tagLoving WivesChuck's Fantasy Ch. 06

Chuck's Fantasy Ch. 06

byJust Plain Bob©

I called Alice and told her our plans had changed and that Chuck and I would see her on Friday.

"Were you able to convince him to do what we talked about?"

"He was very reluctant, but when I told him you would make him a VP he decided that he would do it."

"He does understand that it isn't going to happen over night?"

"I don't know what he thinks about it. That is a discussion that you will have to have with him. Basically I gave him a promise on your behalf that if he does A you will do B so the mechanics of it are up to the two of you."

"Well honey, I will get him there, but it will take a little time. I could maybe hurry it along with some help from you."

"In what way?"

"If you could see your way clear to help me out when things like yesterday come up it would help."

"We talked about that and he is okay with it as long as he knows about it."

"You doing anything tomorrow around three?"

"I have some meetings that I have to attend, but I should be free after two."

"I have four coming to pay me a visit if you would like to give me a hand."

"I'll have to clear it with Chuck, but after our talk last night I don't think it will be a problem."

"Well, call me as soon as you know."

I hung up the phone, took a deep breath and picked it up again. When Chuck answered I said, "Hi lover, your loving slut needs to clear something with you."

"What would that be?"

"I just got off the phone with Alice and she invited me over to help her out with some visiting firemen tomorrow. I told her I would love to but that I needed call and get your okay and I'd call her back."

"I already told you that you could as long as I know about it."

"That isn't the way it works honey bunny. You have to either ask me or tell me before I can do it."

"You lost me there."

"If I go into a bar on Seventh and a guy hits on me and I decided I'd like to go to a motel with him I'm going to call you and ask you if it is all right. If you say no I won't go. I'm not going to do it and then come home and say, "Guess what I did today." With the poker game you asked me to do it, in the bar example you have to tell me it is okay. So, I'm asking if you mind my going over to help Alice tomorrow. I told her I would check with you and call her right back."

"Well Loretta, I'd say that it depends on you."

"How is that?"

"I'm not telling you that you should do it and I'm not asking you to do it. As I understand this conversation you are simply asking if it is okay. Am I right?"

"Yes, that about sums it up."

"Okay then, by saying that I don't mind if you do I am not putting myself in a position where I have to eat your pussy when you are done. As long as we are clear on that feel free to visit Alice tomorrow."

"But I like the way you eat my pussy."

"And I love doing it when it is only me in there, but I'm not all that fond of the taste of others."

"Oh pooh, you're no fun at all."

"Oh I don't know about that. I'll have to see if I can't show you a fun time when I get home tonight."


When I arrived at Alice's home she met me at the door wearing a bathrobe. "Oh good, you're here" and she took me by the hand and led me out to the patio. I found four black men sitting around the pool in bathing trunks. Alice introduced me and said, "We have just been waiting for you dear and she dropped the robe and I saw that she was naked underneath.

"How about it boys, ready to take this party to the bedroom?"

The next four hours were extremely enjoyable and I did have a great time, but when it was over and Alice asked me if I'd liked it I told her the truth:

"I enjoyed it, but I was a little disappointed."

"Why is that?"

"Ever since I started high school I heard about how all blacks had huge cocks and how if you once made love with one of them you would be spoiled for life. My first black man was no bigger than Chuck and wasn't as good a lover and I thought he just might have been the exception that proved the rule. So today I tried four more and I guess it is a little bit of a let down to find out that they are all just normal guys."

"If a huge cock is what you want honey, I'll call you the next time Fred Guinn comes to town and let you take care of him."

"I wasn't asking for a big one Alice, all I said was that from what I'd heard I'd expected more. Got to run. I need to get home and get Chuck's dinner on. See you Friday."


Dinner was on the table when Chuck got home. I greeted with a kiss and I wondered if he could taste any of what made it into my mouth that afternoon. Sluttish of me and I knew it, but that was what this was all about wasn't it? I'd become a slut for my husband. I was leaving parties and going out to back seats with guys, I was pulling trains at poker parties and I'd just added servicing the customers of my husband's company. Add to that, regardless of what I'd told Alice, I was all ready wondering about the size of Fred Guinn's cock and if I could handle it.

