Ciara Ch. 02


Rihanna didn't look away, "Yes," she nodded, "I've been fingering my... umm--"

"Pussy? Cunt?" Ciara helped her find a word.

"Yes, yes, my pussy," Rihanna smiled, "I've been fingering that for a few years now. I mean I know about sex with guys, my friends told me about it. But nothing about girls."

"Well then, I guess we're in the same boat then. Lets just take it as it comes okay baby?"

Rihanna nodded, smiling, "Okay, that sounds good." After being silent for a moment or two she spoke again, "I'm-- I'm glad you're the one I'm doing this with C.C. I feel very close to you." Rihanna moved closer, her lips almost touching Ciara's, "Please, take me. Right here and now. I want you so bad."

Ciara didn't need anymore coaxing, there was now a large damp spot in the crotch of her jeans. Sitting up, the princess of crunk cocked an eyebrow, "Well then, lets see those goodies!"

Rihanna sat up cross legged, and the heat and scent that escaped her skirt hit Ciara immediately. The heat from the young woman's crotch was amazing, and the beautiful smell of her young cunt had Ciara's hormones doing flips. Like an animal let out of a cage, Ciara attacked her lover, helping her pry the white T-shirt up and over her head, allowing her perfectly perky breasts bounce free.

Now, Ciara had never sought out naked breasts, but she'd seen her fair share, and none were as perfect as these. The B cup complimented her petite frame perfectly, and there was virtually no sagging because of her young age. They were full, round, and gorgeous. Rihanna's nipples stood out like fat erasers, and the areolas were a tad smaller than Ciara's. In all fairness, Ciara then removed her own shirt, and then the push-up bra. Rihanna practically attacked her.

Something had snapped in her reserve, and she now had her lips clasped around Ciara's right nipple, ass in the air. Moaning lightly at the pleasure of having her nipple sucked on, Ciara leaned forward and began tugging the denim skirt off of Rihanna's tight, heart shaped ass. Rihanna stopped sucking in order to help pull off the skirt, tossed it on the floor, and then commenced on the second nipple. Ciara's mind was rolling now and her pussy was practically screaming. Unable to stand it anymore, Ciara gently pushed Rihanna away from her chest and hopped off of the bed, standing before it. Rihanna inched closer as Ciara began undoing her jeans and then slid them down her long, caramel legs.

Feeling much less restricted, Ciara sighed slightly, and it seemed that the knowledge that all that was between her and Ciara's sweet pussy was a thin piece of damp fabric, was too much for Rihanna. She leaned forward instantly and pulled both of the strings to Ciara's white thong in unison. The cloth quickly fell to the ground, and her pussy finally got a breath of fresh air. Juices were literally dripping from her swollen lips. Without a word, Rihanna came forward more, sitting herself on the edge of the bed, and grabbed Ciara's ass cheeks. She then pulled the dripping beauty to her lips, sucking on the lips of her friend's cunt before actually slipping her slim tongue between the folds.

Overwhelmed with passion, Ciara could do nothing but moan and spread her lips a little more for Rihanna's probing tongue. With her free hand, she grabbed the top of Rihanna's head to brace herself. The young vixen was going crazy inside of Ciara's cunt, her tongue dated to and fro, caressing everything within reach. Ciara let out an extraordinary moan. "Mmm, that's right baby, eat my pussy baby. Mmm yeah, just like that Rih! Oh fuck yes! Fuck! Suck on my clit! Oh God please Rih! I'm going to fuckin' come!" Obeying her lover, but not taking her mouth away from the sopping organ, Rihanna began swirling her tongue around Ciara's pulsing clit.

"Oh shit baby! Fuck yes! Suck my fucking clit baby! Yes just like that! Oh my God! You're so good at eating pussy!" Ciara had now begun bucking her hips toward Rihanna's face and holding her in place with both hands. "Mmm, oh fuck yes! I'm going to fucking come baby! Get ready!" With no further warning, Ciara locked Rihanna's face to her steaming cunt, and wave after wave of juices splashed out of her pussy. The orgasm that crashed through her body was the single most intense thing she had ever experienced. Her knees went week, her pussy convulsed on Rihanna's hungry mouth. At least four orgasms rushed through her entire body, sending her senses on overdrive. When she finally began to come down from her climax, her legs were weak and trembling. Rihanna pulled her soaked, and sticky, face away and her lover crashed to her knees panting.

"Mmm, C.C. that was so delicious. I love your pussy juices. I take it you enjoyed yourself baby?" Rihanna wiped her chin and then sucked the finger clean.

