Ciara Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Afternoon Satisfaction

*Continuation of Ciara's exciting day. Yet again, I am not Ciara, this is completely fiction. Also, I'd really appreciate it if you could vote on this work and just give me a short or long honest opinion. Thank you.*

Still naked, Ciara was sitting on the porcelain toilet, steam still sifted through the room from her hot shower. She had just finished her business and was now snatching a couple of Charmin squares from the toilet paper roll. Firstly she wiped her spent pussy and quivered slightly. She grabbed another square and wiped her puckered asshole. The paper was clean: it usually was after previously taking a shower for some reason. Standing, the 5'8" caramel beauty grabbed her towel and dabbed at her beautiful body. Her strong thighs felt weak, a result from the multiple orgasms of the morning. One of Ciara's best features was her thighs, at least that's what she thought. And not just her thighs, but her legs in general. The long legs were perfectly proportioned to her body, though she sometimes felt awkward being so tall.

Wrapping the towel around her so that her breasts were covered and just the slightest bit of her ass peaked out of the bottom, the R&B starlet grabbed a comb as she exited the bathroom. While she combed through her straight, golden-red hair, Ciara shut and locked her door, then dropped the towel to the ground where she stood. Placing the comb on her dresser, she swiftly adorned a silver pair of hoop earrings. She then slipped two silver chains over her head. They were slim, but long, nothing bulky. After fastening various matching bracelets and slipping on a ring or two, Ciara clasped a thin, silver chain around her waist, held up by her generous hips.

Moving on to actually clothing articles, she picked out a sexy white thong that tied at each side, and a matching white push-up bra. Pulling the thong up, she had to adjust the crotch, making sure it completely covered her pussy lips. She then fastened the bra and adjusted it before returning to her clothing selection. The first necessity was a pair of white ankle socks that she pulled on easily. Catching her reflection in the mirror, the beautiful young woman performed a double-take and looked back at the reflection. Surprisingly, socks, panties, bra, and chains were quite an erotic look. She began feeling the tingling in her hot little snatch once more, but fought the urge. "I've got to take my mind off of sex," she murmured to herself. "Better play some jamz."

Before dressing herself further, Ciara popped a CD into the boom box on one of her shelves. The R&B melody began playing by itself and so she returned to her dresser. Because she was in such a light-hearted mood, Ciara decided on a bright green shirt as she bobbed her head to the beat surrounding her. Pulling the article of clothing over her head, she pulled it on snugly. The collar stopped just above her bra, exposing a beautiful scene of cleavage, and the bottom stopped just above her belly button; exposing a good bit of her impressively flat stomach.

Unable to resist the urge to dance to this part of the song, the expert dancer began stepping, grooving and grinding to the beat. Turning, she watched herself as she danced. "Perhaps the music wasn't such a good idea," she thought aloud. The sight of her body flowing with the music was causing that tingling sensation once more. "You gotta concentrate girl," she said, turning around and ceasing the dancing. Next, she picked out a pair of blue, ripped, and extreme faded Capri jeans. These jeans were low cut and fit snugly, just above her ass crack, allowing the tied strings of her thong to hang out and dangle at her sides. It was now nearly ten o' clock and Ciara had to be at the small Texas studio by eleven.

After spending fifteen minutes putting on some light make-up, the beautiful, caramel princess exited her room and sped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Her father was there, fixing her a plate of eggs and bacon. She snuck up behind him and planted a kiss on his unshaven cheek, and giggled as his face tickled her lips. The middle-aged man chuckled and turned around to hand Ciara her plate. She smiled adoringly, grabbed the plate, slipped him another peck, and sat down.

"Well you're certainly in a good mood this morning! Good night's sleep baby girl?" Her father took a seat across from her.

"Nothing special about my sleep," she thought for a moment, "really great morning though." Ciara smiled and went to the front door quickly, grabbed a pair of fresh sneakers to match her outfit, and began putting them on before touching her plate.

"Well, eat up baby girl, need to have some food in your stomach for a long day of working."

Ciara looked up from tying the green and white shoes and smiled angelically, "I'm a bit late today daddy, but I'll eat as much as possible." And after finishing her tying job she dug into the food before her, nearly finishing it all before she knew it was time to leave. Standing up, she placed her plate on the counter and hugged her father, "Bye daddy! Have a nice day!"