I made the kiss a passionate one and dropped a hand to squeeze Chuck's cock through his trousers, "Dinner is ready baby, but even though I've slaved over a hot stove for you I will understand if you decide that you would rather have dessert first."

"And just what are you offering for dessert?"

"What I would really, really like is to give you some cream pie followed by a long session of trying to fuck your brains out."

"What's the matter, you didn't get enough this afternoon?"

"I never seem to get enough any more. Ever since we started giving you your fantasy the more I get, the more I seem to want. Come on lover, let's go do dessert."

Chuck followed me up the stairs and on the way to the bedroom I kept working on him to eat my pussy and he kept saying that he didn't feel like it. Finally I begged him:

"Please baby, please? You know how much I love it so please do it for me, please?"

He said okay and he went to work on me half-heartedly until I started screaming and pushing my pussy up at his face and grabbed the back of his head as I had an orgasm. He must have decided to see just how much more he could make me scream and cum and he went to work and put some effort into it. He sucked and licked and worked my clit and I had two more orgasms. The two were so close together that they almost seemed like one long one and I would have loved to stay there and let Chuck keep doing what he was doing, but I had promised to fuck his brains out. I needed to do my best to keep him happy so he wouldn't decide to put an end to what we were doing.

I started to wear him out and I did. Each time he came I immediately went down on him until I had him ready again and then we started all over. He finally pushed me away:

"Enough already! You have to leave me enough strength to get out of bed and go to work in the morning."

"Oh I don't know about that. You do a really good job on Alice this Friday and you may never have to go to the office again."

Just then the phone rang and Chuck answered it:

"Speak of the devil" he said as he handed me the phone.


"Hello yourself you beautiful slut. Chuck sounded a bit out of breath, did I interrupt anything?"

"Not really. I promised him if he would eat my pussy I would fuck his brains out and he just cried uncle so I think I lived up to my promise."

"Oh you slut you. Did you douche first or did he suck up all the stuff those niggers left in you?"

I felt a little chill when she said 'niggers' in the tone of voice she used and I said, "Is that not a good thing?"

"I don't know sweetie; I don't know Chuck that well, but with Randy I have to be very careful. Even though he is the one setting me up with them I don't dare let him know that I'm enjoying myself and having a good time. I have to tell Randy that I was acting when a black customer tells him that he had a good time."

"I should be okay since Chuck knows."

"He does? That's cool and kind of a good thing since that is why I'm calling you."

"Oh? What's up?"

"You remember Bob from this afternoon?"

"The one with the goatee, right?"

"Yes. Well, he is from out of town and doesn't know anyone here. He needs a date for an awards dinner he is attending tomorrow night. It is a political thing and his stock will go up if his date is a beautiful white woman. He called Randy to see if I would do it, but I already have something going for tomorrow. Then he asked Randy for your phone number. Randy called me and asked me to call you and sound you out on it. He wanted to know how you felt about it before he approached Chuck on the deal. It is pretty important sweetie. He still hasn't signed the contract and his business is worth just a little over two million a year to the company."

"Does this fall under the category of helping speed things along as far as VP goes?"

"Oh most definitely slut sister, most definitely."

"I do this and he signs and Chuck gets full credit, right?"

"I wouldn't let it go any other way sweetie."

"Tomorrow is Chuck's lodge meeting so I'm free. Call me in the morning with the details."

"You sure you don't want Randy to handle it through Chuck?"

"No, I think we have it covered."

When I hung up Chuck asked me what it was all about and I told him.

"That's it? Sure Alice, count me in. I don't even get a voice in this?"

"Of course you have a voice in it. You already told me I could work with Alice on this kind of thing and that all I had to do was make sure that you knew about it. You won't be home tomorrow night so I said yes. It's a two million-dollar deal and you get full credit for it. It is up to you baby. I can call Alice back and cancel on it if that is what you want."