"Oh, HELL yes!" Ciara's pussy was still convulsing as she sat catching her breath. Looking up, she noted that Rihanna's hot, virgin cunt was staring at her, boiling through the black lace panties that covered it. Unable to restrain herself, Ciara leaned forward, taking hold of firm ass cheeks. The warm flesh was soft in her hands, and she squeezed and groped each cheek as she pushed her face into the lace panties. Now her entire existence had become Rihanna's sweet pussy. All she could smell, taste, and see was the wet mound before her, concealed by soaking panties. Ciara's perfect tongue shot out to meet the lace, caressing it up and down and savoring the sweet tang of Rihanna's young pussy juice.

Rihanna was moaning and whimpering as she grabbed on to Ciara's head and pressed it into her crotch. Ciara could feel her body arch back, and knew her love was having the time of her life. Ciara didn't want to stop sucking on the sweet cunt, but had other plans in mind, so she pulled away reluctantly, looking up to see the disappointment in her sweet's ice-brown eyes. She then stood, a bit wobbly, and lifted Rihanna's legs, flipping her onto the bed. Seductively, Ciara knelt on the edge and ran one hand across the younger girl's abdomen, causing her to shudder. Goose bumps formed a line down to her lacey black thong. Lying next to Rihanna's long, slender body, Ciara kissed her passionately, propped up on one elbow, the other arm's hand was working its way into Rihanna's steaming panties.

As the girl's tongues exchange one another's tastes, Ciara's slender fingers crept lightly under Rihanna's thong. Beneath the sexy, black lingerie, Ciara's hand was surrounded by a damp warmth, and the tips of her fingers grazed a strip of pubic hair that hadn't been shaved in a day or two. It felt nice, naughty, but sensual, for a moment, Ciara just tickled her lover's pubic bone, brushing her nails through the small hairs. Rihanna began going crazy, biting her lip and shoving her groin into the air while groaning. Moving her fingers further, Ciara encountered the soggy folds of Rihanna's fuzzy cunt. An erect, pulsing clit was found protruding from the folds, and Ciara immediately began squeezing and twisting it, just as she had done to herself many times before. Rihanna went wild, her hips bucking upward, trying to make Ciara press on her love button harder. Ciara sat up, her friend was no longer interested in making out, her eyes were closed tightly, a cute pouty look on her face as she nibbled on one finger and moaned hungrily to herself.

Ciara couldn't stand it anymore, she had to lay her eyes on that wonderfully smelling cunt. Pulling her hand out of her friends loins, she adjusted herself so that she was on all four, ass in the air facing Rihanna, who let out a moan of disappointment briefly. She then scooted forward slightly, and began peeling the lace away from the sticky treasure it hid. Accommodating her aggressor, Rihanna lifted her ass off the bed for just a moment and Ciara yanked the panties down her legs. It was gorgeous. Rihanna's virgin cunt had a dark, rough fuzz covering it. Her caramel-chocolate skin morphed elegantly to a darker color as her skin encroached upon her groin. A pink clitoris stuck out of her beautiful folds, and the entrance to her vaginal canal was practically screaming for sustenance, seeming to be breathing, showing pink every other second. While staring at the most beautiful thing she'd ever laid eyes upon, Ciara could feel her bulging mound tingle and drip. To her surprise, Rihanna had noted that Ciara's twat was in need of satisfying, and her mouth instantly clung to the light-skinned pussy, and that familiar tongue intruded once more, causing Ciara to climax instantly. The Barbadian carpet-muncher continued eating the beautiful pussy before her without flinching, swallowing the juices as they came, and brought Ciara to two more orgasms before she was able to think properly once more.

Feeling that she just had to thank Rihanna for that wonderful surprise, "I'm about to snatch your goodies from the cookie jar baby. You betta be ready for this."

"Oh, C.C., eat my hot cunt, please won't you baby?"

There was no question about it, Ciara dove in, spreading the folds with one hand and inserting two fingers into the tight, grasping hole, with the other. Her mouth instantly went to work sucking on Rih's swollen inch and a half long clitoris, biting it lightly as she did. Not ten seconds later, Rihanna's pussy began convulsing and the juices didn't seem like they'd stop. Rihanna quickly grabbed a pillow to stifle the screams that were forced to escape her trained lungs. For nearly two minutes, the young pop star's pussy convulsed, her hips bucking in pleasure. Ciara couldn't lap up all of that cum, not by herself. Rihanna obviously hadn't masturbated very well previously, Ciara noted mentally. This was the stored up equivalent of no orgasms for 18 years of life.

