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Chuck's Vacation


greetings! chuck is a friend from an online game that i roleplayed some hot sex scenes with. i don't like cybering as a person (i prefer roleplay as a dark elf) but i was really frustrated and bored. so even though he was using a stupid phone and his DAD was in the other room, we went at it. i figured in the least i'd have some nice ideas on a good story i could write, just for him ;) please don't judge the terrible quality of this session. i couldn't post big because he was on a phone, and he really was so eager. take it for what it is, just a fun time to share!


Chuck: Hey just wanted to say hi for a sec and let you know if you get on xxx and say hi that i forgot to set an away message im out west on vacation

DireLilith: how are things going there? are you happy and relaxed?

Chuck: In heaven hehe

DireLilith: wonderful! it sounds like you were really looking forward to this

Chuck: Yes indeed lifes issues seem so far away total attitude adjustment VERY happy

DireLilith: how long are you there for

Chuck: Coming back late night on the 2nd of april

DireLilith: good job!!

Chuck: Aye bettiful here warm palm trees spending time with dad its incredible

DireLilith: well i hope you keep yourself busy so you don't even think about the cold others are experiencing while you bake in the sun

Chuck: Haha i send some texts back home to sub it in of course

DireLilith: how do you mean?

Chuck: Brought my external hard drive so i can hop on xxx from time to time if van gets kicked off lmao

Chuck: Meaning i text the guys at work just being sarcastic a bit is what i meant hehe cold at home

DireLilith: oh rub, not sub?

Chuck: Yes sorryHaha typing from my phone i missed that typo

Chuck: LMAO I know what you are thinkin

Chuck: Role play mmm hmmm

DireLilith: hey dont get me excited now

Chuck: Drool

DireLilith: surely you arent frisky all the way over there

Chuck: Surely i am always!

DireLilith: thats not truth in xxx you're always too busy, ho hum....so intrigue me, im horny too and i want to play

Chuck: Oh my hehe

DireLilith: thats it?

DireLilith: thats all you brung?

Chuck: No went afk a sec sorry Haha hard to type on a phone keypad and you are a hard one to intrigue

DireLilith: thats not truth! im easy to please *purrrs* just requires the effort make the effort....*purrring*

Chuck: Yeah? Would love to try to please you i think you know im fond of using my tongue

DireLilith: where would you use it? on my ear? my neck...? how boring

Chuck: For starters sure

Chuck: Start kissing your mouth

DireLilith: and when i bite your tongue? what then?

Chuck: Move my lips to your neck

DireLilith: and when i nip at your ear while you're doing that?

Chuck: Oh i like it!Then i suck your tongue hard into my mouth hard

DireLilith: i would put my hands behind your neck, through your hair, keeping you real close

Chuck: Trace my tongue down your chest between your breasts pulling your top down with my teeth

DireLilith: i dig my nails into your shoulders and hiss, i like your teeth

Chuck: Exposing one of your breasts circling your nipple with my tongue so lightly just flicking it across feeling it grow hard beneath my tongue

DireLilith: arching my back to push my breast up to your tongue, loving the wetness you bring to my nipple

Chuck: Sliding your top off and your bra pushing you down onto the bed grinning a slightly ethn grin tying yous hands to the head board

DireLilith: oh no....*struggling and squinting at you* what are you up to....

Chuck: You still have your pants on but your upper body exposed

DireLilith: pulling at where my hands are tied, but cant get free

Chuck: Moving my lips to yours again licking your lips tracing my tongue down your neck down to your breasts once again licking slow and gentle hearing your breathing

DireLilith: panting now, so tense, biting my bottom lip which has just been so wonderfully kissed

Chuck: Get heavier moaning knowing you are wanting my tongue to touch your clit and slide it inside your now dripping wet pussy

DireLilith: shivering and shaking, biting my lip harder to keep from being too loud

Chuck: I trace my tongue down further looking up at you with a wicked smile as i undo your pants with my teeth running my hands gently on your stomach

DireLilith: my fingers clutching the ties around my wrists as i lift my head up to watch your progress

Chuck: I slide your pants off leaving your panties on kissing your thighs and tracing my tongue up and down them

DireLilith: oh that's hot *dropping my head back and pushing my mons up to press the lace front of my panties closer to your mouth*

Chuck: I want to make you so horny you will beg me to either put my mouth on your clit or slide my now rock hard cock inside you

DireLilith: grinning up at you, i'll always want cock more...or i'd just give up and become a lesbian...that's fun for kicks but not what i want...

Chuck: I movemy mouth to your panties feeling how soaked you are feeling your wetness penetrate through them getting my lips wet

DireLilith: yesss....gasping for breath and closing my eyes

Chuck: Your pelvis moving up to meet my mouth i move away grinning wickedly yet again you calling me a tease getting frustrated

Chuck: Which makes me smile all the more

DireLilith: grrrr *snarling* if i were not tied down, your tongue would be busy now!

Chuck: I move my mouth back to your pressing it hard against you moving my way back down i slide your panties off and toss them to the floor

DireLilith: finally *more gasping and her legs spreading welcomingly to you*

Chuck: I amgoing crazy myselfNow i must taste you i thrust my tongue inside you tasting your sweet juices

DireLilith: oohhh yes!! lifting my hips upwards to your lips, my pussy like a sweet cup for your tongue to dip into

Chuck: Moving my mouth upward sucking your clit into my mouth i cant take it anymore moving my mouth back to yours sharing how sweet you taste i remove my pants with

Chuck: One hand

DireLilith: sucking hungrily at your tongue, your lips, your mouth, wrapping my legs around your bare torso

Chuck: You can feel how rock hard my cockis against you i move my hips to yours looking into your eyes with an intense look

DireLilith: staring right back at you, the tip of my pink wet tongue licking my upper lip as i open my legs, my heels around the backs of your thighs

Chuck: I thrust my hard cock hard into you going so deep

DireLilith: oh oww....yes i like it deep, eyes squeezed tightly shut, head thrown back to bite off a scream before its released

Chuck: With the first thrust i hear you gaspfor air i see your eyes widen

DireLilith: gulping for air, can't believe how big and thick you are, how you're able to go so deep so quickly

Chuck: S start to grind against you my cock buried deep inside you then get faster and harder fucking you hard and fast my balls planning against you hard

DireLilith: holds tightly to the ties around her wrists that keep her from raking her nails down your back, crying out with each thrust you give

Chuck: You feel so good your tight pusy wrapped around my rock hard cock

DireLilith: moving my head as you push me to the edge, trying to bite you but not able to reach, panting and hissing as i start to cum

Chuck: Looking down by you all helpless and tied up while i am fucking you i want to cum so hard inside you

DireLilith: yes please do oh please...lots of begging as her legs kick around your buttocks, clutching your ass with her heels to keep you deep inside

Chuck: I continue fucking you hard and fast and as i am about to cum i press my mouth hard against yours as i explode inside you

DireLilith: can't help but bite your tongue, not hard enough to make you bleed but has to control something, if only this one piece of your flesh

Chuck: Sucks your tongue into his mouth biting it gently

DireLilith: sighs happily and smiles into the kiss

Chuck: Tis more than we have done on xxx hehe might have to go find a place now not much privacy here

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