"No, not now. By now she's told Randy and he is probably all ready on the phone to Bob. But next time keep me in the loop okay? Humor me a little. Let me pretend that I count for something around here" and then he rolled over and didn't even kiss me goodnight.


I lay awake and stared up at the ceiling for a long time that night and thought about a lot of things including the abrupt way that Chuck had ended the evening. A lot of it had to do with the way Alice had said 'niggers' when she talked to me and the fact that I had Chuck eat my pussy wile it was still full of an afternoons worth of cum from black men. I told Alice that Chuck knew it when he went down on me, but did he really? The day I had come home from visiting Alice and hearing her threat Chuck told me that he knew who was going to be with Alice that day. I assumed that he knew who I'd been with that afternoon. What if he didn't? I'd never heard Chuck make a racial remark, but what if he felt like Randy did? Then I thought no, he knows who Bob is and he knows that I'll probably end up in bed with him before the date is over and he didn't say anything. Then again, he did give me the cold shoulder, roll over and go to sleep without kissing me goodnight.

Then a really bad thought hit me. Would Alice tell Randy that Chuck ate my pussy after four black men played around in it that afternoon? Would the other guys find out? Would they start ragging on Chuck again? I was still thinking about all that stuff when I finally fell asleep.


My date with Bob started out just as most first dates I'd had when I was still single. He picked me up at six-thirty and we made polite conversation on the drive to where the awards dinner was being held. We talked about the weather, raising kids; the high price of gasoline and about almost everything except about what we both knew was going to happen. I was pleased to see when I glanced at his lap that he was thinking of me. Just before we got out of the car to go inside he asked me what time he had to have me home and I told him that I needed to get home in time to get my husband off to work and my kids off to school. He raised an eyebrow at that, but didn't say anything.

Once inside I received a surprise. Not only was I the only white, I was also the only woman and I commented on that to Bob.

"That's why I wanted you or Alice to be here with me tonight. The rule is a white woman or no woman at all. Regardless of all you hear about white women lusting after black men it is not really all that easy for a man of my race to date a white woman. My standing in this group just got a whole lot higher. It is an ego thing."

"I don't understand. I see mixed couples around all the time."

"Yes, and those are probably established relationships that took a long time to form. I'm talking about calling a white woman and asking for a first date. Not all that easy, believe me. All I need you to do is be just what you were in the car. A white housewife who just happens to have a taste for a little extracurricular activity with a black man. Just be your normal self around these guys. One other thing. You will be hit on a lot tonight and after the dinner and the awards ceremony is over we will go up to the hospitality suite for the cocktail party and you can play all you want, but until then please just smile and say you are with me."

I smiled at him, "I am with you sweetie. I'm with you until you take me home. If I play with anyone else but you it will only be after they ask you and you say it is okay."

Bob did say it was okay and he said it to quite a few people. Dinner was prime rib and by the time the awards ceremony was over (Bob didn't win anything, but then he had me, right?) and I'd had a few drinks I was ready. Every time Bob walked away from me to get fresh drinks or to use the john some guy would try and move in on me. I got felt up, had my hands placed on hard lumps and in one instance a guy even took his cock out to show it to me.

"What do you think of this one toots? Ever seen one so big and so nice?"

As a matter of fact I had and I almost laughed at the guy and said, "Yes I have, hanging between my husband's legs" but this was Bob's party and I had no idea who the guy was so I just said, "Ooh, I would like to try one like that some day."

He saw Bob coming back so he tucked his dick back in his pants and moved away. By the time we moved to the hospitality suite I was hot and ready to fuck and I told Bob and asked:

"Are we going to find a bed somewhere?"

He looked at me with an amused look on his face, "You aren't doing this just to get my business are you? You want to do this right?"