"Bye C.C.," he said, but looking her over, he grabbed her arm before she could leave. "Aren't these clothes a bit too revealing young lady?"

"They aren't so bad." She stated simply.

"Your underpants are hanging out."

"Oh, this is a bikini," she lied. "At least I'm not walking around in just my panties and bra like some girls these days. Besides Daddy, I'm a star now, gotta keep up an appearance ya know?" She glanced at the clock, "Sorry, but I have to go. Love you." Shaking free of his grasp, the quick-talking young lady rushed out to her jeep. Leaving her father wide-mouthed and nodding.

On the way to the studio Ciara picks up her car-phone and dials Jazze Pha's number, the phone rings twice before he answers. "What's up C.C.? How's your day been?"

Ciara grins widely, unbeknownst to Jazze, and replies, "Oh, its been pretty good so far. Hopefully things will only get better though!"

"That's a good attitude Princess. So what can I do for you?"

"Oh, nothing' really," Ciara said nonchalantly, as she played with one lock of her golden-red hair. "I was just wonderin' who would be in the studio with me today."

"Oh, today you're in with Rihanna, C.C." Jazze paused, seeming to look something over. Then he said, "Yeah, Rihanna. You're in the studio with her until three. After that you're free to do whatever you want. Rihanna's a sweet girl, I met her the other week. Cute, good voice, easy to get along with. You two should have fun."

"I hope so," Ciara agreed. "But hey Jazze, I gotta get goin'. Talk to you later boo."


Ciara hung the phone up and concentrated on the road ahead of her.

About ten minutes later, the young star was strolling through the doors of the studio. It wasn't a very large place, but comfortable. The hallway walls were painted in a light green, very homely, and the air smelt like cookies. Ciara couldn't explain the smell, as there were no cookies in sight, but it was a nice, soothing scent.

Looking to her right, Ciara nodded to the management, they acknowledge her in the lobby, and she continued down the hallway and took her first left. Entering the actual studio portion, Ciara was greeted by her producer, and one of the prettiest young women she'd ever seen. Of course Ciara had seen music videos of Rihanna, and seen her on other televised occasions. She was of course Jay-Z's new up and comer, but television did her beauty no justice.

Now, Ciara didn't consider herself a lesbian by any means, though rumors have suggested her lesbianism, and even being a man (completely untrue of course), but now, looking at the lovely, brown-skinned, Barbadian pop singer, Ciara could feel a quivering between her thighs. Trying not to pay it any attention, she just chocked the feeling up to her heightened sexual sensed this morning.

Moving closer, Ciara stuck a hand out toward her associate, "Hey girl! It's nice to meet you, I'm really lookin' forward to doin' this song with you."

Rihanna stepped forward, flicking the straight brown bangs from her eyes, "Hello Ciara, it is nice to meet you also. I'm a huge fan of your music." Rihanna took Ciara's hand and shook it lightly. The crunk princess heard what the eighteen year old starlet said, but didn't really pay it much attention, she was too busy taking in the "scenery."

Rihanna was just about as tall as Ciara, give or take an inch. This was surprising, and pleasing, because there weren't very many young female stars at Ciara's height. She wore a rather snug white "I'm with stupid" T-shirt which made Ciara giggle a bit. It was good to know she had a sense of humor. After all, she was still just an eighteen year old girl. The shirt stopped short, showing a bit of midriff, but was not cut low, for some reason this disappointed Ciara. It was obvious though, even without exposure, that the young pop singer's perfectly shaped breasts were at least a cup bigger than Ciara's perky playmates. Upon her lower body she wore a tight, denim mini-skirt, reaching about four inches beyond where her pussy would show. And on her feet were a pair of pure white sneakers. As she spoke in her toned down, Barbadian accent, Ciara locked eyes with her momentarily, blushed, and giggled, looking away. The Bajan goddess beautifully shaped, ice-brown almond eyes, lined with mascara that gave her a sexy exotic look. Also, Ciara noted that the young girl's pink-glossed lips looked delicious.

"I'm flattered that you enjoy my music," Ciara smiled, recovering nicely. "I'm sorry to say that I've only heard a few of your songs," she felt that sounded a bit rude. "Which were amazing," Ciara added this very smoothly. If anything, she had always been a very smooth talker.

