tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChuck! Fuck Ch. 04

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 04


Author's note: thanks again to my loyal readers. I always welcome your comments and suggestions! For those of you unfamiliar with our story: please check out Chapters 1-3, and watch an episode of "Chuck."


"Well." Chuck said following Sarah's announcement. "That's a downer."

Sarah reluctantly, but quickly, put her clothes back on as Chuck did the same. Sarah sat in the drivers seat and thought for a minute. "My superiors don't think its safe to bring you in for training. I've been instructed to disappear, go completely off the map with you until they can capture Jill again."

Chuck gave a nervous laugh. "That makes it sound like she's well, kinda close."

Sarah gave an absent nod as she looked with unfocused eyes out towards the road. "Yes, she's actually in the same state. They were moving her to a facility closer to Langley for her interrogation sessions when the convoy was attacked, Jill was freed by FULCUM operatives. Our analysts think the coincidence with us being here is too great, so she's probably after you."

Chuck gave a gulp. Bad enough to have been dumped by her, and kidnapped. This time, after he had seen her sent to prison, she probably wouldn't be so kind.

"We've got to get you to safety. Somehow, somewhere they won't look or expect." Sarah said, thinking hard and moving back behind the wheel.

"What about here? They can't find us, can they?" Chuck looked around. "I mean, we're kind of in the middle of nowhere, aren't we?"

Sarah looked at him with those marble-like blue eyes. "I don't know, Chuck. We can't go anywhere near CIA facilities, they could easily intercept us before CIA or even local police find us. We don't know how strong their numbers are. We've got to lie low..."

Meanwhile, Jim and Dan, the local perverts who had been watching the steamy show earlier from the woods, decided to make their move before that smoking hot blonde dissappeared. They moved out of the treeline and in front of the car, not pointing their rifles, but, as they both had shotguns over their shoulders, it was hard not to notice.

Chuck groaned. Sarah motioned him to be quiet and looked them over. Definetly not FULCRUM. Not this fast. Besides, the way they were looking at her openly betrayed their other motives. This should be easy to handle, but it had to be done carefully so that she and Chuck could get out of this quickly. Despite her world-class training, Sarah mentally moaned. She was feeling so fucking hot this morning and Chuck had far from satisfied her. Maybe she could get out of this tough spot and out of her panties at the same time. The thought made her juices flow even more.

Motioning Chuck to stay in the car (a command he always received but never obeyed), Sarah got out and leaned against the hood. "Morning fella's." she said in a perfect, cute Southern drawl. Chuck stared, his frustrated dick springing back to attention at hearing such a cute accent on Sarah.

"Morning ma'am." Dan said, eyeing her. He and Jim stopped their approach and stood, about three feet from the front of the car and Sarah's long, pretty legs. Cum was leaking down her thighs.

"So, you boys enjoy the show?" she asked softly. As she spoke, she had one finger in her mouth as her other hand toyed with the hem of her skirt. She eyed them.

"We sure did. Mind putting on an encore performance?" Dan asked.

Sarah hesitated. She was trained, she could probably drop and disarm both these guys in a few minutes safely. She looked at Chuck, sitting wide eyed in the passanger seat. She looked back at the two men. Boys really. And kind of cute to boot. She hesitated. She was so horny, unusually so. Maybe she was ovulating, maybe she just needed a good fuck. Who knew?

Sarah thought for an instant more. She and Chuck did need to lie low. And if she tried to rush both of them, these nervous boys might pull a trigger and that would be it. That would be terrible, she didn't want that at all. With a sigh and a lick of her lips, she realized what she did want: to see if these two boys had any more restraint in their hard dicks.

Sarah winked over her shoulder at Chuck, then turned back to Dan and Jim. "I'd love to put on a repeat performance." She said breathily. "But for this act, I think we're going to need the full cast. My leading man back there is a bit tired out." She jerked a thumb over her shoulder.

"Not true!" Chuck volunteered from the passanger seat. "I could go on singing and dancing all morning, actually."

Dan and Jim didn't take much notice. Looking at each other, they slowly moved towards her, encircling her, standing on either side of her. They leant their guns against the car hood. Dan stroked her neck while Jim got a bit more direct and put his big hands on her hips. Sarah breathed in through her delicate nostrils, taking in their musk and sweat from their hike. They smelled like men, ready to take her like the willing bitch in heat she was. She leant her head back in joy as Dan slowly kissed her neck and Jim's hands deftly removed her skirt, then her top.

Chuck watched in shock. A moment later, he was staring into Sarah's pretty blue eyes through the windshield as she lay on the hood, watching him through lust-filled eyes, as Dan and Jim took turns nailing her pussy and her ass from behind.

As Sarah let her guard and training down for a really good fuck in the middle of the woods, FULCRUM was zeroing in a lot faster than anticipated. Moments after collecting Jill, the two agents who had set up the operation were in a rented chopper, soaring above the treetops of rural Virginia. Jill was positioned in back, changing her clothes as the older of the two men flew and the younger man fiddled with a military grade laptop computer.

"Did you get it set up?" Jill asked, tugging a new shirt on over her perky tits.