"Let's be straight on this lover. Randy and my husband want a signed contract and for my own piece of mind, at least where my husband is concerned, I would dearly love to hand it to them. But if you had called me direct instead of going through Alice or Randy and had asked me to be your date tonight and no contracts had been mentioned I still would have said yes. And before you ask, yes I do love my husband, but I need more sex than any one man can give me. My husband knows this about me and because he loves me he lets me play."

"More than any one man can give you? Well baby, the one thing I don't like to do is disappoint my ladies."


I had fourteen men that night, most more than once and more than a couple of times I had three in me. At one point during the evening I actually called out "next" when one man came in my mouth and pulled out. Then Bob took me to his hotel room where we made love twice before falling asleep. He woke me up at five-thirty and as he was driving me home he asked me if I'd gotten enough and I giggled and told him that I'd had enough to hold me until my hubby got home from work that evening.

"May I call you the next time I come to town?"

"I would be disappointed if you didn't."

He drove off and I hoped that the neighbors didn't notice the way I was walking as I headed for my front door. And yes, Bob did sign the contract which moved Chuck one step closer to becoming a vice president.


What I didn't realize at the time was that while my evening with Bob had gotten the contract that moved Chuck one step closer to being a vice president, it also moved our marriage one step closer to being over. Bob had given me a glowing recommendation to Randy and it got Randy to thinking that I could do him some good in other areas. Specifically, he had a ton of customers he thought might like a taste of me. I started getting more and more calls from Alice to help her out. Over the next two months I got to sample a mini United Nations. Asians, Latinos, blacks, Arabs and mixtures I couldn't even begin to describe climbed on my body and fucked me until I was exhausted.

I was loving it and hoping that it would never end and Chuck was bringing home enormous bonus and commission checks. In addition there were still the Friday night poker games and they had gone from once every two weeks to weekly and they rotated between our house and Randy's. Chuck did go down on Alice and eat her after she had been gangbanged by the guys and she had gone wild. Chuck ate Alice while I sucked his cock and Randy fucked me, and then Chuck ate me while Randy fucked Alice and then Chuck ate her again. It was a very enjoyable night, but it was also another step toward the end of our marriage.

The last step on the road to the end of our marriage came on a Tuesday night in June. Chuck had been promoted to vice president and Randy had sent him out of town to close a deal with a supplier. I drove Chuck to the airport and dropped him off and when I got home I walked into the house just as the phone rang. It was Randy and he had a problem.

"I know it is real short notice but I have some clients who just came to town and Alice is going to need some help. Are you up for it?"

"Sure, if I can find a baby sitter on such short notice."

I found one and headed on over to Randy's house. There were nine guys there and I was no sooner in the door than my clothes were being peeled off of me. It was two in the morning before things broke up and then Randy asked me if I would mind going back to the hotel with one of the men. The babysitter had already been hired for the night and was sleeping over so I said okay and I went with the guy, his name was Sean, to his room. We had a couple of drinks and then climbed on the bed. He was pounding me in the butt when the door to the room opened and another guy came in. It turned out that Sean was sharing the room with the guy and so they decided to share me. Somewhere along the way three other guys stopped by and it was six in the morning before I finally told them I had to end it so I could get home and get my kids off to school.

When I got home the babysitter told me that Chuck had called several times and with each call he seemed angrier and angrier. I got the kids off to school and then tried calling Chuck, but couldn't get in touch with him. I tried calling him from work with no luck. I was fixing the kids their dinner when Chuck called. I answered the phone, said hello, and he said, "Where In the fuck have you been?" I hung up on him and a minute later it rang again and I answered it and my hello got, "Don't you fucking dare hang up on me" and I hung up on him again. The third time it rang I picked up the phone and said:

"You have reached the telephone answering machine of Chuck and Loretta Barlow. If you would like to hold a civil conversation please press one. If you wish to be a belligerent asshole press two and this machine will disconnect the call."

There was silence on the other end and then, "Where have you been Loretta?"

I told him about Randy calling me the night before and then I told him how the night had gone.

"I told him that I didn't want him or Alice calling you anymore."

"You never told me that and if I don't know why would I say no to either Randy or Alice when they call?"

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