled her, it sank into her depths and they began a long odyssey of fucking that lasted through most of the night.

Chuck's friend and loyal sidekick, Morgan, had decided this vacation was too important to be left out on, and had decided to go along. Unfortunately for Morgan, Chuck didn't tell him about the vacation plans until the last minute. That, coupled with Morgan's determination to follow his buddy, led Morgan to a Motel 6 further inland. Near the airport.

Morgan, good natured soul/geek that he was, was actually enjoying himself. This allowed him valuable alone time, to get away from Anna, his somewhat girlfriend from the Buymore. His room reflected this alone time: it was a wasteland of rented movies, video games, porno magazines and discarded Chinese food boxes.

The morning after Chuck's training excersizes, Morgan woke early. "I've got to get out of here." He said, aloud to himself. He left the room and took a walk through town and over to the villa that Chuck, Sarah, Ellie and Devon were staying at. He ogled most of the girls getting off the beach after an early morning swim, went over to Chuck's, and knocked on the door. No response.

Morgan checked his watch. It was still early. Chuck was probably passed out from whatever that weird gym he and Sarah had been going to. He sure did spend a lot of time there. But then again, Morgan reflected, he'd happily live in a gym in order to see Sarah Walker's toned, fit body in a workout outfit. She has such a tight ass...

Morgan, undeterred by the door, moved around to the side. A fence and a thick wall of shrubs also did not deter him, somehow, and he moved over them until he was in the small, inner garden around the rented villa. From here he had access to several of the wide, close-to-the ground windows. He saw one that was partially open, moved to it, and climbed over and in.

Ellie Bartowski had gone into the shower early, so as not to wake anyone else. She left the window ajar slightly because...well, honestly, she wanted a long, slow, hot shower and the window of course was better ventilation than the fan. She opened the window, started the water and got undressed. Moments later, there was a clunk as Morgan rolled into the bathroom.

Sarah had heard Ellie's scream and came running, hand poised over a knife hidden in her shoe. She relaxed when she saw it was Morgan. Harmless clown. She thought to herself.

Morgan was beet red, his eyes wide. Ellie stood there, trying to cover herself up, glaring at Morgan. She turned as Sarah entered the room, the towel still barely covering her. Sarah's eyes appraised Chuck's sister. Not too bad. She's not nearly in shape like I am, but she's still pretty damn hot. Ugh, and her boobs are definitely bigger than mine...

"Sorry Sarah!" Ellie said, embarrassment still all over her face. "Morgan was just leaving." She said in a voice of steel. This voice hit Morgan quickly, and with a last gulp, he did an about-face back towards the way he came in.

Sarah and Ellie exchanged a smile. Ellie looked a bit puzzled when Sarah's eyes lingered on her for a moment. Is she checking me out? Ellie wondered. She shook her head, that was silly.

After Sarah left, Ellie regarded Morgan, who was awkwardly moving back towards the window, trying to extricate himself from this entire situation. Ellie didn't know why, but she had been running on a very, very horny streak this entire vacation. Now, she watched Morgan.

Ok. He's short. And that beard. And he's a geek. BUT...he's always worshiped me. Hmmm...imagine how grateful someone like that would be...bet he'd lick my pussy like it was his life's goal. It probably IS his life goal.

She shook her head, trying to dislodge such thoughts. That was stupid, foolish. This lasted only a second, as this extreme, irritating, irrational horniness swept over her. She didn't get it. But, her doctor's instinct told her, she shouldn't fight it. Be healthy, accept it.

"Morgan..." she said slowly. He turned back to her, with a deer-in-headlights expression.

"Morgan, come here for a minute." She said. As she did so, she dropped the towel to the floor, exposing at long last the subject of all his fantasies. Her tall, tanned, curvy body. Her large, soft breasts. And those big, beautiful eyes were smiling at him. She brushed a strand of silky brown hair behind her ear and gave him a come-hither look.

Morgan approached, as if in a dream.

She scolded him now. "Not like that, silly." She turned, headed for the shower stall. "Don't come over here until you're naked." She instructed.

Morgan was out of his clothes in less than twenty seconds. Ellie noted he was hairy, but his dick fascinated her. He was uncut, average length, but so thick. It startled her. Also, he had really, really big balls. She moaned softly. Her pussy was wet and her perfect, big pink nipples started perking up.

Morgan joined her in the shower now. Ellie's soft hands found his dick, moved the foreskin back, and began stroking it gently. Morgan's eyes were perpetually wide as his body fought so, so hard not to start spurting cum all over Ellie's flawless belly right now.

Ellie sighed softly as the water crashsed around them. Then she eyed Morgan with faint irritation, grabbed one of his hands (which had been pressed against the wall for support) and guided it between her already smooth legs, up past her thighs, and onto her wet, trimmed snatch. Morgan felt the sticky woman juice on his fingers and he closed his eyes and squirmed, trying to hold his cum back. He slowly, slowly started feeling around, but Ellie had no patience for that. She guided his fingers to her clit.

"Here, Morgan. Do this." She instructed. Morgan nodded dumbly. Her hands were doing wonders on his big shaft and he moaned. He lent forward and buried his head in her perfect, ample bosom. Ellie sighed with pleasure as he finger her clitty, and guided his mouth to her left tit. "Now, suck baby. That's it. Suck Chuck's sisters tits. Mmmm that feels great, don't stop!"

Her fingers stopped pleasing his shaft and now started delicately playing with his enormous (she couldn't believe how big they were!) balls. She toyed with them idly as Morgan worked on her and the hot water ran down over them both.

Sarah, in the kitchen, brewing coffee, thought of Ellie's dreamy body. Inadvertently, her hand trailed down into the loose fitting pajama bottoms, into her undies and towards her clitty. She idly flicked it a little. The embers of her arousal began to grow, and she moved back down the hallway.

Sarah crept back to the bathroom and saw what was going on in the shower. Ellie's cute ass was pressed against the glass as she was worked on from the front. From her moans, it appeared Morgan was a slightly more adept lover than Sarah could have imagined.

Ellie, you slut. Sarah grinned to herself. She found that she was now full-blown horny. A quick trip by her delicate fingers inside her panty line confirmed this: she was soaking her panties watching this. Sarah lent against the door frame and moaned quietly to herself. Her other hand crept under her loose fitting shirt and cupped her tit, toying with her tiny, hard nipple.


Like it? Please vote and comment! Chapter Three will continue this. Also-more between Sarah and Chuck. In addition...Chuck's old ex Jill makes a comeback. And a few other surprises!

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