"Thank you," Rihanna nodded her head slightly, "I'm very flattered as well." Rihanna then smiled at Ciara, and it was a beautiful smile, flashing the gorgeous dimples in her cheeks. "Shall we get started then?"

Ciara nodded, greeted the producer who would be helping them in the studio, and then followed Rihanna into the recording room where they would wait for instructions. As she followed along she had a lot to think about. The feelings that Ciara possessed for this woman scared her. At first she thought it to be just side-effects from this morning's activities, but now, there was no denying her attraction to the beautiful girl. She had known today would be interesting, but never had she suspected that she'd be questioning her sexuality. There was no doubt that Ciara loved cocks, just the look of them, the smell of them, the feel of them. She was a virgin, yes, but not naïve, she'd given a few blow jobs in her life. Besides, she'd fucked herself silly with fingers, dildos, and vibrators while watching porno and mesmerizing herself with the perfect, bulging, veined penises before her. But, had she not also loved watching the cute, wet, pink pussies being fucked by those cocks? Perhaps she was indeed bisexual, not a lesbian, but bisexual. Well, no matter what she was, she knew she was now very curious.

After she had sorted all of this out in her mind Ciara began scaring herself. Would these feelings for her singing associate get in the way of making a good album? Would things get awkward? But as it turned out, they hit it off great, no matter their feelings for each other. They both took to each other like long lost sisters, laughing, singing, and talking the entire time they recorded the song. And by the end of the session, the song had turned out great and there was no need to come back another day. This put a damper on the fun. But the two singers quickly decided that that would not stop them from hanging out again, in fact, they made plans for lunch that day.

The two left the studio in Ciara's jeep, as Rihanna did not drive there, she simply told her driver to go on without her. They then drove over to the nearest Burger King, which both of them had a craving for, and ordered their meals. While waiting in line, they tried to act casual, talking to each other about their lives. Thankfully for both of them, there was no paparazzi around this afternoon. A few young men and women did ask for their autographs, which was fine. And they signed pictures for everyone working at Burger King that day. This was no big deal. When they finally got to their table and sat down, Ciara could not help but stare at her new friend with complete affection.

A new dilemma faced the 20 year old: should she try to explain to Rihanna how she felt? That she was deeply attracted to her mind an body? How would Rihanna take this? As far as she knew, the pop singer was not gay, nor bisexual, but Ciara had seen her checking her out a few times. That could have been pure curiosity though, not lust. As she thought about this, they both munched on their food, and caught one another's eye. Both of the beautiful caramel women blushed and smiled. It was decided at that point. Ciara decided she would have to tell her how she felt, and hopefully it didn't ruin things.

Finishing eating, Ciara moved her trash to the side of the table and leaned forward. "Rih (pronounced "rye")," she began, "I'm glad I met you today. I feel like we clicked, right off the bat. And the song came out beautifully girl! But there's something I think I need to tell you."

Rihanna put the rest of her food on her tray and slid it over as well. She then leaned forward a bit, "Go on C.C., I agree, we've really become close, and so quickly. You can tell me anything."

Ciara swallowed hard, and felt as though she might cry, "Okay, well you see... I'm just going to say it, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way or anything, this is just how I feel. I'm attracted to you Rih. I mean, you're so beautiful, and I just want to kiss you right now. But its not just physical. You as a whole make me feel like no one else has made me feel. Like I was meant to be with you or something. This probably sounds crazy, but I can't explain it right. It just the way I feel right now. And I mean, I'm not a lesbian or anything, until today I'd never considered myself to be anything but straight. But now, I'm questioning my sexuality. I feel like I want to be with you, sexually, spiritually, everything ya know? Am I making any sense?" the entire speech, Ciara had been trying to avoid Rihanna's eyes, but they had stared her down penetratingly. They were such beautiful, sweet, sensitive eyes.

For a moment Rihanna said nothing, but then she spoke with a slight catch in her throat and tears formed pools in the bottom of her eyes. "C.C., I can't believe it. I thought I was strange for my feelings, but you share the exact same fears, questions, and feelings as I do. I agree completely with what you just said. I'm so attracted to you my insides feel like they're ripping apart. Everything in my mind tells me that feeling this for a girl is wrong, but everything in my heart and body says that its oh, so very right." A single tear crawled down Rihanna's cheek, and lovingly, Ciara reached out to wipe it away, her smooth hand cupping Rihanna's cheek. Ciara Princess Harris then leaned in for her first time kissing a female, and locked lips with the young Barbadian beauty. Their soft lips melted together, and it felt to Ciara like their souls were joining. Magic seemed to tingle through her body, and concentrated on her heart... and her pussy.