Finally her beautiful body began coming under Rihanna's control once more, and weakly, she sat up on her elbows, an orgasmic smile playing across her lips. Ciara was still nursing her pulsating pussy, but looked up when Rihanna said, "It seems we have a visitor."

Once again, in Ciara's doorway stood Jerome, stroking his fat, 18 year old cock furiously. He looked like he was ready to bolt without finishing though. "Stop right there!" He froze, heavy cock in hand, "I've just been giving you all sorts of eye candy lately haven't I?" Ciara's eyebrow rose at a dangerous angle. "Well Jerome, you're a man now, and you've seen so much already, bring that beauty over here, we'll teach my beautiful cunt-lapper how to suck a cock." Hesitantly Jerome began moving forward. "Well hurry up, shut the door, and get rid of those clothes." He did as he was told and approached the two beautiful goddesses laying spent on the bed.

Rihanna, though completely satisfied, stared at the veined cock with a rabid hunger, as he approached, she flipped over on her stomach, weakly bringing herself up on all fours.

"Okay baby, you play with his cock, and I'll satisfy you back here again. I just can't get enough of your pussy juices." As Rihanna took the massive tool in her hands, Ciara crawled over to where her ass was pointed in the air. Settling herself directly behind her young friend, Ciara took hold of her firm, tan cheeks, and spread them, laying eyes upon that beautifully dark cunt once more. It was still sopping wet, and glistened with the flickering of the television. Knowing what her friend wanted, Rihanna stuck her ass out further, coaxing Ciara to taste it.

As she stuck her ass out, Rihanna took her lips off of the large member and turned to Ciara, "Please make me cum again, your cousin's cock is making me so fucking horny." Ciara obliged quickly and moved her tongue to her friend's lips. Smelling the sweet, musky scent more clearly, Ciara thrust her tongue between the folds and pressed her faced strongly into the Bajan princess' ass. Ciara's nose was then greeted by sweat, and the pungent scent of an asshole, as it was practically pushing into the puckered little opening. Rihanna gasped, "Oh yes! My ass hole! Please, tongue my puckered-hole!" She pleaded, still tugging on Jerome's stiff rod.

It seemed a bit foreign to Ciara at first, but then the erotic idea began to appeal more and more, so after a few more moments of swirling her tongue around her friend's velvety pussy, she removed her tongue and lightly licked around the asshole before her. Rihanna's entire body shuddered at the wet touch of Ciara's tongue and she came immediately, her pussy contracting rapidly, gasping on the air. Enticed by Rihanna's extreme pleasure for this oral satisfaction, Ciara licked the puckered orifice more aggressively, pushing on the entrance with the tip of her tongue. It didn't taste bad, somewhat odd, but not bad at all. Rihanna started backing her ass up toward Ciara's probing tongue. She seemed to push with her anus, as if crapping, in order to open the hole wider, allowing Ciara's tongue to slip inside and caress the walls of her sphincter. This caused Rihanna's sore pussy to shudder in orgasm once again. The young girl must have been worn out by now, Ciara thought, but still she was sucking Jerome off with ferocity.

Finishing the exploration of the asshole, Ciara's pussy was on fire at the knowledge of such an erotic and kinky act. Standing on the bed, Ciara "mounted" Rihanna's ass, placing the top of her pussy, mostly the clit, on the firm bone at the top of Rihanna's ass. With hands on Rihanna's hips, Ciara began rocking and grinding slowly at first, but picked up speed as she came closer and closer to orgasm. As she rode Rihanna's ass-bone, she caught Jerome's eyes, filled with lustful pleasure. Biting down on her lips, Ciara's brow furrowed in concentration as the enormous orgasm approached. Her erect, brown nipples swayed back and forth as she rode Rihanna's ass. Soon the orgasm overcame her and she dug her fingernails into her lover's hips, her eyes rolled back, and a deep orgasmic scream escaped her throat. As he watched his cousin being taken over by an intense orgasm, Jerome spewed hot load after load into Rihanna's hot waiting mouth.

Ciara eventually came down from her high and toppled over onto her pillows. After milking Jerome for all he was worth, Rihanna curled up next to her soul mate. They wrapped one another in a passionate embrace, Jerome was about to leave when they demanded he join them just for the night, but reminded him that this couldn't be an every day thing. He agreed to lay down with them until they went to sleep, but knew that he couldn't stay all night with them. So, after the two beautiful naked bodies drifted to sleep, Jerome clothed himself and snuck out to write down everything that had occurred. The two girls, however, slept through the night and into the afternoon. They awoke and showered together, completely unsexual, simply loving one another.

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