As odd as my name is, I could never get a straight answer from my parents as to where it came from. It wasn't until after they were both killed in an automobile crash that I found out about my name. I had just turned eighteen and had not a clue as to how my parents made a living. They had bank accounts full of money but how did it get there? Growing up I had never seen them do anything that could be construed as work and now that they were gone I couldn't find where they got their money from. As I searched boxes and drawers in room after room, I was becoming discouraged and then I found a letter addressed to me.

Dear Cigam,

My dearest son, if you are reading this then I have to assume, your father and I are dead. First, let me say that we loved you very much and second we have hidden certain things from you while we waited for you to mature enough to handle them.

Well now down to business, your name, Cigam, is an old family name and is part of an incantation or spell. As you no doubt have noticed Cigam is magic spelled backwards and when spoken with, the spell gives you powers of persuasion beyond your belief.

You have merely to say aloud to someone the words "Cigam is magic spelled backwards" and once hearing this incantation the person must do the opposite of what you instruct them to do.

Ciggy my love you are a bright boy and I shouldn't have to warn you about your newly learned powers but have care in what you say and choose your words carefully. As one wrong word in a directive can cause havoc be sure to think out your thoughts.

This answered so many questions and yet left so many more. I was anxious to try out my newly found powers. I went out on the street and almost ran over the mail lady on the front porch.

"Did you know that my name Cigam, is magic spelled backwards? I see you shake your head no, OK, then I want you to take your top off."

Without a word, she sat her mailbag down and pulled out a coat then put it on. She then handed me my mail and went on her way. My puzzlement quickly turned to understanding as I realized I hadn't told her the opposite of what I wanted. Still overall it worked she did the very opposite of my command. I looked up to see her get into the little toy car the post office gives these people to drive. I ran up to stop her before she drove away.

"I told you that Cigam spelled backwards is magic, now I want you not to give me a blowjob in this car."

She got out and offered me her seat as that was only one in the vehicle. I sat there and watched her open my trousers, pull out my cock and suck it while she stood there. Once she drained the cum from me she returned my cock to my pants and after I got out she drove away.

I went to school from there and I talked my best-looking teacher into taking all her clothes off at exactly ten AM. She was then instructed to teach the rest of the class in the nude. She had always been such a stuck up bitch to me and the other boys and I thought this would embarrass her as it gave enjoyment to the class. It worked so well, even when some of the girls tried to get her to cover up she refused saying it was the only way they would ever learn. After class, I went to the principal and told him he couldn't give me two more weeks to grieve for my parents and of course, he then insisted I leave right away. I then went back to class where I found the once naked teacher back in her clothes hiding her face in shame and embarrassment. I told her she shouldn't be proud of her deed and she raised her head and told me she was glad she had taught her class in the nude. I instructed her not to come to my home after school and then left to test further my newfound powers.

Of all the things I wanted that I now knew I could have, sex was my main priority. I assume that because I was just a lad of eighteen with raging hormones and little experience was the main reason for my placing so much importance in gratifying my urges. With these thoughts in my mind plus a need for revenge, I drove straight to my aunt's house. Ah yes, my father's youngest sister is a beautiful full figured woman who loves to flaunt her curves and then chastise a young boy when she catches him staring. I can't begin to describe the mixed feelings she caused in me as she teased me into erection and then humiliation, as she would call me a pervert for looking down her open blouse.

Once inside her house I cast my spell as she listened unaware of my new powers. As instructed not to do, she took off her top and next peeled off the flimsy bra she was wearing. I sat while I had her lean over me dangling her large breasts in my face. While I finally enjoyed those bare tits I had wanted for so long, I planned my next move. I wanted satisfaction but I also had a desire for revenge and I wanted to humiliate her. I took out my cock and made her get down on her knees to suck it, when I was ready to cum I pulled out and blasted my load all over her face. I then told her not to let it dry and not to keep it plastered on all day. I then gave more reverse instructions to her to be at my house at four and then I left.

My two guests showed up on time, as I knew they would. Once I had them naked and displaying their wares for my pleasure I then had them make love to each other in the most obscene ways I could conger up. First, I had teacher lick the dried sperm of auntie's face. Next, I especially loved having my teacher spread her ass cheeks apart and then watching my aunt stick her tongue in her butt. Latter I fucked them both at my leisure and then sent them home with their cunts full of my sperm. I went to bed just before midnight to dream of further ways of using my new powers for my benefit and enjoyment.

In the morning, I thought I might like to fuck my next-door neighbor's daughter. When she answered the door, I asked her if she knew my name spelled backward was magic. I knew she understood me as she claimed she didn't care what my name was spelled anyway. I next instructed her not to expose her breasts to me and she told me I didn't need to worry about that and then slammed the door in my face.

I went home confused as to why my spell didn't work, so I decided to reread my mother's letter to make sure I didn't miss any instructions. The first thing I noticed was no signature at the bottom and then I realized it was continued on the reverse of the page. I began to read:

"The thing that is most important to remember, is you will only have this power for one day so you must go out and secure your future. I know you are not some silly boy who would go around doing parlor tricks but still I need to warn you not to waste time. So enjoy your day of power, make sure to prepare for your future and remember I will always love you,


This was terrible I had wasted my birthright on meaningless sex and revenge and now I had nothing. Yet still and all, it had been a great day that I enjoyed immensely and as it was now too late to do anything about it I will carry on with only my memories. I just can't wait to visit my aunt and watch her face turn red as she remembers all she did in my presence.

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