The young man nodded, admirably not looking up from the screen. "Yes. You're hunch was right, the CIA has a medium power homing device somewhere on him. Could be an implant or a watch or a necklace or something."

"Probably a watch." Jill said, thinking of Chuck. Not the man-jewelry type. Also decidedly implant phobic. She grinned inwardly. Chuck was phobic of anything invading his orifices.

"We don't know if he and his handlers even know we're coming." The young man sounded a bit nervous. "The homing signal hasn't moved for the past half-hour now."

Jill frowned. "Could be a trap. But we're only going to get one shot at this. If he is the INTERSECT, we have to get him." Again, she grinned inwardly and a sexual thrill, starting from her snatch and running up her spine made her shudder slightly. She said quietly, under the din of the chopper engine: "I have to get him."

Five minutes later, they were closing in. The three FULCRUM agents executed their move with speed and agility. At that moment, Sarah was back in the car, splayed on her belly over the reclined drivers seat, now completely naked. Jim was fucking her mouth with gusto, his big balls slapping against her pretty chin as she eagerly sucked. Dan was near the steering wheel, his pants down, his big dick sawing in and out of Sarah's willing wet cunt, loosened nicely from Chuck earlier that morning.

For his part, Chuck sat in the passanger seat, moaning as one of Sarah's soft hands gave him a decent handjob. Only decent because she was a bit distracted by being spitroasted by two random Southern boys. Her tits bounced violently as she was pounded.

They all thought they heard the chopper, hesitated, each of them thinking it was their heartrate. Sarah realized it first, reluctnalty tried to disengage from Dan and Jim, but they held her in place laughingly. A short, confused, awkward half-naked struggle ensued. By the time Chuck and Sarah were almost free of the two, they were surrounded by three armed FULCRUM agents.

Jill and the two others moved on the car. Jill was shocked by what she saw, but refused to hesitate. With the two men following her lead, she clubbed Sarah, then one of the unidentified men. Her two wingmen got Chuck and the second man. They disposed quickly of the two unidentified men, and loaded Chuck and Sarah aboard the chopper.

When Chuck awoke, he was completely naked, bound to a table set at a 45 degree angle. This was in a cement room with only tiny windows along the top of each wall, a single door to his right, an old wooden chair, an old wooden chest, and Jill.

Jill was wearing a tight-fitting leather outfit. Her hair and bangs, which normally hung loose, were pulled tightly back, but she still wore her cute, dorky librarian glasses. Chuck's face was a study in puzzlement and fear. There was no sign of Sarah.

"Uh...Jill...I know things kind of broke down between us-agh!" Chuck was cut off as Jill tightened the bonds around his hands. "But, I was kind of hoping we could talk things over without resorting to-whoa!" Chuck was cut off again as Jill tightened his ankle restraints. "Without resorting to, well-uhm...torture." He finally squeaked out.

"Aww, Chuck." Jill said with a slow smile and a glint in her pretty brown eyes. "Who said anything about torture? I've got to keep you here for a few days, until FULCRUM can stage an extraction. We're going to have a little fun while we wait, that's all."

Jill turned to a set of drawers behind her, and bent down to get something in the bottom drawer. As she did so, Chuck got a view of her cute little, heart-shaped ass in her tight, tight leather pants. There was a key-hole near the crack of her ass that made his cock harden.

Remembering he was naked, Chuck took deep breaths, trying to calm himself. He was aided in his efforts when he saw Jill turn back around, a whip in hand.

"Uhm...where is Sarah?" he squeaked.

Jill laughed, and she suddenly moved behind him and struck his ass with the whip through a large hole in the table which allowed access to Chuck's butt. She whipped him again, harder.

"Whoa!" Chuck groaned.

"I don't want to hear that name." Jill said softly in his ear, no longer smiling. "From now on, you will call me "Mistress" and you will call that woman "Slut-Girl." Is that clear?"

Chuck made a face. Oh God, this is far more than I ever expected. Or asked for. Or wanted. He thought to himself.

"Answer me!" a painful whip to the ass, this time with one of the cords of the whip curling under and nicking his balls. Chuck howled.

"Yeah! Ok! Fine!"

"What do you call me?" Jill demanded.

"Yes, Mistress." Chuck said, feeling immensely stupid as he said it.

"Good boy." Jill cooed, reaching around to cup his balls and shaft, and gently starting to stroke. Despite himself, Chuck responded and hardened in her warm, soft hands.

"For your information, Slut-Girl is earning her name in the other room. The boys will be having a very, very good time with her." Jill purred in Chuck's ear.

In the next room, two muscular guys were indeed about to enjoy Sarah Walker. She was wearing only a bra and panties now, with a large chain around her taut midsection, leashing her to the wall. In addition, a pair of handcuffs held her hands together in front of her. Her legs had been left free, for obvious reasons. Someone had put a pair of slutty black high heels on her feet.

This could be interesting, Sarah thought.


Already working on the next chapter. This was a slow chapter, thanks for hanging in there!

The next one is spicier, I promise. AND suggestions and ideas make it faster! AND please vote! Thanks you guys!

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