Uncaring of who was watching, the kiss escalated. Ciara sucked at Rihanna's juicy bottom lip and bit it slightly. It felt so right kissing a woman, or maybe it was just Rihanna, but it felt right, no matter what it was. Catching her lips again, Ciara slip her smooth tongue into Rihanna's mouth. It was quickly met by the defensive tongue which accepted it and the two began twisting and caressing one another inside the young Barbadian's mouth. Rihanna's body hadn't moved, she seemed to be completely transfixed on the kiss. Ciara, however, was caressing her face with her thumb, and then began stroking her hair. Both, lost in the kiss, had no idea how long it went on, but after a while they broke it, looking into one another's eyes and smiling as they backed away.

Without speaking, they agreed to leave and return to Ciara's parent's house, or anywhere really, but that was closest as far as Ciara knew. Both stood and took their trays to the trash, smiling but saying nothing to one another. It was like she had a new boyfriend, Ciara thought. And surprisingly, she didn't care about the people who were staring at them as they left. Another surprising event: the car ride to Ciara's house wasn't awkward. There was a new primal urge present, but they had returned to just learning about each other and having a good time. That was a good sign.

The jeep pulled up in front of the two floor Texan ranch-style house. Ciara noted immediately that her parents were out for the afternoon it seemed. So only her sister and cousin would be home, unless they were out also. The two, giggling and talking walked into the house. Reflexively Ciara called out, "Anybody home ya'll?" There was no answer for a minute and Ciara's hopes soared, but then Jerome's voice broke the silence.

"Yeah C.C., I'm here." His voice was sullen and withdrawn, probably a result of the morning's encounter. She'd still have to have a talk with him.

"Well," she said, smiling brightly at Rihanna, "he should stay in his room for the most part, so we can make ourselves comfortable in my room if you'd like."

"That would be great," Rihanna replied as they both slipped their shoes off next to the door. Together they ascended the stairs and headed down the hall to Ciara's small, yet comfy, room. Sliding The Notebook into the DVD player and turning on the 45 inch TV that adorned the wall. Ciara slid back on the bed, rearranging the pillows to make a comfortable resting place for the both of them. Then, seductively, she patted the spot beside her. It was no secret to either of them at what they wanted, but they weren't men, they could at least keep it in their pants without jumping one another.

Rihanna went ahead and made herself comfortable, already seeming at home in Ciara's small room. "You don't live here do you?" She asked curiously.

"Oh, no, I have my own place in California. I'm just visiting my family for the week." Ciara smiled, using the remote next to the bed to dim the lights a bit. She noticed the door was cracked but didn't feel like getting up.

"Oh, okay, I thought you would have your own place. I was thinking about moving out soon. Everything's been moving so fast though, ya know? Can't find the time in between all the excitement." They had turned to face one another, laying comfortably on their sides. Completely ignoring the movie.

Ciara nodded, "Speaking of excitement..." her sentence trailed off and a wide grin played across her lips. One of Rihanna's adorable eyebrows shot up and she too smiled. The pot between Ciara's legs was already boiling and she adjusted herself uncomfortably. Then she took one hand and trailed it from Rihanna's hips, up her midriff, feeling the warm, bare skin, and up the side of her breast which caused the beautiful young girl to quiver with anticipation. It was then that Ciara could definitely tell Rihanna longed for her, and she found that the pop star was not wearing a bra. Before the white T-shirt had not been pulled so tightly, so it was not very see-through. Now, it was pulled tighter because of her angle, and her nipples were hardening.

Looking very seriously into Ciara's eyes Rihanna spoke softly, "Ciara?"

"Yes, Rih?"

"I-- I've never been intimate with a guy, let alone a girl." Ciara could tell she was blushing as she looked away.

Ciara smiled, taking Rihanna's soft cheek into her hand and kissing her lightly on the lips. "Its okay sweetie," she reassured her, "I've never been with a girl either." Ciara paused, smiling, and also wanting to cry from joy while she looked into her beautiful lover's eyes. She didn't know why she wanted to cry, it just hit her for some reason. "Have you ever masturbated? Fingered yourself? Used a toy or something?"

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